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Yokawa Network Limited

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Yokawa Network Limited Reports & Reviews (148)

• Oct 18, 2020

I bought a blanket and 3 pillow cases for a single bed. I received a piece of material the size of a bath mat and no pillow cases. I was ripped off. Paid $50.00 Canadian

Placed an order on 9/16/20 through an advertisement on Facebook for talking/singing pumpkins from a company called "Glorypros". They charged my account $49 (purchased through Paypal) -weeks went by and finally I saw they emailed me a tracking number which stated that my item was delivered to a town with my name, but in an entirely different state. I placed a claim with paypal and need to wait to hear back. I hear nightmare stories that they will provide paypal with bogus tracking info. then my claim may be dropped? I am hoping to get a refund from Paypal...I have to wait now until Oct. 31. Lesson learned, never will purchase another item through those click bait advertisements on FB or Instagram that look so enticing. SMH. PS the website Glorypros no longer exists...of course!

UPDATE: The Yokawa company provided Paypal with the same bogus tracking number they sent me in the beginning after I filed my complaint with Paypal. I was able to get my money back thanks to Paypal customer service and feel really good about it too. I won't be fooled again by these Facebook ads!

• Oct 16, 2020

ordered 2 security cameras. its a scam. FB should be ashamed

• Oct 31, 2020

I also ordered 2 outdoor cameras July 4th oct 31 still nothing

• Oct 15, 2020

Saw an ad on Facebook for a curling iron. I bought it through PayPal and it never arrived. They said it did and I lost my dispute with PayPal. Now I’m going to my CC. These people are robbing us blind. I wouldn’t fight over $25 just to get $25. The product never came and they show tracking that it did. They’re liars and scammers. They also sent an email stating they sent it to the wrong address. Even with that PayPal ruled in their favor.

• Oct 15, 2020

FACEBOOK MUST TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THESE SCAMMERS BECAUSE THEY ALLOWED THEM TO ADVERTISE ON THEIR PLATFORM! This isn’t the first time I have been scammed by FB and their advertisers. Yet, Zuckerdouchebag is a bazillionaire who could not care less!

• Oct 14, 2020

same as above, ordered 2 GTA 26 Battery-powered Wood cutter Chainsaw's for what I purchased plus 2 plugs nearly costing $40 . I have not received the package they say it was shipped & delivered I am sure at this point I have been scammed . why is such a reputable company allowing so many people to be taken advantage of like this!

• Oct 13, 2020

I order some witches from Yukawa I haven't received anything from them. It was $57.48. What can I do about this? They gave me a ID #83F10095XR482414G. THANK YOU

• Oct 25, 2020

I have the same problem. I ordered talking pumpkins on Oct. 2. Said it shipped Oct. 13.
They must be ghost pumpkins because I don't have/see them.

• Oct 09, 2020

Ordered an 3 pieceTwin bed cover and pillow sham, rec'd a piece of material that measured 2 ft by 3 ft was only big enough for a childs doll crib $44 later I contacted them, first email back from them said "oh no, you got the right item" then I put my complain into Paypal and they said "Oh ship it back to us but only thru UP or DHL , and only if the packaging is right when we get it will we refund," How do I know what the package will look like IF i spend more money to ship it back to them. This is how they get around Paypal's policies. If they offer you a refund then then theyhave done what Paypal asked, but only if you spend more money to ship it back, and then they can claim it came back wrong or damaged! Not worth my time or more of my money!

• Oct 08, 2020

Ordered some compactor bins waited weeks, then dpd tried to scam me saying delivered to me if this is wrong pay for redelivery, this is nothing but a scam

• Oct 08, 2020

Wrong tracking number
They delivered my package to the wrong adress

• Oct 07, 2020

i have ordered 2 security cameras paid for with paypal on the 3rd oct had confirmation email from yokawa network limited but have heard nothing since is this a scam

• Oct 05, 2020

Ordered some gym shoes 2 pair as a gift for someone over a month ago and nothing? I just dont understand? why do people this way? what can be done?

• Oct 04, 2020

My order was delivered to someone other than me according to the USPS and they changed names and addresses on my order. Looks like a. Pay pal scam that is what I am hearing it called , post office says it weighed 4oz my order should have weighed 5 pounds

• Oct 02, 2020

By watching an add , I order one waterproof outdoor WiFi camera for the amount of $31.17 ( £25.17 ) on 27 September 2020 . ( ORDER #4149 )They send me a email, saying order conformed, very demand at the moment, anyway we booked for you , they will send
message when it's ready for shipping. Unfortunately I haven't received any message or email from the company regarding my order. I tried to contact them, but I couldn't.

[email protected]

• Sep 30, 2020

I saw an ad on Facebook for a backyard mini golf game. It had a launch pad and a pad with holes to aim to and receive the golf balls. After waiting 6 weeks and numerous e-mails asking when it was shipped a very small package arrived via USPS. It was one (1) soft golf ball. I complained to the company and after several e-mails back and forth they offered a $5.00 refund. I said no thank you and put in a complaint to PayPal. This was 8 weeks ago. PayPal just sent me a note that the company has agreed to refund the $29.00 if I return the golf ball. I checked into several carriers and the cost for me to mail back the golf ball would exceed the refund. I will not return the ball. In addition I was trying to verify the return address and they gave me a zip code that was not verifiable. I hope no one else is scammed by this company! There are so many names that are used by this company. I ordered through "Feelingenjoy". I later learned it was owned by Yokawa Industries/Network.

• Oct 21, 2020

Exact same thing has happened to me! But I am still fighting PayPal, it's been since June 6! PayPal keeps closing my case and I keep fighting them. Today they told me I have to file a police report with my local police (our cops wont do it because it's out of their jurisdiction) Unless I file a criminal report with some law enforcement agency, I will not get my money back! I will NEVER use PayPal again! They are scammers just like Yokawa! [censored] PAYPAL!

• Oct 15, 2020

When is Facebook going to be held accountable for all these scam companies they allow to advertise on their platform?

• Sep 30, 2020

Never Received my order said it was Delivered but it was not they lied I what a full refund! Scammers send the order by next week or refund my with in two days or I’m taking action Against your company

• Sep 29, 2020

I ordered some clothing from them totaling $90 it's been 3 weeks exactly and I haven't had an email with tracking info or a confirmation email or anything. I paid with paypal so I notified the company through them and I received a completely fake tracking history. (Our packages don't get routed through the towns they had) Then it only showed half of the transit not showing info on what town or facility it left from. It says it arrived over a week ago.. Which is a lie! i will not stop until I receive a refund!

• Sep 29, 2020

I purchased eight butter knives with spreading holes (God knows why!) for the ridiculous price of A$134. YOKAWA has continuously sent me bogus tracking numbers. Paypal are seemingly in cohoots with this scamming company as they are allowing this to go on and on and on! This is taking up so much time and making me really angry. I will be taking this issue as far as I can. They cannot get away with this!

• Sep 28, 2020

I ordered 2 outdoor wireless security cameras and was charged $45.96. I received 2 32G micro SD cards, replied to their email and got the run around and haven't heard from them since. I filed a formal complaint with the FTC for mail fraud and don't expect anything to come of it.

• Oct 01, 2020

Same here...Received the exact same thing...two 32G micro SD cards instead of the two cameras that they were promoting. Put in a complaint to PayPal Resolution Center. We will see what happens. I have my confirmation email...but it doesn't say what was ordered only that it was for $45.96 with tax. I got one resolution taken care of through PayPal that was also a bait and switch. Hopefully they will do the same and can these people. These type of frauds always seems to come through Facebook.

• Sep 28, 2020

I have been reviewing my purchases within PayPal and do not believe that I made this purchase. I do not buy clothes online as I like to try before I buy. This purchase was supposedly made on the 13 June 2020. I will contact PayPal and see if it's true that they won't help. I sure do hope not as this purchase was for $104.61 USD. Not impressed.

• Sep 27, 2020

i saw this straighting iron for hair on instagram and i clicked on shop now and it took me to a website that looks pretty legit but turns out its a scam.

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