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PayPal Reports & Reviews (214)

- Las Vegas, NV, USA • Apr 30, 2024

I was emailed by a woman who was sending me a "receipt" for about 450 dollars worth of bitcoin. Usually these things go straight to my spam, but this was in my primary folder. Attatched was a PDF of said reciept with my email on it.

- Brooklyn, NY, USA • Apr 27, 2024

Contacted me through email sending various invoices and other corresponding information

- Sterling Heights, MI, USA • Feb 23, 2024

Text stated: For cancellation call on this number 1 818-676-9393 your pay paI profile deducted 599 usd for order GRT6165 for any query contact us.

- Phillipsburg, NJ, USA • Oct 17, 2023

This email is to confirm your order on 16 Oct'2023. Your order number is #B1554460. Please allow 48 hours

for your shipping confirmation to arrive.

In case of any issues, please feel free to reach out at (815) 201 0770875

Please review the important information below uj Orderdj Details:

Smart Top Control Dishwasher with 1-Hour Wash & Dry, QuadWash

Quantity: 1 Total:$700.22

Arriving at : 21 Oct Subtotal: $700.22

STATE TAX:$0 Shipping:$0.00


If you did not purchase this , please reach us out at 1(815) 201 0770.

- Woodland, CA, USA • Oct 02, 2023

I received an email from Paypal asking if a charge of $589.00 from Raymond Gonzalez was authorized. It gave a phone number of 1-855-263-3520 to call paypal and have the charge denied. They told me that it had already been charged to my acct, and I had to let them into my computer to remove the charge from my bank acct. These people were really slick.

Anyway, I gave them access to credit back the $589.00 remove the charge from my checking account. The access was via AnyDesk. They then told me that a computer error had accidentally credited $8000 to me and they would freeze and empty all my bank accounts if I did not pay them back. I found out later that they had moved money from my money market acct into my checking in the amount of $8000.00 and it showed as an $8000.00 deposit.

They had my acct info from Redwood Credit Union(my bank) on my computer screen. They were in my bank accounts. It was real and they did move money around in my on the Redwood Credit Union website.They said they could not fix the error on their end.

I still was talking to "paypal". I am stupid.

The phone number they called me from is 609-736-8603.

I am so stupid...I followed their instructions and bought Walmart cards (4 cards at $500. each) which I gave them the #'s to. My bank advises that the cards were promptly cashed and I could not stop payment. Since I bought the cards, I could not stop payment. No dispute was possible. I am so stupid. I caught on then and hung up on him and called my bank.

- Batavia, IL, USA • Sep 21, 2023

I got the email from Paypal that I had paid Five Hundred Twenty nine dollars and forty eight cents for Bitcoin. I called the toll free number and said that I do not have a Paypal account and that I have never considered buying bitcoin. The person on the phone was obviously in a large phone center as I heard many phone conversations going on in the background. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told to hold the line, but never was able to do that. I said that I was going to report this to the BBB. The address on the email was 2211 N. First St. San Jose, C A.

• Aug 01, 2023

on my email i got a notice i owed pay pal $699.00. i dont do pay pal or any or those other things. so i tried calling them to tell them this, the phone rang and rang. now they have not only my email add but phone #. this is the one i called, 844-658-1199. As i say, the phone just rang and rang.

- Edon, OH, USA • Jun 19, 2023

Received email invoice receipt from Paypal for Apple gift card for $346.

Phone 1 888 579 4266

173CdSEr241CdSEr60cdSEr231 USA

Grom mahi9931659675@gmail

- Bellevue, OH, USA

Received email about fraudulent activity. Called number. Walked me through steps to delete PayPal acct. said it didn’t work. Wanted bank info and then froze our computer. He asked then for a 500 gift card number to unlock our computer. Became angry when I questioned him and hung up. At this point no money removed from our acct.

- Lewiston, NY, USA

On April 1, 2023 at 1:29 PM, I received an email from a fake PayPal account. I thought it was a real email because it looks real. The email stated that I made an unauthorized purchase of a product that costs $324.00. There was a number to call located at the bottom of the page. The number is 18445834800. I believed it was real, so I called the number. A man with an Indian accent picked up the phone. After some back-and-forth, he told me that my card was also used to make purchases in the states of Ohio, Michigan, California, Texas, Florida, and New York. He was calm and professional over the phone. He assured me that in order for me to stop purchases I had to follow his directions fast. He texted me information and opened up a case. My case ID was 8765379240. The way he explained how my information was stolen worked like this: he told me to visit the website I visited that website on my laptop and that website states (and continues to state) “Your private information is exposed!” There were also several IPvs listed. Since I don’t know anything about computers or the internet, he said there should only be one that represents my personal computer. When I asked how people could obtain my information, he explained that my internet network was not secure. I followed his directions. His directions were simple: download Awe Sun and TeamViewer Quick Support on my cell phone and laptop. Then, keep the laptop on, and drive to Target, and do not disconnect the call.

When I got to the Target parking lot, he said to enter Target, buy gift cards. He sent me a text message to assure me that money was placed into my account so that I would not lose anything. Unfortunately, I purchased a total of six gift cards each worth five hundred dollars. After that, he convinced me to drive to another store. His only argument to win me over was that when I logged onto, IPvs disappeared. So, since I know nothing of the internet or computers, I believed that he was telling the truth.

The next place I went to was Sunoco. He convinced me to buy two Google Play cards, each one worth two hundred dollars. I followed his directions. As this was occurring, an order of one hundred dollars was placed on my Amazon account. They must have been using my laptop to when I was away from it.

When that was all said and done, he told me to go home and get some rest. He told me not to disconnect, and to inform him when I arrived home. I followed his direction. When I arrived home, he said goodbye. It should be noted be convinced me to transfer $890.00 from my CashApp account to him. He also tried to get me to transfer $458.00 and $800.00, but those attempts failed.

- Evanston, IL, USA

I got 2 notices from "PayPal" one on 3/14 and one on 3/15 saying that purchases were approved on my PayPal account. I ignored the first on 3/14 but when I got the second notice for a different product on 3/15 I called the number listed. (Apparently that was my mistake.) The scammer said that people from Mexico, China, Delaware and FL had access to my account and the way to take care of this was to either go to a PayPal store (he confirmed that there were none in my area) and the next option was to go to Target (or Kroger or Walmart) and get a gift card in the amount of $200 that would be refunded to me and Microsoft would be able to clear up the problem. This I did at Target and the then they needed to have the card # and the Access # that I could find by scratching on the back of the card. He was on the phone with me the entire time. He then wanted me to go back to target and get a gift card for $500 as he said the $200 only cleared up the Delaware problem and the $500 card would clear up the other three. I went back but my credit card would not accept the charge so I was unable to get the second card. He then said we would continue tomorrow (today) and said I should not use my computer of phone until he called me back the next day. I told him I would need to use these as I had work to do. He said then not to use financial contacts. I, of course, was suspicious by this time ad did check my finances and reported what had happened and asked PayPal to verify if this was a legit employee. They could. not answer questions about employees but took info from me to start a fraud case. They emailed me the number ZACVL(KMM147153870V25062LOKM). I changed my password, contacted my credit card and got a new one, contacted Target, and am writing to you. He did not call back. I did shut down my phone and computer overnight.

Thank you for your assistance.

- Clarendon, TX, USA

Email was from Adam Chandler. "Thank you for utilizing pay pal. Here is your declaration."



Invoice # PPSY757T56

I got an email from PayPal with an invoice attached for Geek Squad. I clicked on the invoice.  It was an invoice for a 365 Microsoft product and Norton product for $800.  I don't have a PayPal account and disregarded it. Then called the to let them know.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I received an emailed invoice from PayPal saying I spent $529.98. They gave an invoice number of JG9mmfotzi, as well as an order number, ifjejekgk-22529. The item was for Cannon Toner 5 pack. I do not have a PayPal account. The wording seemed off and there were also spelling errors in the email.

- Ripon, CA, USA

I opened mail from what looked like paypal and when I called the number I was asked for personal identifiers. I gave the info, the phone disconnected, I called back and then my caller ID said the number belonged to a Lamar M. Rushing.

I recently deleted my PayPal account. Since then I have received multiple text messages daily. I have reported them as junk and blocked all numbers/emails. Today I received an email stating that $399.99 was transferred by Pay Pal for Norton Antivirus. I called the number 1-888-531-5479 to tell them to stop bothering me and they hung up on me.

I got an email "confirming a purchase" via PayPal of a "Soulaca Velasting 22 inches Updated Bathroom Magic Mirror LED TV Android 7.1 Waterproof Embedded Shower Television Bluetooth Available (22 inches, Mirror)" for $911.99, using my previous last name and a Hawaii shipping address (I lived in Hawaii 15 years ago).

I received an email "Order Receipt" advising me my order of $328.72 would be debited from my PayPal account. And would arrive on 2.6.2023. In case of cancellation reach us here 833-353-3746. I called and spoke to a foreign man. He said I was being scammed. He asked if I had an Apple or Android. I said Apple. He said I needed to go into settings. I hung up.

I also got a text message: You've been selected for remuneration, procced to

Called the phone number listed and talked to a “Mike Wilson.” Mike was told that our PayPal account had not be used/opened for months. In order to clear the charge he asked for access to our computer.

He further offered his direct phone number: 1-808-844 8527. In the course of getting the erroneous Pay Pal charge cleared, he accessed our bank account to reflect a “refund” to our account and the account showed a deposit of $7000 rather than $700. Mike then asked for a refund from the $7000 to Bank of America@Physical wire transfer (international wire). This would remove the $7000 and refund it to the account (PayPal?) Mike provided. He actually wanted us to go to a local Target store and do the wire transfer from there. Before Mike was finished and cut off he had made another $7000 transfer for a total of $14,000. After our contact with our bank Mike was called and told --our bank does not do international wire transfers, --all you did was to transfer funds within my bank account and asked me to send you money—we are reporting to the police. Mike’s response was to say it doesn’t matter whether you shut your computer off or your bank sets up new accounts we have already cleared out your bank account.

- Standish, CA, USA

I got an email from PayPal that I owe $507 to them for a transaction that was approved. I never made this nor do I have an Active PayPal account. I logged in to investigate, no transactions, no history, nothing in my entire account stating this. I do not have anything linked to this account, the onlt reason it is attached to my email is because the only way to contact Customer Service is to have one, and I have had other occurrences (fraud attempts, just email, no monetary involvement) before I have had to report. I filed a report stating all of this to them, with proof, and even the email I received stated that it was fraud, I also received another email stating there were issues with my account and to secure it. I received an email back from them today, stating that this is indeed correct and that the transaction is legit, to review the process and documentation to log in. Again, I log in and nothing, and there is no reasoning or documentation like they state. I proceed to file another dispute and follow the promps, even the virtual assistant said it was fraud in this process, but I am sure their site has been hacked because I could never speak to a real person, just kept crashing and giving me the round about. So lastly so I could have proof I clicked on the pay now, which briefly brought up the so called transaction before it crashed and blipped out. I got the name and email of the so called person and it is legit fraud. I have been trying to take care of this so this is my last resort. I have all the documentation proving it is fraud, and I even closed my account with PayPal. So if I was able to close it, that also again proves my point that this was a fraudulent claim, because there is no way they would let me close it, if there was a lefit transaction made by me that needed settled.

My bank stopped a payment of $104.99 for September 4th for PAYPAL (I haven’t used it in over 10 years). Afterwards I received two invoices from two different companies for $500 and $580; my credit card info appeared correct except for the CVV number; I called my bank after I received the first invoice (no actual charges were made to my account) and they canceled my card. I’m military and was overseas at the time and my bank wouldn’t send me a new card, my auto pay was disrupted for several obligations until I returned stateside and could get a new card. I worried about potential credit score fallout that could affect my mortgage rate (I’m trying to buy a home currently).

The attached file has dates and amounts ($509 and $580) in regards to the email scam attempt. The address on the invoice was an old one I had from a previous base, most other info was alarmingly correct. I never called the number on the invoice to avoid the scammers from obtaining my phone number.

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