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Card Member Services

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Card Member Services Reports & Reviews (91)

Victim Location 68123
Type of a scam Credit Cards

The phone number came from Kansas, the location the scammer gave was Atlanta Georgia. When asked what the address was he hung up. He had a Middle Eastern accent. I have told them 8 times to stop calling so now I'm reporting the incoming scams.

Victim Location 73118
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They called, and had some of my credit info. I stupidly gave them more. I spoke with two people, Bill Goodwin, employee #5113 said he was in legal aid. They said banks were suppose to lower my interest rate if I was a member in good standing, and that they could see I was. He also said the credit company might send me a change in my credit limit. He said a legal aid counselor would call me back and begin the process and see if I would be relieved of all or some of my debt. In the meantime, I looked up the name, and saw that it was a scam. When they called back, I told them I knew they were a scam, not to use my info. and that I was reporting them to the . I hung up and they called back right away, and I didn't answer it. I hope I don't lose any money.

Victim Location 95128
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

The call came at 1pm today, I was at work. I've gotten calls from them before, an automated call asking if I want to lower my credit interest or something like that. And the number has the same prefix as my number, strangely enough. Press 1 if you want to be connected to a clerk. This time I pressed 1 because I'm like that.

I talked to "Alex" who asked if I wanted to lower the interest of my Visa or Mastercard. I played along, saying "How bout all of them - which do you want? " He asked me which I want to use. I said my Discover card. How much is used on it? I told him $**K or so. So he wants to lower my interest rate. I'm told they have my name and address already, but they won't read it back to me. Although I was called Mr.____ my actual last name. Early on in this conversation I asked where he was from. He said Florida. I asked why I was called by a number in my same area code? He said he was forwarded this call from someone there. Hmm. Ok, what is your address? He said 461 Ackerfeld Ave #125, Long Beach, CA 90805. I checked it out on the internet and didn't see anything that matched that.

He got frustrated and handed me off to a Divisional Manager or something. John Love. I basically went thru the same dialogue with him.

I went thru 3 callers, all with strong Indian (or something unamerican) accents. I asked John the name of the company. He said Card Member Services. I googled it while we spoke. There is a cardmember services, but they don't do what John says they do.

I was asked for the 16 digit number on my Discover. I wouldn't give to them, although I was up front the whole time, asking "why would you ask somebody for their full credit card data?" They insisted they were trying to help my lower my interest. I told them nobody but the Credit Card company can do that. "No sir, they don't want to lower your interest, they are making money off you." Well I said, "Ok please give me your address and phone number so I can check this out more thoroughly and if it is legit I will contact you. "I'm sorry sir, I can't do that."

Round and round and round. I had to hang up eventually. I stopped having fun. But to think these guys are getting personal credit card data from those who aren't as skeptical. Ugh.

Victim Location 27410
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Scam offering 0% balance on credit cards for $2650

Victim Location 93611
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Offers zero percent interest on all my credit debt.

Victim Location 60085
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Offering to lower credit card interest rates

Victim Location 48423
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They keep calling saying that they have called me several times about my credit card balance and lower interest rate. They said push 1 to speak to a representative. When I ask what company they are, they say Chase, Capital One, Discover. When I asked again they say Card Member Services. Then they hang up.

Victim Location 35619
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Received a call, press 9 for more info 0 percent interest, person picks up claims to work for Visa AND Mastercard. Wants information from me. I interrupt his scripted monologue. He gets angry and says *** you man, go *** yourself, or something very similar. Then he hangs up.

Moments later I get a call from an Iowa number (319) 225-4250. A foreign speaking man claims to be with the same company. Wondering if I am about to get an apology and another sales pitch, I ask how did you get my information? His response: "That's what I thought..." and he hangs up on me. 

Victim Location 29414
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I got a phone call saying they had a o interest card for balance transfer. Said they had my info but asked for credit card number. I started to give them my number but remembered you had told me before do not give out any personal information. I asked him the name of his company and he said Card Member Services. When I typed this in a huge number of people had warned people that this was a scam. I read to him what was being said about his company. And he told me I had put in the wrong name. The name was now Creditcardservices. Which is a real site showing cards that are offering 0 % cards for a limited time. I told him this was a generic site and could not be his company. When I started to ask other questions he hung up. It came in as a private number but my phone showed the number. It is 843 329 8321.I really hope you can get them and this phone number will probable be disabled soon so I hope you get them before they disconnect it.

Thank you for all you do. If you need to reach me call my home number which is 843 763 3090 and my name is ***  Thank you for all you do.

Victim Location 89142
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Phone calls from various 702-277-XXXX numbers once or twice per day. Offer credit card consolidation. When asking for any company info from them, or to be removed from their call list, they either hang up, or say things along the lines of "*** ***," "why don't you die," etc. They also initially claim to be associated with all credit card companies, listing names such as Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Bank of America, etc. Any time I have attempted to return a call, the number always belongs to an individual who knows nothing about Card Member Services and says that they are the only one that uses their cell phone.

Victim Location 80204
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Card Member Services credit card scam. They constantly call to "reduce my interest rate." My phone number is on the No-Call Registry. When you ask to be removed from the their call list, they hang up on you. Then they call back the following week using different (most likely a spoofed) phone number. A bit of research indicated that they've been fined by the FTC as they provide no services of any kind.

Victim Location 46260
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They've continued to call me multiple times regarding consolidation and I've asked multiple times to be removed from the calling list.

Victim Location 85020
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I frequently receive phone calls from 602-791-1093. I finally answered the call and it is from "Card Member Services" talking about my credit, payment history and credit cards I do not have. I think he wanted information from me. When I asked specific questions....where did he get my telephone number, where he was, he hung up.

Victim Location 63023
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Sadly, the scammers calling my cell phone AND house phone seem to be multiple times on a daily basis.

Be aware, and NEVER give your credit card numbers out to anyone who calls YOU, then asks for them! Call the company back on a known number, or one off your statement.

Today, I decided to take the local "unknown number" phone call, request to speak with someone, get a company name, and a phone number out of this person, then lead him on as though I was going to give him all my information. He told me the company was Card Member Services (I've already heard this a TON of times from other callers). He told me he would pull up my information on one credit card, to reduce my interest rate to 5%. I did not have a credit card in front of me, but gave him a made-up expiration date. He then asked me for the credit card numbers, starting with the first four. He asked me to read slowly and clearly so he could understand. I told him he was a scammer, no way was I going to give him my numbers, and he was going to go to hell for what he was doing.

He told me "[censored] you!"

I started laughing as though I were mad, then hung up on him.

I should have given him made-up numbers for a card, too, to waste his time....

By the way, I called the phone number he gave me, a few minutes after I hung up, and I heard this message... "Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again. 826." I guess he made up some numbers, as well!

Again, be aware, and NEVER give your numbers out to anyone who calls YOU, then asks for them!

Victim Location 35661
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I had a missed call from this phone number (1-800-285-8585). An automated lady comes on and asks you to enter you credit card number. I didn’t, and was promptly sent to a live person. The guy said he was from “Card Member Services” and that they serviced multiple different banks and couldn’t name them. I asked many times for the bank name that he worked for and he refused to tell me and just kept saying there were too many to name. He said the only way he could tell me anything is if I gave him my information. He wanted my name, credit card information, and social security number for security purposes. When I kept asking questions, he got angry and even though he was trying to give the impression that he was professional and legit, you could hear the agitation in his voice. He finally said that the call may have been meant for another family member living in the house with me (even though they called a cell phone with a brand new phone number). I lied and told him I had an elderly mother but I handle her business and asked if I just needed to give him all of her information. He said that would be fine as long as she just said it was ok. I continued asking questions about which bank his company services and he kept refusing to name even one bank. This is a horrible scam and I googled it and it’s all over the internet. The guy seems call center trained and he can talk himself out of anything!!

Victim Location 43061
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This company calls using my brothers phone number. It seems like they hack or steal phone numbers that are similar to your own. When I answer it is an automated recording telling me to press 9 to speak to someone about lowering my credit card rates. They have called me about 5 times now and everytime I ask them for the name of their company they hang up on me. This time they told me “card member services” and gave me a call back number of 1-800-739-8255 (which I found out is a sex hotline). They always have an Indian accent when they answer, so I assume this is a scam out of India.

Victim Location 45011
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Why can't Rachel from card member services be shut down?!? I get at least one call a week from these [censored]

Victim Location 33612
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

A man from a company called credit card member services claim to be a Jake up Weeber senior representative cardmember a ID 7228 claiming to help lower interest rate on credit cards asked for information and then hung up once connected to a Rep

Victim Location 49450
Type of a scam Credit Cards

this has been going on for months and they use spoofed numbers if you call the number back that shows up the owner of the phone has no clue and says they didn't call. all numbers that show up are Holland mi and cell number. If I answer its computerized msg and push 9 to speak they offer to lower your credit card rate. I have told them several times to remove my number and put it on a do not call list and they don't. today I asked to speak to a manager and he said there was no manager. this scammer needs to be stopped.

Victim Location 43235
Type of a scam Credit Cards

A guy named "Kenneth" who says he works for card member services keeps calling me (from a different phone number every time) offering to lower my interest rate. I thought he was legitimate at first because he named off all of the cards I have, was aware I had high balances, high interest rates, pays more than the minimum amount due, and never pays late. He said he could lower my interest rate on all my cards if I just provide him with the last 4 digits of any one of my cards and the expiration date. He also asked how do I spell my name and that's when I thought he might not be legitimate. I advised him that I didn't have a card on me at that time and to call back on Saturday. He said he doesn't work weekends and that he would call back on Monday. In the meantime, I have contacted two credit card issuers who advised me they did not call me or authorize the lower rate he is offering and there is no card member services for "all" cards. But this guy has way to much information about my credit cards, my phone number, my name, and who knows what else. I won't answer any more calls and he is excessively persistent about calling. He has called from all (614)#'s: 877-1331, 875-2273, 876-7746, 877-6566, 875-2285, 875-8371, 876-4547, 877-6033, 875-7075, 875-7295, 876-3357, 876-1958, 875-5749, 877-6438, & 877-3532. I don't know if he has my home address or if he knows where I work.

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