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Unknown Reports & Reviews (1402)

Victim Location 98264
Type of a scam Identity Theft

An internet page pops up and a very loud message repeats " your computer is infected". It provides a phone number to call "Microsoft support" A hard shut down is the only way to get rid of it. They want to do a online fix. There is a lot of talk on facebook about this making the rounds to many of my friends.

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I phoned the number on the card. 1-844-251-2965 and ;made contact. The code number on my card was ***. I was offered magazines by the answering agent, but I refused.

Then I was transferred to another agent. (It took some time to make that arrangement).

There I was asked to confirm the name and address on the card. The card said there was a reward waiting for me for $100.00 free gas at a fuel pump provider. I questioned as to how I was to get this reward and was advised that upon their receiving $3.90 they would immediately send it to me. (No means of sending was offered) The I asked from where was he calling....From Maine, he said. Then asked me to give him my credit card to cover the $3.90. I replied "No way" and then he disconnected the call. Clever try huh?

Victim Location 24101
Type of a scam Tech Support

called from telephone number 141-652-2325 on 12/4/15 claiming to be technical support for windows. Claimed that my computer was sending them signals that it was about to crash and I needed to act now. didn't get as far as them asking me for money, because when I told him he was full of crap, he hung up on me.

Victim Location 90275
Type of a scam Tech Support

Computer repair scam from India

Victim Location 91342
Type of a scam Tech Support

A middle eastern possibly Indian called from phone #3237447761 and said that my computer was infected. I don't have a computer. I have an app called Callx on my phone that records conversations an somehow they erased the main conversation. I have two recordings when the male unknown called back and called me a mother[censored]er. Can you please catch these fraudulent people that possibly fund ISIS. Thanks.

Victim Location 40515
Type of a scam Other

A recording or an Investigator Fisher calls from Internal Affairs. Stating that "My name and SSN have been indicated in a fraud proceeding" he never identifies me by name, asks that I call back. Seems like a Fishing attempt.

Victim Location 63011
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order


Two different company claiming to help small and new business to grow. contacted me with a service repair order at my store/office to do a fresh install of windows 7 professional on 14 HP laptops. I got two checks to be deposited in my business account same day which was strange to me. Part of the check was to be for my service and the balance was for the shippers who were suppose to bring me the laptops for repair. They instructed me to deposit the checks the same day I received it. They said I have to wire the part of the fund that was for shipping to some named person in Atlanta,Georgia. Even when the checks have not posted they still wanted me to wire the money but I said I can't because the check has not posted. The next day I contacted my bank why the check would post. But they confirmed the check was fraudulent and that my account is was closed without further review. to the bank they thought I was part of the scam, I tried to explain but they were not even going to consider my dispute about the transaction.

If I had wired money in my account without waiting for the checks to post then I will be owing the banks the refunds for bad checks.

So If any one ever get work orders claiming "Windows 7 install", on multiple PC please do not accept it is a scam.

Victim Location 70056
Type of a scam Other

Automated regarding a problem with my Chase Debit Card at 1128pm. The phone number listed was 266-50. I hung up.

Victim Location 35175
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a phone call on 12/8/15 at 11:53am CT from an unknown number and the man on the line told me that i had won Publisher's Clearing house, the money and a car. (in which i knew immediately it was a scam because i haven't entered Publishers Clearing house). He told me i was to call 876.817.2384 x5 and speak with Frank Malone to claim. When i told him no, that i knew this was a scam, he starting cursing at me and hung up.

Victim Location 31211
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received call alleging they were a collection agency stating my Sears account was with Citi-bank in collections as account was being charged all over town. They appeared to offer to cancel out the account wanting a password for the account in order to proceed with cancellation. This was about a Sears Credit Card I have not used in years. I believe they were attempting to gain access to the account for theft purposes.

Victim Location 73701
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received phone call from a foreign person asking for me personally regarding a 7000.00 Government grant I had received and would not have to pay back. Phone call was received at 10:29am CST from (202) 631-8939 DC, USA. The called was female. I asked her where she was calling from and she stated Washington DC, United States. I asked her how she got my phone number and she hung up. I tried calling the number back and of course it is a nonworking number. I receive calls like this daily. Is there not something we can do as Americans to stop these scams???

Thank you!!

Victim Location 46385
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called and left a message on my landline saying the IRS was going to sue me. I called the number they left, it went straight to a person. They did not state their company name and they could not provide me with any information other than my name, which took awhile so I think they were looking up my number. The number was a Washington DC area number (202-407-9850).

Victim Location 77546
Type of a scam Other

I have received several phone calls on my home phone from someone claiming to be with Microsoft. The man speaks with an accent and say, "my computer has a virus". I have told him on several different occasions, I do not have a computer or I am not interesting in his services so can he remove my phone number from his database. The last draw came when he called twice at 5:30 am and 5:35 am this morning, November 21, 2015. The name on the caller id says unknown. What can I do to stop these phone calls?

Victim Location 85395
Type of a scam Other

On 11/13/15 I received a call from a woman claiming to be Emily Clark from investigations. She would not tell me what the matter was referring to or what company she was from. The call came from a Philadelphia PA number listed as a Verizon Landline phone. The lady kept asking me questions trying to verify if I was the person she was referring to. I kept asking her to tell me what the call was about, she continud to evade my questions. She told me that she would be sending information to the Maricopa County court house and I would be arrested at my home on 11/16/15. The only information I was able to finally obtain was that supposedly she was investigating a fraud case from Philadelphia concerning a issue in Arizona. I did a google search on the number she called me from which is (215)309-8028, one search was unable to come up with any details from this number. Another search the number come up under someone else s name and the map showed the address to be an apartment complex. I conducted a paid search and the information I obtained from the number

(215)309-8028 was listed under Rosetta E*** Philadelphia, PA 19106 I was unable to find any information online from the name given. I have added links that have come up reporting this number as a scam.

Links />

Victim Location 31146
Type of a scam Other

Got a recorded voice identifying that we was with a bank that I do not do business with, requesting the last 4 digits of my social security number.

The call came from 888-362-8595

Victim Location 37215
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a telephone call from (860)540-6999. The caller identified himself as "Jack Williams", but did not identify a corporate affiliation. He had a very heavy accent, and stated that he had "an important message about my computer". I was instantly doubtful, as I received a similar call once in the past attempting to gain access to my computer via a proxy log on. I asked him what type of computer I have. He was unable to answer, and so I informed him that I believed he was conducting a scam to get access to my computer and hung up on him.

Victim Location 43985
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I had a foreign male with a middle eastern accent call me from 844-279-7430 to tell me I had a payday loan that I had not originated. He provided me with a social security number and an account that was not mine from a bank that was not mine. He threatened that I needed to give him an email or I would be served with papers from police, when I asked him to mail the information to me to review at whatever address he had on file.

Victim Location 37188
Type of a scam Tax Collection

received a voice message on my home phone at approximately 9:00 am on 11/18/15 telling me I'm in trouble over something and it's a federal crime and the Sheriff will arrest me if I don't call this number to get help 607-270-0478

Type of a scam Tech Support

Person on phone claims my computer has a virus. I am asked to go to my computer so they can fix the virus.

Victim Location 68198
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a phone call today from (202) 407-9787. When the person realized that they had already called me telling me that I was to receive a Federal Grant of $9,000 in cash via Western Union and that I told them before that they were a scam...they hung up on me.

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