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Debt Collection Service

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Debt Collection Service Reports & Reviews (86)

- National City, CA, USA • Mar 04, 2024

A male voice calls and attempts to tell me about debts that I owe, and wants to transfer me to an agent that can help resolve the issue. I give no information and hang up. When I called the number listed from a second phone, it was answered, Without giving any information , I asked the person who he had called. He hung up!

- San Tan Valley, AZ, USA • Mar 04, 2024

Caller calls from multiple numbers, 575-208-4725, 480-674-0879,480-686-0393.

Says they will locate me at my job if I do not call this number 855-248-4098 with a case number and everything. I did make a payment to set up a payment arrangement and now they are calling me non stop.

- Mesa, AZ, USA • Mar 04, 2024

They knew my name and last 4 of my social. They wanted me to pay some debt I don't owe.

- Aliso Viejo, CA, USA • Mar 02, 2024

Yesterday (March 1) I got voicemail from the scammer who tried to call me earlier in February. It's a different phone number but the same vague message about being from the "processor's office" and calling to discuss a matter that could threaten legal action (same fake file number, too). This scammer previously used the phone number (214) 817-1742 and called from Midlothian, Texas (according to my phone) two days in a row this year on February 8 and 9. That was three weeks ago, and I have since blocked the first phone number. I'll do the same for this new number.

- Splendora, TX, USA • Nov 28, 2023

I have had multiple different collection agencies Lakeview Advocates which I look up through and they also do not appear to be a real company. Claiming I took out a loan for $10,000 through Check-N-Go which I have never had any contact with in any way ever. The first company threatened to have the police pick me up from my home I told them to do what they had to do that I had never taken out any loans. I waited and no police ever came. They left me alone for about 4 or 5 yrs now I’m getting the same kind of threats saying I took out a loan from Check-N-Go

- Litchfield Park, AZ, USA • Nov 27, 2023

This message is intended for the named person listed if you are not this individual please delete this message and notify sender immediately. Text messages number 4708731078

Name: Danielle Cannon

SS ending : 0472

Claim : Check Fraud Pending

Status : Enforcement

County : Maricopa

Outstanding Check $3789.12

Filing Company: White & Associates

Contact : 470-339-8091

At this time you have failed to resolve an outstanding check in your name. Failure to your immediate response will lead to legal consequences that can result in check fraud charges based on your state laws. This is final notice before action is taken.

When I spoke to Emily Clark, she refused to identify case numbers, addresses of company locations. Than transfer me to a man who would not share name and ask me to give my maiden name before identifying the matter at hand.

- Temecula, CA, USA • Nov 27, 2023

I received a phone call from (442) 246-4216 and spoke with Charlotte Smith from Financial Recovery based in Florida. For security reasons she could not disclose further address information or company information. She said they use a POBox so that people don’t scam them. I said, “Well now you know how I feel when you only have my address from 8 years ago with a two year old bill”. It didn’t make sense why they would have such an outdated address. She insisted I pay today before her shift was over, 5 pm eastern time, to receive a 50 dollar discount. The so called collection charge was dated for 2022 for blood work from Lab Corp.

- Irvine, CA, USA • Sep 13, 2023

Process Server scam. Received a call from a person claiming to be a Process Server. She knew my phone number and my name. She claimed to have sealed papers that are important and she didn't know what the case was about, but she was phishing for any information from me about any business, disputes, cases, conflicts, etc that I may be involved in. She gave me the name of an "attorney" to call about my case. She said the attorney was "tracy williams" at phone number 855-470-1674.

• Sep 12, 2023

A lady named Monica, with a Hispanic accent, called me and a family member claiming that she had been retained to serve me papers to the address associated with my phone number.
I was to call 844 544 1807 to speak with the law firm who filed. If I did not call I will be charged with "willful evasion". Lady Please! I am so tired of this scam, they have been trying to get me with this BS for three years.

- Mesa, AZ, USA • Sep 09, 2023

I received a letter in the mail stating I owed an outstanding amount of $1202.00 to a payday loan company Check in to Cash. The letter stated they were going to garnish me and file legal charges because I closed my bank account immediately after the loan...while employed through a company I worked for in 2017. This is completely false. I have the same bank that I have had for 13 years, I did not take any payday loans while employed in 2017. I left them a very nice voicemail, its a straight up scam.

• Sep 06, 2023

A woman with a hispanic accent calls from a number in my area code 949-202-4434, and she says my name right away, the call had bad audio which was the first red flag. She said she had papers to serve and asked if I would I be at my location to receive them. I said, no. She said she could not provide the information and to call this number: 844-544-1807 and provide a case number 2023123828. Within one minute of hanging up the phone with her, someone in my family called me and said a man called him from a (714) phone number (his area code), telling him that I was being served and tried to get personal information about me from him. He gave the same phone number and case number. Thankfully we are not dumb enough to fall for this, but it is infuriating how crafty they can be. It is also sad that we have gotten to a place in our lives that we cannot trust anyone.

• Aug 25, 2023

Her name was Josephine , said she was from ADA Mediation and I have a civil judgement against me for 2012 they sent letters and attempted certified mail and kept getting return . She confirmed the last 4 of my social and address. She said I need to pay 2300 or I will need to go to court and pay that and court cost and fees , which can be over 6000. She mentioned the money I owe that i don't even see on my credit report. I said i can try and pay 50 a month , so they sent me a document to sign and put my credit card info. on . Im afraid to give this information out if I don't even know if its real or not .

• Aug 22, 2023

They are calling insinuating they are a process server and will deliver legal documents. If I don’t act on the case, they will pursue legal action.

• Aug 09, 2023

I was left a voice message on my phone while I had stepped outside from a company called JAA at phone number 877-390-0059, stating that mail they had sent to my address was returned to sender. I have never received anything from this company. The message gave me a reference number and a telephone number to another company called Jacob Alexander & Associates. A few minutes later, my sister called saying someone from Jacob Alexanders office called her and I had used my sisters name as a reference ( I have no idea how that got my sisters phone number) I called the number back and the man said he had to look up my account and needed to verify my identity, and he stated the last 4 digits of my SS #. I told him I was not comfortable with this, he said it was the only way to verify it was me. I verified that he had the correct 4 digits. He than said I had an outstanding debt and that they were mediators. That the debt was from a Visa card from 17 years ago, If I didn't pay resolve the debt I would be taken to court and have my wages garnished or lien placed against me. I told the gentleman that he needs to send me a copy of the debt and the information by mail. He said, he could email it, I told him I was not comfortable with that, it needs to be mailed by the U.S. Postal service, he said they don't do that, only by email or phone. He told me they could take me to court, I told him to take me to court, because I need it sent by mail and I will not do this by email and I hung up. About 1/2 hour later I got another call, this time it was a woman from Jacob Alexander and Assc. office, I didn't even respond, I simply hung up. I literally received 3 phone calls in under 1 hour from these people. I believe this is some kind of scam, what law office or mediation firm doesn't place anything in writing and send it by certified mail when it is regarding a possible lawsuit.

• Aug 01, 2023

Attempt to collect fraudulent debt claim

• Aug 01, 2023

A female with this company attempted to retrieve personal information from me by phone, and by phoning close family members without stating the nature of their inquiries in a disrespectful manner.

• Jul 29, 2023

Impersonating AVS (which isn't even a debt collector) claiming I had a debt to repay but wouldn't answer any of my questions in what the call was in regards to (ie: what company I or service I "have a debt for"). I honestly don't know if it's even helpful to report this considering the phone number is probably spoofed, but I figured I would try and do my part anyway.

• Jul 26, 2023

Phone call stating I owe a payday loan and that if I don't pay it I will go to jail for 3 felonies and I better contact a bondsman now since bond will be expensive. I told them I do not owe any debt and then Raymond Donovan 404-537-3100 ext 113 got very angry and hung up. I called back asking for the name of the company calling me and he said that the file has been sent to the police department, good luck. No one will answer where they are getting this information from or who they are working for. I wanted to know the name of the company to report them. Beware, this is a scam!

• Jul 26, 2023

I received this email -threatening me and I have no knowledge of this at all. This was sent to me by email which did not include my name at all.

Federal Loan LLC <[email protected]>

Due Amount- $1385.00

Settlement Amount - $850.27 for Today or two payments of $475.00 from Today.

Hereby we inform you that you are obliged to come as a defendant to the District Court of Appeals on August 4th, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. for the hearing of your case of defaulting on a LOAN, CASE #JMD/055/19.

Last Date to File Lawsuit- August 4th, 2023

Cost of the Lawsuit-$3590.00

Legal Charges-Section 19(A), Clause 21(US).

Case Format- Fair Debt Collection(FC/SC)

If you fail to respond us the Charges will be pressed against the name are:

1. Violation of federal banking regulation act 1983 (C)

2. Collateral check fraud

3. Theft by deception (ACC ACT 21A)

Which carries a maximum sentence of 3 years of prison and a fine up to $5825.35.


If you fail to respond within 24 hours this Legal Action will be activated.

By requesting an offer in compromise, but if you are failed to do that then we shall start the process of pressing those charges against you.

To resolve this issue ASAP,

If necessary you have a right to obtain a lawyer for your protection. You are kindly asked to have an identity document with you. Personal appearance is compulsory. Please bring all documents and witnesses relating to this case with you to Court on your hearing date.

Case information and courthouse address will be sent to your mailing address in the next 24 hours.

Note: If you do not attend the hearing the judge may hear the case in your absence.</[email protected]>

• Jul 18, 2023

Called several times stating I was an additional contact person for my mother and that a civil suite had been filed against her and the were trying to serve papers she had requested

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