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Avas Flowers

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Avas Flowers Reports & Reviews (154)

• Aug 23, 2022

Order 9537014

They are 100% scammers, I spent 7 days of many phone calls with "customer service", long story short
1. first order on 8/17 - LOOKED HORRIBLE
2. Called they claimed 8/18 they will send another arrangement and was informed to put original crap flowers outside for them to pick up. NEVER CAME
2. Called again, claimed 8/19, no flowers and not to mention the original ones have been outside in heat now for 2 days.
3. 8/20 was informed flowers would deliver, NO flowers
4. 8/22 was informed flowers would be delivered, the driver texted the reciepaitn CLAIMIING TO NOT FIND THE HOUSE and if she did not hear back in 3 mins she is leaving, the recipient called her RIGHT BACK, so it was maybe 30 seconds. The driver left the area.
5. Called after I was informed of the driver leaving area within 30 seconds, they state, oh they will be there! please give us this chance blah blah, I stated at this point I am over it and there is NOTHING special about these flowers anymore, refund me!
6. Called 8/23 to let them know, NO FLOWERS AND IM 100% DONE, I want a refund, they FINALLY passed me on the "supervisor" which highly doubt was. Best offer she had was refund me 50% of my order, so I said, sooooo 50% back and still not flowers. So I paid you guys to just cause me all of this inconvenience and the horrible original flowers are done at this point as they sat outside for days.
7. They are a scam, something needs to be done.

• Mar 20, 2022

A total SCAM

I ordered some flowers for my anniversary, at first it appeared as if I was ordering from a local florist but it turned out AVAS is SCAMMER pretending to be a florist. Not only did I not receive anything (thanks for ruining my anniversary) but all the information on their page is bogus. Their posted address on their webpage is not text but a gif, once you search for that address, there is nothing at that location, their published Google, Bing, and other "reviews" are also bogus, you can not find the listing for AVAS on the map applications, therefore, there are no possible ways to review them on Google or Bing. Do not waste your money or time, this operation is a big scam

• Dec 17, 2021


Item: Winter Solstice Centerpiece (Premium)
* Price: $89.99
* Service Fee: $15.99
* Delivery Fee: $0
* Tax Total: $6.30
* Order Total: $112.28

I wanted to purchase Christmas Centerpiece for my Godmother who is 100+y/o. At this point in her life, I wanted so much to make her smile and be happy since this may be the last Christmas she is here with family.

I found a beautiful Christmas Centerpiece at Terry’s Flowers [ AVAS ] that I knew she would love. So, I purchased the Winter Solstice Centerpiece (Premium) Price: $89.99 arrangement. First, I was shocked seeing that there was an additional fee of $15.99 as a Service Fee, God only knew what that was for!

Well, my Godmother received the arrangement and her daughter sent me a picture of what it looked like. OMG - I was so embarrassed! It was DISGUSTING - HORRENDOUS - INSULTING - I didn't even look like a $15 arrangement you could get at a grocery store! Simple arrangement of a rose, carnations, another flower, holly, evergreen, and pine cones.

Victim Location 32955
Total money lost $147
Type of a scam Credit Cards

8239267 Is my order number

DO NOT BUY! This site is a SCAM! I ordered flowers for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. The delivery date was promised between May 7-9 - on or before Mother’s Day. I received 2 calls on Friday the 7th about the order, first requesting a phone number to contact me (they were calling me at my contact phone number) and then for my email address - which they had already sent an email to with the order confirmation. I made sure to verify that the flowers would arrive on or before Mother’s Day, asked to speak with a supervisor to verify, and was told supervisors only work via email and that the flowers would arrive on Mother’s Day my mother in law was sobbing on the phone because her flowers did not arrive. Today I received a call from support to ‘verify the delivery address. When I again asked to speak with a supervisor because the flowers were not delivered for Mother’s Day I was hung up on. I received a callback moments later only to be hung up on again. I tried to call for support but was hung up on with every option I selected. Finally, I selected the option to place a new order and got to a human…who said they could not help me and transferred me to support. I waited 48 mins to speak with a supervisor and was again hung up on. Finally, after several calls, I spoke with a supervisor called Sebastian @ ext 2343 who told me there was nothing they could do aside from offering a $20 credit on future purchases. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!

How are these people still in "business"? This is the biggest scam.
My flowers did not show up on time and when they did arrive, they were not what I ordered. They were a $10 bouquet put in a dollar tree vase.
I wanted to support local and Avas Flowers came up in my search. (they spend alot of money to steal yours!) This is a thrid party company and is giving local florists (they hire) a bad name.
When I called to get this issue rectified they wanted to give me a $15 credit, so they could scam me again. When I pressed the issue for a refund or send the flowers I ordered, we were disconnected...4 times!
Called my Credit card company. Done deal. Steer Clear!

Avas Flowers is a SCAM! You'll have to pay them at least $40.00 just to take your order. You will receive your order barely on time. It will be the worst piece of "crap" you've ever seen. My order was exclusively Daisy's and Carnations, bright colors. What I received was dull (no color), dead Lilies, Roses (I'm allergic to Roses), and NOT A SINGLE DAISY OR CARNATION. By the time you receive the order, you will not be able to get anything else. (I paid a lot for one day delivery before 2:00PM.) Avas Florists will NOT refund your money. You will be forced to accept another arrangement at a later date. They will not offer nor tender any money for your inconvenience. I tried to stop the 2nd order. They did NOT honor my three (3) "cancel order requests." What happened after that involved the police, assault charges, and an unbelievable nightmare!

NEVER, EVER, NOT EVEN ONCE, USE AVAS FLORISTS. Use a local florist, even if the flowers will be late.

Sincerely, Paul Moore

Tried to buy some flowers for same day delivery. The first option was said could not be same day, so, I called and Maria, an employee for this company, helped me to find something that could be sent same day. at 6 PM I called my friend and asked if she liked the surprise and discovered she did not get anything. I went to their site to discover would be sent tomorrow. I was about 1 hour at the phone trying to solve the problem and I said if this does not go today, tomorrow, my friend will not accept and sent it back and I will file a complain with my credit card. So, they are not reponsible people.

Victim Location 91301
Total money lost $56
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered an item for delivery on May 1st. No item was delivered. Called support and item was not delivered May 2nd or May 3rd. Item is still not delivered with no updates on delivery. Support keeps hanging up and will not give an update.

Victim Location 08758
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Advertise delivery date - then day of

they can’t send out floral arrangement and they want to change flower arrangement and send 2 days later!

Don’t use them Ever

Victim Location 30236
Total money lost $92
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Placed order on the phone for floral arrangement totaling $92. Order was never delivered, no one would respond to inquiries. Online inquiries didn’t work either. After 12 phone calls totaling over two hours, I was told I couldn’t get a refund, even though they never delivered the flowers. This is a scam do not use this company they’re horrible and dishonest.

Victim Location 70508
Total money lost $92
Type of a scam Online Purchase

My mom wanted to purchase a floral arrangement for her friend's funeral. She found Ava's and placed an order. She received confirmation but no delivery when called to ask about delivery updates we were transferred back and forth and placed on hold for an extended period of time. During transfers as well as randomly while on hold multiple beeps could be heard that are the exact sounds hears on scam phone calls such as "car's extended warranty" calls. My mom is contacting her bank to dispute the charge.

Victim Location 19438
Total money lost $117
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Flowers were never delivered for death of Covid family friend. amazing in this time of need that we can be scammed. The customer service goes nowhere, the customer service recording shuts off. The tracking doesn't work. No update on delivery. Tried to sign in and it doesn't work, can't see the password.

Victim Location 03809
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They are not an actual florist.Anywhere or anyhow.They make it look like they have an actual retail spot in every town in my area. Unfortunately my shop name is ***** *******. They put ***** ******* in front of the name. And in small print on top it says avasflorist.They are a middle man.They keep part of the customs money and pass on the rest to a shop that cant possibly give them the flowers they ordered on line for the amount they pass along

They also use their own credit card so the customer does not know. They have called me a few times.They give me their cc info and tell me what the person wants to send.Alot of times it's not even available. So they say send anything.Please stop them

Victim Location 63084
Total money lost $75.53
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Do not order from Avas Flowers. They are 110% scammers and not real. Placed an order and instantly felt something was off. Called and went through a round about to even speak with a representative. Finally got on the phone with one and they refused to give me a refund stating it was already out for delivery to the local florist has already put time and effort into it. States you can cancel an order within 24 hours but not same day delivery...its the same thing! They put me on "hold" even through you could hear them in the back ground. I requested serval times for my money back and there was no way anyone started working on this arrangement within 5 minutes. Called the bank and had them cancel my account to ensure they would not get another dime even if they attempted.

Victim Location 45322
Type of a scam Online Purchase

my wife ordered from Avas Flowers in Waynesville, Ohio 877-638-3303 there was two orders made and neither one what she ordered. Then they were delivered by Fitzgerald Florist in Waynesville, Ohio 937-746 -6272, Dennis Fitzgerald gave his permission for you to call himWe did not order from them. Frizgarald was told what to send but it was not what my wife ordered. they were paid by Avas for the two plants at $35.00 each which is $70.00 and we were charged $144.38.Stubbs and Connor Funeral Home in Waynesville Ohio 185 N.Main St 866-474-5061They will confirm that they feel that this is a scam.

Victim Location 28573
Total money lost $75
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed an ordered for my mom's birthday on a Saturday and was emailed they would be delivered that day, then received a call they couldn't be, and they would do an upgrade on the order and delivery would be on Monday, received 2nd email stating they couldn't be delivered, so requested a refund, then received a phone call saying they would be, only to receive a 3rd email saying that the order couldn't be delivered, so asked for a refund, then was sent by email their cancelation policy, and then received a 4th email saying it was being delivered, asked for a refund yet again, then nothing, today Tuesday the flowers were delivered and to nobody's surprise they were wrong, and looked like flowers from Walmart, they didn't have the balloons or card paid for, called Avas flowers and was told they delivered her a assortment of 24 different color roses, and they were not roses, it was 6 daisy and 6 carnations, that looked half dead, and the rest was greenery. My order totalled over 125.00 and they said to make it right they would refund 50% that totalled 46.00, and they reached that total due to a 20.00 processing fee, this is the biggest scam I've seen after reading all the reviews, that I read too late

Total disaster. NEVER ORDER FROM AVAS FLOWERS. I placed an order for 1 simple flower arrangement to be delivered 3 days later for a friend's anniversary. Got confirmation and was charged for the order. In the middle of the day the arrangement was supposed to be delivered, I received an e-mail indicating that what I ordered was not available. It prompted me to click on a link to choose a substitution. Clicking on the link took me to a webpage that said they were experiencing issues and prompted me to call customer service. I called customer service and, while on hold, was prompted to hang up and email [email protected] So I did, and immediately received an automated response indicating that the e-mail box is not being monitored and to call customer service. So I called back, and after 40 minutes finally talked to someone. They said that my arrangement was not available but they would upgrade my order to 24 red roses. I said that's not what I wanted but was told over and over again that's what they were going to send. Finally I gave in and said that as long as the flowers were delivered that day (the anniversary date), it was fine. After a long pause, I was told that they were unable to find anyone locally that could fulfill the order and the would need to ship it the following day. I said that's not going to work and asked for a refund. They told me this was not possible as the order had already been sent to UPS. I asked for a supervisor and was told no one was available but that someone would call me back by the end of the day. At 5:30 PM no one had called so I called back. After 2 full hours of hold time I talked to a supervisor. She just said "sorry, nothing we can do" and offered me a credit on my next order. Needless to say I declined and called AMEX to dispute the charge.

Victim Location 47842
Total money lost $85
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I placed an order on Avas Flower's because they advertised they delivered to Greencastle In . I wanted to send my daughter-in-law a birthday bouquet. I couldn't get the website to work and so I called them. A rep took my order for $85 and placed my order which was to be delivered March 19th. The money was taken.. the flowers NEVER DELIVERED!! Every single time I called back the rep put me on hold to call the non existent flower shop in Greencastle IN and said they couldn't get ahold of them.. line busy... closed..... I am 71 years old and $85 is a lot of money.... I would like to get my money back and have them reported as FRAUD

Victim Location 45013
Total money lost $94
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went online to view their flower arrangements and place an order for my wife's birthday. I decided to call the number to place the order instead and spoke to the merchant who then placed my order for delivery and gave me specific date/time of delivery and a confirmation number. The day it was supposed to be delivered, I received a notification of delivery without receiving goods so I immediately reached out to the merchant who said that sometimes they mark delivered before the actual deliver and that he was calling the flower shop. This was a $94.00 flower arrangement/delivery that I never recieved and was charged for. I have now disputed the charges with my bank and they will handle it from here. I noticed afterwards there is a significant amount of complaints against this company and they are scamming people.

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