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Unknown Reports & Reviews (1408)

Victim Location 30039
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Phone call from 404-295-6443 stating that my credit card has an issue.

I requested to be removed from their call list. The agent asked if that was an order and I replied "yes, please remove me from your call list."

The agent then hung up.

Outcome unknown at this time in regards to money loss.

Victim Location 40387
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They called my cell phone and said I was eligible for $100 gift card to Best Buy or some other stores I can't remember and the fee was $3.99 and they could take that from my Visa/Mastercard account. I told them I didn't have any of those so she asked if I had a debit bank card. I told her I was not interested in her scam and was reporting her to the BBB. She immediately disconnected our call. The number she called from was 513-725-2099.

Victim Location 80620
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Getting robocalls from "Hamilton, NY" (never been to the State of New York). They say "you" are being sued - no name stated (two adults live here). Call this number immediately (315-750-4726) for the case file number. No papers have been served, No notice received. We do not plan to respond to these calls. BEWARE!!

Victim Location 60613
Type of a scam Phishing

I have received daily phone calls from (847) 232-7886 (Park Ridge IL). Many other people online have posted that they are experiencing similar calls. It is a scam call trying to get you to buy an extended vehicle warranty. They ask for your personal and vehicle information. They refuse to explain what company they are calling from. Dollar amount they wanted is unknown.

Victim Location 30066
Type of a scam Other

They offered to lower interest rate on student loan.

Victim Location 48661
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I am reporting on behalf of my 90 year old father. He received a postcard in the mail stating in big bold red letters "Notice of Reward". It gave a claim #, expiration date and amount of $100 to be used at WalMart, Target and many more. It gave a deadline date of March 21, 2016. You were asked to call 1-866-569-3227. My father called, confirmed his personal information, name, address. They then convinced him to give them a credit card number. Unfortunately, he did.

I called and cancelled his credit card. I also called the number on the postcard and they refused to talk to me unless I gave them a claim # and confirmed information on the card.

Victim Location 40356
Type of a scam Other

On March 7, a Caller stating they were from a senior center, offered to have a life alert system sent to individual at cost of $39.95 per month. The caller informed the individual that the monthly cost would be automatically deducted from their bank account and proceeded to ask for bank account information. The individual hung up on the caller. On March 14, a caller representing the life alert system called to ask if individual wanted a necklace or bracelet for the life alert system. Again, the individual hung up on the caller.

Victim Location 44691
Type of a scam Phishing

Calling to find my whereabouts and will use all my references to find me according to the law. They used a taped voice and you can here them talking and noise in the background .

Victim Location 65809
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

When I answer the phone I get an automated message stating that they are looking for a Sharom Brannon about an invoice. The message then tells me I can call a number for more information. They have called everyday for over a week.

Victim Location 70582
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This is a text I received.

(Net Spend) Debit Card LOCKED member-my phone number

Urgent Call 1-877-635-2821

Victim Location 92109
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a call from the following numbers #6467400684, 6460001312. Was informed I won a 9,000.00 grant but had to make a payment upfront via MoneyGram.

Victim Location 37087
Type of a scam Tech Support

Second call

March 3, 2016 around 8:45 AM CST

Paul Directo called my mother, again, to say he needed on her computer because it was reporting issues. My mother got his phone number 1-800-971-4491 and that he was calling from NJ. She then called me.

I called. A female answered. She asked if payments had been made. Then she asked how I got the phone number. I told her it wasn't about payments and that I need to speak with Paul. A long pause with lots of chatter happened.

A gentlemen, with a heavy foreign accent, claiming to be Paul, got on the phone. He asked for her name. I didn't give it to him. I asked him for their company name and why they keep calling her about her computer when she doesn't have one. He said they would remove her from the list, said bye, and hung up.

Victim Location 78633
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We had two calls on March 2 regarding a threatening IRS call. One was on the voice mail and the call back number is 202-304-3126. Obviously a scam and we did no call back.

Victim Location 44117
Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

Hello, I am a licensed Registered Nurse with the State of Ohio. In February of this year I put an ad on for senior caregiving services. I had to close my account because #1 my personal information from my profile was hacked into, and my phone number was given out to a scam artist who first tried to scam me through email. #2 I got a text message on 3/3/16 from a 262 area code claiming they saw my ad on They stated they lived in Indiana, and were looking for a care giver for there 81 year old mother. The people who are behind these scams do reply back to you if you answer them, and with both instances they requested personal information. I was not even a member of this site for 2 full months, and my personal information such as my phone number were given out. Identity theft is on the rise, and websites such as this need to upgrade their safety and privacy measures or not be allowed to sell there services. Please address this issue with this website. As a nurse safety is a priority for my self and my clients.

Thank you

Victim Location 85750
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Receive a phone call stating it is from the IRS and that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and I should immediately call 704-206-0714. This is the second such call. The first call stated to call 202-602-0405. Have ignored both calls and not returned any of the calls.

Victim Location 28453
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The caller began by saying he was Mr Douglas Jackson representing the calling me to notify me that I had won 2.2 million in Mega Millions lottery. I wanted to know how considering I have never purchased a ticket. He claimed it was done electronically these days by zip, phone, etc. Because I wanted to get as much info as I could. I informed him I was a skeptic. He then gave me a password/code whenever I had to call. The password was "sam". He called from 484-324-6650, which I looked up while he kept talking and is a landline located in Paoli PA. He then informed me I would need to pay $8300 in taxes and fees. I told him if I had won then deduct this from the winnings as legal places you don't pay to win. He tried to get me to tell him the cash advance limit on my credit cards as if I were stupid enough to provide that to anyone. H e also claimed the winnings included a 2016 Mercedes Benz, and a trip to the Caribbean for up to seven people. I told him I would call him back, which I never will. He could not provide me with the company's name or EIN number stating he would have to ask his manager. Individual called back from 484-552-4775. He said I thought we had an agreement on the provision of my credit card info. I repeated to him that first I need a company name and EIN, once verified then we can talk until then don't call back.

Victim Location 63601
Type of a scam Employment

I have been contacted three times by this scam. The first time they said it was for work at home for tenet Healthcare and someone was in Google hangout waiting for me to do interview right away. I did the interview and thought it went well, although their grammar was poor. They put me in hold for 20 minutes on a Saturday while they "consulted with the hr department". They then came back and told me I had the job and they contacting me with papers I had to fill out and return by Monday. By this point, I had caught on and didn't follow through.

Two days later I got a text offering me an interview for another major work at home company. I looked up the company interview methods, then asked the texter how they did the interview. He said "Google hangout" I said I didn't have a Google account and they left me alone. Three days later, I had someone text me that they wanted to interview. .once again I asked what method. They said someone was waiting at Google hangout. I told them that I was onto their scam and would not be doing any interviews, so they should lose my number as I intended to report them and have this investigated.

Victim Location 43952
Type of a scam Other

I keep receiving calls from all over the US stating that they are from the Department of Education contacting me about a loan consolidation. They want pertinent information like SSN, bank account information, etc.

Victim Location 99352
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call from 202-827-5339 from a female with a profound accent (probably Asian) offering a free $8500 from the Government. I had been specifically chosen by some type of lottery. I could receive the amount by giving her my bank info, or a credit card number or cash. I chose cash. For that I had to call 202 827 5339 and refer to KL221 for further arrangements. I did not call buy decided to place it on this site.

Victim Location 27540
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I have received no lees than 13 calls from this scam. I have asked several time (nicely) to have me removed from their calling list. I have started keying in a couple of numbers on my key[pad to send tones and say "Operator please record this call" at which time they usually hang up. The last time, the caller started cursing and say some really bad things about my mom's private parts being wrinkled! Since my mom is 82, I'm sure that may be the case. But, I don't need some guy telling me so over the phone!

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