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IRS Reports & Reviews (5055)

Victim Location 63023
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A man called me and told me they were the IRS and they were going to arrest me. He cursed and I would in 24 hours and they were coming to get me. I went back and forth with him. I know it is a scam. I called the number back and he answers IRS and asked for my social security number. The same person answers the phone.

Victim Location 64133
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Scam is by a recorded phone call and it states that I need to call back @ 234-249-2299 or I will have action taken against me

Victim Location 32254
Type of a scam Tax Collection

recorded message: IRS were going to start proceedures on me for failure to pay back taxes. Call 305-901-2579 for details.

Victim Location 98394
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a phone message stating in a computer generated voice claiming to be Lisa Rowland from the legal department of the us treasury. "the purpose of the call is regarding an enforcement action which has been executed by the us treasury department regarding tax fraud against your name. Ignoring this would be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before the magistrate judge or exemptary for a federal criminal offense. So before this matter goes to federal claim courthouse or before you get arrested call us back on our number as soon as possible. The number to reach us is 619-478-7489, repeated 619-478-7489. Hope to hear from you soon before the charges are pressed against you. Thank you." The computer voice even attempted to pronounce my name in the call. I did not return the call and looked up similar scams from California on the BBB site. I was not surprised to find a report with the exact contents of my message reported by in June of this year.

Victim Location 80012
Type of a scam Phishing

I cut off the call and told them to take me off their phone list. I told them the IRS does not make phone contacts. They continued to call caller id #2024653723. they have called 4 times this morning and have continued to call.

Victim Location 63021
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received recorded phone call from this number indicating it was my "final notice" by the IRS before legal documents are being filed against me. The recording also said they have been trying to contact me and my family for 6 months. I returned the call, and a person with a foreign accent answered by saying "IRS". I asked, "Why is the IRS contacting me by phone, but sending no notifications to me via USPS?" He said he couldn't hear me. Then, he said, "Am I speaking with Julie?". That's when I hung up.

This is not the first phone call I've received regarding this "subject matter". But, the phone number was probably different.

Victim Location 64093
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received multiple calls with a pre-recorded message urging me to contact the Internal Revenue Service to prevent legal action against me. The message was said to be from officer Jason Walker.

Victim Location 76112
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I just received a call threatening me.They said I owed taxes.I needed to set up a payment plan

Victim Location 36022
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a call from the above phone (206-231-0020) in the afternoon while on my job (on my cell phone ) and I let it go to voice mail. The voice mail stated the name of the potential law suit (but I could understand it) and further instructed me to call Department #6, at 464536151, and that an intentional fraud case against me that was going to be submitted to the United States Government if I did call directly back.

So I called and a foreign man asked way I was calling. I explained the above conversation I had with an automated message stating I needed to call back immediately to avoid any law suite against me. He asked me if owe IRS any money and I replied not the I know about. I, further responded asking him this could be a scam or was it a legitimate business. He then disconnected the call. I have not had any further contact.

Victim Location 45050
Type of a scam Tax Collection

called protend to be the irs tried collect money didnt give them anything because i know the irs dosent call and i knew it was a scam

Victim Location 64089
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Left message that they were trying numerous times to contact us and that this would be the last attempt. Claiming that the IRS was filing a law suit against us. Also, left a message on my neighbors phone on the same day. 12/13/17

Victim Location 63131
Type of a scam Tax Collection


Victim Location 83703
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I think they are claiming I owe money to the IRS. I won't let them tell me what they actually want. They call multiple times a day and have a recording leave a message. I called and told them to stop calling and he tried to verify my address and e-mail address I told him to stop calling and he said he would but the next call I would get will be from the Sheriff's office.

Victim Location 49202
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They said they’re collecting money for IRS and there is a warrant out for me and I had to pay after they transferred me to a supervisor

Victim Location 34451
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received an automated call on 12/11/17 @ 2:03PM stating it was the IRS and I needed to contact the investigation department or a warrant would be sent out.

Victim Location 46235
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Left a voicemail stating that this was my final notice from the IRS to inform me that a lawsuit against me was being filed.

Victim Location 76534
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got a call from this number claiming to collect a debt for the IRS and to call them back so I did. When a man answered he asked for my name and address and I told him I didn't feel comfortable giving that information out because I get a lot of scam calls. He told me that if I didn't give him that information that he was going to call the cops so I hung up.

Victim Location 48335
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Threat of arrest if money not Received in 24 hours

Victim Location 49345
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The recording said that if my wife didnt call back there was a warrant out for her arrest. She needed to call them immediately.

When I called them and asked why they were threatening my wife with an arrest warrant, they hung up, when I called again they hung up, when I called the third time they said we are not calling you, I said no your calling my wife. They hung up.

They had an indian accent.

Victim Location 32503
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Call from investigation team from the IRS about income tax filing from headquarters Must call within 24 hours or I will be taken into custody by the local ( cops) or more charges will be added on. call this number 337-422-7983

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