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Debt Collection Service

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Debt Collection Service Reports & Reviews (112)

- Mesa, AZ, USA • Jun 11, 2024

Calling and leaving messages. Calling my work, asking to speak to a manager. Giving me a reference # and stating I will be served

- Washougal, WA, USA • Jun 06, 2024

Called my wife, then me regarding a car loan that had been settled about 15 years ago. They told my wife they were trying to serve legal papers, then they called me and left a VM, and a number to call to avoid penalties and fines. I called them back and they said I could go to court, or accept a settlement offer of $6500, or set up a payment plan. I asked them to send me the details about the debt so I could confirm it is legitimate, but all they sent was the settlement offer with no details. I tried to search for the legal firm, and there was no result except for the previous scam report to BBB. I called the number they gave me, and told them I was suspicious and they need to prove the claim, the rep transferred me to a "lawyer". When I asked for an address and website, he literally laughed at me and started calling me names. I told him he confirmed this was a scam, as no professional would treat people that way.

- Tonopah, AZ, USA • Jun 06, 2024

Voicemail - Hello this message is for (my name), my name is Valerie Jimenez I am calling to inform you that this is your official notification. You have been placed on my schedule to be served court papers. You will be served at either your place of residence or place of employment and will need to provide your signature and two forms of identification, if you have and questions or would like to place a stop action on this service you will need to contact your filing party at 405-328-6807

- Anaheim, CA, USA • Jun 06, 2024

I had a voice-mail from a person name Assistant Gammora stating my full name and saying that I was served a failed supena which I

dont know anything about it and that the call is about a civil matter going to Orange County court, but didnt not say

exactlly which court nor was an address given regarding

What court. This person gave a contact phone numbe

( 877) 618-0653 and a file number 55214 and said to call today before the business hours end not stating what business hours are.

- Costa Mesa, CA, USA • Jun 06, 2024

A person named Nickolas Porter called saying he was trying to attempt to serve court ordered documents to my son. they said there was a case number 24-004485. They asked for me to call them back.

- Chicago, IL, USA • Jun 03, 2024

The caller used my name, mentioned arbitration. When I asked for a website or the company’s legal address. The man got hostile saying he’s worked at this company for five years so and so. I said I’m calling the and they hung up.

- Glendale, AZ, USA • Apr 30, 2024

said they were a process server and to call 888 672-3451. and they were going to serve legal papers if I didn't call with a ref#. I didn't call but was left another message that I didn't answer. the original call was from an area code around here so I answered due to I'm expecting doctor calls for my mother-in-law. Annoying so I researched the phone# and found it's a scam. They even were asking if I were home to serve me papers.

- Oceanside, CA, USA • Apr 29, 2024

Billed for medical service that is covered by my Medicare A & B insurance and my supplemental AARP/United Health insurance. I received bill in the mail due upon receipt providing no contact telephone number. Stated I must send a letter within 30 days to contest charges or be subject to a collection agency. I have not paid the invoice. I have notified my doctor that provided the vascular surgery service for me.

- Dunkirk, NY, USA • Apr 26, 2024

Scammer called my fiancé and left a very detailed message from the number 888-316-5470 stating that this was a very serious matter that they are trying to serve him paperwork to collect a debt and then listed his full name, our physical address, his last 4 of his social and date of birth. Then stated that this was a very serious matter and that we needed to call them back immediately or they would be going to his employer to serve him paperwork. We immediately contacted them back. It rang twice and a woman answered the phone who was clearly American (no accent and we could fully understand her) stating that she worked for an agency called CDL. She did not ask us any of our information and said that our number is linked with the account for (my fiancés name). I called from my personal cell phone which is registered in my name so she had access to both of our cell phones numbers. At first she was pleasant and explained to us that she works for a collection agency and is trying to collect a debt from him from a Kays Jewelers account that was used from 2011-2013. My fiancé (at the time) did not remember ever opening a credit card through them and we have never gotten any letters in the past 13 years trying to collect this debt from him. She then read us off our physical address, his FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, his date of birth and every address he has lived at since the credit card was opened. I am a educated social worker and about 8 years ago we went through credit counseling together so that we could buy a house. At that time there was never a Kays Jewelers collection on his account and we did this back in 2014/2015. We explained this to her and she proceeded to tell me to contact Kays, gave me the original account number and said that we could call her back and pay her the $827 to settle the debt before they send someone to serve us with court papers to appear in court to settle the debt. I told her that i would do my research and get back to her.

After I did my research, I confirmed that my fiancé did have a debt through Kays jewelers and they were able to tell me the exact items charged, when they were charged and that the debt he owed Kays at the time that they sold the debt was $383. They told me that they originally sold the debt in November of 2013 to a National Credit adjusters. We then googled anything we could about "CDL" debt collection and everything we were reading online was that they were a scam. They had no website, no address, just a phone number. So we decided to ignore it as the debt is currently not on any of his credit reports. I also spoke to our credit counselor about it and since we received nothing in the mail, the debt was over 10 years old, and they were only contacted us through phone we decided to ignore it.

Days later, a random number from our local area of 716-221-3832 contacted me on my personal number (never called my fiancé) so i answered since it was local inquiring about me paying off the debt we discussed earlier in the week as they hadn't heard from us and if we were not going to settle the debt they would be serving us with papers and would be taking us to court. She then told me that i had to contact the number listed prior to discuss payment options with her.

I called back that 888 number and the same woman we initially spoke to answered in 2 rings asking yes is this (my fiancés full name). I said no, this is his fiancé and stated my full name and she said yes and asked if i figured out if it was his debt or not. I proceeded to tell her that i did not (which i did) but wanted to see what she was going to say. She proceeded to basically tell me that my fiancé should know about the debt that he has, and that he is irresponsible and should have taken care of this a long time ago. That i needed to pay this off with them right away or we would be served with court papers and that it would cost us ALOT more money if we wait and go to court because then we would be liable for attorney and court fees and that it would be best for me to just pay it today with her. I then told her that i needed something in writing regarding what we owed and asked her to send us a letter regarding the debt. She told me that they don't do that and that letters were sent years ago but now they will not be sending me a letter and its either i pay the debt or they will be serving me with court. I then told her that nothing she is saying sounds legitimate and i basically called her out on the fact that i thought she was trying to scam us and that unless i get more information i was not going to be paying anything with our debit/credit cards over the phone. She then started getting very defensive and rude with me. I told her that i would be contacting kays and doing my research and calling her back.

I researched what to ask the debt collectors that i thought were scamming me to find out if they were a legitimate company or not. You are supposed to ask what company they work for, their address, phone number, email address and website. If they wont give you that information then most likely it is a scam.

I then called back the 888 number again and it was the girl that called from the 716 number prior. She knew who i was and said that she was trying to pull the assigned worker from a meeting to talk to me about my fiancés case. I then said well maybe you could answer my questions. I just want to know what agency you work for and she responded with CDL. I said ok and do you have an address that you could give me. She said "Ehhhh hang on a second" and proceeded to put me on hold for over a min. The rude woman i previously spoke to then got on the phone and said so did you do your research did you contact Kays? I told her that I did and she asked what i found out. I proceeded to say that i do not feel the need to share that information with you at this time, i am calling because my credit counselor wanted me to call you and ask for your company name address.... She then cut me off and said "No i don’t have to deal with this, he will be getting served papers we will see you in court and hung up on me". Making it very clear to me that it was a scam.

My fiancé was a little scared and wanted to call back just to ensure that it was a scam. We called back the same number that we received the initial phone call from. It rang for a very long time and this time I recorded the entire interaction. The phone was finally answered by a male this time who pretended he had no idea who we are and continuously kept putting him on hold “looking at the notes made” by the previous people we had spoken to. Keep in mind every other call was made by the same woman who hung up on me. He came back over 10 mins later stating that if we were willing to pay the debt they would stop any paperwork being served so that we didn’t have to go to court and that he had to get approval from their “loss mitigation” department. My fiancé told them that he would be willing to pay them and asked how he would be able to do that. He stated that they ONLY took payment via credit or debit card. He asked if we could get something in writing regarding us making the payment he said that he could. We told him that we wouldn’t be able to pay it today because he didn’t get paid until next week. He stated that was fine and that they would take our card info today and then issue the payment for the date he got paid. My fiancé asked him for his name so that we could call him back after looking over the letter so that we can pay him directly instead of having to deal with another worker. He said his name was “JIM EVANS”. We asked him for his direct extension and he said his extension was 300. We told him then that we would call him back in the morning to pay him once we reviewed the letter. He straight up told us NO. He said I thought you said you wanted to handle this. MY fiancé stated that he did but that he wanted to look it over. He said that we can look it over and call him back in 1 hour, that it shouldn’t even take us an hour but if they don’t hear from us in an hour that they will be serving us with the court paperwork and that we wouldn’t be able to solve it outside of court if we didn’t call him back. We then asked for the company name, phone number, email and website. He stated that the name, address and phone number would be on the letter that he sent us VIA EMAIL. He was rude and then ended the conversation abruptly questioning why we were asking him questions.

After looking at the letter the company’s name is Newport Receivables. When you google that there is no website or legit company information and everything says scam. The address was google mapped and it is a building that says Café on the front and there is nothing listed that they are renting any space from the building. All the phone numbers come up as a scam. AND the name Jim Evans comes up that his is being sewed for stealing a clients money and not paying off her debt which is what he was supposed to do with her money. Due to this, and speaking with our credit counselor we decided to block all numbers that were called and wait to be served with papers if it was legit.

About 5 days after we both got a phone call from a new “spam risk” number out of the Rochester area 585-209-5942 number asking us if we were going to pay they called both of us on our separate phone numbers one right after the other. My fiancé was called first and asked if he was going to pay the debt and he honestly told them to “**** off” and serve him with the paperwork. They then called me and said that my fiancé didn’t seem to want to cooperate with them and asked if I wanted to pay the debt. They proceeded to say that if I don’t they will be serving both of us with court papers. I as well told them to serve me the papers. That was over 5 days ago and we have not been served with any paperwork.

- San Marcos, CA, USA • Apr 26, 2024

Voicemail left Claiming there was a lawsuit

- San Diego, CA, USA • Apr 26, 2024

I was contacted about an alleged bill for medical services that I never received.

- Forestburg, TX, USA • Apr 26, 2024

I received the exact same text message. I’m a suspicious person in general. I was taught nothing in life is free. So, I immediately went to the website to check them out. Found the complaint & added my info.

• Apr 25, 2024

Person said how name was Owen with CDL. Stated previous messages were ignored and will now complete the active investigation and include the report via the client: Never mentions who the client is. Mentions the file number is 3-93872

• Apr 25, 2024

"Hello, this message is intended for ___. My name is Ruby. I'm calling on behalf of Orange County process service office regarding court documents. Court documents are filed under case number _____. Laurel Foster is the attorney in charge of this case. Her direct number is (877) 404-3581. The reason for my call is to inform you that we attempted to serve you with legal documents requesting an appearance in court, however, documents were returned from the address we have on file. In order to prevent receiving a letter to appear in court, as well as future legal complications, we strongly suggest you contact the attorney in charge of your case. She will be able to provide additional details regarding your court summons."

- Surprise, AZ, USA • Apr 24, 2024

The Cash Advance Group

Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

File Number:- WD # 974559

Point of Contact:- [email protected]

(Attorney on record: Kevin Hartze )

Subject: Notice of Legal actions for Loan Delinquency

We, hereby are obligated to inform you that you are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within a couple of days. So, before something goes wrong, we would like to notify you about this matter. It seems apparent that you had chosen to ignore all our efforts to contact you in order to resolve your debt with our client’s Payday Services. At this point, you have made your intentions clear and leave us no choice but to protect our interest in this matter.

Due to delinquency in repaying the amount you owe; we are going to file this case at your district courthouse. You will be served with a subpoena to appear at your district courthouse in next 3 business days.


(1) Violation of Federal Banking Regulation

(2) Collateral Check Fraud

(3) Theft by Deception

NOTE:- We are in a process to report your Social Security number and inform all the Major Credit Bureaus as well.

NOTE:- The Legal Charges Section 19(A), Clause 21(US) is against you and if you ignore this case then our legal department will take immediate action against you.

Creditor : The Cash Advance Group is a parent company which owns & operates more than 350 parental payday loan websites some of which are stated below.


We cannot specify the name of all 350 Payday Companies here. The creditor wants to know your intention about this matter that, what you would like to do, whether you are willing to resolve this case or want to dispute.

If we do not hear from you soon,

we will be compelled to seek legal representation from our in-house attorney.

We reserve the right to commence litigation for intent to commit wire fraud under the pretense of refusing to repay a debt committed to, by use of the internet.

In addition, we reserve the right to seek recovery for the balance due, as well as legal fees and any court costs incurred.


We will be forced to download this case against you and once it is downloaded the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer and your references regarding this issue and the lawsuit will be the next step which will be amounting to $2369.66 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges and the due amount pending on your name.

We have settlement amount for you with easy Bi-weekly and a one-time settlement amount option below,

kindly reply soon with your final intention regarding this case.

You will have to submit $570 today and close this case outside of court with the onetime case settlement plans.

You will have to submit an amount which is acceptable of $180.00 today to put this case on hold outside of the courthouse and the rest payment with $180.00 bi-weekly installments till the loan amount $720.32 paid in full.

Get back to us ASAP before the charges have been pressed against you into the court of law.

We would not be offering any resolutions post that.

Note: This is your last and final chance to resolve this case.

Kindly let us know your intentions.

For resolutions, Kindly contact :

Attorney On Record :

Kevin Hartze

mailto:[email protected]


Cash Advance Group

Copyright © 2024 Cash Advance Group. All rights reserved | Privacy | Terms of use | Carrier

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... />
Confidentiality Statement & Notice: This email is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521 and intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. Any review, re transmission, dissemination to unauthorized persons or other use of the original message and any attachments is strictly prohibited. If you received this electronic transmission in error, please reply to the above-referenced sender about the error and permanently delete this message. Thank you for your co-operation.

• Apr 24, 2024

Called telling me that i needed to contact them if i dont want to be served something

• Apr 22, 2024

Transcript of voicemail. Calls from a 209 number:

You in order to appear in court regarding a preliminary investigation against your social and active assets. For further details or to change the status of the lawsuit. Please immediately contact our firm at phone number 8882709142.

- Hudson Falls, NY, USA • Apr 22, 2024

Jeremy called from 802-204-1313 asked to confirm my last four of my Social Security number that they did have and threatened me concerning Chrysler Corporation and threatening to lein my house in Florida. They knew my address called from a fake phone number and refused to speak to me when I call back they keep hanging up. They keep threatening me and provided a virtual address, claiming they are a processor gave me the case number 2024–057569 threatening civil litigation . I do not owe Chrysler Corporation. This is the second time they have done this in over a year. I’ve never received paperwork at the address. They just called with threats to me . Told me to call them back at 855-984-0966. I could hear a lot of people talking in the background and the same man pretends to be the manager that originally called and it is the same person

- Buckeye, AZ, USA • Apr 19, 2024

Robot Recording of a lady's voice called me from 520-675-1288 and stated I had legal proceedings against me and to ascertain any Information or respond I should call them back at 888-270-9142. Then hung up.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA • Apr 18, 2024

Received a phone call claiming to be a process servers office trying to serve an individual. I asked them the name of the company and mailing address they refused to give it to me, I asked how they got this number they refused to give any information, just kept threatening to take legal action against someone and they wanted to serve him legal documents. I said process servers do not do this and this is illegal and a scam. They tried calling me back from different phone numbers. They stated the individual needed to call 877-764-9337. However, the phone calls came from 951-457-5697, 951-463-4443, 909-324-9661. Called back all phone numbers no one would give me a name or any information.

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