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AT&T Reports & Reviews (85)

- Braidwood, IL, USA • Feb 17, 2024

I keep receiving calls and texts from this number claiming to be AT&T. I don’t answer or respond because obviously i know I’ve never had AT&T as a service in my life and they are claiming i owe them money lol. I’m just tired of them harassing me. I’ve blocked the number but they change a digit or two and call again.

- Strongsville, OH, USA • Sep 12, 2023

They spoke Chinese, and forced me to speak Chinese. They said they are AT&T headquarters and tried to get my personal information.

• Aug 17, 2023

I received a call last Tuesday on. I answered the call. The caller said they were with AT&T. It was a live person. I did not get his name. I do not have their phone number. It may have come on my landline. Hw said they were changing all the wiring on landline with AT&T Customers. He would send out a device to hook up to your landline. It was free. No charge. He said it was a $200 value. I said I am not sure. We hung up. He said he was sending it out but I did not give permission. He said if I don't like it I can return it in thirty days. I would pay $30 to send back. This replaces wiring on landline. I have AT&T. I called AT&T. I explained the call. She told me it is a scam. They are not doing that. I called a number back. They were affiliated with AT&T. I don't have the number at this time. She said if I don't keep it I won't have a landline. They did not ask for money or personal information. It would be $30 to return. He said we are notifying eight million people.

• Aug 10, 2023

I was contacted via phone on August 9 stating they were from AT&T and said they could save me money & lower my bill and then asked me how much are you paying a month? I said you should know that if you are from AT&T and then i hung up. Then she called back again from 407-815-2671 and said we were cut off and I said you are not from AT&T and hung up on her.

- Chicago, IL, USA

Scammer called my cellphone saying they were from AT&T and asked to speak with my husband (using his first name). Scammer questioned me about our internet service, saying that AT&T would be upgrading to a fiber optic network in our area. Scammer asked how we use the internet. Scammer quoted a price we currently pay for internet service, saying an amount that is higher than what we pay. I said AT&T would know how much we pay and wouldn't be asking for this information. I realized I was being targeted to give over information and soon ended the call. I called the number back and it's a recording that says you have reached "customer service" without saying AT&T and without the usual AT&T noises/menu options.

They called saying that my phone service was suspended due to someone trying to buy $2000 worth of iphones using my account but with A New York address they got $200 from me plus $16 in shipping fees to send back the iphone that I never ordered.. I'm tired of them trying to scam innocent people.

Wife received a phone call from someone claiming to be ATT rep.

Said an account was being opened in my name my wife declined to give any information and hung up.

Approximately 10 minutes later received a text message asking for copies of personal identification documents. We again declined and contacted AT&T customer service to verify it was not them in truth.


This is a fraud scheme, stemming from Xfinity and AT&T and involves a security breach with access to my private information online. Caller claimed to be with Xfinity Sales Promotions and offered a promotion to reduce our Xfinity and AT&T bills in half. They promoted the scam as a post pandemic special promotion partnering with Target. The initial call came from Christy with Comcast/Xfinity at 507-317-8587. The scammers had full access to my cable and phone accounts without me having to provide any information. They only had my cell phone number. The first scammer, named "Ted," pulled up my Xfinity account and zeroed out my November bill, claiming that Target covered them and to take advantage of the promotion I would need to pre pay my account for several months via Target gift cards. I was offered the same promotion for our cell phone service, AT&T by a "Kevin Thomas." I was also promised a new phone from Target. I bought into it and participated until I realized it was a scheme. When I told them I was no longer interested, "Kevin Thomas" became verbally abusive and I received threatening text messages from 501-387-7130. They again accessed my Xfinity account, directing $900 to be paid out of my bank account without my authorization. Xfinity backed out $500 of that amount. I have been scammed out of $2050 with this fake promotion. I have changed my passwords, had to cancel my credit/debit cards and open a new checking out. This has been reported to the FBI, FTC, NM Attorney General, Xfinity, Target and AT&T. I have also filed a police report with the Albuquerque Police Department.

Received call that AT&T was needed to send a signal to upgrade channels. When I asked about cost was $199. They hung up on me. I called at& t and reported it. They said they don’t call customers

I got a call Mr. Rafael Samboy and said my AT&T phone service was disconnected, the phone hang up, so I called back to find out what that was all about, when I called back there was a "auto server" the same man saying for English Press 1! So I pressed one then the same man say this is AT&T can I help you! what are your calling for? I told him due to the phone call I jus got, He asked for name, so he can look me up, I said I don't have account with AT&T, He said well its, Because someone is trying to send a phone connected to a account in your name and he was goin to remove it, he asked some questions of information like name,email,address and last four SSN for verification, he was really rude and rushing ,Then sent this text to my phone number NEVER share your verification code via call or text. If someone asks for the code, it's a scam. Your code is

Then asked for it and 4 verification questions to finish up, the hang up on me! I tried to call back that number provided ,it didn't even ring, it said call ended,I was busy working not necessarily catching on but then again i felt Like I was getting scammed! someone please help me! I feel like fool...smh

I received a bill for $743 that looked just like an AT&T bill. We don’t use AT&T! I called the customer service number on the bill and was connected to AT&T! Neither the account number or the phone numbers on the bill were valid. The customer service confirmed my suspicion that this was a scam. Beware!!!

- Memphis, TN, USA

I received a text message saying my auto payment did not go through. it was from 391 286-3084 Obviously, not AT&T, I didnt fall for this but someone else might.

- Forest, LA, USA

Received call from AT&T DSL Tech Support and they downloaded a Malware to computer.

received auto call that stated at&t was about to be disconnected press 1 (didn't get what said) press 2 to speak with representative pressed 2 male call on from stated how can I help you I stated just received message that my at&t service was about to be disconnected said male rep said I am about to send a text with a link click that link I asked him was he an at&t employee he said yes I asked for his id he gave me 516284 then I asked for a phone number that I could call him back at and he hung up on me saying something I couldn't make out.... No doubt a scam... I do have at&t cell service.....please beware

- Savannah, GA, USA

I have had easily a dozen or more calls from this number. Sometimes they offer a lower rate for bundling services. The most recently the scammer said AT&T was switching to digital and something had to be done. Multiple times I requested my options to be postal mailed to me so I could look them over. They had various excuses why they could not do that. Red flag - that is a strange business model. Finally, on a day off I called the real AT&T. Of course, they confirmed my suspicion that the calls were not legitimate. I did not let them talk long enough for them to discuss how to pay. I do not think the amount they wanted was the same every time. The most common amount was $80 monthly for the bundled services.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

I got a text message from this company telling me I could get a free iphone 10 (pay for shipping) if I was an ATT customer, which I am.

- Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Received a call from the above number. When I answered, an automated message said that it was AT&T calling and that my cellular account has been suspended to verify my identity. The automated message gave instructions to press 1 to begin the verification process. I hung up because I knew it was a scam, but I'm pretty sure the information that would have been asked for in order to "verify" my identity would have been used to steal my identity.

- Mundelein, IL, USA

ATT reporting that there was something wrong with my internet services. That I had over 40% of my services stopped and they ere going to restart them for me free of charge.

They said that I was entitled to $300 refund. They needed my cell phone number. I refused to give it to them. She transferred me to a supervisor.

They wanted me to sign onto my online banking. He said if I didn’t sign on to bank to receive the refund that

my computer would be locked. I said so be it and hung up and closed their remote access.

- Munford, AL, USA

Received a phone call with all the AT&T information on our direct tv account, I mean everything down to the acct # as well as what we were receiving and our monthly bill. They told me they were offering discounts to loyal customers and when I questioned them about this they told me in detail when, where, how much I had started with on our direct tv acct back 10 years and up to date info. Who wouldn’t believe someone that knew all all of this info. I am a senior citizen so money is always on our mind, they offered me a fixed monthly rate, down substantially to what I was paying but not down to where I even questioned the amount. Then! I was told I had to pay 4 months in advance to get this discount with prepaid cards, still I was willing to help save so I fell for it. Even when I called the number back the AT&T sounds and recordings were exactly as the AT&T recordings are today. Fool me once but only once!!! Never again, we were lucky we only lost a small amount of money compared to some of the others I’ve heard about. Please be aware I am still getting these phone calls about not just direct tv but also our internet and phone service but I block every number when I hear someone’s voice.....BUT.....they still keep calling from other numbers ????

I was scammed out of $240 by representatives of ATT claiming I was paying for six months in

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