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Victim Location 71291
Type of a scam Phishing

What's going on?

We're concerned that someone may be using your Paypal account without your knowledge.

Recent activity from your account seems to have occurred from new location or under circumstances that may be different to usual.

Login Date : March 22, 2021 3:06 PM

Location : Georgia

IP Address :

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Victim Location 47167
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received email from above address with name Jessica Harris from paypal attached stating I made a transaction for $749.98 and needed to call within 24 hours to dispute. Number (as listed above) was called. No identifiers given except person's name (Micheal) who said he was from paypal. When I told him it was a scam he hung up.

Victim Location 43731
Type of a scam Phishing

They sent an email saying my paypal account had been logged into from a new account in the Dominican republic, and then the website was perfectly identical to the paypal website and asked for login and personal information to add to the security of your account

Victim Location 35907
Total money lost $71
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

My Mother was wanting to buy a product online and she searched for it and found it on the site shown. She proceeded with trying to make the purchase once on the site. It offered PayPal as a payment method, but she does not have a Paypal account.

Somehow this company processed her purchase through Paypal and charged her debit card, and now Paypal will not resolve the issue. She doesn't have a Paypal account. so they act like they can't resolve it. She got trough to Paypal, and paypal charged her $5 to open an account, but that account is not accessible. I have now tried to contact them through my Paypal account, but I cannot get through to them via any of their "Contact Us" methods. They will not connect to a representative via phone, their messaging service is not functional and there is no way for me to file a dispute on a transaction that is not one of mine.

She has never received what she purchased, and the debit on her bank account is noted as Paypal, but the name is what I believe to be a Chinese company. ZHENNIUGUOJ

I have attached an image of her computer history showing the sequence of events that occurred on January 14, 2021 and also the website she went to. This website is no longer accessible. The number she has been calling trying resolve this is the one listed.

I have to assume they have her debit card information, but there has been no further fraudulent activity.

Victim Location 92618
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Back on 10/29/2020, I googled Paypal Customer Service, and clicked the first link result for same; called the number (805) 912-8030, which I admit to not paying attention to the type of number; an “Edward”(fake Paypal Customer Service Rep.) is who I spoke with; he convinced me to download this app to my phone (TeamViewer QuickSupport) which remotes into cellular phones; again not paying attention, in regards to refunding me two (2) previous purchases that were no more than $30+ dollars each purchase. Fake “Edward” (i.e., in the background of the call sounded like a customer service center) convinced me to open my credit union account online, which was strange, and saw the exact amount they stole ($1,900) in my checking acct., and claimed to go through this process to refund my funds; then instructed me to go to Cash$App to try and refund my funds (again a fake move and where Bitcoin purchase was made by fake “Edward”) which appears I purchases Bitcoin on purpose. That was my rent/lease money!! I literally watched these fraudulent situations worsen by this fake person using other customers information as if to test moving money from one account to the next; same thing through a VENMO acct. to attempt same to no avail. All the while the next day (10/30/2020) early that morning went to my account to view any activity, $1,900 was gone! I called back and screamed “you better return all my money that you stole from me” and again, he claim to still be working on returning my funds! I filed a fraud claim with Southland Credit Union and of course, Fraud dept. was unsuccessful recovering funds. By now, I knew I’d been a fraud victim. I’m just now filing with since Cash$App sent a 1099(b) form reporting Bitcoin purchase by me of $1,854.87. I also alerted Cash&App of the situation on 10/30/2020, and I closed all three third-party cash apps. Fake Paypal “Edward” claimed to give it time to go back into my account. Following up with Paypal the next day calling the same number in hopes of getting my money back, another fake Paypal rep talked me into purchasing a $200 Target gift card (I have paperwork showing actual gift card) purchased which the 2nd fake rep instructed me to scratch the back of gift card giving him the numbers, at which time he stole $200 from my account. I can’t believe I actually fell for this. Back then, I did report this to Google in an e-fraud forum. Seems this may have worked as I just googled the site, appears to be removed from Paypal search engine, as now when googling Paypal, the correct Paypal website comes up. Thank you for your time.


Victim Location 44212
Type of a scam Phishing

Googled PayPal support and this number came up.

Victim Location 64865
Total money lost $3,000
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had posted a product for sell on social media. I had a lady offer to buy it from me and she was suppose to pay me through PayPal. So I created an account and sent her my PayPal info so she could send me the money. She said that she sent the money and I had received several different emails from what was coming from a PayPal email address asking me to send gift cards to the buyer so they could verify my account so I could get my money. After doing this they sent me an email with a "texting number" since with COVID restrictions they were not responding to emails fast. As this communication continued on texting they kept asking for me to provide gifts cards so that my account could keep getting verified. I have lost so much money into this that I didn't have that I wish I could get it all back. I am willing to forward all emails that I had received over this matter.

Victim Location 45322
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

This information was sent to my personal email based on my PayPal account. The email stated that 3 transactions totalling 500 each in Crypto Currency along with a 5000 dollar loan had been gotten based on my email being hacked. I was asked to buy 300 dollars in Google Play Cards to delete these transactions.

Victim Location 45844
Type of a scam Phishing

Appears to be a product purchase using Paypal. Phone number listed answers identifying themselves as paypal

Victim Location 33040
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from a debt collector saying I owe $3000.00 to pay pal. I called paypal they couldn’t tell me if the account number has been used before because it was closed. I can’t get into the account because I don’t have the password. Someone please call me ASAP 305-509-0208

Victim Location 35824
Type of a scam Other

Googled to get PayPal. Dialed number provided. She claimed to see pending charges to China from my PayPal account. She knew the last four of other payment methods listed. Claimed that those methods would be used to fulfill my pending charges. She needed me to give her my credit card numbers so she could help me. This is after I put any desk on both phone and desktop so she could help me. When I refused the credit card info, she became irritated. Ending the call, prompted her to take control of my desktop. My grandson began deleting and trashing the anydesk authorization.

Victim Location 71292
Type of a scam Phishing

Do not click on the email it’s a scam double check your PayPal account and please report it

Victim Location 91733
Total money lost $2,200
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Individual by the name of Linda Harmon expressed interest in a wedding dress that I posted for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Buyer stated that she would like to go through PayPal to facilitate the transaction. "PayPal" emailed me with next steps. I was told that Linda is a valued and reputable customer. I was asked to send proof that the dress was shipped in order to update my account. After sending confirmation that the dress was shipped, payment was never received. I was told that I needed to upgrade my account to a business account. Do do so, Linda would need to send me $760 and I would have to send the amount back immediately via Zelle. "PayPal confirmed that they had received payment from Linda. As soon as I reimbursed her the funds would be available in my account within 6-12 hours. To make the long story short I ended up sending $1860 to Linda Harmon along with a wedding dress. I also paid $87 to ship the dress to Linda via UPS. During the entire process I was trying to contact PayPal directly but my calls were never returned and every time I attempted to call I was on the phone for hours each time. Until this day, I have yet to get a hold of PayPal even though several emails were sent.

Victim Location 75040
Type of a scam Phishing

link takes you to fake site, asking for credit card and banking information. Also asks for SSN, mother maiden name, date of birth, basically everything they need for identity theft.

Victim Location 75701
Type of a scam Phishing

Notice for payment


Hello your purchase is appreciated by our entire team. We thank you for your order.

You have 24 hrs from day of dispute to call 888-371-1342

Purchase # 56382566892J

Your order at Bitcoin Exchange #357321

Victim Location 63650
Total money lost $799.98
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a text message from Paypal that someone was trying to withdraw $799.98 from my account. I call the number that was given and talked to someone for hours. They gave me instructions on what to do. These instructions were used to transfer money out of my Cashapp and Paypal to be forwarded to Remitly. Lina *** was the name they gave me but this is a huge scam.

Victim Location 75703
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Individual searched the internet for a number for PayPal and found 1-844-304-4210. Spoke to Dave Fallon who requested that he get 3 google play cards in the amount of 300.00 so that Paypal could transfer his money to him onto that card. Tried to call him back on his direct line has requested but the line was no longer in service 917-341-6039. Tried the first number again and was lead to Travis Johnson (supervisor) and he requested the individual to get 4 more google play cards in the amount of 400.00. Spoke to him on his direct Line: 669-800-8953 and he requested 4 more additional cards, which the individual refused. He claimed he would release 2,400.00 into the individual's account if he purchased the additional cards.

Victim Location 14111
Type of a scam Phishing

Paypal contacted me i spent 6 hours trying to reach them they wanted to link up to my bank account and I wouldn't. I was going to mail in a chack and a friend said it sounded fishy. They won't delete my card and keep emailing for money.

Victim Location 63601
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Claiming that my paypal account was temporarily closed, but the sender's address is not from paypal. Saying please sign in. once you click the link it's asked for you to give your sign in info. Be careful.

Victim Location 75757
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received an email that posed as a PayPal message. I clicked the link and entered my personal info, including my social security number, debit card number. It appeared to be a real email. It wasn’t until I submitted the information that I realized it was a scam. The web address changed to a random website. I closed it and tried to go back in and it directs you to a Facebook video.

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