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Yokawa Network Limited

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Yokawa Network Limited Reports & Reviews (160)

• 5 h ago

I bought 2 cameras in good faith
And all I had delivered was 2 memory cards
Got proof stating the purchase and they still lie and pinch your money
What I'm meaning is you pay 39.00 and items you get is 12.00 worth items
And ask you return them to a none return address and you get nothing back

3 h ago

Yes I am the same as all the above kids asked me not to buy through Facebook and thought PayPal would protect me! But at the end these people were very clever and smarter then PayPa


• 10 h ago

Yes I am the same as all the above kids asked me not to buy through Facebook and thought PayPal would protect me! But at the end these people were very clever and smarter then PayPal and Facebook and lost my money for 2 outdoor cameras and car rear camera...big lesson to learn keep away from Facebook and keep close from trusted websites even if they are more expensive

17 nov i am also order 2 camera but i worry about this scame.

• 22 h ago

I ordered a WiFi Camera and I should of known better, got ripped off again. I don’t understand why Facebook would allow this to happen where Facebook is such a respectable place. I wonder if everyone that got ripped off would get together and all sign a letter in full detail of what’s going on and Facebook must be getting a kick back of some kind to allow this because I have put things on Facebook and just didn’t word it right and they catch it every time. So they have to know what’s going on here and somebody’s getting fat pockets over this. Jim

• Nov 26, 2020

Scammer's website was on facebook i think was called nice shop something
Scammer's address RBD po box 6033 AMF 211-6500 Silver Dart drive ,core b Mississauga Ontario L5P 1B2
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country Canada
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Not applicable

i purchased 2 Waterproof Outdoor & Indoor WIFI Cameras from this seller but never received them instead i received an odd packet in my mail box with 2 SD cards on or about the 18th of nov 2020 and nothing else as i thought it was to be 2 video cameras for the price of $39.96 USD i just today put a complaint in to PayPal over it and was told they filed a claim for me on my behalf but if i was not to be able to work it out with seller i could dispute it on or before Dec 2nd

• 23 h ago

I put claim in too but Yokowa sent me a return address for SD cards. My concern is if I spend the money on postage will I ever receive a refund or just waste more money!

• Nov 26, 2020

wow this is such a scam i ordered also 2 Waterproof Outdoor & Indoor Wifi Cameras from a company under the name Yokawa network Limited and i thought the price seamed to good to be true i only paid 39.96 USD and today i got a hold of PayPal today and they filed the dispute for me i have until dec the 2nd if i do not hear back from the scammers to request my claim on or about the 18th of nov i received a small packet in the mail and i thought was very odd all it had in it was 2- SD cards of 32 GB that i never ordered and so i checked my order status with paypal and found out it was same outfit who was selling video surveillance cameras at the same price and the tracking numbers matched up to the package the odd thing is i was charged in USD funds as i am from Canada but the package address came from Mississauga Ontario with a return address on it the package address was addressed as RBD Po box 6033 AMF 211-6500 silver dart drive ,core B Mississauga , Ontario L5P-1B2 but the most strangest thing of all is the other email address that it says it payment sent to [email protected] to me looks like it went to paypal how strange is that is paypal behind these scams because i would really like to find out ,maybe i need give it to a federal borough of investigations to look into it for me

• Nov 25, 2020

I ordered cameras but never received them but I get an email that it was delivered to my house witch is not true.

• Nov 25, 2020

I ordered camera while ago but never received them post canada give me a number for you to check on your mailing or shipping should i said. The order was 4006318533510272 so check with your shipping companie. either you give me back my money or you send me the cameras

• Nov 24, 2020

I ordered a doll and it was delivered to a wrong address. Will never get it. Have to fight will pay pal for refund.

• Nov 24, 2020

heb eind oktober een kerstboom met trein besteld voor 32 euro en heb stickers gekregen dus niks bestellen daar

• Nov 24, 2020

Order # 3624 has NOT been delivered since Sept 18. They believe it was delivered to the wrong address.. means I pay and I do not get anything

• Nov 24, 2020

The order was placed on Sept. 18. To date there is no news of its delivery date or how I can track my order. Order # 3624. Waterproof Outdoor Wifi Camera × 2
When I contact them, they say the parcel has been delivered. They also said to the wrong address but I paid and did not get anything and no response/ Please beware of the scam company.

Scammers, they advertise false products via Facebook

Both Paypal and Facebook are complicit in allowing them to do this, hundreds of complaints in Paypal community too

• Nov 22, 2020


I ordered a mist straightener flat iron and a received a cheap mini flat iron made of plastic. I tried emailing and I have not received a response. How can I get the correct flat iron or a refund?

Thank you,

• Nov 21, 2020

This company is a scammer! i ordered a car back-up camera and paid $39.00 w/c was advertised in Facebook. After waiting for a month, i received a tiny 18Gygabite SD card. I followed up w/ supplier and said that i only ordered SD card. this company is a bogus company, trying to get money from hard working people.

• Nov 20, 2020

The experience is terrible for me. I watched an ad through a mobile game's pop-up ads. It shows only the camera with a price. Then I went to their seller's website ordered two items with the price shown in the ad. They sent me a confirmation email that shows the camera as well. However, I received 2x32GB SD cards on Nov 18, 2020. I tried to solve the problem with their customer support which is useless, they don't even allow me to return the item. So I filed a claim through PayPal, finally, they agreed to my refund request. But, a new issue raised. A tracking # is required to continue to the next step. I went to Canada Post today, the shipping fee with a tracking number is $69, it is way more than the price I purchased for. I'm trying to get in contact with PayPay now. Hope there is a way to get my money back and especially to stop the seller's scam from continuing.

• Nov 26, 2020

you should be able to find your tracking information right through paypal if you used paypal to pay for the items just to to your purchace history and look up the item and on the drop down list it will show the tracking information right thier , hope this helps .

I ordered 2x CCTV cameras with the free shipping offer for buying 2. Price altered but the ONLY contact I have had is stating ONLY ONE camera was ordered. Filed a claim through PAypal but they appear to be in cahoots with these scammers and refused my claim. My advice is avoid any products advertised on Facebook and also avoid Paypal as they do not honor their stated Customer Protection policies. So I have nothing and they have my money.

• Nov 20, 2020

Invoice ID W5A66D8F7-1246 Purchase details Waterproof Outdoor & Indoor Wifi Camera $19.98 USD Shipping $5.99 USD Total $25.97 USD All that was received from Yokawa Network Limited was a 32G mini SD Card. NO CAMERA. Nothing more than a a scam outfit and PayPal is complacent

• Nov 20, 2020

On Nov. 9, 2020 I ordered two "robot vacuums" from after seeing their ads pop up on my facebook. They had the nerve to tell me they shipped my item out on Nov 9, two hours after I placed my order and that a refund wouldn't be possible when I requested for one immediately after realizing their paypal acct was a scam account. The products were claimed to be made in the USA and the vacuums were claimed to be featured on 3 tech review sites which their product reviews were obviously fabricated. They also scammed me $123.56 for the two products I ordered, and Paypal ruled the transaction dispute in their favor. As of today, I recieved some bogus emails stating my products have been shipped from China since Nov. 16 and arrived for delivery in Los Angeles on Nov. 19. Wtf ?

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Address: 2 Jiasheng Technology Park, No. 422 Yanglang Road, Dalingshan Town, Donggun City, Guangdong Province, China



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