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Card Member Services Reports & Reviews (91)

After putting card in safe saving for emergency the emergency came and my card got denied I find out that lowered my available credit from 5000 to 500 because I didn't use never sent me notice never called never emailed. Then after fight with customer service omg a notice comes in mail telling me that they were taking my account wow

This company called me claiming to lower my interest rate or cancel all my credit card debt. They had all my credit information and my balances, social, birthdate, and address. I was transferred to the debt verifier and they claim they would cancel all my credit debt but will add $300 on highest card det, then would add $600 for processing and fees. Then I was transferred again to another person that's when I hung up and called all my credit card companies and changed all my card. Afterward someone called me 35 times from different numbers that when I answered and told them I'm not interested. Stop calling me! then a guy answered and said this is legit if it wasn't I wouldn't have your social security number.

- Whitehall, MI, USA

These people have just called us 17 times in the past 45 minutes. All with different phone numbers but from the same place. First they said they were from Discover Credit Card, then Card Member services representing Visa and Master Card. They wanted me to get their credit card with a 0% interest, and closing my existing accounts. I have told them NO, have hung up on them, and they just call back. My husband is on the phone with caller #18, and we have received 2 more calls attempting to call through during this call. This is ridiculous! They are just one big scam!

- Tyner, NC, USA

Says that they will reduce credit card debt for VISA, MASTERCARD. DISCOVERY. Want your credit card numbers to do so. Card Member Services show a Salt Lake address but that they have been out of business for several months.

- Commerce, TX, USA

At one point I had over 35 phone numbers for the same phony scammers who are all of Asian decent, in a call center, whom I have ask enumerable times to remove my phone number from their call list... on average i receive this same call 5 to 6 times a week often twice in the same day... It does no good to ask for them to remove the number they are hijacking our phone lines due to them being connected to the same satilite systems that we use for our computers, etc. I wish all call centers were require by law to only receive inbound calls, so that folks who do not wish to be harassed by unsolicited calls could have some piece and quite... my personal phones are for personal use and not to be used for solicitation, the same should apply to my personal computer and my personal email accounts.... stop call centers from being able to call out. anything but 911

Consumer received received a call claiming to be from Card Member Services. Person on the other side of the phone had consumer's name, current address and former address. They also indicated they had the first four digits of card, so consumer felt they were a legitimate service and provided additional details like last 4 of SSN and additional card details. Consumer then was disconnected and when she attempted to call back, there was no answer. Consumer then called capital one and was told to cancel her cards/block her credit.

I have been receiving numerous phone calls from different phone numbers. Just recently from a restricted number. When I pressed 1 to speak to someone I spoke to someone that sounded like he was in a call center. Which was a huge hint this was a scam. Just like the numerous other numbers that have called me. I asked him what address they've had he said 3113 something I couldn't understand him Atlanta GA. I asked him how he got my number and he didn't speak for a long time. When I asked him if they were accredited with the Better Business Bureau he asked me if I was going to file a complaint! I again asked him if he was accredited and he proceeded to ignore me. I didn't ask him why he calls on different phone numbers with his going to be "Card Member Services" company. He again ignored me and then hung up. They don't call from Atlanta GA, I have numbers from TX, IL, WI, all over the states. All the same saying "Hello, this is Card Member Services, you have been selected to lower your interest rate this is the last time we will call. (Which is a lie). if you owe more than $10,000 in credit card debt we can lower your interest rate immediately. Press 1 to speak to a representative." Why would they feel they need to call on so many different numbers, a restricted number that I just received today, if you were a legit company!

don't bother going on the Do Not Call list because it seems like they find your phone number and call you constantly!

They claim to be able to reduce your intrest rate on your credit cards. They name off several banks and credit cards that are in no way in business together. These people are rude and I dont know how any one would fall for this.

- Buffalo, NY, USA

"We have attempted to contact you several times, this is your last chance to reduce your credit card interest" When "agent" came on he asked for the type of credit card and the account number. He did not ask for money but wanted access to my entire account.

When questioned which card he represented the man with an Asian accent named every major credit card and again asked for the type of card and the account number for whatever card I was trying to lower payments on.. When asked what company he works for he said Card member Services. When asked for his name he asked me why I wanted to know. I told him that I was reporting this as a scam. He raised his voice and said " Go ahead, report me to the FBI...have good luck, ARE YOU GETTING ME??"

- New Orleans, LA, USA

They say that they are from card member services and they can lower interest rates on any of my credit cards. I asked them who they were looking for and they said me. I then asked how they got the number and they said from Experian.

- Walbridge, OH, USA

A foreign guy, Johnny Benson, ID # JB8646 called from Card Member Servicesme to lower the interest rate on my credit card. He wanted three of my credit card numbers. His extension is 8020. I gave him my Discover card, but canceled it.

- Strongsville, OH, USA

Received an automated call from (440) 444-1893 claiming they can see I've been making consistent payments on my Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, and offered me 0% interest if I have more than $3,000 in debt. Press 1 for an agent.

When I pressed 1, I was connected to a large congested call center live person. When I asked them the name of their company, the person said they were the Head of Card Member Services. I asked what card they were calling about, and they repeated exactly what the automated message said, and asked if that was correct. I then asked them again what was their company name and he said he was the Head of Card Member Services.

I advised them I am on the National DNC registry and to never call me again.

- Larue, TX, USA

ACRO law firm (somewhere in Colorado) Corey Worthy. Kenneth Joseph of cardmember services 888-552-2089. He was going to pay off 3 cards and she said she needed at least one card to use. Kenneth transferred her to ACRO and Corey said a woman would be calling her and she never called. He could help her by paying these off with a federal gov't grant for elderly people who couldn't pay off their balance.

Company calls daily from different numbers to "help with 0% APR through Visa and on behalf of Visa. They are phishing for information. Its always males with Indian accent.

- Fayetteville, AR, USA

I decided to actually ask some questions today, after being called 3-4 times a week for the last year or more. He said he was calling from California, so I asked why he had a local area code. He told me their phones automatically dial from a list and uses random numbers. Putting 2 and 2 together, their calling system fakes local numbers for a higher success of answers to their calls. The calls are also made automatically from a list of people, pressing 1 takes you directly to a live person, since these calls are made automatically and they hang up as soon as they catch on that you're privy to their scam, there is a very low chance of being placed on any sort of "do not call" list. It's purely predatory, aiming at the elderly or uninformed, and there is no way to get these calls to actually stop, since it generates a new phone number every call.

- Fresno, CA, USA

I regularly get telephone calls from "Card Member Services" offering reduced interest rates on one's credit cards. The calling number is always different and many times uses the same area code as mine (559). The auto voice says if interested in lowering your credit card rate, press 1; to no longer receive these calls press 2. Several times, I press 2, but the calls keep coming. The last two times I pressed 1 and spoke with a live person (sounded like English was a second language) and asked for information about the company. The only information provided is from where the phone call came (this time it was New York, but with a Central California prefix); last time it was from Atlanta). After asking to speak to the person's manager, he hung up. I have filed a complaint with the FTC, in hopes that enough complaints will lead them to track down the operators of this scam and bring civil and criminal claims against them.

I do block the call number, but I always get called from a different phone number.

- Far Rockaway, NY, USA

I received an initial phone call today from 9178056376 at 11:09am with the offers to save an annual credit card savings of $2500 and that the apr would be less than 6%. I expressed interest because my current APR is over 20% with a large balance. The caller told me I would be receiving a call in 15 minutes. I then received a call from 9178051944 at 11:37pm discussing the details of the offer. Unfortunately after giving my personal identification information(examples, date of birth, ss#), he then told me about a $1199 charge and quoted me a new increased balance. I then became suspicious and told the caller I was no longer interested but the caller told me it was too late that the transaction would be processed and that I would receive a new card via mail. I was placed on hold and transferred to what I perceived was a third-party, Colonial Financial Group who stated it was not responsible for what was told to me previously. I then called Discover Card to report this experience therefore it listed as of today that the current card is lost and stolen and that a new card would be sent via fedex. Today, I signed up with Norton Lifelock due to this unfortunate experience.

- Whitewright, TX, USA

Man asked what credit cards she had and she refused to tell him; however, he knew about 2 of her cards and the balances. He wanted her to change to cardmember services and get 0% interest for the remainder of her "loans". At end of the call he said she would be given a 0% or low interest rate (see change?). He assured her he had access to all her credit cards. She gave him no information.

When I ask to be removed from the call list they always hang up on me. This business seems very shady. They call from fake phone numbers which in my opinion should be a federal crime. If you try to call the number back you get some unsuspecting person who never called you from their number.

- San Jose, CA, USA

Started as a Robocall and had been receiving several calls over many days, never leave a message, so today I answered as caller ID number was extremely similar to my health providers various numbers (800-972-7600 was caller ID number) which they later advised I wouldn't be able to call them back on as it was a random robocall number. Proceeded to state I was 'selected' due to good credit card payment status & was pre-qualified for a 0% interest on Mastercard/Visa/Discover/American Express cards balances and push 1 if interested. So I did knowing a real person would come on line. They claimed to be calling from the Health Center for Card Member Services Co. They had my name and address correct, but told me it was about my Mastercard & Visa credit cards. Which I have neither. Wanted to know what cc I use most and the balance, which I refused to give and told them I believed they were scammer. First person I spoke with 'Rachel Lewis' did not know how to respond and connected me to 'manager (ha) Mark Wilson'. They were persistent with questions about me (which I replied 'you called me' and I had no intention of affirming, then asked where they obtained their info & they quickly replied 'three credit bureaus/companies recommended me...Experian, Trans Union & AcroFax for this promotion...they were just needing to qualify correct card/bank/details, etc.' Wanted to know my cc balance as it needed to be over $2k. Refused, then lied and said needed to speak with husband and requested call back number, which they gave 888-552-2089 as company #. TOTAL SCAM...Went online and read they had previously been closed down for similar scamming.

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