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Debt Collection Service

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Debt Collection Service Reports & Reviews (93)

• Aug 09, 2023

I was left a voice message on my phone while I had stepped outside from a company called JAA at phone number 877-390-0059, stating that mail they had sent to my address was returned to sender. I have never received anything from this company. The message gave me a reference number and a telephone number to another company called Jacob Alexander & Associates. A few minutes later, my sister called saying someone from Jacob Alexanders office called her and I had used my sisters name as a reference ( I have no idea how that got my sisters phone number) I called the number back and the man said he had to look up my account and needed to verify my identity, and he stated the last 4 digits of my SS #. I told him I was not comfortable with this, he said it was the only way to verify it was me. I verified that he had the correct 4 digits. He than said I had an outstanding debt and that they were mediators. That the debt was from a Visa card from 17 years ago, If I didn't pay resolve the debt I would be taken to court and have my wages garnished or lien placed against me. I told the gentleman that he needs to send me a copy of the debt and the information by mail. He said, he could email it, I told him I was not comfortable with that, it needs to be mailed by the U.S. Postal service, he said they don't do that, only by email or phone. He told me they could take me to court, I told him to take me to court, because I need it sent by mail and I will not do this by email and I hung up. About 1/2 hour later I got another call, this time it was a woman from Jacob Alexander and Assc. office, I didn't even respond, I simply hung up. I literally received 3 phone calls in under 1 hour from these people. I believe this is some kind of scam, what law office or mediation firm doesn't place anything in writing and send it by certified mail when it is regarding a possible lawsuit.

• Aug 01, 2023

Attempt to collect fraudulent debt claim

• Aug 01, 2023

A female with this company attempted to retrieve personal information from me by phone, and by phoning close family members without stating the nature of their inquiries in a disrespectful manner.

• Jul 29, 2023

Impersonating AVS (which isn't even a debt collector) claiming I had a debt to repay but wouldn't answer any of my questions in what the call was in regards to (ie: what company I or service I "have a debt for"). I honestly don't know if it's even helpful to report this considering the phone number is probably spoofed, but I figured I would try and do my part anyway.

• Jul 26, 2023

Phone call stating I owe a payday loan and that if I don't pay it I will go to jail for 3 felonies and I better contact a bondsman now since bond will be expensive. I told them I do not owe any debt and then Raymond Donovan 404-537-3100 ext 113 got very angry and hung up. I called back asking for the name of the company calling me and he said that the file has been sent to the police department, good luck. No one will answer where they are getting this information from or who they are working for. I wanted to know the name of the company to report them. Beware, this is a scam!

• Jul 26, 2023

I received this email -threatening me and I have no knowledge of this at all. This was sent to me by email which did not include my name at all.

Federal Loan LLC <[email protected]>

Due Amount- $1385.00

Settlement Amount - $850.27 for Today or two payments of $475.00 from Today.

Hereby we inform you that you are obliged to come as a defendant to the District Court of Appeals on August 4th, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. for the hearing of your case of defaulting on a LOAN, CASE #JMD/055/19.

Last Date to File Lawsuit- August 4th, 2023

Cost of the Lawsuit-$3590.00

Legal Charges-Section 19(A), Clause 21(US).

Case Format- Fair Debt Collection(FC/SC)

If you fail to respond us the Charges will be pressed against the name are:

1. Violation of federal banking regulation act 1983 (C)

2. Collateral check fraud

3. Theft by deception (ACC ACT 21A)

Which carries a maximum sentence of 3 years of prison and a fine up to $5825.35.


If you fail to respond within 24 hours this Legal Action will be activated.

By requesting an offer in compromise, but if you are failed to do that then we shall start the process of pressing those charges against you.

To resolve this issue ASAP,

If necessary you have a right to obtain a lawyer for your protection. You are kindly asked to have an identity document with you. Personal appearance is compulsory. Please bring all documents and witnesses relating to this case with you to Court on your hearing date.

Case information and courthouse address will be sent to your mailing address in the next 24 hours.

Note: If you do not attend the hearing the judge may hear the case in your absence.</[email protected]>

• Jul 18, 2023

Called several times stating I was an additional contact person for my mother and that a civil suite had been filed against her and the were trying to serve papers she had requested

• Jun 30, 2023

Bechmann and Associates contacted me, saying a third party working for them (National Processing Services) collected my information that was included in a file searching for someone (who ended up being my father). The rep told me my father owed money and the debt had been sold to their firm and they wanted to give him a chance to pay the amount. If there was refusal to pay, the rep threatened to take my father to court. The rep was willing to settle for less and willing to accept a counter offer. When we asked for documentation of the debt and proof of this debt, they were unwilling to provide any details, only high level information. The rep informed us only detailed information could be provided if we went to court. We were able to obtain an email with some information, which did include accurate personal identifiable information; however, when we asked for more detail regarding the debt, the rep began to lose his patience and was not understanding why we were questioning the legitimacy of their claim or who they were and the rep said he was done trying to negotiate and would send the file from mediation to begin legal action. I ran a credit report on behalf of my father and did not see anything in regards to their claim. In addition, there is no web presence except for the exact site the rep walked me through to get to, which was through the California Secretary of State web site, where you do a search for the business Bechmann and Associates.

• Jun 27, 2023

The 1st dumb and [censored] scammer that called said his name was Tim Ross. He called and left a message. The 2nd dumb and ignorant scammer Nikki Jones said that she was with Mediation Bartin and Baxter Group. She had my social security number, past and current address and type of car that I drove. She said that I had a past due balance from 13 years ago with Capital One and that I owed over +$9,000.00 and if I didn't pay they would garnish my wages, court, jail, etc. But if I paid them $2,000.00 now that they wouldn't start court proceedings. I told the dumb, clueless scammer that I didn't have a credit card with Capital one and I didn't owe anything. She persisted and said that I did. She said that I had 24 hours to pay. I hung up and didn't call back. That's when I googled the number and found this website with similar stories. TOTAL SCAM!

- Newtown, CT, USA • Jun 26, 2023

I received a call from a woman stating that I need to call a number she provided for a legal matter. It’s being taken to civil court tomorrow, and she could not disclose any other information, and that I needed to call the number. She gave me a reference number. She said if I don’t call it’ll go to court and I’ll be served paper at my home (she knew my address). I called the number, a man answered and told me I’m being taken to court over a credit card debt. Told me I owed 1400 and the minimum he could drop it down too was 430 but it had to be paid today. He then told me he could put a 48 hour hold on it, and he will call me in 2 days for the payment. I received a letter the same day in the mail about the account being transferred to collections and to contact them directly regarding the account now. I reached out to the debt collectors who my account was transferred too, and they don’t even have that account in their system yet.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA • Jun 19, 2023

Continuously keeps calling harassing requesting payment for solar panels, calling using different personal information, asking for additional people for the same phone number

• Jun 13, 2023

They had my social, addresses but wrong email and phone numbers -other than my cell that they called on claiming that I have a credit card from 13 years ago that was not paid off and that I will now get something from an attorney in the mail because I did not choose to mediate. I called back by blocking my number and somehow the same person that I spoke to days prior answered the phone and knew it was me even though I blocked the call. They have all of my info. I blocked by credit report- any suggestions on next steps to secure my info?

- Maricopa, AZ, USA • Jun 09, 2023

A lady been calling me from Sterling and associates they used 3 different phone numbers the 3 times they reach out the first time they called in January then March then June of 2023 all the 3 times they stated I had pending charges of some payday loans I don’t even remember from 2012 I ask for pero for any sort of information that told me who I owed the money to they also stated that someone took out a payday loan under my name Wich I should of know that would be a red flag I kept asking for more info but they did not want to provide any information all the 3 times they called they called me threatening me saying if I don’t pay I’m gonna go to jail I already lost 4423 that these people took out of me and they had old information like an old job and adress nothing current after doing my research and talking to my bank I forsure know this is a scam and the lady had the audacity to tell me why I reverse the payment from the bank and that I was going to jail and I keep asking I need to know who I owed all this money and refused and hung up they pray on victims like me that get so stressed out and never been in trouble with the law but now I know if I ever get a call like this without no paper or proof you owed this it’s a scam forsure

- Gardner, KS, USA • Jun 05, 2023

I received a call on my cell phone and my work phone and my mother received a call which is transcribed below. The caller had no information regarding what this was about. I called the number requested for a Martin Baxter Group and was advised that in 2002 I had a Capital One Credit Card that was not paid and they are using the "tolling agreement" in the contract to pursue recovery. I have never had a credit card with them, nor have I ever had unpaid credit card. I also have never had this account on my credit repot. I called Capital One and they said they I never had an account with them. They refused to provide me any information on who sent this debt to be collected citing an "NDA" with the acquisitions company and told me if I didn't pay in arbitration suit would be filed however they could not provide me with the info for the attorney that would allegedly be handling this suit.They also said it was verified byt experian however I just ran an experian report and it is also not there so this Martin and Baxter Co is clearly assisting their client in commiting fraud. Voicemail: Hi, good afternoon. This is a courtesy call intended for . My name is Beverly Graham. I am a notification clerk for Document Services. This message is to notify you of a pending complaint that has been reported failure to respond to a 30 day notice issued out to your home address. Contact must be made on your behalf today. It is June 5th, 2023. To prevent moving forward with the filing process with or without your acknowledgement, please contact the issuing office today. Their telephone number will be 888-356-4260. Reference number will be C for Charlie V for Victor 44255. For further information. This notification has been completed.

- Coolidge, AZ, USA • May 24, 2023

They left a message from an Arizona number requesting to call 844-205-5405 for recovery of an account. The person stated “your name and social security number” but did not seem to have that information.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA • May 17, 2023

Getting random text messages from different phone numbers containing personal info such as my address, claiming I owe money for a service that I’ve never heard of or used.

- Buckeye, AZ, USA • May 16, 2023

The scammer called my husband and claimed that he owed $3,212 in medical debt from West Valley Hospital from an ER visit in 2017. I contacted West Valley Hospital and confirmed I have no outstanding balance or debt from any member in my family, nor did I ever visit the ER in 2017. The name given to me was Ashley, she refused to provide any further information about this alleged debt. She said she was with the company Plymouth Processing Associates Law, and after verifying this business online I immediately discovered that it is a common scheme. Ashley claimed if I paid right then I could cut my debt in half, even though she was unable to provide me with any documentation of this debt.

• May 05, 2023

They called me, my wife and her mother claiming my wife owed $3000 in medical bills. Using her maiden name as reference. They said they could settle it for $1000 if she pays today. The address on the website is an ATM. They keep calling and calling everyday. They have called us from different phone numbers from all over the state of WV

- Eugene, OR, USA • May 02, 2023

They had my phone #. Last four of my social security. They said they were collecting on a acct that I had no knowledge of, on dates that could not be right. they said I had to pay today or we were going to go to court. Note they had inlaws ph # and mine. Threatened us with text. I then called number to protect my credit. I have checked better business bureau and there is not any business filed at this address or with this name. THEY WANTED PAYMENT TODAY!! Also would not give any information abut bill except amount due and fictisous JC Penney original bill. Which I did not have.

- La Habra, CA, USA • May 02, 2023

Certified documents that are attached to the Social Security _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ do require _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ which I do need to obtain in the next few business days please make sure you're available at your residential place appointment have any questions or concerns you can reach

That is what they said

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