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Card Member Services

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Card Member Services Reports & Reviews (90)

Victim Location 06511
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Card members services has been calling my phone for months. I ask them to stop everyday and they don't. They call 4-5 times a day. It starts as a Robocall then I press 9 to speak to someone and tell them to stop but they dont. They call from different numbers most start with 203-508-××××. They claim to offer better interest rates on my credit cards but I don't have any.

Victim Location 65305
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Asked for full card numbers, pulled out a bunch of references to FCC equifax etc. When I looked on I saw they are on a watch list for scamming. I told the representative this and he expected to get a rise out of me by taking about my mother.

Victim Location 34110
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

On May 15, 2017 I received over 8 calls from multiple numbers, some I've mentioned above. I finally pick up to tell them to take off list. The said they were with cardmember services and that I had been selected to receive a reduction in my interest-rate's on my credit cards because I pay my bills on time and when I do I pay more than the minimum balance due. Oh and my credit score is high. ( this concerned me that they knew this sort of detail info. I questioned which credit card company they were and they replied they work for all various companies. They wanted my credit card number so they could look at my account and see what percent of interest I was paying and then be able to tell me what I qualified for in order to get a lower percentage rate possibly 5% . Red flags were going up for myself and as I continued on the call I explain to them that I don't see how a credit card company would pay this card member services to reduce the interest, as the interest is what credit card my companies make their money with. The representative stated she could tell that I was hesitant and was a good consumer because there are so many scams around etc... She told me that I had received a letter from my credit card company Citibank 90 days to go with this offer and that there had been no reply and today's the last day that this offer is available. I proceeded to tell them that I was driving and I would need to be call them back or they could call me back later. In reality I wanted to get off the phone and do a little research. Of course when I tried that all of a sudden male and supervisor speaking middle eastern language to first person jumped into the conversation and was using all kinds of typical sales techniques to keep me on the phone and to tell me that once I hang up the excess the offer expires. I finally just said I'm done. At that point he asked if he could call me back a few hrs later. I called my credit card company and they informed me this was most likely a scam and to please e mail their fraud department, which I did. I saw info online and decided to send this. It makes me so made as I work with many older people who fall for these scams. I asked for their web site so I could go check things out and I got some lame answer as to why I couldn't. Anyway hope this helps stop these people.

Victim Location 72701
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Want me to lower credit card interest. Asked to remove me from call list told me there would be a 1x charge of $980 to take me off their all list.

Victim Location 63119
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They called and said they could reduce my credit cards APR to 0%, but I had to allow a $995 credit on one of my credit cards.

Victim Location 20740
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Called identifying herself from card member services. Stating that I had $19000.00 in debt and that she was there to help me lower my interest rates. She kept requesting I give her my credit card account numbers for the debt, which I refused. She stated that that was the only way she could check my bills to give me the lowest interest rates on each one and that giving her my account number would verify who I am. I refused and hung up. A half hour later, her alleged supervisor called back stating that she was monitoring the call and heard me refuse. She tried to assure me that it was no reason to refuse, because she know that I am on a fixed income and she wants to help me. She told me to go get my credit cards and come back and read the account numbers to her. I sensed that something still was no right. I contacted my credit 800 numbers who verified that they do not offer lower interest rates that way.

Victim Location 71115
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a call on my work cell phone. The caller stated that I was selected for a lower interest rate due to my good credit. They had info that was correct and I gave them more! I first was speaking with a female and them transferred to a man. After asking several questions and getting different responses, I grew nervous. While on the phone, I was looking them up. I realized that I had been on the phone for almost 30 minutes and the man was getting a agitated with me. I decided to hang up. He called me back 3 times and and left one message and said since I hung up on him, he would place a black mark on my credit and that I would not be able to use my credit cards any more.

Victim Location 72701
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I get regular calls from "Sara at Card Member Services" with "important information about [my] current credit card account"

I always hang up immediately, but these are a few of the numbers the scammers have called from.

Victim Location 92220
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received an automated call stating I could get a lower rate on my credit card. I pressed one to speak with a person and a man answered claiming he was from Visa and MasterCard card services. He told me his name was Ronny Vengeno and that the company tax id number is 1101RB and that their website is (a porn site). The man I spoke to became angry when I told him I was going to report their phony company and asked for my information which I refused to give him. He had a foreign accent. I told him to take me off their call list and he responded angrily and claimed that I called them.

Victim Location 53132
Type of a scam Credit Cards

My cell phone rang, caller ID said "Ladue, MO." I answered it and it was a ROBOCALL - recording telling me this was the third and final time that "Card member Services" would be calling to offer me a lower interest rate. It said to click to speak with a live operator. I did so and a female answered "Cardmember Services" right away. She spoke in a heavy, Indian accent and said she could lower the interest rate on "all" my credit cards and then named everything from Visa to Discover. I asked how can she do that if she's not with MY credit card company? She said she needed my personal credit card information for each card that I wanted lowered. I laughed. I said, "Where are you located, India?" She immediately hung up.

Victim Location 29579
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They call saying it's about one of my credit cards, but won't disclose what one, and as soon as I ask who they are, they hang up.

Victim Location 53532
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Scammer calls from all different numbers from all different states claiming to be from "Card member servives" stating nothing is wrong with my account but this is the final call to lower my interest rate. When I press one and ask the caller for any identifying information from them, they hang up. Calling my personal cell phone that I have listed on the do not call list.

Victim Location 29323
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I am being harassed by these people constantly about lowering my credit card rates. I have requested numerous times that they take my number out of their data base but they just hang up on me. They use many other numbers so I am unable to block their number and resolve the problem. I'm not sure what to do.  I have explained that I have severe heart conditions and that this is dangerous to continue upsetting me. Their response is to hang up on me.

Victim Location 78227
Type of a scam Credit Cards


" I represent Capital One and I am authorized to lower your interest rate from 20 % to 6.9 % because of your good paying history "

HOW CAN WE PROSECUTE AND STOP THESE PEOPLE !! How do we call the local phone company and telel them they are using THEIR phone lines to make these FRAUDULENT calls ???????

Victim Location 78749
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Robocall from 740-975-9296. Recording offered to lower interest rates on credit card. Press 1 for more information. Operator with heavy foreign accent answered. Asked for credit card number and expiration date. Refused to provide information about the company beyond saying that the name was Card Member Services. Claimed to work for Visa, Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi, Discover, Chase and Capital One. Operator said his name was Kevin George.

Victim Location 53704
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Scammer calls from different phone numbers, claiming to be from "Card member services". They ask if I would like to lower my interest rate. When I ask to be removed from the call list, they hang up.

Victim Location 95618
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from this number with a recording sharing that I have been approved for a reduced rate on my existing credit card. When a representative came on I asked who the company was and they told me they they represent all banks and the logo on my credit card that says visa or mastercard is theirs. They told me I qualify for a reduced rate and they just need to confirm my account number. I asked the name of their company and the gentleman who called himself Daniel said Card Member Services. I asked where they were located and he said Orlando, Florida, even though the caller ID said Inverness, California. I asked if they work with the bank and he said that all banks work for them. I then ended the call.

Victim Location 31312
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Card Member services called me yet again from 800-847-2911. I have asked them on numerous occasions to stop calling me. Sometimes they hang up on me and sometimes they don't. They also call from different numbers as well.

Victim Location 54414
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Number called me stating they could lower my interest rate. They knew all of my account info including account numbers, expiration dates, current balances, and more. When I stated I wasn't interested and hung up, they called 15 times repeatedly. I answered on the 15th time and they stated I just didn't understand what they were doing and became very rude. It was a number supposedly based out of Green Bay, WI. The guy claimed his name was Kim Elizer and he was from "card member services."

Victim Location 48840
Type of a scam Phishing

They call themselves "card member services" and they call me quite frequently. They always spoof thier number and when I ask them where they are calling from the answer doesn't match the location on the caller ID. The last call I received was from the number 2254541933 at 1049am April 14, 2016. The caller ID said this number was from LA however the person calling claimed he was in Orlando. When I ask to be removed from thier calling list they respond by hanging up, saying they can't or most recent occurrence, this guy just told me to shut up.

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