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WALMART Reports & Reviews (267)

• Feb 05, 2024

Finally called: Voicemail after person #333...I've been receiving these for over a year now...The others in mail to me wanted my Visa account for $1 purchase for complete claim rewards. Thanku pmm

- Big Rapids, MI, USA • Oct 16, 2023

Sent me a check. 2 days later I get a piece of paper in the mail(walmart heading) told me to keep 700$ and the rest and gift cards at certain places.

- Sacramento, CA, USA • Sep 30, 2023

I was told that I won a gift card from Walmart in the amount of 1000$ and they took my bank information and my name and email and gave me a confirmation number 23092919300738

- Traverse City, MI, USA • Apr 17, 2023

The call was automated. Stated they were from Walmart and that my information was being used to purchase and iphone/macbook and needed immediate attention. To deal with this I needed to push 1 to be connected to a customer service rep. I hung up at this point. Wanted to report to help identify this was happening so something can be done and to protect others from it happening to them.

- Branford, CT, USA • Mar 20, 2023

Sent email saying "Order shipped" from 'Geggar Info, [email protected]'

Send "PayPal" receipt from 'Paypal, [email protected]'

- Carlsbad, NM, USA • Mar 20, 2023

I was told I would pay 2.99 to be entered into a $500 wal mart gift card drawing. They charged my credit card 9.99 then an additional 109.88. I called and they stated they would give me a one time 70% refund so I was still charged 30%

• Mar 17, 2023

Got fake $100 Walmart voucher in mail. I searched and found this website people reported exact same post card it only has phone number
Got fake $100 Walmart voucher

• Mar 16, 2023

Received a post card w/my name and correct address on it, claiming I have a $100.00 voucher/unclaimed reward to spend at wal-mart/target/or any store that sells gasoline towards gas in my vehicle. Then the person said they needed me to provide them w/any credit/debit card that may have so long as it has a visa or Mastercard logo on it, so they could credit the voucher to that account. Then the guy asked for the 3 digit security code on the back and the expiration date said they needed all 3 identifying numbers so the card could be verified!? Which then, definitely indicated the scammers intent! To steal my moneys or my info and identity or all the above! Which i kind of figured when they answered and the guy had a thick foreign indian accent, I figured then, when I heard the accent of the guy that it was a fraudulent call -so I toyed w/him slightly to test the waters by reading off info-from various cards, mixing and matching the numbers of different cards with others that would not check out correctly, [all of which are either inactive, pre-paid cards- or active cards w/no money on them] and the guy, had them looked up in less than 2-3 minutes claiming they were incorrect numbers or inactive cards and accounts! So they have the scamming down to a mastered science just like the actual companies I do buy products from! Then the dude said he needed the same info from one of my active debit cards w/ a corresponding active account with either my checking or savings accounts! So I claimed he was full of [censored] and that any prepaid card would work just fine for any company to transfer money onto and he hung up! The voucher has a claim number personalized my full name and address w/an expiration date for me to call and claim said voucher w/in less than 1 months time to do so and the toll free number they listed was 1-888 -269-0810 in the United States and had paid postage permit 492 04101 but NO IDENTIFYING information pertaining to any reasoning/source as to whom the moneys was coming from, nor whom they are, nor why nor how I was receiving said voucher, nor how to report them nor look into any type of the validating identifying credentials as to this being real or for me to recieve! receive! Any 1participating w/an Indian accent is gonna make it hard for Indians living here in the US to either gain and obtain employment here as far as I am concerned cuz EVERY scap/spam call I have received in the past year has been a person both male and/or female on the other end of the line whom has a foreign Indian accent!
Personalized-Final Notice-$100 unclaimed reward/voucher
Personalized-Final Notice-$100 unclaimed reward/voucher


Received 4 text messages from WalMart number 61746, previously used to communicate legitimate order updates. 2 messages read Walmart order cancellation: unusual account activity. Check your email for details. To view order: Reply HELP for info; STOP to opt out" and 2 messages read "Your Walmart package is on the way! It's estimated to arrive by 02/16/2023. Track package: Reply HELP for info; STOP to opt out". No orders made with my account through official Walmart website, no fraud charges on my card.


I received a letter asking me to be a Shopper with a check for a large sum of money. The shopping assignment was to buy gift cards


I received an email saying I won a prize from WalMart. I had to answer 3 questions and pay $6.99 to cover postage. When I received my credit card statement there was 3 charges on there from this company. My cc company got rid of 2 of the charges but couldn't get rid of the third one because I had no proof to show them. So I'm stuck paying $89.73 for nothing!

Person called last name Walker claiming my Mom had won a $1,000,000 plus $2,000 every week for life from a Walmart contest draw from purchase made at Walmart for the state of Georgia.

They asked for her address and told her they would be sending paperwork. Also gave her some codes to write down.

Ordered one of the scooters back in August an they took my money and I'm still waiting on my scooter. This is a big scam and all the other ones that just changed their names

Unsolicited packages are being sent to my address, with my full name on it. They seem to be from Walmart and are being shipped via FedEx. I have not opened them and I keep returning them via FedEx. I have also requested for my Walmart online account to be deleted.

Today the article stated it was an offer from Walmart to buy/pay for shipping & I will get a 17 piece cook set at NO ADDITIONAL price. I gave them my card info & the $1.95 was taken out & then it said on the site it will take much longer to get my set than they originally stated. That's when I got suspicious & looked in my account & it said that an additional $99.95 was pending in my checking accnt. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS! I called Capitol One & we put a stop/block on it, but it still posted & THEN IT SHOWS I HAVE ANOTHER $1.95 charge AND ANOTHER $99.95 they are trying to take out in pending on the same accnt.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.
Pay $1.95 (shipping only) for 7 piece pot/pan set.


I love walmart good price for food my cat and my dog big choice and expédition free for my house st lin laurentides Québec Canada my question receive email look the pictures for free samsung s22 question for me after my purchase True or false please never receive my cellulaire samsung galaxie s22 free charge $ my credit card
Free for me after question
Free for me after question
Free for me after question
Free for me after question

Brushing scam. Sending me items I did not order, delivered via fedex.

Received a text message saying “Product Testers are needed for a 450 pay to conduct a 15 mins review at Wal Mart Stores, to get selected weekly. Goto” I clicked on it, after searching through this websites page, I noticed it was fake advertising, they request you to provide your name and home address to be contacted to participate at local Walmarts to be a “mystery shopper agent” in which you’ll be compensated at least $450



Hi ___, It's Sam from Walmart. We are pleased to inform you that you've been selected to receive (one) iPad Pro from us. Please note that this reward will expire in 3 days:

This is one of perhaps a dozen texts received in the last 2 weeks of similar content. The other texts did not specify the company the prize was from (Walmart, just that I had won the iPad Pro and I needed to respond quickly.

As I have not entered any contests for an iPad Pro and I tend to be cynical of these types of things, I deleted the texts. I am choosing to report this as they are now including Walmart in their scam.

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