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US Government Reports & Reviews (134)

Two men called an senior claiming they could assist her in a grant and were also threatening to her.

- Louisville, KY, USA

That FBI was coming to pick up consumer because their SS# had been involved with money laundering. Consumer was supposed to pay to get a new social name. Consumer was instructed to go buy gift cards for different name brand stores and provide numbers over the phone.

- Laura, OH, USA

I received a call telling me there was a legal case against me for tax fraud. I hung up.

An individual named Mark Collins sent me over messenger a paper that said I received a government a $100,000. All I had to do was pay $2000 and then I could access the money. He started asking for more fees, and I became suspicious. He was telling me his daughter's in the hospital because of me, I have been taking his time away from his daughter. He sent me a photo of a man with a girl, but it didn't look as though his voice would match his photo.

- Columbus, OH, USA

I got a phone call from a man from the US Government offering me an $18,000 loan that I would not have to pay back. He wanted my bank account number.

- Oconomowoc, WI, USA

Someone created a face facebook account under my grandmother-in-laws name and then sent me a message on FB messenger. She told me about this grant I could apply for. She then told me to send a FB message to a person named Sam Kratzer.

Sam went on and on to tell me I qualified for this grant, up to $1.2M, depending on how much I can pay for the "processing fee." He wanted me to send $12,500 cash to Roselyn Williams. 9108 Elaine Court, Laurey, Maryland 20708. He advised I don't require signature and to wrap the money in cellophane. Once I send the cash and it's received, UPS would deliver to me $1.2M in cash. He also told me not to tell my family because past winners have been murdered by their family after receiving the winnings. OK....

- Decatur, IL, USA

Empowerment program on a website was advertising government grants. Was told to get prepaid cards and pay. Junior Leupana is the contact person on facebook that is wanting even more money.

- Blissfield, MI, USA

I recieved a call that said the government is giving me free grant money of $9,000. They gave me a code and the phone # 202 596-1553. Apparently only 1500-1700 people are randomly chosen. There are three ways to collect the money. 1. They can put it on Your prepaid card. 2. They can Western Union this money or 3. Deposit into your bank account, with a tracking number and account number. I did call this number, and again was told the same information. After listening, I said, well I'm not comfortable giving my bank information. In a nasty tone the lady repeated the ways of getting this money. I said "you dont have to get nasty about it", that's when she hung up on me. I think I would have felt like a [censored] going to W.U., expecting them to give me $9,000., I also think that if this were real, I would have been notified by mail, correct?

- Amarillo, TX, USA

Said I was selected for government grant of $9000 for being a good citizen. Asked me how I would spend it and that I can’t use it to buy alcohol or tobacco or illegal drugs. Wanted to confirm my identity knew a lot about me but was off on little things like zip code. Gave me a confirmation number and phone number to call back did really pay attention but the call back number had the same area code.

I was contacted thru an old friend on social media and they told me that I could get a bunch of money like they did and should talk to these people. They started texting me about the program, and a woman named Cindy *** told me I could get $50,000 grant and only had to pay a small fee (just $500) to get it. I didn't bother with them since I knew it was a scam!

- Sandusky, OH, USA

Entered By Staff SE 6-11-2019

Consumer received a phone call from the woman scammer ( 917-342-2430) and she stated there was a government grant available to the consumer. The woman scammer advised the consumer to reach out to a Roma Johnson 1-520-338-9323 for more information. Once the consumer called Roma Johnson, he advised the consumer that he would be able to access his funds at a local store near him (he listed several stores that would accommodate this grant). The scammer then stated that all he has to do is purchase a $300 prepaid Visa Card and call him back one he is line. Once it is purchased the store would have a check for $9,700. The scammer also provided a website address as well:

 Consumer keeps receiving calls from different phone numbers stating that she is eligible for a government grant. They say that they are going to mail it to her. They tell her to call them back to receive more information about the grant such as the check number, etc...

- Memphis, TN, USA

Person said I had received a government grant for my own personal benefit and would have to pay a one time fee of $3.95 which was taken for my account they turned around and charged an additional $59.95 to my account on today... I reported this scam when it first happened and I'm reporting it again on to I would like a full refund of all tge money that was wrongfully taken from me.

- Coyle, OK, USA

I have received multiple phone calls telling me that I have received $9700 from the government because of my good credit. These people who are calling (I received 10 calls yesterday, and about 6 today) have foreign accents. They ask for my checking account, and social security number.

- Louisville, KY, USA

received 2 phone messages on April 9th and 10th, 2019 that they have been trying to get in touch with me for 6 months for tax fraud and lawsuit and left a phone # to call 866-315-0521. She said the US government is looking for me for "intentional fraud"

- Bloomington, IN, USA

This company is claiming they are part of the us govt, when they will provide you with absolutely no proof. They ask for your drivers license number and expiration date and then ask for your DOB. I asked to speak with this person’s boss or whoever was in charge of him or his office and he refused. Asking over and over for my DOB.

They said the us government was investigating me and my family for tax fraud. Told me to call them back and pay before my case was downloaded into the court system.

- Greenwood, IN, USA

Monday I got a friend request from someone I know. I accepted the request and then I was sent a text message saying he had gotten a government grant that he didn't have to pay back and he thought I could get one too. I called the number he gave me and was told I also had a US government grant coming to me for $20,000 and that I need to pay $650 for processing and fees. I was told this by a Mark Kevin Thomas who was hard to understand and had a heavy accent and said he was a US Federal Worldwide agent. The name seemed funny to me, federal is not worldwide. He told me to go to Walmart or Walgreens and buy $650 in iTunes cards to cover the charges. I haven't called him back.

- Richwood, OH, USA

A man called on my cell phone from "your US Government". He asked me to call 202-780-6684 with a code number. He told me to go to either the Marion or Marysville Walmart. Like he was using GPS. He said I was awarded $94,000 grant. He kept saying I would need the code number. He said I would not have to pay it back. He had an Arabic accent. He called several times, and I hang up on him.

- Van Buren, AR, USA

This business called to offer me money for education they told me what to answer when they call. They said my subjects would be health and business and that I had a computer at home which I do not and to say that I was not default on any loans. They had my address and my phone number. I was very smart and gave them another address and a fake birthday I did not give them any personal information. The person to talk to me was Arabic. This is all the information I have as of now they will be calling back shortly.

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