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IRS Reports & Reviews (5067)

Victim Location 48838
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I sent the call to voice mail. Recording claimed to be the IRS and said I had some form of misconduct on my federal taxes and I was withholding information from the federal government. They said the situation needed to be rectified immediately and that I needed to call the number back.

Victim Location 34786
Type of a scam Debt Collections

A woman called and said she was from the IRS and that they had been trying to contact me, which is a lie. she wanted to verify my address and siad that they were mailing me and it was always sent back. siad that there was a warrant out for my arrest and the sheriff was coming to get me. said that there was a discrepancy in one of my tax years, could not specify a year just a 6 year range and that I owed over $6,000.00 and since they had been trying to contact me, today was the last day that I could pay this or else i would be arrested.i told her that i did not work those specific years so I did not have any taxes those years, just to see what she would say. then she gave me an ultimatum to pay now or to fight in federal court in washington d.c., i told her that i would fight since my husband was a tax attorney. i asked her if she could mail me the forms and she said I would have to go to washington d.c. to obtain them. after all this, I said to her that i was going to report her, that I knew this was a scam and that she might go to jail for this. I asked her how would she feel if someone threatened her mother or grandmother with arrest. i told her that what she was doing was wrong and that this was not a way to go about making a living. she apologized to me for trying to scam me and she told me that this was her first day on the job.

Victim Location 98632
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Someone calling themselves officer Nitzwalker with a badge number of IRM1129

informed me that the IRS had a lawsuit against me. They had my address down. I didn't have to give them that.

They spoke with an accent from India.

They said there were charges against me and that there was a warrant out for my arrest concerning taxes that I did not pay from 2011 to 2015.

I was to be quite while he read the legal charges against me. I could hear enough at the end of it that I could hear him say

I was going to be kept from deporting from the country, could not leave for 5 years and that I could go down to the federal court house or pay off the fine right now. Which one would I rather do?

I asked to speak with someone that I could understand and they hung up on me.

Victim Location 30062
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was called by a number similar to my company's phone numbers that I work for and was notified by "Officer Branda Garmin" that I was "under investigation by the IRS" for some serious allegations. After she continued on about the allegations I was facing and told me that I owe the IRS over $3,000, it became clear it was a scam. She then transferred me to "the most senior agent at the IRS" and recommended that I be polite and receptive to him or that I would be in trouble. Once transferred to him, he was even more aggressive and rude and threatened to send the police to my place of employment. And to that threat I said he better bring the SWAT team with him and at that point he hung up and it was over.

Victim Location 29501
Type of a scam Tax Collection

First time they left a message stating I was part of a lawsuit being filed on my behalf. The second call message was so broken the words were unrecognizable. Then, my husband used his phone to call them and after many rings a man answered and said, "This is the IRS...". My husband heard voices in a foreign language speaking in the background and in a short amount of time they disconnected the call.

Victim Location 46037
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called stating they are the IRS and I would be prosecuted if I did not pay.

Victim Location 63304
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Caller left me a message to call them about legal actions against me. i was actually skeptical returning the call. When i was hesitant providing personal information, the caller starting calling me different names and i just laughed and hung up.

Victim Location 68349
Type of a scam Tax Collection

My anwsering machine picked up this message.

they said IRS has issued a debt collection on me and they would issue an arrest warrant for me. Wanted me to call them back as soon as possible.

Victim Location 01906
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received several calls from the "IRS" stating that there was a lawsuit against me, and that I needed to pay them money in order to get all of this resolved. The first time they called, I received a voicemail on my phone from the # (201)-948-1016. This was a general message saying that they were from the IRS, they mentioned the lawsuit, and asked for a call back. I did call them back just to see what was going on. The man that I spoke to said that they needed to confirm some information, and asked me for my address and social security number. I said that I didn't feel comfortable giving this information to them, and he immediately hung up.

I received another telephone call from the # (609)-756-1332, who said his name was Samuel Martin, who said he was calling again from the IRS. He was different than who I had previously talked to. He was very rude and told me that he would continue to call me until I gave him my social security number and address, so that this issue could be resolved. This was definitely a red flag for me, and I knew that this was a scam.

Victim Location 84108
Type of a scam Tax Collection

PHONE MESSAGE: This is a final notice from the IRS - we are going to issue a warrant for your arrest because you have committed a fraud against the IRS ... call this number immediately to avoid being arrested: 844-840-3093

I DID NOT return the call - called the BBB instead!

Victim Location 70118
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This is the first IRS fake one I have received. It was on my home land line.

Automated call and requesting I call the number above.

I hung up

Victim Location 15001
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Typical IRS scam

Victim Location 38117
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Threatening criminal charges if yhey are not contacted.

Victim Location 83642
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I didn't respond to text but also received two phone calls in the last two days.

Victim Location 38117
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Threatening criminal charges if yhey are not contacted.

Victim Location 32927
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I never answered the phone because I have a monitoring service telling me the number was a potential scam. Two numbers left a message saying there was a problem with my tax filing and I needed to call them back. I never did.

Victim Location 29673
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Receive call stating the IRS had filed a law suite against me. There is a bench warrant out for me. Call 989-266-8154. Call number and they stated I am the only one on this conference, there was a pause, and then it said this conference call has been terminated. This was an automated call.

Victim Location 45601
Type of a scam Tax Collection

On March 7, 2017, I received a telephone call from a Lewis Lerner who provide a badge number of GS1917. She also provided a case file number CCB501. She stated that she was calling about tax invasion and that I owed the government $4,700.00 and it was for the years 2010 - 2015. She wanted to know how I wanted to solve this issue, in court or out of court; at that point I told her that I was on disability. At that time she passed the call on to a head officer; however, I could not understand his name. He stated that the batch number I put in for my employer did not match up with the system. I stated to him that I was on disability for those years and that I am still on disability. He said, how would you like to resolve this, in court or out of court. He said I had to pay 15% of the total or I would have to obtain a criminal attorney and I would spend five years in prison. I said I could not pay, what I receive each month is what I need to pay my bills. He said a warrant will be issued for my arrest and he asked if I understood that and I said yes, I guess so. He then stated ok, have a nice day.

Victim Location 70507
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Message left on my answer machine from man named Ron Martin (not real name)said IRS was suing me for back taxes, filing fraudulent returns and some others, He said Attorney James O'Conner (also false) was issuing a warrant for my arrest in Federal Court House and local authorities would be at my home within two hours to arrest me and I would not be able to post bond until I had a court date. I was scared. He said unless I settled out of court by paying $2,986.73 immediately I would be arrested and held without bond TODAY! He gave me ID# IRM5347 and Case #TDS5616. I asked him to repeat the info and his name, he gave me a different name of "Steven", I said "I thought your name was "Ron" which he replied "sorry, he was talking with someone else....I smelled a rat at this point!!! I told Ron-Steven or whatever his name was, I did not have that amount of money, he then asked did I have $1000.00, I said I only had $8.00 in my checking and no savings account, he mumbled a few words than hung up. I called back but got hung up on again. I called using a different phone and asked for "Ron Martin" but they recognized my voice and hung up again. SCAM!!!!!

Caller: Ron Martin or Steven

Victim Location 84003
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Keep calling claiming there are problems with my tax return and that they need money

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