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Yokawa Network Limited

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• Oct 10, 2021

On 12 November 2020 I bought two waterproof wireless Wi-Fi Camera still now I did not get it, after order I went to oversees and stuck for lock down after that we correspondent Australian Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh then Embassy sent back by chatter flight and I search for parcel but no one in my home didn't get it.
sheikh REZA
68 Macdonald Street, Lakemba, NSW-2195, Australia
Invoice ID : W845F2E5C-15462
Qty: 02 Price US $ 47.17

Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country Japan
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

Y purchased a security camera for $25.97 and, like many others I see listed om 'Paypal Community', I was sent a tracking number but received nothing. I pestered the post office until I was told the tracking number was for a different address than mine. When contacted, the customer service personnel at [email protected] [which I can no longer get through to --- e-mails return as undeliverable, now] insisted that the number was correct. Through the post master, I was sent the address with the same tracking number, showing I am not the listed recipient. When I sent them a copy, showing the same tracking number as they gave me, they apologized and said my shipment would be expedited. I have been waiting since September 21, 2020. After dozens of e-mails to them, I am still without the item or my money. I contacted Paypal, which was happy to tell me that the 180 days during which they would be able to intervene, has expired. The company's Paypal e-mail address is: [email protected]

I bought a curling iron ($40) that I saw on Instagram. Ordered it/paid for in Oct/2020 and still have not received the item. It showed up as “Cinnamon Summer” on my statement. Every email I sent was returned with an automated reply: “rest assured your item is on the way, due to heavier shipping delays and COVID...” Requested my money back several times and still get an automated response. Who is going to take these scammers to task? In a world with so much anger and doubt...
I guess it’s “buyer beware”. My advice is to think twice about purchasing something you see in an ad in social media (ie Instagram)

Ich bestelle nie wieder bei diesen Betrügern mein Geld ist weg und war ist nie gekommen. 😪...

These scammers sent me 2 empty plastic boxes!
Pay pal.won't help. I'm about to do a class action lawsuit against Yokawa and PayPal!
See my photos below.


Rena bedrägeri. Tjuvar hela bunten. Har beställd tre stora leksaker (byggmaskiner) för 120$ i oktober 2020. Väntar fortfarande på min order (19 03 2021). Konstigt nog Paypal kan inte göra någonting...Enligt spårningsinformationen blev vara levererad till min postlåda... Det var min sista köp genom Paypal... samarbetar de?

I ordered a security camera in October, never received it, tried contacting them. This c
Paid with

You'll see "PAYPAL *VANILLA" on your card statement.

United States
Have you received this order?
October 27, 2020, Sent by ANSERX
Status: Shipped
Transaction ID
66W74007ML052320Aompany wont return emails or my refund. It is now march 2021, still nothing.


Yokawa Network Limited total rip off what ever you buy it seems to be delivered a totally different product With No Returns or Refunds I bought 2 wifi cameras and received 2 SD Cards the most expensive SD Cards in the WORLD " SCAMMERS "

I ordered the hand held chain saw in August of 2020 they said it was delivered to me but all the tracking number said it was delivered to Hillsboro,Oregano instea of Hillsboro Indiana it there a way that I can get the product or my money back

I order the hand held chainsaw in August of 2020 they said they sent it to me but it was delivered to Hillsboro,Oregano and still waiting how can I get the product or my money refunded

Yokawa Network - Do not deal with these thieves !

sent wrong product - we returned product at our own expense and they will not refund and 7 emails with no response

At the time Paypal advised not to escalate if arrangements are made with seller - that was to our detriment as paypal won't do anything now.

Advice: escalate to paypal even if seller says not to and they will honor agreement - they don't honour any agreements

Paypal customer service states that every dispute regardless of how small, must be escalated to get any result



Even me I never got my Item and Paypal mentionned that it has been arrived. I think that Paypal is not professional they do not even take 5 minutes to type the word Yokawa Network Limited on google
Here the message from paypal

Le dossier a été clos en faveur du vendeur, car le vendeur a fourni une preuve de livraison valide.

I purchased wooden puzzles from Yokawa Network Limited. They did finally arrive (after 9 weeks) and were 1/8th the size as advertised. I wish I would have taken a screenshot of what I ordered. The quality is shoddy, images blurry, and cuts are inconsistent. A waste of $50. They look like puzzles from the dollar store. I have learned my lesson: do not purchase ANYTHING advertised through Facebook. I pictured them next to a bottle so you can see how small these boxes are.

I purchased a coat for my adult grandson for Christmas from Yokawa network Ltd. They said it had been delivered, I contacted the post office they gave and they told me it had been delivered to a male at a different address and was put through the letter box. I contacted PayPal who have told me because it had been delivered they were denying my claim. I have lost $61 and don't know what to do next

I ordered the security camera from this company and it said it has arrived in uk and has gone from Croydon to Wallington delivery office to Bristol then to Walsh but I live in Wallington. I had several response from this company same bull [censored] by these Chinese [censored] that its on the way and gives a false Tracking number however PapPal looks like are in with this company as after all the buyers complaints they are not willing to do anything also Facebook are at fault to allow companies like these to advertise there product. Filed claim to PayPal let's see what they come up with.


To Follow on from your message Don,t worry about your Camera as I bought 2 and they came after 160 Days BUT they had turned into 2 SD Cards Not Cameras and they as you say do not do refunds "Scammers"

Comment faire pour s'accocier tous et porter plainte tous ensemble contre cette société ? Cette société a des complices ici pour faire croire avec un numéro bidon que le colis a été livré. Au moins le faire paraître sur Facebook en tout grand..

Moi j ai commandé fin octobre 2020, 2 poupées Barbie, collection Frida Kahlo. J avais trouvé cette offre sur Facebook. J ai payé également avec PayPal. Ne voyant rien arriver, j ai ouvert un litige via PayPal. Le vendeur a indiqué que le colis avait été livré début décembre par la poste. Aucun avertissement d une livraison éventuelle venant de la poste. J ai contacté le service clientèle de la poste afin de signaler la non réception de ce colis. Et je suis toujours en attente de l aide et la défense de PayPal pour la reconnaissance de cette vaste arnaque. COMMENT FAIRE ARRETER LES PRATIQUES DE CET ESCROC SUR FACEBOOK?

This is a total fraud. The product is nothing whatsoever as it is represented to be. Their scam is to send you something different from the description, and when you file a dispute with Paypal, you have to pay return shipping to China that exceeds the value of the product.

I ordered expandable ivy-covered trellises. All pictures on the website show the product with a thickly populated ivy-covered much much larger expanded cover, with double-sided leaves providing some 90% cover (website: “Our product provides up to 90% blockage for a much better privacy with fresh realistic leaves”).

What I got are 5 very small pieces with single-side incredibly cheap, sparse and unrealistic leaves that do not provide even 25% cover when expanded and are grossly inferior even to the picture they show of the inferior “Other’s Ivy”. There is less cheap ivy on this than could be purchased for a dollar at the Dollar Store. I paid $106.44 USD.

My 5 pieces of product will cover a total of 8 square feet at 80% leaf density. On the website, a video shows that 3 pieces will cover 60 square feet at the same 80% density. So the product coverage as supplied is 1.6 square feet per product piece, where, as represented, one piece covers 20 square feet.

No reasonable person would conclude that the product is fairly represented if it takes 12.5 times as much product ($1,325 USD in my case) to match the claims of the advertising.

The supplier acknowledges the product is "a little difference" from the grossly misleading advertisement. That is not a "little difference". That makes it completely unsuitable for the application. Moreover, the difference is so great that it could not be anything but a willful and deliberate misrepresentation.

The supplier refuses to settle this because "I got what I ordered", when the issue is that what I ordered was, in fact, not at all what was sent to me. This "promotion" is clearly designed to scam people. A reasonable value for the 5 pieces of product I received is $15 (in total).

I ordered bootie shoes for Christmas from Facebook thinking by using PayPal I wouldn't have a problem. No shoes and tracking number was not even my address. PayPal closed my case and are absolutely worthless. I only found out through internet about the company being scam. What is PayPal for...will never order through them again.

Same with me, I ordered a hair curl machine month ago but never receive it. It shouldn't be that long, then I looked up this company Yokawa on web, and saw so much complain and bad issues! My one could be scamp too!
I won't order anything from web again except Amazon and local company!
It's horrible for people using scamp to trick customers!

Moi avec Amazon, lors de ma dernière commande d'un dvd, je ne l ai pas reçu non plus...

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2 Jiasheng Technology Park, No. 422 Yanglang Road, Dalingshan Town, Donggun City, Guangdong Province, China



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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Yokawa Network Limited, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This website was reported to be associated with Yokawa Network Limited.


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