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Debt Collection Service

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Debt Collection Service Reports & Reviews (93)

Received a phone call from 440-202-9394 on cell and at work stating that a civil claim lawsuit has been filed against me and they would come to my home to deliver documents to sign. I asked what this was about but refused any recognizing information. Told me to call 877-398-8393 with file #814789. When I looked this number up online e it shows as Phoenix Litigation. It appears this is a debt collection agency that is telling us that they are civil attorneys. Please Google this place and read reviews.

They were attempting to collect a debt that was out of the statute of limitations and succeeded by using threats such as putting a lean on my car, interfering with taxes, and freezing bank accounts. The woman I spoke to was names Mary and she stated they had until 2021 to claim the debt and then quickly changed it to 2029 (I later learned was a lie and out of the timeline to claim the debt.) The timeline was 2002-2009, closed in 2014 and out of collections in 2021. I am unsure if this was fraud, identity theft or an actual debt of mine as it has not been on my credit report. I cleared some collection debt in 2019 and this did not show up in that process. The transaction has not yet cleared but I have been advised by my credit union to dispute the charges and open further investigating. They are not, nor is another aka association (where the actual transaction was made) members of the BBB. That Association is S.K. & Associates LLC. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information. Thank you for your time and making this service available. If the debt is mine I am indeed willing to take responsibility though I feel the strategies, fear tactics, created loop holes, and illegal action of threats and being out of statute of limitations need to be documented and addressed as this is too a legal breach of contract if the debt were actually mine to own.

I keep getting calls which I cannot return( it sends me to a website )it States I owe money but no one will give me the address to this place and since my credit is spotless this is obviously a scam. I do not know how much it is for but these people call me over and over and illegally leave a message for all to hear that they are debt collectors credit is spotless....I am also contacting the F.T.C. They have many online complaints

I keep receiving text messages routinely for an auto loan payment.

I stopped driving in the early 1990s, and I made arrangements for someone take my vehicle. Though my car could be driven, I told the man I didn’t want my vehicle sold as a whole, but he could sell the parts.

I keep getting texts telling me I am late making my vehicle payment. The most recent text stated a late fee may be assessed.

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SMS Financial CH, LLC and SMS Financial, LLC, in addition SMS Financial Recovery Services, SMS Financial NCU, LLC, SMS Financial Perris, LLC etc. SMS Financial are scammers that register SMS Financial businesses and add letter or different words to "SMS Financial" they use different addresses for such as 6829 N 12th St Phoenix Arizona 85014 also use 3707 East Shea Blvd Suite 100 Phoenix Arizona 85028, the agents registered are Ben Myers and Jonathan Hoffer also use title of manager, organizer, Daniel Shorr is named as a partner of SMS Financial, LLC. They use law firm Eisenberg, Gold and Agrawal particularly Amar A. Agrawal Adam S. Rosengard and others to represent them in the scheme. Eisenberg, Gold and Agrawal address is 1040 N Kings Highway Suite 200 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 phone# 856 330 6200 or 732-719-6719. They have filed a lawsuit on time-barred debt, with fraudulent documents. They have not complied with the laws of New Jersey in reference to debt collections. Other names that were used by the Eisenberg, Gold and Agrawal particularly Robert L. Stewart Jr referred to as General Counsel and Custodian of Records for SMS Financial CH, LLC and Chris Kahler as the person to whose attention, payments shall be made and send to SMS Financial CH, LLC 3707 East Shea Blvd Suite 100 Phoenix AZ 85028. In addition, SMS Financial LLC has a D- rating with the and is not accredited by BBB. Furthermore, Eisenberg, Gold & Agrawal was suit in Georgia Northern District Court on 4/21/2020 the nature of the suit reads: 480 Other Statutes - Consumer Credit Cause 15:1692 Fair Debt Collection Act. Another Company that is listed under the same address of 3707 East Shea Blvd Phoenix AZ 85028 called: Two Med Investments LLC Tax ID 860807622 which also lists phone number 602-944-0624 which is the same phone number for SMS Financial, LLC located at the same address, SMS Financial LLC website is

Thank you again for helping Better Business Bureau protect others from scams.

Do not answer this number, they have called me several times over the past few weeks and will not stop. They claim to be student loan debt collectors. I have no student loans. They are a scam.

This number called my grandmother stating that she had a civil suit against her for outstanding medical bills from 10+ years. They called multiple family members related to her for more information. They claimed to have known a lot about her without actually providing any information to verify who they are. Once we called the medical facility that they claimed she had outstanding bills from they verified there was no record of anything going to a debt collections agency. Please be wary of this number and “company” my grandmother is in her 70’s and without the help of others would have fell into this scam. They used scare tactics saying that they would be able to put a lean on her house and knew her financial information so we “shouldn’t lie” about what is it was

Called leaving a voicemail stating “ 12172078654 Deposited a new message:

"Hi yes, this is Paula with uh pre legal with DmS. Uh Look I know this is the last kind of call anybody wants to get, but uh on this account we have received no dispute, no tax forgiveness of debt form has been issued and no arrangement has been received to resolve this account yet. Uh We do encourage you to please do the right thing here and get this account resolved today. Obviously this has been through a few agencies already to know available, if you can't afford to settle right now look we get it, but at least set up some type of payment arrangement, however small you can afford on our website to stop collections and interest and ensure that this account does not become a bigger matter or impact your ability to get other one. You can immediately download your letter once an agreement is selected, or you can contact us with any questions on our secure mobile friendly website with just a few clicks. I do urge you again to handle this. Now as further procrastination on this matter is neither to our benefit, most people prefer to handle this on our consumer friendly website, that website is D. M. S payments dot com. Again that is D. M. S payments dot com by law, I am legally required to inform you this is an attempt to collect a debt. Thank you”

1. When calling them back at the number they called me from the recording sounds like a recording made by someone at home on an answering machine. Nothing professional.

2. You are not allowed to speak to a real person. Just directed to log into their website or make payment aren’ arrangements after providing your last 4 of your social. If you choose to wait for an agent it says you didn’t choose one of these options and hangs up on you.

3. The account they say I owe money to on the website is a creditor I’ve never heard of nor had an account with. So it’s odd I owe 2400 to them and I’ve had multiple collection agencies reach out to me.

4. I also keep close eye of my credit report and this collection has never once been on any of 3 reporting sites.

I’ve never received anything by mail from them or anyone in regards to this debt I’m seeing on their website.

5. You go to the chart and ask to have someone call you. You get another call and it’s another recorded message saying “we see you logged into the website, please log back into the website or call us back to resolve this matter.” No phone number given.

6. You log in and now can’t view your account info it’s now an “error” but

This company sent me 2 different emails today stating that I had warrants issued today for my arrest for 4 felony charges but could settle out of court today for said amount of first it threw me for a loop because I haven't committed any crimes bor had I gotten any loans from any company much less thhiers

I have received two monthly payment statements from American Lending Center, LLC for a "~$21,000 PPP loan" that was "taken out" in 2021. I do not have a small business nor have I ever taken out this loan. The letters come in the mail with a paper to put my bank account numbers and send it back.

Called and left a voicemail saying that they were from my local county mediation division gave me a fake case number and told me I am a third-party involvement to a mass debt from 2004 to 2009. They knew our personal information even contacted my family members. Tried to tell me that I have been served over the phone

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