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HZ Yidacheng E-commerce Co. Ltd.

Company supplies different kinds of products.

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HZ Yidacheng E-commerce Co. Ltd. Reports & Reviews (173)

I ordered a lovely Christmas carousel with Santa claus and received a piece of cheap plastic that didn't even resemble what was advertised. PayPal contacted them on my behalf and they said I had to pay for the return postage which is more than the item. How do I get my money back?

See my case takes time and effort but you can get money back from Paypal or your credit card company. Ensure you file a complaint at

I ordered the Pumpkin Jamboree... So cool that they are so annimated. What a great price only $89.99. Bought thru paypal. Product took forever to arrive. Then it did. $3.00 worth of cheap plastic. Two of the three pumpkins were broken. Offered me $20 back. Nope I wanted a full refund - this was clearly a bait and switch scam. To send the cheap plastic back to China it will cost me nearly $120. A net loss of $30 for my refund. So I esculated the issue to Palypal explaining everything. They "investigated" seller offered me $20 refund. I stated that the seller already offered that to me. And I rejected the offer. Days later get a message from Paypal... Congratulations seller agrees to full refund after you spend $120 to send the item back. Which is back to where I was at when I gave it to Paypal weeks ago. It only took Paypal a month to return me back to square one! I expect more from Paypal - a company that nets $1 - $3 Billion dollars a year. I will post pics of the junk sent (broken mind you) compared what was advertised. Paypal should act immediately to ban this company!


Paypal has agreed to provide me with a full refund and has told me that this company is now on their "watch list". They had me file a complaint with - then they contacted me and after further review I was entitled to a full refund.

It takes time - but you can get a full refund for this bait and switch company. The China company knows not many people will send their garbage back knowing it will cost more than the purchase price. Truly a scam! If enough people complain to Paypal they will no longer provide service to this company. That company won't go away - they will change their name and be back at it again. The key here is remain vigilant! Demand every cent back on a bait and switch company. File the forms... Eventually we (the consumer) will win!

I agree PayPal should do something about it. I am disgusted with how PayPal doesn’t back up their customers. I am done with them

I ordered a wooden adjustable multipurpose laptop table using Paypal to pay for the product. What I received was pieces of wood that fit together like a fixed easel stand. It's a joke what they sent. NOTHING at all like what was advertised and I paid for. There was not receipt or anything traceable in the package other that the cheap peices of wood. Totally a SCAM.


Just like @Steve Hassle said, we also Ordered a Fuel 2-cylinder 4-stroke nitro RC engine model - Engine model / 1PC, from an advertisement presented to us on Facebook. Several weeks later, We received pieces of a plastic model that resembled parts of a Lego building. We paid $72.98 to this company and did not get what we ordered. We Filed a claim with PayPal Resolutions but were told they could do nothing to help us.


I also Ordered a Fuel 2-cylinder 4-stroke nitro RC engine model - Engine model / 1PC, from an advertisement presented to us on Facebook. Today received the same pieces of a plastic model! I paid 46,97 USD and I did not get what I ordered!

I had a similar experience to the guy that bought the motor. They advertised on Facebook for a nixie tube clock which usulaly retails at a much higher price, and is a very attractive vintage clock. What I received instead was a digital alarm clock bearing no resemblance to the product advertised, probably worth $1.99. I made a claim and PayPal has just informed me that the digital alarm clock is not materially different from the nixie tube clock I ordered. The URL disappeared and I have no other recourse but here.


Hello, I finally got through to PayPal by phone and they were able to resolve my case in a few minutes and get me my refund. Give them a try, it worked for me!

You horrible [censored]s, I ordered a lovely musical christmas tree carousel and paid $34 for it and got some [censored] plastic flimsy carousel toy called a Music Box Catousel ! that I didn't order. You [censored] can't even get the language right! My own fault, I should have read the reviews, but stupidly trusted it was reputable. Might as well kiss my money goodbye, but I will be reporting your company to PayPal. Maybe if you get taken off their site, you won't be able to cheat other people. Jenny Nilon


Ordered a Fuel 2-cylinder 4-stroke nitro RC engine model - Engine model / 1PC, from an advertisement presented to me on Facebook. One month later, I received pieces of a plastic model that resembled parts of a Lego building set. This Company is clearly just out to scam people. I later found photos of the item and the same description on the Amazon Web site. Filed a claim with PayPal Resolutions.


Placed an order months ago and never received the order. Numerous emails back and forth from a woman named Lisa who told me if I want my order to pick it up. Never received a refund after requesting it numerous times via email. There is no phone number or address associated with this company.


I ordered the motorized float and received a $7.88 float from Walmart. I to could not be reimbursed. I wonder if Paypal is involved? This seams like a lot of complaints against this scam business. Why won't Paypal help it's customers? Well Paypal?


I bought the exact same thing and were sent same cheap raft. PayPal didn’t due anything except wanted me to ship back to China and pay almost twice as much as I spent to purchase

I ordered the swimming pool lounger with motors but received swimming pool floater with no motors or any where to put them. Basically, a floater you could buy anywhere for $9.95. They seem to use other websites as their own and deceive customers. Palpal took forever to settle my dispute in their favor. They said I returned items to the wrong address even though I used the return address on the shipment I received. A total scam that Paypal seems to be in on.


What's the point of repetitive information. We want action in particular to put these [censored] out of business and get refunds otherwise this site is next to useless


How do we make that happen?

Purchased 2 Grinch Dolls for 59.99 paid through Paypal, I was sent to monkeys that look like they came from the dollar store. It took forever for them to reply back only because I started a dispute through Paypal. They want me to pay out of my own pocket to mail back to China for a cost of 80.00 before they will give me a full refund or I can keep the monkey dolls I never wanted and still don't and get a partial refund of 20.00. WTF! I will get my money back, there's no doubt about that!


I receive the item that I don't bought. My item was a higher price that was $25.89, and the one that i received was $11.89. I want the one that bought. It was Deluxe Musical Carousel Christmas Decoration-Santa Claus and I received Music Box Carousel. Thank you, Delsie Vela


I ordered a halloween costume piece through a facebook add through a different company and never received the item. I went through paypal to get a refund and two months later was denied and no refund has been issued as of yet. I had attempted to cancel the order two hours after having purchased. I received email correspondence telling me their product was high quality. According to their web site I could cancel any reason within 48 hours and have a full refund. They offered $10 refund during paypal investigation which I declined. The company that showed on the receipt was BEST GOOD. The company on their facebook page was a different company entirely and they have several other names. A) they are using advertisements from other companies to promote good. B) They are not supplying goods are are supplying cheaper products than promised in hopes that people wont want to pay return shipping to meet refund demands. It appears they are in fact crooks. Shame on Paypal for allowing them to act this way. The guarantee stamps on their sales site are in fact not real and are jpeg images. Very very unethical company.


I ordered a beautiful detailed PORCELAIN Christmas carousel and go a dollar store product that was even broken...disgraceful!
I want a refund and this company should be exposed as scammers.

I ordered an adjustable table for a tablet for $40 but received a very small and cheap item, nothing like the picture or description. They offered through PayPal $4 refund...when I pushed for full refund they agreed if I send back the item at a cost of another $40 for shipping back to...China. it advertised the United States.


I got the same thing-3 of them & spent $59.70. I am disputing through PayPal now and got the same thing...first they offered me a $20 refund and now stated they will give me a full refund if I ship the 3 cheap wood pieces back. I haven't checked on what the cost would be to return them, but if it is $40, that is a bunch of BS!

I ordered the Deluxe Musical Carousel Christmas Decorations-Santa. I paid with Pay Pal, It was charged $25.89 in 09/17/2020. I received today 10/14/2020 the Deluxe Musical Carousel Christmas Decoration-Santa Claus and its a plastic Music Box Carousel. When I see the advertise that they have in Facebook is a big difference. Even featuring pictures and video's of the “true” items. Its a false advertise.
I never going to buy in this company.


I ordered two motorized blow up loungers for the lake. Imagine not having to paddle back to the dock? What arrived where two $20 blow up chairs with no motors and no place to put motors. When righting to the company, they offered me $40 back and told me to give them as a gift to someone else. When I refused that, they said that I would need to pay for shipping to China and I would get the refund. Shipping to China was $60. The return address on the box was US. It is not like I decided I didn't like the product, the scammers sent me the wrong thing. I finally fought the charges with PayPal.

I ordered a nixie tube clock for $69.99; instead, they sent me a LCD clock that sells for $13 on eBay. They only offered to refund $25 and let me keep the clock; to receive a full refund, I have to pay to return the incorrect item myself to China.

I got the same BS from them. Lisa only offered me 20 as a refund which I never received. Same crap clock though which sells here in Spain for 5 Euros. They never sent me a return address, but even so, the value of the clock will exceed the shipping cost to any address in China.

Ordered the fire breathing dragon for Halloween ad states 7ft tall
received a bag of small toy dragons
the cost is $53.00 US with shipping
Please send the item ordered NOW
Post for original Dragon no longer on FaceBook, gotta be a SCAM
Used PayPal for the purchase
order date 9-18-2020
received wrong item 10-13-2020
paid $14+ for faster shipping, REALLY? almost 30 days is not expedited shipping
and for the wrong item also
Invoice ID: c14765778337947.1

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Company supplies different kinds of products.

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