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Upper Echelon Lux Beauty

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Upper Echelon Lux Beauty Reports & Reviews (339)

I ordered hair from these people in September 2020. I spent $160 on my credit card. I have still not received my hair. I have called them I have emailed. they have respond. The only thing I keep hearing is we’re going to send it the moment it get here. we’re going to send it, we’re gonna send it. we apologize for the inconvenience. well we can’t send you your money back but we can give you credit in our store. why would I want credit in your store I want my money back. I even said are you guys waiting on someone to die to get hair. I haven’t heard anything from them this year and it’s now February 2021. They acknowledge the fact that I purchased hair but nothing has been done about it I want my money back. I cannot show my credit card bill but my first payment came out 9-30-2020 I did four payments of $40 through Klarna.

• Feb 20, 2021

I purchased back in august and sent sooooo many emails about my wig not coming yet, they tried to blame it on covid, man get outta here . They liars and scammers, I just two emails about 2weeks ago and about a week ago and then today, no response back still. Went to the website it’s no longer upper chelon it’s a different website now. I spent $125 dollars and I’m mad that my money was taken. Does anybody know what I can do about getting my money back or reporting them?

• Feb 17, 2021

Everytime there’s a good review it’s deleted. I understand that most people on here are having issues but scampulse deletes good reviews. Most people are finding this site because there website has changed and this is the first to come up now. I personally received my wig. I am
Also not the only one who has received it

• Feb 23, 2021

Yes, you are absolutely apart of the scam. No decent human could purchase from this company with any different outcome than the 300 plus complaints and concerns shared on this site. UELB is a huge sham taking folk's money and not delivering on their merchandise. I hope they get dropped from Klarna for bad business practices. They aren't even supposed to receive payment until the order is shipped so how are they charging people without shipping the order. Karma is a @*#[email protected] and I hope that the inconvenience they are causing their customers comes back 10-fold. What makes it even worst is their advertising as a black-owned business. That really gets under my skin. You cannot have these kinds of practices and expect to stay in business long.

• Feb 17, 2021

Girl you are on YouTube reviewing the hair. You are apart of the scam too. Bye

• Feb 17, 2021

Okay, give us the details then.

• Feb 15, 2021

Scammer's phone 3232095450
Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

Absolute scam. Order at your own risk. I ordered my wig 9/11/20 with Klarna (buy now, pay later system) and I'm still waiting now, on 2/15/20.

At first I chatted with them after a month stuck in pre-fulfillment. I was concerned since the site stated no Klarna payments would be taken until item was shipped. I got a 'Covid shipping delay' and 'no inventory' excuse. No new reviews in a while and Covid shipping warning up so it checked out at the time.

After month 3 of being told my order 'will be prioritized with the next shipment' and $70 of (useless) store credit, I began emailing support. They tried the same excuses except this time they gave me a shipment date.

Jokes, they still didn't ship it when they said they would. Now we're in December. I've begun to copy my attorney office as a precaution since I'd been reading the Scampulse reviews. I started to request a money (Not™ store credit) refund, stating they have broken their own policy by charging me via Klarna.
Which ever bot took over answering me tried to say their policy only allows store credit. I've never pulled a screenshot so fast.

I replied with the screenshot stating Klarna payments will not be taken until item is shipped. However, I also phoned Klarna and they said they were told that the item was shipped by the store. That's wild how my money have been taken since October, but the wig is still in pre-shipment. It got even better when new (I'm guessing paid) reviews started popping up, which mean hair is available and being sent out, just not to real customers.

Suddenly, after throwing their own words in their faces, I was promised a Klarna refund by the end of January. My darlings, we are 2 weeks into February, has anyone see my cash? I sure haven't.

Anyway, they changed their website to I'm not sure if it's an attempt to disappear or detach from the 345+ Scampulse reviews, it's beyond my pay grade. But I can confirm that this place is a scam thru and thru. This is coming from someone who has been scammed by the pop up wigs store that claim mink wigs for $20 but send you a thin party city wig that smells like rat piss. At least they sent me something to laugh at.

Notice how every response from management was an auto-response until I forced their arm. Pretty sure Zaire and Sera are the same person (check the signature) so it baffles me why they would introduce themselves as new when they finally had to compose something from scratch. Of course, instead emailing me my refund confirmation, they got a new website. There's must be funds somewhere to afford a domain swap, maybe it's my money.

I've attached the email thread and screenshots of THEIR policy, I'm not backing down, I want my money. Hell, I still want the wig too, but either way, they owe me cash. For all my Klarna kiddies out there, make sure you report them to Klarna for your refund! Klarna needs to know they're dealing with scammers.

I'm in college, I've got nothing but time on my hands to fight for this. I can't afford the out, they need to send me my money back. I almost wish I hadn't gone thru Klarna, but I'm glad I did so I can light ULEB up and make sure they get flagged as a fraud company.

Sera/Zaire/Erin/Whoever responds to these, call me. Y'all have my number from the email thread, don't be a coward.

Heads up, new contact number on the IG, in the description as well. Stay strong and stay safe!

• 57 min ago

I went through the EXACT same thing and I have all of my emails also and my credit card statements where it shows I paid four payments of $40 through Klarna. They tried to put it on Covid try to put it on their warehouse ran out of hair they didn’t realize until hair wasn’t coming they were waiting on the distributor Every excuse you can think about they try to use it it is February 26, 2021 I still have not received my hair and now no one is even answering that phone it just ring and ring and ring

• Feb 23, 2021

GREAT NEWS LADS, I just received my Klarna refund, after HOUNDING ULEB for 5 months straight. My Klarna payments were returned back to me. MAKE SURE you use their own skewed policy against them! It can be done! Jobi-Ann ([email protected]) seems to be a top dog, she's also answering the text messages rn so big her until you get you money back y'all

• Feb 13, 2021

I ordered this back in November of 2020, I too have reached out multiple times trying to get my wig. They are pathetic, even in a pandemic you target us hard working black women. [censored] is sad

• Feb 13, 2021

I placed an order June 2019. I sent so many emails, chats and yes so eventually respond but never received my order. I called and talked to someone and finally they stated a refund would be issued back to my account. Never received it. I checked my account I opened with them and they had actually given me store credit. Ahhh so frustrating. So I placed an order with the store credit in December 2018 and here it is February and still waiting. The company is located in California and I live in California. What is the delay.

• Feb 12, 2021

I wish I had seen these complaints before I gave these vile people my money! They need to be stopped! I ordered November 2020, and after several back and forth mostly through my reaching out; today is February 2021 and still no product! I have asked for a refund, to no avail! I will be contacting my bank tomorrow! Unfortunately they are still advertising on social media! They all should be put in jail! 😠😡🤬

• Feb 12, 2021

Fraud! Scam and criminal !
I ordered hair, asked for a refund immediately after seeing that it was a scam. I never received the items. I used the Klarna website to make payments for my items, now Klarna is saying I owe them a balance. They sent it to collections! So I have this balance, and I never received my items. I ordered on November 11, 2020.
I’m pissed. I want the balance from Klarna cleared! Or give me my items, so I can pay the balance myself. But I’m not paying for goods that I didn’t receive. Scam!

• Feb 11, 2021

I order a wig in July 2020. In September 2020 I was promised a full refund. By October 2020 I emailed this company to check on the status of my refund and they told me that I will not receive my refund back and I would get store credit. I emailed them back with the original that I was promised a full refund and they told me “so what” you can get the credit and “that’s that.” Why would I want a credit when I was promised my full refund and why would I want to do business with a company that cannot honor their own word. So, no I declined the credit and now in the process of legally taking action. This company is stupid and I will go after the 300 I spent as well as pain and suffering.

• Feb 24, 2021

I'm going to take legal action as well. I ordered November 2020 and been back and forth with them about a refund.

• Feb 15, 2021

I went straight to my bank! They gave me my money back immediately and the dispute with this travesty of a company was closed in MY favor! Sad to see others have confirmed what I suspected.. SCAM!

• Feb 12, 2021

Same here! She kept my money! She’s a criminal!

• Feb 11, 2021

I see the website has been taken down. I ordered back in September and haven't received anything yet. Their customer service communication is horrible. Yes they did respond online, but only broken promises. I was very skeptical ordering online and this company beyond scammed me. The day I requested a refund which was a month later, they posted store credit only. How could someone trust a store credit when you haven't gotten truthful responses on the first order. I understand things happen that are out of control, but don't continue to lie about updates and sell products from your website. THESE CUSTOMERS ARE VERY TRUTHFUL ABOUT NOT GETTING THEIR ORDERS! I was one of them and I am very disappointed in trusting them to send my products to me. I even contacted Chase and couldn't get my money back, but I will go to every platform and all will know about this company and scams.I will also continue to try getting my money back other ways from the company or Chase.

• Feb 11, 2021

Their. new website is

• Feb 10, 2021

Ordered a lace wig in Sept of 2020 and it's Feb 2021. Still haven't received anything! They took my money and I still have not received the wig! Do better! Wanted to support a black owned business and this particular business is NOT professional, they LIED consistently.

• Feb 06, 2021

I ordered from them and paid 432.00 for a wig unit that I still have not received. They gave me a bunch of broken promises (lies) basically stole my money. Do not order anything from them they are scams and they blocked me so you can’t email or contact them anymore they are the worse company I’ve ever dealt with. If you have an issue with them wright the attorney general if we keep writing they’ll get a class action suit and be shut down

• Feb 06, 2021

I am beyond horrified! I purchased a unit in September 2020, during this period I knew that I'd have to wait at least 14 days, but 14 days turned into a month which turned into another month. During that time I was in communication with customer service, who might I say were very understanding and accommodating until I asked for a refund. At this point according to store policy there could only be a store credit. In November I canceled my previous order for a store credit, which I was informed that I could receive a unit that was in stock, so I purchased that unit with the store credit along with cosmetics. Neither have I received till this day, 2/2021. I demanded a refund which they refuse to give me. How are they going to keep funds I used from my credit card to purchase these items. Now I have to make my credit card company a where of this issue that has been going on since September 2020. Completely insane!

• Feb 06, 2021

I purchased a wig on July 1 2020. I figured shipping times would be long because of the pandemic so I didn’t trip when it seemed to be taking a long time. After a few weeks I checked my order status on their site and it was still waiting for fulfillment. I contacted them about that and I got this really nice email apologizing for the slowness and that it would be looked into right away. I asked if the item I ordered was even in stock and if it wasn’t should I order something else. A couple days later it was changed to fulfilled and I got an email on 8/26 letting me know that it was in shipping. I did receive an item from them but it was a far cry from what I placed an order for. I ordered a 16” glueless lace front and received a 8” super short wig. Wasn’t even a nice wig either. Total opposite of what they were offering. Emailed them that I wanted to return this and I requested a refund. Got a response back saying ok, sorry about that, etc etc. In September I got an email letting me know they received my wig and would issue a full refund and that it would take 2 to 4 weeks. I thought I would be done with that. Weeks later I’m checking my bank and nothing. Email them again and I get an email saying they have a new policy that is store credit only. I been back and forth with them since October then just decided to use the damn store credit and see what happens. Placed an order on 1/8/21. Got a confirmation email. Go to check on status today, 2/08, and nothing. No website, nothing. 200$ just gone.
I been looking through some of the comments and seen that ladies are talking to their banks and getting refunds that way. I bank through chase and used my credit card. I still have the emails we sent each other. Do y’all think chase can help me as well?

• Feb 04, 2021

Their new website is BEAUTYLUXEHAIR.COM. I've not received my order since July and I've been extremely patient. Every time I email them, I get the same runaround. They keep "changing" their management and at this point, they're just making up names as they go. I will never order from them again, you're better off ordering through Aliexpress. I'm going to see if my bank will be able to help me, if not, that's money down the drain.

• Feb 02, 2021

SCAM! I placed my order on 8/07/20 and still have not received my order. Every time I send a email they respond with lies. They erased my comments on IG. I was issued a 70 dollar credit to my account but for what they are fake! I received an email saying I have a tracking number on 12-18-20, but still nothing. I just want my money back. I’m not sure which card I purchased with and it’s been so long ago I’m not sure how a dispute would work. I didn’t dispute earlier because of all the broken promises. This company is fake and they are very smooth, friendly, and responsive to your concerns while STEALING your money. Something needs to be done.

• Jan 30, 2021

Placed an order 8 months ago and still haven’t received my order. They offered me $70 credit to use towards another purchase while I wait for my order to be shipped. I never used the credit because I’m sure I wouldn’t have received that order either...Now they’ve shut down and out of business smh

• Feb 10, 2021

BEAUTYLUXEHAIR.COM is their new website

• Jan 29, 2021

I tried to retrieve my chats with them they no longer exists, I'm trying to get my money refunded back to my account

• Jan 29, 2021

I ordered a wig for $235 August 13, 2020 also and today still have not received my unit. They have blocked me on all social media outlets as well. Before they blocked me they were erasing my comments. I have the shop app that did show me my money went to a Chinese vendor and that my wig was held up in customs for a month. But I watched closely and saw the wig was delivered to the company in October. Upper Echelon still refused to send it to me and also have changed the policy to where they don’t give cash refunds. The company is pretending to have units on hand as well and it’s not true. Don’t get scammed ladies. They claim to be black owned but they have zero remorse

• Jan 28, 2021

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE A SCAM! I originally placed my order August 26th, in October I cancelled that order because I haven’t received anything yet. I was first told the I would be able to get a full refund, after waiting weeks I contacted them only to be informed that their policy is store credit only. So I begrudgingly placed another order October 6th. And I still haven’t received it yet. I talked to Leslie one if the managers and she told me a bunch of BS to make me happy. But still nothing! I wanted to support a black owned business and I loved their pictures and videos from Instagram buy supporting them was a huge mistake! Times are hard now, so I’m warning you; do not spend your hard owned money on this company. It. Is. A. Rip-off!

• Jan 29, 2021

How long does it take Leslie to respond I emailed her like 3 days ago

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