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PayPal Reports & Reviews (200)

- Cleveland, OH, USA • Mar 06, 2023

Scammer's phone 888-343-0233
Scammer's address 1748 Richison Dr, Billings, MT 59101, USA
Country United States
Victim Location OH 44105, USA
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an emailed invoice from PayPal saying I spent $529.98. They gave an invoice number of JG9mmfotzi, as well as an order number, ifjejekgk-22529. The item was for Cannon Toner 5 pack. I do not have a PayPal account. The wording seemed off and there were also spelling errors in the email.

- Ripon, CA, USA • Feb 20, 2023

Scammer's phone (186) 675-36440
Country United States
Victim Location CA 95366, USA
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter

I opened mail from what looked like paypal and when I called the number I was asked for personal identifiers. I gave the info, the phone disconnected, I called back and then my caller ID said the number belonged to a Lamar M. Rushing.

• Feb 13, 2023

Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location NY 13069, USA
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I recently deleted my PayPal account. Since then I have received multiple text messages daily. I have reported them as junk and blocked all numbers/emails. Today I received an email stating that $399.99 was transferred by Pay Pal for Norton Antivirus. I called the number 1-888-531-5479 to tell them to stop bothering me and they hung up on me.

• Feb 03, 2023

Scammer's phone (808) 272-8906
Scammer's address 20F Kalia Rd Honolulu HI 96815 United States, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location MD 21012, USA
Type of a scam Phishing

I got an email "confirming a purchase" via PayPal of a "Soulaca Velasting 22 inches Updated Bathroom Magic Mirror LED TV Android 7.1 Waterproof Embedded Shower Television Bluetooth Available (22 inches, Mirror)" for $911.99, using my previous last name and a Hawaii shipping address (I lived in Hawaii 15 years ago).

• Feb 03, 2023

Victim Location OH 45840, USA
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received an email "Order Receipt" advising me my order of $328.72 would be debited from my PayPal account. And would arrive on 2.6.2023. In case of cancellation reach us here 833-353-3746. I called and spoke to a foreign man. He said I was being scammed. He asked if I had an Apple or Android. I said Apple. He said I needed to go into settings. I hung up.

I also got a text message: You've been selected for remuneration, procced to

• Jan 31, 2023

Scammer's phone (888) 317-3987
Scammer's website Sanford Nicolas [email protected]
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location WA 98901, USA
Type of a scam Phishing

Called the phone number listed and talked to a “Mike Wilson.” Mike was told that our PayPal account had not be used/opened for months. In order to clear the charge he asked for access to our computer.

He further offered his direct phone number: 1-808-844 8527. In the course of getting the erroneous Pay Pal charge cleared, he accessed our bank account to reflect a “refund” to our account and the account showed a deposit of $7000 rather than $700. Mike then asked for a refund from the $7000 to Bank of [email protected] wire transfer (international wire). This would remove the $7000 and refund it to the account (PayPal?) Mike provided. He actually wanted us to go to a local Target store and do the wire transfer from there. Before Mike was finished and cut off he had made another $7000 transfer for a total of $14,000. After our contact with our bank Mike was called and told --our bank does not do international wire transfers, --all you did was to transfer funds within my bank account and asked me to send you money—we are reporting to the police. Mike’s response was to say it doesn’t matter whether you shut your computer off or your bank sets up new accounts we have already cleared out your bank account.

• Nov 15, 2022

Scammer's phone (808) 500-9903
Scammer's website
Scammer's address HI, USA
Scammer's email len******
Victim Location CT 06042, USA
Type of a scam Phishing

Second email I have received from this scammer, I did not open any links. The name on the email is David James from Fresh Books stating that a payment was being processed through my Pay Pal account for $400. I have made no such transaction.

• Oct 21, 2022

Scammer's phone 18337578332
Scammer's address 650 kenwick cir Apt 203, Casselberry, FL 32707, USA
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a certified letter from what appears to be Paypal. The letter states I owe 4,41.31 The amount on the letter was not added correctly. This seems to me a credit card statement poorly executed.

• Oct 17, 2022

Scammer's phone 877-598-4756
Country United States
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill
Initial means of contact Email

The email said I ordered something Filcoin Order#B701375E76 on 10/14/22 with a phone number 877-598-4756 for $485.10 through PayPal I have no idea what or who this is! I tried to call the number but someone just keep hanging up the phone I left a txt saying that I was going to report them to the Federal Trade Commission!

• Oct 17, 2022

Scammer's phone 870-230-0974
Scammer's website tbrlhc
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location OH 43004, USA
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a decently crafted scam email with the number noted.

• Oct 12, 2022

Scammer's phone 8775984756
Victim Location OH 44889, USA
Type of a scam Other

Entered by Staff - LJ - 10-12-22

I received a notice on my computer from PayPal. I clicked on the email. First of all I do not have a PayPal account. I questioned it immediately. Someone used my name and ordered $530 worth of coins. They sent me a receipt. Altcoincoin OPF I called PayPal from the phone number on the email 877-598-4756. I could not understand them. He said do what I tell you to do. Go online and fill out this paperwork. I said I am not giving any information. I want this recognized as something illegal. The email mentioned Elyria OH 44035. I do not live in Elyria. The email a also had an order number EB01FAD048. I told the man this sounded strange and I would call the Better Business Bureau. The daughter warns me about scams all the time.

• Oct 10, 2022

Scammer's phone 1-888-343-0499
Scammer's address 221 N First St, San Jose, CA 95131, USA
Type of a scam Phishing

PayPal email said we have a $500 charge. Once we were on the line they said we had 3 charges. He wanted me to download an app called Desktop!!!He started to raise his voice to me when I said I was going to go to Verizon to have them check it over. Then he swore at me when I said I was going to hang up and check this out further!

• Oct 05, 2022

Scammer's phone 1 877-390-4488
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location NV 89512, USA
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is using a version of the paypal logo, but it is not PayPal. They are trying to get my information on an xBox that I didn't order. They try to draw you in by offering seller protection.

• Sep 20, 2022

Victim Location 77406
Total money lost $495
Type of a scam Identity Theft

My Paypal acct was hijacked 2 years ago, after I placed an online order on 7/21/20 for 2 "motorized floats", I received 2 "blow-up" pool floats, for which I paid $144.98. After numerous emails & months of Pure Frustration, I realized the only thing I acquired from that transaction...was a DAMN GOOD LESSON! I tried to close my Paypal acct but could not even log into it to close it, nor could I ever get Any One on the phone to speak to about I just vowed not to use Paypal again.

Then a friend sent $350.00 for Rodeo tickets to me via PP, not knowing I had issues with them, I never could log in to collect that money?

Most recently, today on 9/20/22, I received an "Invoice" in my gmail inbox, seemingly sent from: [email protected] stating "Bitcoin Exchange sent you an invoice for $499.99 USD, Due on receipt, & that I had successfully made a transaction for my Bitcoin (BTC) Using Paypal" ??? There is a phone number listed 888-524-3720 which I called & the scammer on the other end confirmed there were actually (3) charges & he read these to me outloud: (I had no knowledge of the 1st two until he read them?)

9/16/22 - $39.83 for candy

9/16/22 - $439.99 for gift card

9/19/22 - $799.99 for iPhone 11

When he asked me to put him on speaker & go to my apps so I could "connect to his server" so HE could delete those bogus purchases & help me close my acct, I of course laughed into the phone & declined, he kept insisting that this was "the procedure"...after a few, I told him to stick his server where the sun don't shine & disconnected the call.

Now all I want to achieve is to CLOSE MY PAYPAL ACCT but again, there's No Way to do that?! They instruct you to "log in" to deactivate your acct....(but what if your acct has been hacked? how are you supposed to log in?) Ugggggh! I created a "dummy acct" to try to circumvent this ridiculous process, but to no avail. PLEASE HELP if you can!

Thank You,

Kelly O'Reilley

[email protected]

• Sep 08, 2022

Scammer's phone 888-224-7352
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location OH 43762, USA
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email from Paypal saying we owe $500 US for a Target egift card on 9.8.22. It says please do not reply. If you did not make the transaction to call 888-224-7352. I called and spoke to a man with an accent. I told him we didn't make the purchase. He said I was liable for the purchase. I said it's a scam. He began rambling, so I hung up.

• Sep 01, 2022

Scammer's phone 1888-890-2762
Scammer's email [email protected]
Type of a scam Online Purchase

An invoice was sent to my email, I opened and read the invoice. It said it was from PayPal and that I owed $370 for a purchase to McAfee Security for a home computer. I did not make such a purchase, so I called the 1800 number listed on the invoice. The person there said they would refund the money to me, all I had to do was download an app. I began to start the process, and became nervous once the app told me to allow access to my phone to the people on the other line. I stopped what I was doing and deleted the app and hung up the phone. I called the real PayPal number and forwarded the email to their fraud department. I have changed all of my passwords, but am hoping they did not get any information off of my phone.

• Aug 16, 2022

Victim Location 44087
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email today that looks like it's from Paypal which says something about order number 222b50f480 Genx1 for $521.99, and for any product related service queries and get back to them as soon as possible at 888-262-4634.

• Aug 07, 2022

Victim Location 36301
Type of a scam Phishing

I received the following text: "(PAYPAL'S: Confirmation. For more information check at" from the following email address: "[email protected]"

• Aug 05, 2022

Victim Location 06016
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Email stating 1 bitcoin purchased in my name through PayPal. I do not have PayPal account, nor did I initiate request for purchase of Bitcoin. reported to BBB.

• Aug 04, 2022

Victim Location 44236
Type of a scam Phishing

Contacted me by iMessage, claiming to be PayPal support. Claimed my account was restricted and needed to be secured.


(PayPal-Support : Your account has been restricted.Review and Secure here immediately > *link* ~) ifxlpP2

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