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Debt Collection Service

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Debt Collection Service Reports & Reviews (93)

- Phoenix, AZ, USA • Apr 28, 2023

A woman called from 760-671-1830 (registered to Brenda Latta) stating she is looking for a family member of my husband and that I needed to call 866-991-3759 with a case number to discuss the matter.

I called and provided the case number and Mike Smith advised he is calling about a student loan debt which has escalated and are going to move forward with a lien on the house, car, etc. if not paid within the same day. I said I would speak with my family and call them back which he gave me an extension # to use. I called back and Mike was unavailable so I spoke with Alex (no last name). I told him that the 760-671-1830 number is on the site as a scam and that I wanted to verify if this is a true law office, etc. He went as far as to say "it's funny when a company tries to hold someone accountable for their debt they think it's a scam." They are getting good.... after a few days of research and back and forth with "Mike" I stated if this was a court matter, what case number do I look up because I couldn't find anything with the case number I was given. Mike said things are done differently now and they use "Court Reservations" and so on....... He said "in a attempt to show good faith I can email a Letter of Settlement" which ended up coming from [email protected]. Long story short this is a SCAM!

I confirmed with the actual Loan Servicer of the Student Loan that they are not working with any Law firms.

Thank you to the previous person who reported this.

- Keyport, NJ, USA • Apr 24, 2023

They tried to say that they were sending me a summons to collect a debt I already paid last year!

My daughter received a bill statement from Southwest Integrated Health for service on March 13, 2023. When I call the number provided, 1(844)351-2043 x5022, I am directed to a third party billing that works for the stated company. I ask about the type of service this facility provides, she could not answer the question. I asked for a physical address for the facility and all she could give me was the PO Box address listed on the statement. She did give me a phone number to call. According to the representative, my daughter was seen for dehydration and and a headache as a new patient, this is untrue. My daughter was never seen by any provider during that time. The representative stated that she would let the facility know that I would be disputing the charges.

When I called the number the representative provided, a gentleman answered. He had no connection with Southwest Integrated Health. Upon further inspection of the bill statement, I noticed a few red flags: 1. “Sorry, we do not accept credit cards” since when does a medical facility not accept credit cards as payment? 2. “Our records show you do not have insurance, please call us at 800 354-4881 (another third party)and provide information so we can file a claim, again, no medical facility would use this type of verbiage, and 3. The statement includes a QR code that is not read by my phone’s camera, it doesn’t work. Wouldn’t a facility insure, the code works?

- Buckeye, AZ, USA

Received a threatening message from a Mr Daniels, was told I was going to be taken to court unless I paid an unknown amount today, told to call 888-721-4199, finished the threatening message with the words “good luck”.

- Costa Mesa, CA, USA

“Ashley green” called from 404-282-8147. Said she was currier service and sending me legal documents.

Then “Michael Brasi”called claiming he worked for Salzman and Carlyle and filing lawsuit against me. Claimed to work at 4193 Flat Rock Rd suite 200-540

Riverside CA

Michael called from several numbers including




Fax - 888-264-2419

- Peoria, AZ, USA

They called saying they was a law office collecting a debt for Maryville hospital from 2013 wanted me to settle said that They wanted to take Me to court for civil suit I got a call from a 520 area code before that saying they was a process server trying to serve Me a civil suit for the hospital bill

- La Habra, CA, USA

Scammer left voicemail that didn’t come in very well stating something regarding the Mediation Department.

sent statement to pay for something which was not ordered. tried to call-no answer, checked company adress- residential area, wrong phone #

- Oskaloosa, IA, USA

Had call stating I owed HMS $359.40 to HMSLLC OF Phoenix, Arizona

- Newport Beach, CA, USA

They left a VM claiming they are K&E Group calling regarding a civil complaint out of Santa Carla County.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA

Thos scammer was calling friends and relatives of mine saying they were calling to reach me to sign court documents and to call them at the number. When I called they said they were Preston Legal Office and refused to give me any other information but seemed to have my address and last 4 of social. When I asked for details, they hung up. I called back 3 times and they hung up each time.


Jason Craig called to notify my husband, that he would be served papers in a lawsuit on Monday morning. We were advised to call 866-977-0278 for legal assistance. Case number 2023–96071.

Researching showed that the Cranbrook legal is a London-based solicitor involved in immigration

- Chula Vista, CA, USA

Said that I may be sued fir a debt 10 years ago. And i have a tolling agreement.

- Las Vegas, NV, USA

They called family friends and job saying i owed money and they would not provide any receipts until final payment is made. Their number was disconnected after calling a few times then it had service

- Sun City, AZ, USA

I received a call from a restricted number so my phone screened the call. A caller named Kevin left a message saying his office had received preliminary paperwork in regards to breach of contract with their client. He was calling to give me the opportunity to call them back or go to their website to resolve it.

He did not mention me or anyone else by name, nor did he mention who the supposed debt was owed to. I do not owe anyone any money and I have extremely good credit.

I think they may have hacked the hospital to get accurate looking billing info and called me with two bills that one was over a year old and that I already paid. They said I owed the money I asked for it in writing and they started emailing me the bills. I payed in full because they said i would get a 30% discount and then they started billing me for the balance no discount and i did not want on my credit as it was so old. So I keep getting bills and when I call they just say they want the rest of the money and they hang up on me and transfer me from person to person. But its a small call center so it like a scam out of someone house. I get "Mike" almost every time and if I don't they transfer me to someone while i'm on hold and its mike and eventually they just disconnect. If I say I will report them they instantly hang up.

I was called 1/27/23. the number on the id was 888-325-0151. The person said he was a legal representative of the government and said he had papers and said I should have received papers that some government organization called fdcpa using Experian was authorized to cancel some of my credit cards by some government program that was supposed to help seniors pay off a credit card balance. He said it was called Freedom Debt Relief and my so called worker was Emily Rose. I refused and said that I would not authorize any such thing and they and Experian had no business dealing with anything personal of mine. They knew my credit cards and balance. They said they were working legally under the direction of Experian. I told them not to call again. I blocked the number. They then tried several other numbers most toll free 1-800 numbers. There is no such law that I can find that backs up anything they said. They began to harrass me. They identified themselves as one of my credit card companies and said that they received an email to cancel my account. I said I sent no such email and hung up. I called the credit card company and they said my account was fine and no one there had made any such call. They then called two more times trying to identify themselves as 2 other credit card companies. I personally called the companies and they said there was no phone call made and my accounts were fine. There was nothing wrong. Finally I put a fraud alert on the three credit agencies. I am notifying you. They said they were Freedom Debt Relief and Emily Rose was in charge of my case. I do not believe anything they said. They seem to be targeting seniors who have credit cards. They knew about some of my cards. They kept mentioning Experian and not the others. Some of the numbers they called from were 1-888-325-0151. They also called from1-478-337-0642, 1-800-669-8488, 1-575-281-7582, 1-270-892-1829, 1800, 388-4679. They were quite threatening in their approach in that they said I could not do anything because it was already in the works and being done. I told them they had no authority to do anything. Seniors may be in danger from these people. If they don't work for Freedom Debt Relief they are using that organization to threaten seniors. I had to deal with this from about 11:30 am to 4:40 pm.


A man said he was an attorney named Ryan Eubank who worked for the firm HC & Associates and they were attempting to serve my husband a summons to take him to court and sue him for delinquent wages on an alarm system. They were threatening to garnish his wages and drain our joint account so a payment made for $395.50. Come to find out that Ryan Eubank is not an attorney and that HC & Associates is not a legimate company and we have been the victims of a scam.

- Wabasso, FL, USA

Kensington & associates Called and said I owe capital one money . They mentioned my car my land that I own and they threatened to sue for $11000 or more if it went to court. I paid them right away then called Capital one cause I didn't think I ever had a card from them and I was right .they have never heard my name or social security before. They did I never had a card with them. So I reported as fraud to BOA and they investigated for a month and just dumped the case and showed me my eSign and said it's legit and they can't help me. What can I do

scammers states I owed 1003.42 to Continental Libery(Liberty)Mastercard. Scammer states I pay on this card from 2004-2012. Scammer states that it go into statue of limitations in February 2023 when in fact it would go into effect February 2022. Scammer states that certified letters were sent and returned, no other contact was attempted until today. On the Docu sign they spelled Liberty as Libery. the scammer identified himself as Dean Ellis Director of Operations. Scammer state that if I don't pay the 1003.42 then I would have to pay over 2400.00 dollars total. Scammer stated that letters were returned in August then changed to July

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