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Card Member Services

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Card Member Services Reports & Reviews (87)

Victim Location 45872
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This particular time, I could not tell if the caller was a man or a woman. He/she had an accent (Indian I think but not 100% sure). I asked why they keep calling me, he/she said "to lower your credit card payments". I responded with, "I've told you 17 times, I have no credit cards. What company are you calling from?" He/she said "Visa". I said, "obviously you are not calling from Visa, what is the actual name of the company you are calling me from?" He/she replied "Card member services" Me: "That's the biggest scam name I've ever heard" He/she then told me to

"*** ***" and hung up on me after about 10 seconds of listening to me laugh hysterically.

Victim Location 28602
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from Card Member Services. My caller ID showed Card Member Services with phone number 800-285-8585. He offered to lower my credit card interest rate anywhere from six percent to zero. Nobody is going to give me this rate. He asked for my credit card number and type of card.I did not give my credit card number out. He kept going. He wanted to know the type of card and expiration date. I said we are done. I kept asking him what was in it for him. He would not answer my questions. Normally I do answer theses types of calls. I know this is a scam and wanted to report the phone call.

Victim Location 20187
Type of a scam Credit Cards

The company self-reported as "Credit Card Services" and stated they are the company that handles all of the bill processing for all of the major credit card companies. They are using robocalling with spoofed calling telephone numbers and the calls come in multiple times a day.

Victim Location 67445
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Just says they are card services and we can lower your interest rates.

Victim Location 63109
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I answered this call and the operator or agent, who I could barely understand first told me she could offer me 0% apr and other things with all my credit cards. I asked for the name of the company several times and finally got it. I asked how she received or got my info and said she got it on Facebook and that she has my SSN, Credit Card numbers, and all other info. I asked her outright, “are you telling me your company stole this info from Facebook and/or the internet?” She said “yes” and started saying she was drunk, that her boyfriend broke up with her that morning and she stole my info “because she wanted it!” I was disgusted and hung up. This company is VERY dangerous and I don’t know how much is true. But, knew I had to warn people and hopefully have them investigated!

Victim Location 45760
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Card Member Services calls me AT LEAST every other day, sometimes multiple times a day. It starts as a recording and says to press "1" to talk to a representative. It's also the only option... When I speak with someone, they're rude, and repeat themselves, even when I'm trying to get information on their company. They eventually hang up when I don't buy into their garbage!

Victim Location 93421
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They NONSTOP call our business phone number. The number shows up on caller ID with no area code. We are on the National Do Not Call Registry. They call repeatedly offering credit card services, looking to scam for information. Each time I request to be removed from their database I get hung up on. It is against the law (obviously) to steal phone numbers from the web and send out mass robocalls! They are now blocked as I contacted our phone company. How can they get away with this?

Victim Location 49127
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Continued robo calls never stop, even when requested.

Victim Location 85345
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Card member services calls multiple times a week from local numbers. I am on the national do not call registry and have well over 80 numbers blocked on my phone, yet I still receive these calls as they use an auto-dialer that generates new local numbers each time they call. When I ask for a phone number or supervisor name they always hang up. I’ve asked multiple times to remove my number and not to call but their response is that they cannot assist with my request. I have asked for additional information (business address, email, website etc.) and they refuse to provide any information.

Victim Location 33647
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

When offered the opportunity to select 1 to speak with an agent and 2 to have my 'eligibility expire' and selecting option 2, I was placed on a call with an extremely rude individual who stated that their IVR is working fine and that there are no problems with routing calls. He stated he did not have the power to remove me from his calling list and that his supervisor was not available either. If this business isn't fraudulent, they are at least violating my rights in continuing to dial my phone after I've explicitly requested to be removed from their calling list.

Victim Location 97499
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This company offers 0 % credit card APR. They offered this service for all major credit cards. Their BBB number IS SUPPOSIDLY 75904. I'm not sure if this is a scam or not. I hung up after less than 30 seconds on the phone.

Victim Location 79403
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This group has called multiple times. I have asked them to remove me from their call list. The person who picked up the line after I pressed 2 to be placed on the do not call list proceeded to call me the b-word and then told me to f-off. I did not contact them, they reached out to me claiming that they could lower my credit card interest rate.

Victim Location 60137
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This robo-call always calls with the same area code and first three digits of my cell phone number. When I block one number, they simply just call on a different number. I decided to pick it up and get information and they said they could lower my credit card interest rate to 0-3% versus the 8% I was paying.

When I asked for the name of their company they kept saying, "Card Member Services", out of Orlando, Florida and his name was Jordan Ernest and go ahead and report him. He said he would not put me on the do not call list until I accepted his offer for a lower rate. I said no and that he is already breaking the law by calling me because I am already on the do not call registry. He started yelling report him and he hung up on me. I feel confident that if I would have continued the call, they would have stolen money from me. I knew it was a scam and didn't provide any personal information.

Victim Location 47933
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

The individual called and would not state where the business was located, said they were accredited with the BBB, and got nasty when we asked to be put on the do not call list. He was asking for very personal information regarding addresses and names, then wanted the card number, expiration date, etc. off the card. Of course we refused. Very obviously a scam.

Victim Location 15851
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received like over 20 calls from this person, and every time was under a different phone number, and when I tried to call the number back to see if it was a business or not, I would get either a fast busy signal, or an answering service for a person (not a business), or no one would answer, but they said they could lower my interest rates on all my current credit cards, and when I say they, is I would start talking to a female, and she would put the guy on the phone, especially when I refused to give them my credit card number over the phone, and I kept telling them I am not giving any information over the phone, because of too many fraud cases in the area, and they would continue on and ask again for my credit card number, and again I would tell them no, I'm not providing that to you, well the guy got rude with me and told me I was such a DUMB Person if I'm willing to pay higher interest on my current credit cards, and seriously what company calls you names that is legitimate? I asked this guy that, and told him he needs to work on his customer service skills if he was planning on scamming anyone else, and hung up on him. If I receive one more call from them I'm calling the local authorities and reporting them, but thought people should know about this scam artists, and they spoke with an accent, like India, both of them, so please do not provide any credit card information to just anyone because it's most likely a scam.

Victim Location 43074
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I kept getting random calls from Card Member Services. This morning the caller ID indicated Delaware, OH. I could hardly understand the woman.Then a man came on. They had foreign accents, Indian. He said his name was Zach Fernandez from Phoenix, AZ. He kept asking for my credit card number. I gave them the last four digits of my credit card number, but he wanted all 16. He said they were going to lower the interest rate of my credit card.

Victim Location 68123
Type of a scam Credit Cards

The phone number came from Kansas, the location the scammer gave was Atlanta Georgia. When asked what the address was he hung up. He had a Middle Eastern accent. I have told them 8 times to stop calling so now I'm reporting the incoming scams.

Victim Location 73118
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They called, and had some of my credit info. I stupidly gave them more. I spoke with two people, Bill Goodwin, employee #5113 said he was in legal aid. They said banks were suppose to lower my interest rate if I was a member in good standing, and that they could see I was. He also said the credit company might send me a change in my credit limit. He said a legal aid counselor would call me back and begin the process and see if I would be relieved of all or some of my debt. In the meantime, I looked up the name, and saw that it was a scam. When they called back, I told them I knew they were a scam, not to use my info. and that I was reporting them to the . I hung up and they called back right away, and I didn't answer it. I hope I don't lose any money.

Victim Location 95128
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

The call came at 1pm today, I was at work. I've gotten calls from them before, an automated call asking if I want to lower my credit interest or something like that. And the number has the same prefix as my number, strangely enough. Press 1 if you want to be connected to a clerk. This time I pressed 1 because I'm like that.

I talked to "Alex" who asked if I wanted to lower the interest of my Visa or Mastercard. I played along, saying "How bout all of them - which do you want? " He asked me which I want to use. I said my Discover card. How much is used on it? I told him $**K or so. So he wants to lower my interest rate. I'm told they have my name and address already, but they won't read it back to me. Although I was called Mr.____ my actual last name. Early on in this conversation I asked where he was from. He said Florida. I asked why I was called by a number in my same area code? He said he was forwarded this call from someone there. Hmm. Ok, what is your address? He said 461 Ackerfeld Ave #125, Long Beach, CA 90805. I checked it out on the internet and didn't see anything that matched that.

He got frustrated and handed me off to a Divisional Manager or something. John Love. I basically went thru the same dialogue with him.

I went thru 3 callers, all with strong Indian (or something unamerican) accents. I asked John the name of the company. He said Card Member Services. I googled it while we spoke. There is a cardmember services, but they don't do what John says they do.

I was asked for the 16 digit number on my Discover. I wouldn't give to them, although I was up front the whole time, asking "why would you ask somebody for their full credit card data?" They insisted they were trying to help my lower my interest. I told them nobody but the Credit Card company can do that. "No sir, they don't want to lower your interest, they are making money off you." Well I said, "Ok please give me your address and phone number so I can check this out more thoroughly and if it is legit I will contact you. "I'm sorry sir, I can't do that."

Round and round and round. I had to hang up eventually. I stopped having fun. But to think these guys are getting personal credit card data from those who aren't as skeptical. Ugh.

Victim Location 27410
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Scam offering 0% balance on credit cards for $2650

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