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Victim Location 78416
Type of a scam Phishing

Today, Wednesday, September 25, 2019 I have received approximately 10 scam phone calls. The scam caller has also called from these '718' area codes:





I did not recognize any of these numbers nor did I answer/accept the phone calls.

The voice mail message reads: "Administration this is to inform you that your Social Security number is being suspended and there is an arrest warrant being issued under your name... to talk to an officer press one.... I repeat to know more about the case press one..."

Can only assume the scammers were trying to solicit money.

Type of a scam Other

Female Robot Voice

Spoken: Your Social Insurance Number has been locked.

Spoken: You are facing a criminal Charge. A warrant has been issued. You will be going to court.

Spoken: Please push 1 to avoid further action. And speak to an agent.

I did not push 1. I immediately blocked the caller number.

Contacted the BBB. Report a scam.

Victim Location 40205
Type of a scam Phishing

I've been receiving several calls a day from 800 numbers. When it goes to voicemail, the message says that my social security number has been compromised and that my number will be frozen. If I push 1 to talk to a person, I can fix it. I didn't end up talking to the person, but I'm pretty sure they were going to ask me for my number. But as soon as I got on the phone with them, I started screaming, How did this happen to my number? And then they hung up.

Victim Location 47906
Type of a scam Other

I have a robocall in my voicemail telling me I need to contact them to renew my computer service for $399. I called them back and tried to get a company name and an individuals name and they blocked my number. I get "Your call is important to us, a representative will be with you shortly" followed by 30 seconds of silence before it repeats 6 times and then just says "goodbye" in a computer generated voice.

I just called back and got through, but there was a lot of background noise of a lot of people, apparently speaking on the telephone. Maybe since I've called them and gotten trough they'll call me back and I can try to add to this complaint.

Victim Location 44720
Type of a scam Tech Support

co called and left a message stating they needed $299 out of my account to fix virus on my computer I needed to call them at 844-679-2918.

I did not contact the company.

Victim Location 78250
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Left message on my mother's cell phone saying she had a class action suite against her and she needed to call them back immediately. My mother did and they threaten to have her arrested for money laundring and drug dealing. They wanted to find out her SS number, account numbers, bank she uses, car she drives and owns, and other information. My mother couldn't remember all the numbers they wanted so they didn't get much out of her. She was still scared and we are still taking precautions. We did file a police report. Be aware of this number. She couldn't remember who they said they were.

SCAMMERS for sure.

Victim Location 34786
Type of a scam Other

Received automated robo call claiming I could connect to a Social Security administration official if I believed the call to be in error. Phone call prompted me to press 1 but I did not acknowledge.

Victim Location 41018
Type of a scam Phishing

This is what I sent to a local reporter on 04 Feb 201.....the people since have not called back.

I received a call today from a private number (I did not answer it so a v.m. was left) When I played the v.m. the caller said that they were trying to get ahold of my wife "Amanda Spohn who also goes by the name Amanda Earhart" They then asked me to call them back because it was about a complaint against her and they also left a case number 000-531447. I called them back and the lady asked me for the case number, I gave it to her, she put me on hold then connected me to another person. When the "gentleman" answered I told him that I did not know that I was going to get transferred to him and could he give me more information about the call since it was about my wife. He said "This is about Amanda Spohn who goes by Amanda Earhart right?" I said yes that's my wife. I then explain to him that I think that this is a scam and that I am going to report this to a local TV news crew. He informs me that all they do is "prepare the documents and that they will be delivered by carrier" I asked again if they have any records of what this is about and he told me no. I finally told him that I really think that this is a scam and I am going to report this to the news. He said to me "Good luck to you" and hung up.

I text my wife and told her I had a crazy call and she called me and asked was it about the complaint against me? She received the same call just a while after I did. I was the only one that called back to see what the "complaint" was about.

Do you know anything about this? Scam?

I was not given any names of the people that I talked to but the phone number is/was 855-550-0643

The local reporters response was.....

No legit company at that number, so I suspect a scam.

Do NOT give them any info. Tell them to write to you by mail....but don’t give them your address. If it is legit, they will know how to find you and will send you a letter

Victim Location 32765
Type of a scam Tech Support

The called ID displayed that my friend was calling so I answered. Instead of my friend, it was a recording stating that my IP address had been compromised and I needed to press 1 for further support. I hung up. This happened a second time two hours later. I don't know how they were able to access my contacts.

Victim Location 85716
Type of a scam Tech Support

The number that was on Caller ID was spoofed and belongs to Cost Cutters Family Hair Care. They left a message which asked for a "Yes" or "no" answer. The voicemail was actually a live line. I am not sure how they accomplished that. It was a fake extended warranty' They called back five more times so far today from different numbers each time. 520-294-2888, 941-088-3060, 941-282-5299, 941-796-3053, 941-267-2243, 888-308-3345. All the numbers are spoofed.

Victim Location 33134
Type of a scam Phishing

Indian accent Female tries to get you to say YES! to interviews or if you would be interest in this X position. It is a magic jack phone number

Victim Location 47854
Type of a scam Phishing

The caller did not identify itself or give any company name, address, or website. It sounded like a recorded message. The only information provided was something to the effect of "your credit card will be charged $399.00. You can call 1-716-902-1044 to get your money back and to continue your firewall service". I did not call the number, nor has my credit card been charged.

I wanted to report this as a scam in as many places as I can to stop this type of nonsense.

Victim Location 35058
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have none just want to conplaine

Victim Location 23456
Type of a scam Phishing

Person calling from a New York area code two early mornings in a row asking “Are you available to hang out”.

Victim Location 42501
Total money lost $74.99
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I noticed on June 19, 2019 that there was $79.99 pending on my Visa card. The description gave a phone # to merchant & I called it. A man with strong accent answered without giving a name of any company. I asked him who are you & why are you taking out $74.99? He skipped a co. name & said, "it's for a magazine subscription". I immediately told him I never ordered any! He said he would cancel the subscription & gave me a cancellation #: RM190621106 & then said it would take up to 5 business days to refund the money. I reminded him it was pending at time. He still said would take about that long.

As soon as I hung up with him, I called Capital One & told that guy what was going on. He says, "give them until the 28th & if they haven't refunded the money by then, to call back & they would probably cancel that card & issue me a new one". So on the 29th it still had not been refunded. I call Capital One back & tell them. They did cancel that card & issue a new one.

About week later, I get letter from Capital One stating they took that money off my acct for now, until they review dispute & decide what to do.

Then on 7/16, I get a call from Capital One & the man tells me that they put the money back on my acct & they are sending me a letter which will tell me what information I will need to mail or fax them if I still wanted to dispute this issue. He informed me that they did receive an email from that merchant saying I did agree to purchase a product from them. And that a copy of that email will come with the letter they are sending. I told him this was crazy, I never ordered anything & I had no clue who those people are. I told him about the original call I made to that merchant to see why they were trying to get money. Then, he asks if I could call them back & try to get something in writing stating that they agreed to cancel the order & refund the money. I said, I can try but they'd be [censored] to do that now cause you all already gave them the money.

So, we hung up & call that merchant. The man says that they started the cancellation process on 6/21 & that they tried to refund the money & it was rejected. I said, "Do what?" Then told the guy, look if you tried to refund money to a credit card co, they would never reject it. At this point, I start trying to get him to agree to send me something in writing stating what he just told me & he states again, we tried to refund it & it was rejected, there's nothing else we can do for you. That's all I could get out of him every time I pushed him about sending me something in writing. I finally gave up after about 5 times asking & we hung up.

I call Capital One back & tell the man that someone called earlier from there & what he asked me to do. I proceeded to tell him what was said between all of us (both calls). When I told him that the other guy there said they got an email response from the merchant, this man tells me " we're still waiting to hear from them". I said "what, wait a minute that can't be right. The other man said you all are sending me a copy of the email". He repeats "no, we're still waiting to hear from them". I gave up at this point & get off the phone. Now I'm really confused. I decide to hold off til I get this letter they are supposed to send me with that email with it.

On 7/24 I read the letter & copy of that email sent to me from Capital One. I was furious. Instead of me trying to repeat all that was said, I am sending it to you, so you can read it for yourself. What I noticed was this: nowhere on there is there a name of a company, there is no return email address, they never say anywhere on it what I supposedly bought & no date of purchase.They do however say they sent me a welcome package (that I never got), that I agreed over phone to place order (that never happened), that they did not hear from me about cancelling the order prior to payment being processed (that was a lie, cause it was pending on my Visa the day I called them about it. That's when the guy said he would cancel it), they state also right off the bat in last paragraph that they did cancel the order, however requested that the payment already made be honored. So I say, must be nice to want your cake & eat it too!

I called Capital One after reading it & literally go off. I asked why they didn't catch all the lies & contradictions in it, etc. The lady tells me what to send them in order to keep disputing it. So, I write down what I know. Run to library to fax that to them, that cost me a $1. Then I wait to hear from them.

Later that evening I get a voicemail from Capital One, but by time I see it, it's too late to call. Next morning (7/25), I return the call. They tell me that I didn't send what they needed. I never really understood what they wanted & told them that. They say either an email the merchant sent me or a copy of the terms/conditions from them in the welcome package. I said, "What part of I don't have anything from them don't you understand? They never called me, they never sent me any welcome package or anything else thru the mail, they never have emailed me, texted me or any other way to contact me". Now I'm thinking, there is definitely a lack of communication here & I'm getting so frustrated that Capital One threw me under the bus, that I almost have several anxiety attacks trying to deal with all this.

There were a few more calls, I stopped writing the stuff down cause I felt there was no need in it, since nobody was listening to me anyway. On one call to Capital One the man sends me via email, a link from them where I can go & download or upload any more information I can give them, but it was only good for a certain amount of time. I did send them something & still turns out it don't help my case a bit. I also included what I sent this last time. Ok, maybe I won't send the last thing I sent to Capital One. Apparently I can only put one item on here.

Anyway, what I sent them was me telling them that I tried to find out who those people were by googling the phone #, since that's all I have on them. I found 2 places in WY with that same #. One was a car lot in Casper, WY (it's zip is same one provided by Capital One) & the other was auto protection of some kind in Cheyenne, WY. I also tried to find the woman who's name is on the email & found an 80 some yr old lady that lives in FL. & a young girl in Kenya. And still, 8/3 (yesterday now), I get another letter from Capital One telling me they closed the dispute. That if I still wanted to dispute the charges, to contact the merchant & work directly with them.

I am so disappointed with Capital One. I have 2 cards with them & have been a customer for probably close to 2 yrs. During this time, I have always made my payments & every one has been on time. This is how they treat a valued customer. I told them I was going to report all this to & that I was absolutely NOT going to pay for something I did not agree to buy. They should've never given those people that money then assume that I would just pay it. It's not gonna happen. I've worked hard trying to get my credit up higher & I guess now all that was for nothing. I don't have money to just throw around like this & it makes me mad that they think it's ok to expect me to pay for their mistake.

So, if anyone sees a charge on your credit card that you don't know what it is...good luck getting any help. The # for this scam is: 888-511-4080...beware if you see it. This is the how it was wrote up under the description on the card: VYA*8885114080digitalfant

Victim Location 33594
Type of a scam Phishing

Harassing phone calls even after I have told them "no" & not interested and on a do not call list since 2005. They continue to call several times a week for a month. Their English is terrible, hard to understand & have to ask them several times to repeat where they are calling from. I believe they may be illegal scams who are trying to reach their hands into my wallet, illegally... & scam me in the process. I have reported this to FCC, FTC & you. Have them stop calling & pay a fine to you for being so inconsiderate & have to deal with them

Victim Location 80517
Type of a scam Other

Claims to be calling from Social Security Administration.

Victim Location 96001
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Scam service wants access to my computer via command promt to refund me $299....... wants me to type in

Victim Location 32534
Type of a scam Phishing

It sounded like an automated call, male voice. Asked me to return their call and provide the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number or they would be issuing a warrant for my arrest.

Victim Location 90004
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received this mystery letter in the mail, with no company name on it at only says: "Negotiations Department".

I called Capital One to get clarity, and they said they would never send something like this without their letterhead on it.

Also, the creditor balances listed at the bottom do not line up with my current debt.

If you do share this, please redact my personal info.

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