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Unknown Reports & Reviews (1394)

Victim Location 80513
Type of a scam Other

Listed car on *** Contacted by Karen -- my father would love this car

Karen asked how her father could contact me

I provided email

The father sent a couple of innocent emails

He followed with an email requesting use of to qualify for his loan.

I send *** instead which was selected by me (testing)

Got another email insisting I use (An indirect way to ask for money)

Very obvious it was a scam at this point.

Victim Location 43201
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Call is a recorded message. options are to press 1 to speak to someone or stay on line to hear message. I missed the call so I had a voicemail.

Caller does not state name, name of company or any other identifying information. Calling for someone that used me as a contact. States the following: there is a legal investigation, and it is in my best interest to cooperate before final processing of legal documents being forwarded to my local summons division. She says I may become a person of interest if they cannot locate the person they are actually looking for. Want me to call to discuss my involvement in their investigation. To avoid processing I or the person they are actually looking for must call their office today. I called, it just rings! I don't know where they are calling from(city, state or country).

While the recorded voice is different from other messages I have received, the MO is the same. Other numbers I have received pretty much the same message from are 614-335-9330, 614-335-9335, 833-835-9700, 833-792-9220, dating back to July 2018. I block one number and they call from another. The one time I answered the person was very rude and threatening!

Victim Location 32087
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a phone call from 210 714 3091 wanted me to confirm my social security number! I tried and ask who is this and they wouldn’t tell me anything until I confirmed my social! So I’m definitely concerned who these jackrabbits are!

Victim Location 76015
Type of a scam Utility

Caller identified himself as a local electricity provider and asked if I could hear him. I answered yes and he hung up.

Victim Location 60623
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer asked if they can hear me and I said yes which I didn't know it was part of a scam.

Victim Location 66030
Type of a scam Phishing

Young womans voice speaking fast and loud like she is not close to phone "Hello can you hear me?" I said yes. Then again "Hello can you hear me" I said yes then hello. I hear what sounds like a recorded hello back. I think the entire thing was a recording.

Victim Location 60623
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer asked if I could hear them and I answered yes unknowingly.

Victim Location 63755
Type of a scam Phishing

The call would come in as some kind of pending claim, and would instruct me to hold on the line to resolve the claim.

Victim Location 94014
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call from an old friend I knew thirty years ago. Her telephone info on my phone said "blocked'. She said she was calling to see how I was doing and kept asking me questions that required me to say 'yes'. I remember this person had a history of being dishonest and felt pretty sure she was doing the "can you hear me scam' in order to record my voice. I later researched this scam and found out it is used by scammers in order to use your voice (the 'yes' part) for playback. If you deny you purchased something (when in fact you didn't) they will playback your 'yes' voice and hope you will think you may have forgotten the transaction. (I would imagine they use this scam against the elderly, thinking they may have memory problems.) My question to the BBB: is this scam prevalent and is the way I am describing the use of this scam correct? Or do they do other things with your 'yes' voice? What, if any, safeguards should I be doing to ensure the scammer can not do any additional harm?

Victim Location 90404
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call that went to voice mail from 870 667 0463. The pre-recorded mechanical message said that ..."expired and after you will be taken into custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you."

Victim Location 86305
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Consumer received a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS. They threatened the consumer if they did not call back, law enforcement officers will show up and arrest the consumer. Consumer ignored the call and then reported to BBB.

Victim Location 35756
Type of a scam Online Purchase

My vehicle is listed online. I keep getting different scammers. This one texted with an out of state phone number, saying he just moved and wanted vehicle report from a link highlighted in text. Gave me no name, but just was asking for when can they come. I googled the website which doesn't exist. He avoids any answers I need. Finally told them to stop contacting me.

Victim Location 66204
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Leaves a message stating this is not a solicitation call theres a motion pending to file all your bank accounts and tax returns will be frozen . Call back 844-880-5803 when I call this number back or the others they dont state who they are just ask me what my name and SS# is I refuse to give them my number but they still have the last 4 digits. They would not tell me why they are calling me night and day my cell phone and house number. I gave them my attorney number and disconnected the call with them. My attorney advise me that they are scammers I have blocked all numbers but they still are calling me.

Victim Location 60018
Type of a scam Other

This phone number was called to me at 4:32 pm Tuesday November 27 2018. I have no idea who this and did not recognize this number. I called back this number and inquired who or what they wanted. I could not understand the person because of a hard dialect. I asked what was his company and then was hunk up on.

Victim Location 26271
Type of a scam Debt Collections

this number called me 6x in 1 day (had never called before at all) stated that i owed $400 for an er visit on 03/17 (it is now 11/18 so almost 2 years later) caller stated it was for a "rash" i asked caller what hospital this was for as i watch my credit report closely and have never received bills for this amount and it was never on my credit report the caller stated "it was not their job to know the exact hospital that is was just west virginia emergency physicians i stated that could literally be all of west virginas er rooms and ive paid a lot of hospital bills in the past and have always known the hospital name nor do i remember my daughter needing er treatment at that time so i would not just hand over $400 for no reason without proof of debt caller stated "you should know where you take your [censored] kid to the dr its not my job" then hung up when i returned the call i received no answer

Victim Location 27950
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Makes you think it is social security. Left phone message of all social _____ would be frozen right away. I had two calls from 2 different numbers. The reason I left out security in the second message is because they talk so fast seems they are saying social security when they are only saying social. They left me a voice mail, it was implied by not really said. Phone numbers are 800-772-1213. 415-364-8145. Please be careful


The telephone number 800-772-1213 actually belongs to the Social Security Administration according to their website ( The other phone number listed is for a Robocaller using the Social Security Administration information to try to obtain your information.

Victim Location 29123
Type of a scam Government Grant

I have received at least 30 calls today from individuals claiming to be with the government and that I have won money in grants. When I asked the name of the company and their name they hang up on me. Please help this is frustrating as I am trying to cook for Thanksgiving!

Victim Location 68516
Type of a scam Phishing

Called and left a voicemail saying the government would be forced to pursue a lawsuit against me. I never answered. Don't answer.

Victim Location 44240
Type of a scam Credit Cards

A person named Michael from (a company that he said to fast, you couldn't understand) call me on 10/25/18 around 2:00pm. He started asking me if I wanted my percentage rate on credit cards lowered. He stated he could help me do this and asked how much I owe, what was my highest balance on any card, and so on. He was a bit pushy and I asked him if he was a telemarketer, and he laughed. I tried not to give any definitive answers. Then he asked me if the beginning numbers on one of my cards were xxxx-xx. At that time I told him I didn't have my credit cards with me, he said he'd call me back later and never did. After calling the BBB, they informed me that this number was not to a business.

Victim Location 76310
Type of a scam Phishing

I have received multiple emails from someone saying they have my password and have installed malware. They are requesting payment.

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