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WALMART Reports & Reviews (244)

Victim Location 96744
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received this bogus letter and a check for $1350 to make it look like Walmart wants you to send you on a "SECRET" customer survey assignment. It instructs one to purchase gifts cards and then take pictures of the cards, the peeled off numbers, and send them to a gmail address. As if Walmart does not have its own domain.

Of course you deposit your check and it will bounce, and you send them real gift card information which you paid for and The minute they get that info they will go online and buy whatever they want AT YOUR EXPENSE.

Please report these [censored] and take them down.

Victim Location 36783
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Scammer introduced themselves as a Mystery Shopping agency with WalMart and EBay. I was told that I was hand-picked to be a mystery shopper and that they were sending me over $2000, $400 of which I could keep, and several eBay gift cards were to be bought with the remainder of the money. I was told that I could keep $100 as a bonus if I did this in a timely manner. Scammer reached out to me through text and email, assuring me that this was legit and not a scam. I am always skeptical, but like any other red blooded American, I was curious. I entered an old email that is never used and proceeded to see how far it this would go. The last communication was almost 2 weeks ago until today when I received an email stating that my check would be here soon. When I reached out to them asking for proof of legitimacy, I decided to do some research. Apparently this is a very common scam and I hope to warn anyone else against these con artist. I am attaching screenshots of our communication.

Victim Location 07631
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received priority mail envelope. Inside there is a check from CIVISTA in the amount of $2,350.00. It states that I was selected as a Secret Shopper. I am instructed to deposit the check in my bank branch. When the check "clears", I am then to withdraw my commission of $400 plus $50 for gas/transportation. Then I am to visit Walmart and buy ($500x2) Walmart gift cards totaling $1000 and also visit CVS and buy 2 American Express gift cards ($500 and $400) totaling $900 making the total purchase $1900. Once done I am to text/email a picture of the receipts and a clear picture of the cards individual (each card) on both sides by removing the cards from their packs. The email and phone number are as follows. ***** ********, email is *************************. Contact person is Mike *****.

Victim Location 77051
Type of a scam Employment

I posted my resume online. Then I got a message on my phone from doing a survey asking if I wanted to be a Walmart Shopper. So I applied but didn't give them my social security. I received a check priority US Postal Service. The check was written against Cedar Mediterranean Foods in MA. The letter says I'm going to make $500 a week. I'm to deposit the check into my acount and take the funds out the next day. Then I have to go to Walmart and buy 2 gift cards for $1000 each. Jim Benson Consultants

Type of a scam Phishing

This link takes you to a site that makes you answer three questions, the only personal question was if I was over the age of 18. Then it told me to share the link to 20 other people on my Whatsapp and then I would be eligible for a $250 Walmart voucher. I noticed something was wrong when it told me to share with 20 other people, so I stopped and searched this "voucher" on google, and that is when I came across multiple warnings about this type of link. I trusted this link because my dad sent it, and I am worried if they took my dad's personal information.

Type of a scam COVID-19

Walmart supermarket offers a free coupon of $250 to everyone this week to support the nation during Corona Pandemic. Click here to get:

Victim Location 75052
Type of a scam COVID-19

I got a text from a family member in Whatsapp forwarded to me that stated:

Walmart supercenter offers a free coupon of $250 to everyone this week to support the nation during Corona Pandemic. Click here to get:

Victim Location 54470
Type of a scam COVID-19

I received a text which seemed suspicious- how did Walmart get my phone number? And so I did a little research and decided not to click on anything because I think it is a scam. I’m reporting it here not because I’ve lost any money but because I hope this information could help protect others from a similar scam.

This is what I received in a text..."The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on the economy and the way we do business. We have taken certain steps to ensure that we are able to provide you with full support and service as we all wait for the pandemic to turn around. Walmart ® is beginning an exceptionally huge research project in your area. This project happens each week, so we have to select Shoppers to function as a store evaluator. You will be paid $400 on every task. Every task requires 20-30 minutes of time at the store in addition to time to review your post-visit reports. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION:


Human Resources Manager - Global Operations

Victim Location 38126
Type of a scam Employment

I was on a website just doing application and receive email about this job I havent receive no check yet but I don't no none about this person he claim it was going to be and some check I will report it as soon it come through my mail because I don't believe

Victim Location 63123
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Walmart,Walmart,Walmart,Walmart,Walmart,Walmart,Walmart,Walmart,Walmart,Walmart These are linked as one email button upon a email which declares - Your order did not arrive, update your address.

Victim Location 90814
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a postcard saying I need to contact the phone # 1855-919-1231 to claim my $100 prize from Wal-Matt, Target .. Final Notice

Claim release code 58488219

Victim Location 78108
Type of a scam Phishing

Walmart personnel sent emale stating I won 5000 USD for online purchase thru Walmart and he wants to transfer funds to my account. his name is mr. Paul Larry. It sounded funky so I didn't open my email incase it was phish. just want to worn people if sound fishy it probably is. thow it back where it came from.

Victim Location 33076
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Coupon sent for $250 to use at Walmart

Type of a scam Other

I received a message from friend on what’s app that Walmart is giving 250 free groceries to nation due to current situation. I clicked the link and responded their 3 questions & I needed to share with 10 friends, while I went back to my what’s app, before sharing I thought to check online to see if this is scam or not. Then found some relatable articles that is scam. I didn’t forward to anyone & deleted the message, but it might be too late, because I already click on the link.

Type of a scam COVID-19

Offering $250 for Walmart grocery. Recommending to send to 20 friends . I don’t know if they have my personal info

Type of a scam COVID-19

My dad shared this link with me and in our family group chat via WhatsApp. I thought it was a scam because it seemed too good to be true. I Googled the message and found an article on your website (better business bureau) about this scam dating back to 2018! Just wanted to let you know it’s still going around.

Type of a scam Online Purchase

*Walmart is giving away free groceries worth $250 to everyone this week to support the nation* Get your free groceries at

^ this is how the image appears through a whats app message

Type of a scam COVID-19

Sent through WhatsApp. Pressing the weblink sends to a webpage that entices you to "press here" to claim relief fund.

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

My sister clicked on a link sent by our dad offering $250 gift card from Walmart. The link initially asked if she would like to accept pop ups. She clicked “no” and then 5 hours later her phone company called saying her phone Service was requested to shut off, her credit card had an attempted charge from PayPal, her email had been compromised, and she was t able to send or receive text messages. A total nightmare !!

Victim Location 75751
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received this text but it looked and sounded suspicious. I did not go further than the spinning wheel that informs me I won a 1,000 gift card.

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