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Victim Location 85750
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Receive a phone call stating it is from the IRS and that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and I should immediately call 704-206-0714. This is the second such call. The first call stated to call 202-602-0405. Have ignored both calls and not returned any of the calls.

Victim Location 28453
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The caller began by saying he was Mr Douglas Jackson representing the calling me to notify me that I had won 2.2 million in Mega Millions lottery. I wanted to know how considering I have never purchased a ticket. He claimed it was done electronically these days by zip, phone, etc. Because I wanted to get as much info as I could. I informed him I was a skeptic. He then gave me a password/code whenever I had to call. The password was "sam". He called from 484-324-6650, which I looked up while he kept talking and is a landline located in Paoli PA. He then informed me I would need to pay $8300 in taxes and fees. I told him if I had won then deduct this from the winnings as legal places you don't pay to win. He tried to get me to tell him the cash advance limit on my credit cards as if I were stupid enough to provide that to anyone. H e also claimed the winnings included a 2016 Mercedes Benz, and a trip to the Caribbean for up to seven people. I told him I would call him back, which I never will. He could not provide me with the company's name or EIN number stating he would have to ask his manager. Individual called back from 484-552-4775. He said I thought we had an agreement on the provision of my credit card info. I repeated to him that first I need a company name and EIN, once verified then we can talk until then don't call back.

Victim Location 63601
Type of a scam Employment

I have been contacted three times by this scam. The first time they said it was for work at home for tenet Healthcare and someone was in Google hangout waiting for me to do interview right away. I did the interview and thought it went well, although their grammar was poor. They put me in hold for 20 minutes on a Saturday while they "consulted with the hr department". They then came back and told me I had the job and they contacting me with papers I had to fill out and return by Monday. By this point, I had caught on and didn't follow through.

Two days later I got a text offering me an interview for another major work at home company. I looked up the company interview methods, then asked the texter how they did the interview. He said "Google hangout" I said I didn't have a Google account and they left me alone. Three days later, I had someone text me that they wanted to interview. .once again I asked what method. They said someone was waiting at Google hangout. I told them that I was onto their scam and would not be doing any interviews, so they should lose my number as I intended to report them and have this investigated.

Victim Location 43952
Type of a scam Other

I keep receiving calls from all over the US stating that they are from the Department of Education contacting me about a loan consolidation. They want pertinent information like SSN, bank account information, etc.

Victim Location 99352
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call from 202-827-5339 from a female with a profound accent (probably Asian) offering a free $8500 from the Government. I had been specifically chosen by some type of lottery. I could receive the amount by giving her my bank info, or a credit card number or cash. I chose cash. For that I had to call 202 827 5339 and refer to KL221 for further arrangements. I did not call buy decided to place it on this site.

Victim Location 27540
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I have received no lees than 13 calls from this scam. I have asked several time (nicely) to have me removed from their calling list. I have started keying in a couple of numbers on my key[pad to send tones and say "Operator please record this call" at which time they usually hang up. The last time, the caller started cursing and say some really bad things about my mom's private parts being wrinkled! Since my mom is 82, I'm sure that may be the case. But, I don't need some guy telling me so over the phone!

Victim Location 76543
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called me unknown saying that the Goverment awarded my over 9thousand dollars because of being either low income, single, and in conjunction with Health and Human Services Commission. I went along with it and then was told I'd be transferred to some accounts department for verification. Once I advised to be removed from some scam list, because I told him I just looked up the TFN he provided me (also confirmation code jr143) and it told me it was a scam to send money western union. I told him that the government wouldn't make me pay money in order to send me money, he hung up.

Victim Location 71118
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Someone called me from phone 231-352-0687. They had a really bad accent and I could hardly understand him. He said there was an error on income tax and was probably fraudulent. I was told over and over not to hang up or the sheriff would be here in 45 minutes. Someone in the background was coaching the man what to say. I told him I was sure this must be a joke and it could not be true. I held the phone to tie it up without saying anything so I could get the number on my caller ID. When I got home from church today I had a message saying it was the last chance to clear this up. They gave me the phone number to call back.

Victim Location 71111
Type of a scam Tech Support

A man called and said my computer was at a security software risk and he needed to have me allow him access to my computer for fixing my software to protect my computer. He continued to say he wanted to fix it and it would not take long. I told him "NO" and hung up the telephone. My caller id said "Unavailable", 423-845-7012, then at 3:20 PM my telephone rang - wireless caller, 423-305-3172. I did not answer and no message was left but it was the same area code as the previous call.

Victim Location 22204
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a piece of mail purportedly offering up to $1,398 worth of travel and/or hotel accommodations within the continental U.S. The mail included a document that looked like a check for the above amount. Wording at the bottom stated it was not a check, but also said it "Can be used for cruise voucher."

On the back of that document was further detail on this offer, including this: A sixty to ninety minute presentation may be required to receive promotional offer." It also cited potential travel restrictions and stated that recipient is "responsible for any taxes, reservation fees, incidentals or selected upgrades.

There was no company or individual name connected to this document, except for an unreadable signature at the bottom of the check-like section.

The document stated because previous attempts to reach me were unsuccessful, I had 10 days to contact the issuer of the document. There was no postal or e-mail address, only a telephone number: 888-457-8848.

The document included the names and logos of Expedia, ORBITZ, and trivago (black and white images). But stated the images were for "illustrative purposes only."

What particularly caught my eye was the statement in the upper left of the address face of the document stating: "CHECK ENCLOSED" and "FINAL NOTICE"

The document had a presorted standard mail postage stamp which included the words, Sacramento, CA. and PERMIT NO. 1827

Victim Location 11590
Type of a scam Tech Support

I have asked the person who is calling from the # I have listed never to call me again 5 times. They say they are calling from MicroSoft and they are not from MicroSoft.

Victim Location 98373
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We received two phone calls about two weeks ago, one at 830 am one day and the next day at 542 am with a recorded message saying that the IRS was going to file a suit against us for back taxes. The first time we hung up, the next time they left the same message, so my husband called the number back and told them they were recorded, and not to call again. They called using a 206 area code number. I reported the incident to our local news, and to the attorney general here in the state of Washington. I hope that others don't fall for this scam!!!,

Victim Location 32205
Type of a scam Other

The company I work for has a parking lot for its employees. Today (2/16/2016) when I left work there was a post-it note stuck to my driver side car window. It read "it's about your car call chris (571) 295-1999". I immediately walked around my car to verify there was nothing wrong with my car. There did not appear to be any issues noticeable with the car. When I called the phone number it went to voice mail and the message simply stated that the number was for Heather. I hung up immediately and never left a message. While I was driving home I got a return call from the number, but did not answer it because I was driving. When I got home I called the number back, but immediately got the voice mail again. I decided to send a text message to the number explaining the note and that I was calling in reference to the note. Approximately 10 minutes later I got a phone call from the number with a male who identified himself as Chris. He explained that there was nothing wrong with my car, and that he had been fixing another car window in the parking lot my car was in and that he had walked around the parking lot to drum up some more business. When I asked him about the voice mail message for the number he had left he explained that it was his girlfriends phone number and that it was complicated and a long story so he didn't want to explain the details. He made his sales pitch about fixing my car window (even though it does not need fixing) and that he would bill my insurance company. I told him I was not interested at this time.

Victim Location 27282
Type of a scam Other

Consumer receive voicemail saying " I or my attorney need to call back immediately" to this phone number 323-825-2035.

Victim Location 39520
Type of a scam Other

Vehicle Document/Alert Notice

Notification that your factory warranty is expiring or has currently expired!

Call 1-800-267-9566 and speak with motor vehicle division to continue coverage

Victim Location 43227
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a phone call this morning regarding a trip. I was told that I won a trip to the Caribbean, and all I needed was a checking account. I was instructed to fill out a check for $1000.00 and 'void' it. After I would write the check, a 'delivery driver' would come to my home, and deliver the trip package in exchange for the check. On top of the trip, they would also give me a $1000.00 Visa Gift Card that can be used anywhere, except for food or for gas. I had to keep reiterating that I do not have a checking account, they hung up on me when realizing that I really do not have a checking account. They are targeting disabled elderly and were trying to come to my physical address. They have called three times in the past 48 Hours.

Victim Location 44236
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received message on answering machine stating that IRS was initiating a law suit against me and that I should call 202-476-0697 ASAP. Did not identify themselves. As I have never had or have any issues with the IRS, I believed this to be a scam.

Victim Location 78411
Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone calls claiming to be computer repair tech who has already worked on our computer. Have already blocked one number. Now getting calls from a new number with no name on ID. Number is: 192-168-1784

Victim Location 43614
Type of a scam Debt Collections

The caller harasses my out of town family members by calling/leaving messages for me. The caller poses as an officer of the local county court and leaves an 800 number to call back. They threaten that if I do not call within 24 hours criminal action will be taken against me. They do not call me directly but prey upon my elderly parents who do not understand this is a scam. Upon calling my father they stated they got his number from court documents but refused to identify what court or documents. They specifically stated they were from the county district attorneys office and I needed to pick up a subpoena. No such 800 number is affiliated with the county court locally, and rings into a "law office", the name of which I do not know ( my brother called them back and won't from my number ). I dealt with this same scam several years ago and made the mistake of calling back before realizing they only wanted a payment right then, and there was no subpoena service.

Victim Location 80601
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Email stating sender , "John Wilbert a custodian to an expatriot late (family member's name) a native of your country who died following an automobile collision involving two cars in Kampala, Uganda."

Email states he had made countless attempts to locate any family members or relatives he was delighted to locate myself. "In accordance to Uganda Financial policy, my client account valued at $850k USD still remains taken for a period of two years and will be reverted to the government on a few weeks because he died intestate(sic), except if a family member comes forward to claim his Estate as the law demands."

Email goes on to ask for my telephone # and blah, blah, blah he will be entitled to 10% of the deposit (not mentioned anywhere else in email) as his professional fee. Didn't ask for money or deposit yet; only my phone #. Have a copy of email printed out.

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