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Victim Location 70003
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I answered my landline phone, which has NO caller ID. It sounded just like a regular person talking, not a recording and said "can you hear me?" Without even thinking, i said Yes. Then he started talking about a back brace and I realized this was a Medicare scam and I should NOT have said yes. He kept talking and I realized it was a recording. I then said I hope this is recorded and I DO NOT want a back back and this is to tell you NOT to send me a back brace. Call received at 6:41 PM. Normally I would let my answer machine pick up, but I was waiting on a call from my daughter.

Victim Location 70555
Type of a scam Tax Collection

My father received a call from 406-522-4940 stating he was being investigated by the IRS. They did not ask him any questions and he said he did not give them any information but they gave him a phone number to call back. I called both the number called from and the number to call back from my work number and got a fast busy. The call back number is 349-737-1738. I advised him to never give any info and to not call them back at either number. My father is going to the Sheriff's department with this information.

Victim Location 32216
Type of a scam Other

The caller actually called my employer's phone number and asked for me by name. The receptionist transferred the call to me. When I picked up the phone, the caller asked if I was -------- and I responded "yes." He immediately hung up. I do not understand how the caller got my work number and now I fear my financial accounts may be in jeopardy. I have not lost any money yet (I received the call today), however I will be monitoring my accounts.

Victim Location 62208
Type of a scam Phishing

I Received a call from phone number 1-253-101-1540. The man only said my first name. I responded "yes". He then hung up. I tried redialing the number and got a recording saying the number could not be completed as dialed.

Victim Location 48433
Type of a scam Phishing

Claimed they mailed me info about an extended warranty for my car, asked if I wanted to talk to one of their specialist, I said "Sure", they hung up.

Victim Location 22030
Type of a scam Employment

I am on various job boards such as Monster, Indeed and DICE and have been picked up by many others. I receive calls that start out with a recorded message stating a first name. Then the caller goes on to say that they noticed I have been on their website to apply for a job, which I have not. They proceed to pause the recording as if someone is really there, asking for personal information under the disguise of finding me employment. At first I was fooled for a while and then realized what was going on. I did not reveal all my info but some. I hung up and blocked the number but I still get calls. The jerks even leave voice mails. I now know to hang up immediately. WATCH OUT, these calls are looking for your personal information probably a form of identity theft.

Victim Location 97229
Type of a scam Debt Collections

threatened that hearing was being scheduled and need to call back to set up time.

Victim Location 65810
Type of a scam Phishing

I wish I could tell you what they are wanting. They call me all of the time asking for a person that is not me. When I tell them I don't know who they are asking for (they ask for the same person every time) they threaten that person and myself with fraud. Over 2 months ago I asked to be put on the Do Not Call list in house, today they called me again. They are rude and threatening, I am disabled with an anxiety disorder and they are exacerbating my condition by threatening me.

Victim Location 30161
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller called and said can you hear me, I, unfortunately, answered yes but then hung up as soon as I realized it was a solicitation or some other bogus call.

Victim Location 67501
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

a young man called my mom and said he was in trouble. She asked if this was Justin? He agreed. Justin is my son and her grandson. He explained that he was in Topeka, KS and had been drinking and was in a car accident. He had hit a woman who was 6 mos pregnant. He asked her to not tell his mom and that a lawyer would be contacting her. She then received a phone call from the number above. The man claimed to be a lawyer named Chris Jones and he needed $1800.00 to help with "Justin's" case. Luckily I happened to call my mom while she was on the phone with Mr. Jones and she told me what was going on. I contacted the number she had written down for this lawyer. The person answered with, "How can I help you?" No business name. When I asked who I was calling he said his name was Christopher Jones and wouldn't tell me anything about the company he worked for. I told him that I was informed that my son was in trouble and I was told to contact this number. He then asked which lawyer I wanted to talk to and I said, "Chris Jones". He asked if I had a case number and I replied I did not. He asked for my son's name and all I said was, Justin. No last name. He then said he was going to check his files for this case and put me on hold. I hung up after a couple minutes because I know it's a scam. My son is in school today, I kissed him goodbye this morning. This phone call happened 5 hours after I watched him leave my house. And supposedly he was over 850 miles away in jail.

Victim Location 29506
Type of a scam Phishing

caller said hello then there was a pause. then apparently they acted as if there was a problem with the phone and asked if I could hear them. before I could think about it I said yes but then I quickly hung up while he was talking. I think that this could have been one of these new phone scams so I reported it to you. this happened just shortly so I do not know what they will try to do with my yes response. I guess I will have to monitor mt checking account closely.

Victim Location 80123
Type of a scam Phishing

I'm pretty sure i was scammed. I received a call for the phone number 339-333-8031 caller ID says it is from Lincoln MA I tried to call it back a recording says this account number is not valid.

When I answered the person this is and gave a name and then nothing and not thinking I said YA? So now what's going to happen. What do I need to watch for? Any help is appreciated. there is no money lost yet but I'm sure it's coming. If you are not able to help me can you suggest who I should call?

Victim Location 35750
Type of a scam Employment

My wife received a phone call this morning from a caller claiming he was a job recruiter. My wife had attended the Alabama Job Link Job Fair last week so immediately assumed this was a legitimate caller. The caller asked her the type of work she was interested in and what her salary requirements were. She responded to these questions and the caller stated that he had positions available and would ask her some more questions.

The first question he asked was "Are you a US Citizen?" Her response was "No", as she is not a citizen. He again asked her the same question "Are you a US Citizen?" and she replied "No, I'm a legal permanent resident with a work permit". The caller then abruptly ended the call saying "we don't have any openings for you" and hung up.

As this is a violation of the EEOC laws, I tried calling the number on the caller ID and received a recording stating "Thank you for calling customer service." The message didn't identify the company and said to e-mail questions to [email protected]

This appears to be a variant of the "Can you hear me?" scam. I'm informing the BBC as the number is a N. Alabama number (Boaz) and the questions are coinciding with the recent Job Fair held last week.

Victim Location 18974
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer called my place of employment. When transferred to me they asked if this was "my name" to which I replied "yes" and then they hung up

When I called the number back, it states he number was no longer in service

Victim Location 98101
Type of a scam Phishing

We just got a call on a business line they asked for me specifically - and when they said is this XXXXX XXXX I said yes, they hung up immediately

Victim Location 80128
Type of a scam Phishing

It's the can you hear me scam

Victim Location 32097
Type of a scam Phishing

I received one of the "can you hear me" phone calls today 3/21/17 at 1:07 p.m,.

Victim Location 80013
Type of a scam Phishing

I got a call this afternoon from a local number (the ONLY reason I answered the call was because it came from a local number). An overly perky sounding woman who seemed surprised that I answered...and said she needed to adjust her headset, so I thought it was an actual person.

She didn't identify herself or the company she was with, only mentioned "a resort I've stayed at before" and immediately launched into a long speel about a free resort stay or cruise with no room for interjection.

I politely waited to see where this was going and if this was a live person or a bot and she asked me "to claim your prize, can I ask you a few questions?"

I said "no thanks" and there was a pause, then "I didn't catch that. Are you still there?" At that point I hung up.

Victim Location 84046
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

They said their headset slipped and I said yes. Then they offerd a discount cruise. I then said take me off your list and hung up. I didn't realize it was a scam unail I started reading about the yes scam and it said they will say things like my headset slipped.

Victim Location 43055
Type of a scam Phishing

It was the "Can you hear me okay" scam. I think I'm "okay" because I didn't reply "Yes," I replied "I can." Still very annoying.

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