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AT&T Reports & Reviews (84)

- Waco, TX, USA

Call received from 800-772-3140. Young-ish-sounding male caller with foreign accent said something about $20 off next bill for answering AT&T survey "Okay?" Without thinking, I said, "Uh...okay" and the line went dead.

- Sacramento, CA, USA

My own phone number called me and the recording said it was AT&T and my account had been compromised. Asked me for last for digits of my social.

- Duluth, MN, USA

On 2/13/18, I received a call from “ATT” stating there was unusual activity on my account so it was locked. In order to unlock it I needed to give my last 4 digits of soc security number, passcode for phone and zip code. Immediately after doing this I called ATT and inquired if there had been unusual activity and my phone had been locked. I was told this was not the case and changed my passcode.

- Debary, FL, USA

I received a call from AT&T warning me that someone was trying to buy $4000 in Apple products. After asking me if I authorize the purchase, they asked for my pin to add further security protection on my account.

30 minutes later, a $84.99 AT&T purchase was charged to my bank account. I then received alert from AT&T that account changes have been made. I called the AT&T fraud department and they said scammers had gotten into my account(where I had a bank card stored) and changed the name and address associated with my account. While on the phone with the fraud department, the scammers were at Best Buy trying to buy an iPhone X and an iPad. I already had my bank and phone accounts locked at this point.

- Lubbock, TX, USA

I received a phone call from ATT, not AT&T saying there were problems with my cell phone and they needed my password. I hung up on them.

- Milwaukee, WI, USA

Received a phone call from "ATT Customer Service" with a recorded voice stating that my account is being suspended until I input account verification information. I hung up immediately and called ATT my self who stated that my account is fine and that they do not send out information like that.

Just thought I would let you know.

- Abilene, TX, USA

This scammer used my iPhone number to call my iPhone. The call came under my name. When my husband calls me from the house phone, it will be identified on my iPhone with my name so I answered my iPhone thinking it was my husband. The recording said it was from AT&T & that my social security number had been hacked & to respond by selecting one of the options given. I hung up. Within 5 minute of my call my husband received a call on his phone. He answered it. Same message. When we checked the number on previous calls, it was his name with iPhone listed under it.

- Harker Heights, TX, USA

I received a phone call from a person who claim to represent Direct TV/ ATT. I could receive all movie channels and over two hundred channels for the next two years for only 59.99 per month. I was instructed to go to the nearest Walgreens or CVS purchase a amazon gift card, add the amount of $240.00. Once I send it in, I would receive a $100.00 visa gift card weeks later. I quickly declined the offer.

- New Orleans, LA, USA

I received an unsolicited text message ,indicating to be from AT&T. The message read " You have U-verse TV & DIRECTV active on your account. If you do not want both please call 844-84--5186 & enter code 8706. Text STOP to opt out." I called and enter the code as requested. When a person answered on the other side, the proceeded to request for an account password. I felt that since they contacted me they should already have this information, so refused to provide it.

I an not sure if the text was legitimate or a scam, but if anyone else had received this type of requests, I would be suspicious.

- Berwick, LA, USA

I was contacted by someone who represented themselves as an AT&T employee and I was told due to new regulations I had to consolidate my long distance and she would help me. I asked repeatedly if she was an actual AT&T employee and each time she said she was, I even hung up on her once and she called back and convinced the owner of the company that she was legitimate. After finally agreeing to her terms and agreement I went online and found there are numerous complaints on this company. I called AT&T and they verified that no one had called me from there company and there was no need to consolidate my long distance since I paid a flat rate already. I have yet to receive the email I was supposed to get with all my new information on long distance as the scammer said I would.

- Hiram, OH, USA

This man identified himself as Peter Watson, but had a strong accent (probably from India). Then he told me, ACCURATELY, what my deceased husband's email address was and that it could be misused and harm others. I told him I didn't believe he's Peter Watson because of his accent and that I would call ATT about it.

I also told him I wouldn't go along with his wanting me to turn on my computer and do as he would direct me to eliminate the items related to my husband's email address. Then I hung up.

I received a call from my own number. It was an automated message claiming that they were calling as AT&T. The recording stated that my account had been suspended and to gain access to it again I'd need to enter the last four digits of the account holders social security number. I did not enter any numbers and the call ended on its own.

I received a call this morning from a lady (Melissa), who said that she was with AT&T and wanted to notify us that our internet had increased and they were lowering our bill. I told her that I didn’t want her to make any changes to our account that she seemed to be a 3rd party company trying to get me to switch my services to their company for billing purposes. They resale AT&T services. I get so many calls like this and I would like to find a way to have them stop calling us.

This is FRAUD – saying that they work for AT&T. She gave me a phone number and an agent ID number, because I wanted to call the number back to confirm her identity. The number she gave is 888-986-8174 ext 1280 (Melissa – MA3727). I called my real AT&T Customer Service number and they confirmed with me that it was not AT&T rep. I googled the number and I found references that lots of other folks have commented about this fraud activity.

Can someone do something about this?

- Fayetteville, NC, USA

Employment opportunity with the company as executive assistant of the CEO of a third party vendor for AT&T and DirecTV. They had multiple people involved in this scam i spoke to 6 different people multiple conference calls for 3weeks claiming to be members of their board of directors. Once they said that I had position had to pay processing and documentation fees for security clearance id's passports that would be refunded back with in 72 hrs . They went as far as to have apostle contact me about position say it was legitimate and they donates to their church and community. When funds were not returned they went as far as to say financial advisor had death of his grandfather had to fly to Chicago for funeral . Than said the ceo was in the hospital bleeding out after than reason i couldn't get my funds back right now. Than they stop responding to my calls and texts 9108380826 9102344352 9108529533.

Called to collect debts from friend- asked if I could get a hold of my friend regarding debts. My friend had not used AT&T in years

- Bullhead City, AZ, USA received an email from a consumer reporting they received a robocall from their cell number to their cell number. The message claimed his AT&T account had been flagged for security reasons and he needed to enter the last four of his SSN. Needless to say that I didn't and I hung up, but I'm sure other people have fallen for it. Unfortunately there's no way to track down the originating number since mine was spoofed.

- Macomb, MI, USA

Kimberly from AT&T calls everyday to tell me that my internet service has been breached and to call the above # for tech support. I did call the number provided and they asked why I was calling. When I told them that they had called and told me my internet had been breached they said that they had received messages from my computer telling them that there was a problem. I called my AT&T service and was told that everything is fine. I also reported this to them so they were aware that someone was using their company name to commit a fraud.

- Shepherdsville, KY, USA

Calls and says he's from AT&T and tells you that your account has been compromised and that he will send you a text. Once text is sent he asks you to tell him the code. It is NOT AT&T

- College Station, TX, USA

I called AT&T and they couldn’t help me identify this as a payment. Have you heard of any scams of this nature.

My account number does not end in number 4626 and the amount is about double what I normally pay. I pay on line by credit card and this shows a payment by bank draft.

Also, the web address that is shown, [email protected] evidently doesn’t exist (or at least is out of service) and is not the one I get my billing from. The AT&T site is

I suspect this is some sort of phishing scam. What should I do?

Thanks for your support.

some att agent claims they were going to take long distance charges of my father's phone.

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