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IRS Reports & Reviews (5067)

Victim Location 16347
Type of a scam Phishing

call on my cell phone from IRS collections asking me to call listed online as a scam?

Victim Location 16146
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Claims to be irs. Left number

347-906-8674. I'm in good standing concerning my taxes, so know its a scam. When i called number, said i was contacting BBB, they swore and hung up....

Victim Location 79762
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I've been receiving phone calls stating their from the irs and that they are filing a lawsuit against me for a debt I owe . When I ask why they are calling me they always hang up. I've blocked 2 different #'s from them now they used a 3rd # today.

Victim Location 13205
Type of a scam Tax Collection

IRS scam call Sept 8, 2016. Call me saying I owed them money. I called them back and was threatened with arrest and jail if I did not cooperate with them. I told the man I didn't believe this was real, and the IRS would not call in this manner. He said he was calling the police and I would be arrested at my house. Then he hung up on me. I was told I owed $ 95,000.00. which I know was false, but I still find this invasion of privacy disturbing. I am keeping the recording of them on my phone for the record. thank you.

Victim Location 32506
Type of a scam Tax Collection

message left on our home phone by an automated voice claiming that Enforcement Act has been put on our name for Tax Fraud. To call back or would be possible arrested. called the Sherrifs office and they recommended to report to BBB.

Is there anything else we should do?

Victim Location 66605
Type of a scam Tax Collection

IRS called and said they been looking for me and if don't call back there will be lawsuit filed

Victim Location 29687
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Sept 1, 2016 Call from IRS. Calling because there is a warrant issued for my arrest. To avoid arrest to call them back. Called the number back and it was an Indian accent, back taxes were owed from 2014. Asking to pay $2,500.00 or Greenville County will be coming to get me in 20 minutes.

Call back today from same number. Computerized number stated I had a loan approved and needed to call back to confirm. Did not call back.

Victim Location 31405
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Caller says that he is calling from the IRS and that I have unpaid fees and if not paid could go to prison and a sheriff will come to my work/home. I hung up halfway through the phone call.

Victim Location 67203
Type of a scam Tax Collection

IRS called and said need to call back re:tax fraud and didn't respond go to jail

Victim Location 15963
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Today a man by the name of Miles Montego called my cell phone and claimed to be from the IRS and gave me his badge number IRM 75201 and proceeded to ask for my date of birth...I told him I dont give out that information over the phone. He then stated if I didn't cooperate somebody from Washington will be at my door to arrest me..At that point i got really scared and couldn't speak anymore. He kept yelling in the phone for me to answer and said it was regarding my federal income taxes that I didnt pay so therefore he has no choice but to arrest me...:( I looked up the phone number he called me from and it says its an New Mexico number ??? Help !!! the number is 1-575-707-5183 and they say they are the IRS..

Thank You, *** ***

Victim Location 65809
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a voice mail call on my cell phone saying this is the irs and i committed tax fraud and

i will be arrested if i did not call back and resolve this matter. The phone number they

gave me to call back on is 310-905-5429.

Please take care of this matter with this phone number. Please let me know if you have

taken action on this matter.

Thank you


Victim Location 46517
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got a call about 6:30 P.M. They said it was a final attempt to collect a debt,and that the IRS had been trying to reach me,and that I needed to call their number right away. 1-402-210-2190. The number they called me from was the same number. I know better than to call back. The IRS doesn't want anything from us,if they did they would send mail.They also said if I did not respond there would be a warrant issued for my arrest.This isn't the first call like this iv'e gotten. I get calls like this all the time! I usually just hang up,this time I listened,and got information. I hope this helps,I know there are lots of crooked people out there who prey on the old folks. This old woman here knows better.

Victim Location 79107
Type of a scam Tax Collection

was called by man claiming to be w/IRS and they were planning to file suit if I didn't call them back; decided to call the BBB instead.

Victim Location 68465
Type of a scam Tax Collection

After I answered the phone a recorded message said I was to call this phone number immediately before criminal actions were taken against me.

Victim Location 79106
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a telephone call from man saying he was w/the IRS and they were filing law suit. I know it's a scam as the television and police are advising people of this.

Victim Location 53951
Type of a scam Tax Collection

they called, said they were the IRS and said they were filing a lawsuit and freezing my assets

Victim Location 68506
Type of a scam Tax Collection

IRS calls and threatens legal issue. Need immediate response. 424-312-4992, 929-249-4220, 305-515-8392

Victim Location 14042
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The number above has called my cell phone twice today. The automated person left a message on my phone that they were the IRS and it was my last chance to call them or I would be sued.

Victim Location 49770
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Tax Collection

While at work, I was contacted via phone. They left a message stating that I needed to call back as soon as possible. I called the number back and was transferred to "the man in charge". An "Officer" informed me that from years 2014-present, I was delinquent on my taxes. He said that my name was on a "list" for tax evasion. He said that I would be required to pay a certain amount of money to the federal government.

Back story: I have a "tax man" that assisted me this year in filing my taxes. The sum of money that I owed was the total sum that I paid the IRS this past year.

I began to explain to the man that I have had help filing my taxes over that time period and that I wanted to discuss the matter with him before further discussing this claim. He immediately lashed out, became threatening towards me, scolded me for attempting to discuss this "private matter with other people" and said that if I tried to discuss this matter with any other person, local officials would come to my place of work and arrest me right on the spot. This "Officer" said that if I ended the phone call, he would send officials again to my work and have me arrested. He further said that if I refused to pay this lump sum, he would contact my current employer, discuss the matter, and do everything in his power to get me fired. He also said that he would make it impossible to work in the state of Michigan again. Out of fear for my freedom and job, I continued the conversation. The "officer" said that no personal accounts would be used, and reassured me that my banking account would not be accessed, and that no personal information i.e. SSN, DOB would be required. Throughout the entire process He demanded that I be on the phone with him. He directed me to Walmart where he described the cash card (visa vanilla pre pay cards) were and explained the amounts that I had to load onto the cards. After 5 minutes, he then stated that he got word from upper authority that these cards were not working and that I had to get GREEN DOT MONEY CARDS. I loaded the lump sum onto the card and proceeded to the parking lot, again while continuing on the phone. He threatened to have me arrested again if I spoke to anyone without asking permission first. I completed the transaction and even still, he demanded that I continue the phone call or else he would get me fired. After this transaction, the "Officer" said that my debt was resolved however, more money was required to remove my name from the list of tax evaders that would be handed over to the local district court in the morning. He said that if this lump sum was not paid then I would be arrested by higher authority. I jumped through hoops for over an hour only to be told that I had another fee to pay. I refused to pay any more money and ended the phone call.

Throughout the entire phone call, I was afraid to hang up. I am an educated citizen. I knew that this was a scam, and yet I still followed their plan. I feared for my freedom, and feared for my job and threatened with the thought of going to prison and the thought of losing my job/never being able to work in the state again, I was willing to follow any scam.

Victim Location 79101
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received telephone call from representative of IRS....filing law suit. Scam.

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