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IRS Reports & Reviews (5041)

Victim Location 29601
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I want to report that I received two phone calls today. They were from two separate numbers but both left a voice mail saying that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and suggested I call the number they provided immediately. Of course I did not call the number. I knew this was a scam. I don't know if you can do anything but wanted to report it. I have attached both of the voice mails.

Victim Location 37042
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I have received several calls today from phone number 240-294-5888 they were claiming to be IRS Agents stating that criminal charges are being placed against me for taxes that I have not paid. when asked who they were they became very aggressive and seem to be upset that I was asking questions. the name that appears on my caller ID is spell LAUREL. I'm quite sure it is a scam because I do not owe IRS anything I paid taxes each year. I also informed them I was police officer and they hang up on me.

Victim Location 84106
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received robo phone call message, with no telephone number telling me I owed past taxes and will be prosecuted.

Victim Location 41539
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Automated recording stating the IRS was taking my Mother in Law to court and this was the last call

Victim Location 79109
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Was called by man representing IRS; filing lawsuit, But I told him to go ahead and file suit. I will call the BBB.

Victim Location 49614
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They say they are the IRS and that I have a lawsuit against me... And want me to call them to resolve it

Victim Location 23323
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Caller claims to be Officer Bryant John of the IRS. Claims I am being investigated for Tax fraud and need to make a payment of $900.00 asap to avoid prosecution. Was told that an officer of the law was going to be pulling up to my house in 45 minutes to arrest me. Said I must call or have my attorney call to avoid prosecution. Said IRS was not required to send a written notification for this type of problem. I have gotten several calls and it needs to stop.

Victim Location 70117
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a call from an Officer Ryan Smith from the IRS @ 1-855-442-4460 in which I missed and he left a message. I called the number back (1-855-442-4460) and the person answered the phone by saying " Thank you for calling the IRS this is officer John Williams. I gave him my name and he placed me on hold for a brief second while he so called pulled up my file. He proceeded to tell me that there was an arrest warrant out for my arrest, because the IRS had conducted a suspicious audit for fraud on my tax returns. He stated that I was reporting incorrect numbers. He wanted to know if I had an accountant or did I do my own taxes. I stated that I did my own taxes. I proceeded to ask him if I was being audited wouldn't the IRS send out a letter asking me to bring in proof of everything that I reported on my taxes and I chuckled. He became upset and asked my why I was laughing and told me that he was ending this call and that he had sent my file to my local police and they will be picking me up in the next 45 mins and for me to hire a good criminal lawyer to take on the IRS.

Victim Location 23237
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A foreign speaking gentleman called saying he was from the IRS and that I had defrauded the government by not paying my full taxes and owed $2,250.00. He said that I could pay the money immediately and that if I didn't a warrant would be issued for my arrest. He said my bank accounts would be frozen, my employer would be notified and my passport would be seized. When I told him that I didn't have any money he asked me if I could borrow it from friends. I told him to go ahead and have the warrant sent and I would get a lawyer. I asked him to send me a bill so that I could make payment arrangements and then he hung up.

Victim Location 30144
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This number called me saying I would have warrant out with my local cops if I didn't call. When I called I spoke to an "Officer Richard Weber" he gave me a badge number and a file number. He said if I didn't pay them today, I would have a warrant out tomorrow. When asked how this could happen so fast with no notice, he hung up on me.

Caller: +1 (323) 375-2116

Victim Location 46807
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They said a warrant issued then when asked if I filed taxes when I said no they hung up! I tried calling back they keep hanging up.

Victim Location 43447
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The people have been blowing up my phone saying that I have a file claimed against me which is a law suit saying that I owe back taxes for like 7 yrs and they already had my information and I didn't give it to them.

Victim Location 37160
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Tax collection warrant for my arrest contact them immediately

Victim Location 70072
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received 4 phone calls from someone stating they were calling from the IRS filing a lawsuit for taxes. Advised to have my attorney or myself to call them. Called on 4 separate days leaving different phone numbers.





Victim Location 79109
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We received 3 telephone calls today from someone representing IRS and they were filing law suit.

Called the BBB and was assured they were Scams.

Victim Location 84119
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Scammers name was Paul Walker he said his badge #IRM707585 . Paul said I owed $2877. He also said I had a warrant for my arrest and they were going to arrest me today if i didnt pay it today. Then he transferred me to a lady named Tia Wilson and she said I had to go get an I Tune pre paid card.

The one reason which i thought this was wrong was they kept telling me not to tell anyone about this and they did not want me to hang up till i got the pre paid card. If I did hang up they was going to arrest me.

Also they was using american names and they were not Americans. I could not even understand most of what they were saying.

Victim Location 71292
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Voice is a recording of a female. it starts in the middle of the phish because it is on my answering machine. they are saying they have been trying to contact me and I need to get in touch with them asap and this is my last chance. this is the third time I have received this call. I am not behind on my taxes.

the phone number I put in above this message is the one of the scam, not mine. I have not included my phone number anywhere on this message.

I did not respond to them at all. I just left it on my machine in case I need it.

Victim Location 29325
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called claiming to be the IRS and I had an ongoing investigation. They immediately wanted my name and SSN to continue the "investigation."

Victim Location 29323
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received two phone calls from IRS 845-271-8809 stating I owe the IRS money and second from 862-812-4676 Final notice. IRS is filing a law suit against you. Automated voice. Did not talk to them.

Victim Location 78390
Type of a scam Government Grant

Person says that I've been chosen, because I've never filed for bankruptcy, pay my bills and taxes on time. I will receive $9,000 that I never have to pay back! How do you wish to receive this money? Do you want it deposited directly into your checking account, have a prepaid credit card send to you or (some other way that I didn't catch!)? They have called about 4 times now. They have my name, physical address, phone number and my email address. When I start asking questions, that's when he hangs up. Third call, I told him I'd take the prepaid card. He wanted to know my birthday. I told him that he should already know that and what other info was he going to need in order to send my this money? He hung up. Last call, sounded like a woman claiming to be supervisor with IRS, saying that immediate action would be taken, if I didn't contact her from new number.

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