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Amazon Impostor

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Amazon Impostor Reports & Reviews (279)

Victim Location 31204
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Caller ID showed as Amazon calling.The number was actually a spoofed old Amazon telephone #. Caller said he was with Amazon “security” calling to let me know of a purchase on my account for $548.02 & I needed to verify my email & security questions. I asked him to verify the email since he contacted me,he states he needed check with a supervisor, then came back on the line to inform me that he just needed me to verify my email. I once again told him to verify for me. He disconnected the call. I promptly got in touch with amazon via their “contact us”,& was told that it was a old amazon # that they no longer use & was a scam

Victim Location 59803
Type of a scam Phishing

A robotic voice claimed to be Amazon customer service calling about a $77 purchase just made. It said if you know what this is just hang up but if it doesn't sound familiar please call *** (I didn't catch the number but it wasn't the length of a usual phone number) Checked amazon and there were no orders listed plus it shows email as the usual way to contact customer service.

Victim Location 76308
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call and they said that someone has charged $200 on your amazon account and we want to verify that you made this charge please call us at ________ number. I called Amazon directly and they verified I had no charges.

Victim Location 01473
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I have received 4 of these text messages: Fwd: Amazon Prime picked you #3/50 for Alexa Thursday this July 25th! You received 100 dollars! Complete this super short survey to redeem>

Victim Location 74107
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They asked for my card # over and over fake names wouldn't let me talk to supervisor

Victim Location 75092
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received info many people were working in the comfort of their home. You would be working with Amazon. They interviewed me and said I would qualify for this. They would get a credit card for me that I could pay my expenses with but I would be making good money to pay off card off quickly. My computer wasn't working properly so I was told they would send me a computer with next day delivery. I started getting concerned so when computer came in I never opened it. By the time the American Express card got here I called to tell AmEx I wanted it cancelled. They would counsel but the charge would have to be taken care of. I asked them what charges I never activated the card and did not make any purchases. I quite answering their phone calls. On Thanksgiving Kenny called me and asked me to call the card company and tell them I was cancelling and there would not be a dispute. As he instructed me online AM operator told him if he did not quite instructing me she would hang up. I called AmEx today to say it was a scam.

Victim Location 74533
Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

Received two calls from a Sarah, saying Amazon is hiring 23 ppl this month. I need to log on to this web site. She gave two different once. The other was

Victim Location 63084
Type of a scam Employment

I received a voicemail from a lady claiming that she had received my employment application and she would like to consider me for a position working for Amazon making 17 to $32 an hour selling products and writing reviews on them and that if I was interested I could go on to retail pay. Org

Victim Location 64855
Total money lost $98
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was bored on my break and took an "Amazon" phone survey and at the end they offered a free watch. It was actually an Amazon look-a-like website. They said I would just have to pay the shipping price of $7.95. I gave them my debit information and authorized a charge of $7.95. Then I saw a charge of $98 appear on my account. I called them back about it and they said that I paid for a subscription. I told them I didn't and I wanted my money back. They said I only had 14 days to cancel and it was

written into the conditions I agreed to. It was not. I read those conditions fully. They won't refund me for a charge I did not authorize. They're a scam.

Victim Location 17552
Type of a scam Employment

Phone call from 610-601-3221 that leaves a message with the website "" to work from home with Amazon. To get the kit you must pay a fee. They give you a website that earns you money ($14,000) while you do nothing. Amazon Cashe Website © Copyright — 2018 All Rights Reserved.

Victim Location 20735
Type of a scam Employment

I checked my phone message and I was told that a job was available due to my interest in Amazon. The job would pay 15 to 17 dollars per hour to review products. The message said that they knew that I posted a resume but the website that I was referred to appears fraudulent.

Victim Location 83402
Type of a scam Other

I was contacted by Amazon for a job, they directed me to a website and once on the website I was asked to send 149.00 for a starter kit also for a credit check

Victim Location 23111
Type of a scam Employment

This company will sent you a link to read about the job opportunity ( Sounds great, just put your information in and they will call you. Got a call and they sent me an email with a contract asking for a selfie with my driver's license and then a copy of just my driver's license. Attached is the contract stating that full time you can make about 5k a month plus 5% commission. I have worked in a commission based job and that sounded sketchy. So I called the number at the bottom of the email and what are the chances that it was the same guy I talked to the previous day from a different phone number. When I asked what the job initialed he stated that they pay merchants for amazon and that money will be deposited into my bank account and then I would withdraw the money and "pay their clients" with the money. So just to do my researched a little more, I contacted Amazon and asked if this job even excised. Low and behold they did not and advised that what I was receiving was a scam.

Victim Location 16159
Type of a scam Employment

Scam Description

received a voicemail saying they reviewed my online resume and had open positions working with "Amazon" listing products and posting reviews that paid anywhere from $17-$32 hr. Female said to apply today as they are only hiring 23 people and to apply to "". I looked at their site which immediately looked suspicious. Also, it seems they have different names, i.e. "" etc. The positions are not on a job site with job description but rather a scam for you to pay for a training kit. I checked the Amazon site and they have no such jobs listed. This is a scam!

Victim Location 80401
Total money lost $299
Type of a scam Other

Beware of anyone who calls as Amazon with an offer for an affiliate program that sets you up with a domain and full marketing support for a one time fee. They get you with a one letter difference from the email account they send you (webpartnerrs). It is actually a multi-layered scam. They say they are with Amazon but the agreement paperwork they send is for Online Marketing Gurus LLC and as far as I can tell, that isn't who they are either. I have Amazon investigating and disputing the charge with my bank.

Victim Location 83843
Type of a scam Employment

I had a voicemail on my phone but no missing calls. The prerecorded message said something about Amazon wanting to hire me because they found my resume online. It told me to go to and sign up for an employment opportunity working online for Amazon making reviews and testing products that would pay anywhere from $17-$23/hour.

Victim Location 98292
Type of a scam Employment

Recieved a phone call soliciting employment opportunities through Amazon

Victim Location 83406
Type of a scam Employment

Caller states Amazon is seeking to employee 23 positions for work online in your spare time pay ranging between $17-$32 per hour. They saw my resume on line ( fabrication I don’t have a resume online) then I was directed to their website to fill out an employment application. I did not pull up their website.

Victim Location 77489
Type of a scam Employment

Person named Sarah called to say that She had gotten my Resume on-line and thought I'd be interested in working for Amazon. Shared several positions and quoted a salary from $13 to &32 per hr. Said to apply via stock as they were only hiring 23 persons.

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