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Well...based on other complaints, I guess I should expext my "foot soaking" pool (ordered XL) any day now as I ordered it on May 5 and have still not received it. Been emailing with a person named Sheeran (JH) who promises the pool is on the way but tracking shows its been in Bloomington, CA (Im in San Diego) since July 11. Ive asked for several refunds. This is the first time Ive been scammed as Im usually pretty careful where I order stuff. Lesson learned but Ill report this company anywhere I can. So sad that some people have no morals.

I am having the same issue. I ordered my portable paw pool on April 22. I have contacted the company three times by the email address that is on my order... [email protected] ...
No response. My order number is
200422230252858. Hopefully someone can get a hold of Veravolo. I am also going to file a complaint with PayPal.

Hey! Of course I’m
Having the same issue as everyone else. Do you know what the company was labeled as on PayPal? It was so long ago that I purchased it, and I don’t see a transaction from ‘Veravolo’

Ordered clippers early May. Received mid-July. I too was tracking and saw that the package was in Brisbane, CA for two weeks. When I finally did receive them, the package was postmarked from Auburn, AL. Used them once. Took it apart to clean and cannot get it back together again. There were barely any instructions. And now no website to maybe get an owner's manual. Awful product.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I purchase 2 Dog paw pools, extra large size, one for each of my grown children's families. I even paid for Express shipping so they would have them before summer. Received confirmation they shipped April 24th. Tracking numbers did not work so I emailed, was told not to worry they were on the way. Finally got a message that they were in some foreign port a month later. More tracking baloney for a total of 3 months. The pools finally showed up and they are so tiny the dogs won't even fit. Kids, absolutely not. Less than 30 inches. What a disappointment. I paid almost 60 dollars each for these useless pools that arrived at the end of summer. I am so disgusted.

I also ordered the XXLarge dog pool on 4/24/20. It finally arrive yesterday on 7/24/20 and it was the Xsmall dog pool. My dog’s butt won’t even fit in it !
I emailed both of the email address that were attached to my order confirmation requesting the right pool or a full refund. I won’t hold my breath.

• Jul 24, 2020

I ordered the dog clippers from this store via Facebook back in May. I paid expedited shipping and per their site it would arrive 7-10 days. To this date I have not received the clippers and we are at end of July. Now the link to their site won't work.

• Jul 21, 2020

I ordered an XXL dog pool on April 23rd got it July 20th and its a small pool

My dog groomer was closed due to covid, so sure I wanted those dog clippers I ordered in April! Here we are 70 days later and they are nowhere. The last shipping info received was 7/1/2020 and it said they had arrived in Los Angeles but that it was no proof it was received by USPS. So basically it does not exist. Just opened a claim with PayPal so hopefully I will get a refund in the next 70 days. Wish I had researched this company first! My mistake and never shopping off Facebook mall again.

Hey! I need to file a complaint as well. What were they listed as on PayPal? I don’t see a transaction from ‘Veravolo’

Just an update: i filed a claim with PayPal and the seller said it was lost and could send another. I said no & they did give me a refund! Now a week later I receive a package from Jon in Auburn, AL containing human hair clippers, not dog clippers. Crazy!

I ordered pět clipper set in match! It has not come! Now it says it may be lost! Now they will not response back to me

As others I ordered the "extra large dog pool" and after 2 months I finally received it however, it is the "extra small pool" so it was a bait and switch. NEVER do business with this company. My order also made it around the country as others stated, China, Korea, USA, California, Brisbane network, OH, Kent, Federal way and then finally in transit and 2 weeks after that I received it. Even though I was upset I had to laugh after my wife set it up and said excitedly "look a the new pool!". All I could do was mumble few words under my breath and then laugh. Yep, we got scammed but at least I can wash my hamster in it. (enter sarcasm here).

• Jul 20, 2020

Omg same here. My poor big dog just looked at the pool and I swear he laughed at me. Ugh. Leason learned.

I ordered a pet pool on May 15th and still do not have it. Contacted company via email and their response was they will look into it. After reading these other reviews I will contact PayPal. This is a scam.

I ordered dog clippers from this company, & just like many on this site, I've never received them. I ordered & paid for these clippers in April 2020 & as of 17 July 2020, I still do not have these. I have contacted the site multiple times, reported them to Facebook, but now the responses have stopped. I have filed a fraudulent charge complaint with my bank as well.

May 2, 2020. Yes. Over 2 months ago I purchased a product — dog pool— from your company and my credit card was charged but no pool has been delivered. I keep checking the tracking number, which says a shipping partner in Brisbane CA received it June 19. What the hell good is that. I’m in Maine, and 3 more weeks have passed. Still, my dog has no pool. If I sound pissed, good. Cuz I am!

July 14 it shipped (after 3.5 weeks Sitting in CA) to Washington state! Today I requested my money back

• Jul 20, 2020

My husband thinks I didn't check the measurements. Yes did and know I can show him this happen to others. I ordered April 23rd just got it today and it was shipped the same destination as you all. I just laughed at the size of the pool.

I finally got my pool today. Ordered April 5th! And the tracking said the same thing about Brisbane for about 1 week. The website is now down. What I received is a pool that is 2.5ft in diameter. Absolutely NOT what I ordered. But the confirmation information does not include any actual information. Going to file a complaint through PayPal.

Omg your story has the EXACT dates/item/location as my situation! I JUST opened my pool today and it is NOT the big size I ordered!

Please shut down Veravolo I have ordered a machine to cut my dog's fur since April 23, 2020. I never received it. I purchased through social media and I am concerned that they are not a legitimate company. They need to be removed from all social media and not only this company but all companies that are not legitimate and should face a legal case for scamming tons of people.

After seeing these pools with dogs laying in them I thought this would be great for my 2 dogs. After 3 months and many emails I finally get the pool. It's so small that my Chihuahua will not fit in it. I tried to go to their website on my shipping email and it will not load! So I go to their website and am writing a review of what a pisces of crap this is and it will not let me submit it! This is a horrible company.

Ordered a dog pool in end of April after seeing an ad on instagram. It just arrived 3 months later. It came from
China. I emailed a number of times, be patient. The last email I sent was how it was in CA and I’m following the tracking info. They sent me an updated tracking info with more details. I believe they changed the tracking information. It says one date it’s in CA and a day later it’s not even in the country. Also I ordered a large pool for my Husky she barely fits in it. Waste of money.

• Jul 11, 2020

I ordered a dog clipper kit for grooming my two dogs in the amount of $31.38 on April 16, 2020 and as of today, July 10, 2020, I have not received the kit or any information as to where they might be. The amount was charged to my credit card on April 17th. Is there any way to get a refund?
Barbara Johnson
403 Herb Ct SE
Olympia, WA 98513
[email protected]

• Jul 10, 2020

Paid over $56 for dog pool in April 2020. Never received pool or money back! They have emailed me several times an asked me to be patient. Tracking the order it was supposedly in my state.. Michigan. At Detroit Distribution Center! It was not there! Then it was supposedly in the state of California! Total SCAM!

On 4/20/2020 I ordered from Veravolo one portable paw pool and paid $36.58. Today is 7/9/2020 and I have not received the merchandise, or a refund. I e-mailed a request on June 19, 2020 at 7:01 p.m. regarding shipment on this item and to date have not received an answer. Can someone help me with this order. The order number is 200421005708821 placed on 4/20/2020. Any help would be appreciated.

• Jul 10, 2020

I paid $36 plus tax for a dog pool. It finally came in 3 months later. It is the size for a Barbie! This is a rip off scam. I'm pissed. Please, someone needs to shut them down! A fraudulent site!

• Jul 20, 2020

my 110 pound dog looked at the small pool and I swear I heard him laugh at me. Poor boy its 100° I was hoping he could cool off. Well at least he can get a cold drink from his new outdoor water bowl.

I paid $90 CAD for my dog pool that was supposed to be extra large. My dogs are using it as an outdoor water bowl. This is definitely not what I paid for. This is a scam.

I just got mine on July 10th for my husky and I posted a picture on FB ppl are saying it looks like a water bowl. Paid 50.50 for it. Now I see some on amazon that are a little more expensive but larger.

I received my “Barbie” pool 🤬 today July 11, 2020 after ordering it on April 29, 2020. I paid the same amount for a pool for my very large dog. It’s so frustrating! 🤬

I just got my “Barbie” pool today 7/11/2020 after ordering it on 4/29/2020.🤬🤬🤬

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