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WALMART Reports & Reviews (234)

Victim Location 43605
Type of a scam Employment

Received per Priority mail an envelope containing an advance check for mystery shopping advance which they want the check cashed for $2490.00 and send 3 moneyorders not filled out for 3 pieces @ $670.and keep $360 for salary

Victim Location 40336
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Recieved check today 9/11/19 in the amount of $1920.00 was to deposit or cash. Keep $320.00 take the rest $1600.00to walmart buy 4 walmart gift cards $400.00 each. Show receipt front and back of cards with code scratched off. Do this with in 48 hours and receive $150.00 bonus

Letter is signed by Perry Hamilton. Task advisor.

[email protected]

512 677 6652 or 512 561 0448

Victim Location 65109
Type of a scam Credit Cards

The actual WalMart gift card phone number I was to call is 1-888***. The number I accidentally called was 1-888-573-5503. This wrong number directed me to an automated voice service sounding much like Walmart's automated voice service. The automated service asked if I, the caller, was 50 years of age or older, after selecting no, the system then went on to say that there is a special $100 shopping certificate (redeemable at many shopping centers like WalMart and Target they said) that I can get by paying a small $1.95 processing fee via credit card. I was curious, knowing that this was strange and selected yes. I was then transferred to a live person where they said they were happy to assist me obtain my $100 shopping certificate. I then hung up immediately and dialled the number again from the card just to get a new automated system menu (this time I dialed the real number).

Victim Location 62221
Type of a scam Employment

was sent priority mail with check for 1998.00 in upfront funds to survey moneygram at walmart stores in my area. deposit then notify of funds in account via gmail then wait to see if funds clear within 24 hours. pay myself $500 and complete 2 tasks via two separate transactions at moneygram offices within 72 hours. they will contact me by text each step of transaction. if completed within time limit a $500 seasonal bonus walmart gift card will be sent to gmail account. used legal credit union out of georgia. mail separate name than gmail contact and different name on supposed check with another name in re: on check . be ware of this scam. please find them

Victim Location 60123
Total money lost $2,454
Type of a scam Employment

On 817/19, I received a text message from this phone number 561-240-1641, stating, " Walmart is hiring Shopper to spot Operational Flaws, selected Shoppers to earn $400 weekly to Apply visit on your browser download application form and follow instructions." I went to the website, because I was always interested in working as a secret shopper. I applied at that website, and on 8/19/19 I received a text message from phone# 458-800-1390, stating " Congrats! Ref to your job application you got picked by Walmart to conduct shopping survey & amp; earn $350 a week, 1st instruction will get to you via mail within 4 days. Reply text." On Friday 8/23/19, I received a package from USPS that included a check in the amount of $2950, an instruction letter, and a customer satisfaction evaluation tool.

The instructions was for me to go to 2 different Walmart stores in my area, and purchase 5 gift cards with the amount of $200 in each (5 gift cards for each store totaling 10), scratch each of the cards to reveal the 16-digit code, and text it to either via phone #336-477-9087, or email [email protected]

I deposited the check to my Chase account on Friday 8/23/19, and it cleared on 8/24/19. On 8/24/19, I Followed the exact instructions. On Monday 8/26/19, I got a alert from my stating that I was overdraft $495, so I called, and it turned out that the check was fake. I completed a police report, and put a stop on my account. I checked the gift cards and all was at a $0.00 balance.

Victim Location 61874
Type of a scam Utility

I was in Walmart in Savoy, IL and was approached with a lady with an iPad and asked about my ameran bill. She then said that if I go with their company, I will receive a 50.00

gift card to Walmart. You can cancel any time with us! I said no thank you!! She said ok no worries. Scam, scam -- please be careful people!

Victim Location 95842
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I saw the job posted on Indeed and applied with my indeed resume. It seemed legit. Instead of an email, I received a text message to confirm application(text has since been deleted). Two weeks later, I received the UPS envelope with the letter and check inside. Seemed a little sketchy because the name on the postage was different than the name on the check and different than my "supervisor". I took the check to my bank and they advised me not to cash it, because they saw a similar check the day prior and concluded that it was fraud. After I took the check back home, I called the Northwest Bank to confirm legitimacy of the check and they confirmed it was fraudulent.

Victim Location 48193
Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message stating that I was chosen to be a secret shopper for Walmart. See message below. As I continued reading after hitting the link, it stated that I would be paid to shop and send this company feedback regarding my experience.

Victim Location 36617
Type of a scam Other

A text was sent to my fiance about mystery shopping for Walmart. I already filled out the form before discovering it to be a scam. I haven't been sent anything yet but I'm worried I may have messed up putting in my email address, phone number, and physical address.

Victim Location 25540
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was sent a text message that I had been selected to be a secret shopper and would receive a package in the mail soon. As soon as I checked my mail there it was and I read the paper and seen I was to buy Walmart gift cards with almost 2900 dollar check they had provided in the package. And I could keep 420 dollars of the money and a 120 dollar bonus if I completed their task in 48 hours time. This was too good to be true so I googled what I received and sure enough a news article was wrote on the same thing that happened to a man in 1 state over from me. It was a scam and was advised to report ASAP.

Victim Location 46219
Type of a scam Employment

I had applied for some secret shopper jobs last year. 1 week ago I got a text offering me a secret shopper job for Walmart. Today I got a mailing with a check for $2450. They said to keep $350 for myself and I would buy gift cards with the rest of the money after I deposited the check. I wasn't sure if this was real or not so I called BBB who told me its a fake check scam.

Victim Location 46815
Type of a scam Employment

I just got this in he mail today sent UPS and marked extremely urgent. The check was for 3345.00 of which 345.00 was mine to keep if I deposited it in my bank, then drew out 3000. of it and took it to walmart and asked for 3 $1000. money orders. Then, keep record of behavior, conduct, patience and customer service offered by walmart employee when getting the three money orders. Send all th imformation to a person named Mrs. theresa collins at this number:

518-595-9163 take apicture of reciept and money orders text it to her, she gives me a address, then I overnight it to the address given me.

Victim Location 30354
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted by Paul Brown to become a secret shopper a purchase 5 $400 gift cards from 2 different Walmarts in my area after I deposited the check in my account.

Victim Location 44221
Type of a scam Employment

I received an unsolicited email from "Walmart" offering for me to be a secret shopper at my local Walmart store. I actually think it's something I would enjoy, but am leary of getting an email out of the blue asking me for my address, phone number and other personal information. I noticed some subtle errors in the email that lead me to believe that someone is sending out emails fraudulently as Walmart. A 'Michael Hudnall claiming to be a Walmart Inc. Research Team member emailed me from [email protected] offering to pay $400 to be a secret shopper for Walmart.

I contacted Walmart, and this was their reply:

"Hi Customer,

Walmart does not call or solicit customers to offer shopping cards, shopping sprees, or membership discounts in return for bank account, credit card, or personal information; nor would we solicit the customers with these incentives for them to take surveys.

Also, Walmart currently does not employ mystery shoppers and any company that claims to be affiliated with Walmart for this type of program may be part of a telemarketing scam. Some telemarketers and internet ad companies use the Walmart name to engage the interest of the customer.

You may report the solicitation to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at or at 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357). The FTC maintains a telemarketing complaint database called the "Consumer Sentinel" which is available to hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. The more concerns the FTC receives and logs, the more likely it is that some law enforcement agencies will get involved.

Customers should also report the solicitation to the Consumer Fraud Division of the Attorney General's office in their state or to the The contact information for these organizations is located in the front of your local phone book.

Thank you for contacting Walmart where we are always happy to help!"

Clearly the email I got was a scam. I have reported this to the FTC and both the Consumer Fraud Division of the Attorney General's office, and in Ohio.

Victim Location 30577
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Envelope from walmart with a cashiers check from the golden 1 credit union for $2900

Victim Location 97403
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I received a Walmart letter with a $2900 check in it and it was a fake check has no watermark on it it says to text them when you cash it and it shows an email and a phone number. It also stated after you cash the check if you even can... lol it says to go to Walmart and buy 3 500 gift cards to send to them which is some bull[censored] right there why do all the work and half to give the money away? No thank you!! Just becareful out there, there is a lot of scammers.

Victim Location 91406
Type of a scam Phishing

Simple email titled "?? Naec ?? : RE : You have one package waiting for delivery, please update your info" and a message stating I am awaiting my reward. A button to press stating "Update Information" Of course the message was in poor English suggesting origin from another country.

Victim Location 33472
Type of a scam Other

I am not sure if this is a scam I need to advise me.

I applied on line as mystery shopper, I never received email hiring me; but I did receive USPS priority mail envelope with check made out to me for $2,420.00. I was advised to immediately text sender at 830 310-5088 or 281 942-2560 to acknowledge receipt. Then deposit check or cash , keep $420.00 (my compensation) and go to any Walmart and purchase 5 x $400.00 Walmart gift cards. Once purchased to text both numbers with pictures of receipts front and back of gift cards showing all codes (scratch off silver panel at back to find code).then compose email detailing the events carrying out my task.

To keep gift cards once they receive all from my first task they will send me another task.

Victim Location 73118
Type of a scam Employment

I have received several text messages from different numbers saying “Wal-Mart© is beginning a New Survey Job-Task in your condition. U will gain usd500 per Survey errand done as Part-time-Job click link to signup ”

Victim Location 30248
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a certified priority mail envelope with a check for $2420.00 with a letter telling me that I had been selected as a wal-mart secret shopper. It instructed me to deposit or cash the check with my bank and use $2000.00 to purchase wal-mart gift cards. Then I am to text or email pictures of the front and back of the gift cards with the security strip scratched off. If I complete my assignment within 48 hours of receiving the letter I am supposed to receive a $150 bonus.

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