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Yokawa Network Limited

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Yokawa Network Limited Reports & Reviews (333)

• Dec 28, 2020

I ordered carr mirror and paypal didnt help they hawe supported them.They didnt send anything
Sorry, the system matched the wrong order number, after checking that your order is still on the way.
I will urge the logistic give me your tracking number.
Please feel free to contact us anytime.
Thank you, have a nice day.

Taylor Chen
On Wed, 11 Nov at 4:24 PM , GATSBY TURBO wrote:
My order is still not arriwed
Please send me refund or deliver my order.
B. R.

• Dec 27, 2020

I ordered from this company on November 19, 2020 and haven't received my order. I contacted Pay Pal four times and haven't received any help. They keep changing the resolution date to resolve the dispute. I tracked the number they gave me on Pay Pay and it states the package was delivered. I just came home from Christmas vacation and my mail was on hold. They delivered my mail Saturday and my order was not delivered. I'm closing my Pay Pal account and will take the lost because they informed me that it would be resolved by December 17, 2020 and now they have a date of January 05, 2021. This isn't customer service and they never answer their customer service number when I call. Good luck to anyone that order from this company or continue to use Pay Pal.

• Dec 26, 2020

I ordered a smart bracelet with Bluetooth Ear buds. Not only did I not receive what I ordered but the bracelet that I received did not even work. I emailed Pay Pal for a refund, but I refuse to pay twice as much to ship the piece of garbage item back. SCAMMERS! Not sure how they are still able to take peoples money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

• Dec 26, 2020

I ordered 2 dia de muertos Barbie dolls. While the tracking has continued updating for 2 months, it says it arrived 3 days ago by USPS. The tracking number and notifications all seem legitimate. I have filed on the USPS website regarding the fact that I have not received the dolls. I use Paypal as a feeling of more security making online purchases, however, that doesn't seem to have helped screening from a company that is not reliable. Disappointing- I guess I should just stick with Amazon and Ebay and no other online companies!

• Dec 25, 2020

Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I supposedly ordered two security cameras for outdoors I received a package with 2 SD cards in it so I basically paid for these SD cards 40 bucks it says right on the order through PayPal that I ordered two cameras I got none I am very disappointed I wrote a claim 2 PayPal they closed it and said that the package was sent to me according to tracking we've been after I sent them a package that they sent me with the SD cards in it

• Jan 03, 2021

to order 1 wifi camera, I paid $ 34 dollars and what they sent me was 1 sd of 32gb, they are one of the eavesdroppers, I already put the claim to PayPal and it is in process

• Dec 30, 2020

My case is identical. I am corresponding with someone through this email address [email protected] At first they said the items would come in two shipments. Since I received SD cards I have been waiting for the cameras. Now they are saying all you ordered was SD cards ***false advertisement*****. I said I will send the SD cards back to Mr. Lee, I want a refund. They said you got what you ordered. Paypal is full of hockey! !

• Dec 27, 2020

I received the same thing

• Dec 25, 2020

Thanks for this post. My case is identical to this and I wish I had seen all the complaints about this fraudulent company called Yokawa before placing that order. I paid $49.98 for a couple of useless SD cards, while I was actually expecting two security cameras. PayPal should at least stop allowing this fraudsters from using it to scam innocent customers.

• Dec 23, 2020

Same old same old. Ordered 4 Security HD camera light bulbs with WiFi Connectivity and received, you guessed it, four $6 32GB SD Chips instead. I don't even know if the chips are worth while. I just got my offer for full refund if I fork over another 80$ to ship the order to China. Guess what, the shipping originated with a Mr. LEE in New York thought it was a drop shipper but reading on others, it looks like they just generate the Cina Post label to throw you off. I'm going to my bank and Paypal can suck it up.

• Dec 21, 2020

I ordered merchandise and it was damaged and they refused to replace it. They asked if I used the sizing chart when I ordered. The size chart has nothing to do with the rip.

• Dec 25, 2020

I ordered the same vests...1 4x and 1 2x. I received 1 2x and a large. They keep sending me an email that they shipped the correct item. PayPal will get me a refund,but I have to ship it back and pay for it...the shipping is more than the product. What a ripoff!

• Dec 20, 2020

I ordered 2 WiFi security cameras and only received 2 microSD cards. When I filed a complaint, I inadvertently entered my phone number in the wrong space and now I am getting calls day and night from other unhappy customers.

• Dec 20, 2020

I ordered two "Dias de Los Muertos" Barbies from this company and, like some have experienced, they didn't deliver. They provided some tracking information from China Post in which it is indicated that the items have arrived in New York on November 18, 2020. Today is December 20, 2020 and the items are still in the same place. A few days ago they informed that to look a couple of days later for an update in the shipment and, I did and the package have not moved an inch. I had to file a claim with PayPal requesting my money back. It is obvious that if the items don't arrive, and the retailer have had plenty of opportunities to make good on their promises. Obviously, this is not the case here and PayPal should rule in my favor. PayPal cannot, in all honesty rule in their favor after the item has been stuck for over a month somewhere in New York. I am California.

• Dec 20, 2020

I ordered a doll and it was never delivered. PayPal sided with this company. This is the 2nd time PayPal has done this. Once I've paid my credit card off with them I'm closing that account. Far as I'm concerned PayPal is just as guilty of fraud as yokawa unlimited is.

• Dec 20, 2020

I "purchased" a comforter from them in early September. It never showed. When I demanded a tracking number they could not provide one. They kept saying "soory- it's on its way". It was not. In late November I finally filed a claim with PayPal. Again- the company apologized for the delay and said they were updating their tracking system and could not provide me with a number. Dec. 16- PayPal SIDES WITH SELLER! Are you kidding? MIraculously a tracking number from China showed that item was delivered on October 5th. I assure it- it was NOT. I am a teacher teaching virtually from home and no box arrived. They're a SCAM and using fake data to simulate tracking.

• Dec 19, 2020

They advertised a BARBIE. And of course they took the money and sent no product. I just can't believe that PayPal still let's them conduct business.

• Dec 20, 2020

Same here, my Barbies are vacationing in New York since Novembr 18, 2020 and today is December 20, 2020.

• Dec 18, 2020

I wish I knew. Having problems with them now. Order the dash camera's and all the sent me was sim cards. They refuse to refund the money don't buy anything from them. They also use the name and website called bestcriterion. They are crooks.

• Dec 17, 2020

I ordered the rear view mirror video cam back in October. Still waiting for it so I contacted the company and they said I received it on 11-04-2020. Funny thing is I never received this ite, paid 25 dollars for it and also notified Paypal and filed a dispite. I ordered it for my wife for Christmas and now who knows where it is. Never gonna order from this place again. Crooks

• Dec 17, 2020

They are selling vests that are not body proportional. I bought 3, all different sizes, according to my families sizes and only one fit. They were suppose to be Xmas gifts and I paid $98 for all 3 and they will not exchange the smaller sizes for larger sizes. They made me send pics twice and then told me today that they can't do anything for me. I also placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

• Dec 17, 2020

I ordered the WiFi light bulb camera and a camera car rear view mirror. Like all here, we got a SIM card instead. Reading all these scam reviews here. Why is PayPal still working for Yokawa Network Limited.

• Dec 17, 2020

Bonjour j ai commandé un dashcam myror HD ( Global Technology - 1080P FHD Dash-cam/Rear-cam Smart Mirror (Big Sale🔥) et j ai recus une carte cadeau 32 GO, et quand j ai reclamé on m a dit c est ce que j ai commandé, une réclamation chez papypal en cours

• Dec 16, 2020

I to ordered the security cameras and got 2 micro chips . I emailed them and was told that is what I ordered and it is not what I wanted.. Not a happy person right now. What can I do with this junk. This company is a scam and hope no one else gives them free money.

• Dec 15, 2020

Scammer's phone 402-935-7733
Scammer's address 2111 North First Steet, CA 95131
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

I had purchased two items from this company, Invoice ID W9BB8EB98-28833 and transaction ID 6SC29121C2508120K, Winter presale Unisex warming heated vest, one Xl and one XXL both in BLACK, but have yet to receive them.
I tried emailing them but it bounced back.

• Jan 05, 2021

Thank you so much for your info above!
I'm still waiting for those vests as well & they were supposed to be Christmas gifts.
One of them is supposed to be a Size 5XL.
"IF" it arrives...I'm very curious to see "what" size they will send!
Best of luck to you receiving your package & Happy 2021!

• Dec 16, 2020

I ordered 2 German intelligent color Progressive Auto Focus and was delivered in or at the mailbox said date but no where to find. I check the parcel online using USPS if really delivered but the tracking number given to me was invalid. The cost was $49.31. I emailed them but no response.

• Dec 15, 2020

I ordered a Halloween decoration from graceoffate on 10/02/20, and received a "paypal" confirmation for my order. According to paypal, the order was through Yokawa Network. I have sent several emails and realized I was receiving automated responses. I haven't received my order and I don't expect to receive my order. I don't expect to see my money refunded either, so I am putting this out so others will be warned. DO NOT PURCHASES FROM THIS COMPANY!

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This website was reported to be associated with Yokawa Network Limited.


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