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TRS Limited

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• Apr 17, 2024

I have never done business with this company nor have I ever received any correspondence from them other than these vague text messages that do not identify who they are or to whom the purported debt is allegedly owed. If this were a legitimate debt, I believe the law would (and if not, should) require them to include the same information that is federally mandated to be included in debt collection correspondence. But since my past debts have been resolved, this can only be some sort of scam. I will be following up with formal complaints to the FCC, FTC, BBB, and AG.
How is this legal?
How is this legal?
How is this legal?

• Dec 01, 2023

So like everyone else I've received this msg saying my account ( to my knowledge)I've never had any correspondence with this company or whatever it is! My number is listed in this national do not call list as well yet I keep getting telemarketer calls. Obviously they have decided to harass people via text now. Which is ridiculous! If anyone figures out a way other than blocking numbers to get this to stop please share.
Red Flagged


Continue to get harassing text messages about a debt I know I don't have. States to call the number provided in the message to prevent further action.
Harring text messages


Now I'm being harassed by these weirdos. I literally have no idea who or what company this is, but I definitely know I've never done any transactions with them, and now I'm getting threatening texts about involving a law firm and my credit being affected. I've already reported them to the BBB, and per their recommendation, they're telling me to report them to the Federal Trade Commission and my Attorney General.


I keep getting threatening messages from this so called company telling I need to pay some certain amount of money back which i know nothing about or else they'll report me to credit bureau, as I can see here that am not the only one they've been threatening through their text messages and as such want something to be done about this. It's annoying and frustrating!


I just received a text message out of no where from a suppose TRS Limited which informing me that they are going to report “my account” that I never made with. I’m seeing that I’m not the only individual dealing with this issue and I find it outrageous to see that something hasn’t been done about this. One things is for sure, if I haven’t made no connection to anyone about this company, I don’t owe a damn dime or time with this. One things for sure that I owe is student loans and if they can pay that for me I’m all for it. Anything else you can go somewhere else with that because nothing else is owed but the things I know.
A text message that is uncalled for.


I received this on March 31st 2023 from 87257. TRS LIMITED account has been red flagged with the recommendation to be sent to the Law Offices of Berman and Rabin. To prevent this action call 888.990.2023 Send STOP to opt out.
No clue as to what this is for. My response.
Who are you, what does TRS stand for. Berman & Rabin is a collection agency in overland Park, Kansas 913-649-1555 and in Kansas city Missouri 816-361-4848 in which neither number reflects in your message. Unless you can express the nature of this message I see no reason to continue..
I then responded STOP
They responded with >>>

You will receive no more messages from NCFJobSeekerAlerts. Reply HELP for help.
I responded HELP to see what I may get in response so far nothing.
I will keep all informed as situations arise.


They are texting me and threatening me.
I don't know

I just received a text message saying: Your TRS Limited account has been red flagged with the recommendation to be sent to the Law Offices of Berman and Rabin. To prevent this action call 888-990-2023
Send stop to quit.
So I sent Stop and got this: You will receive no more messages from NFCJOBSEEKERALERTS. Reply Help for help.


I have received multiple emails about a TRS Limited account being flagged as red. The only time that I spoke to TRS was about collecting a fee for a product that I never ordered or received. How do I stop these messages?


Allegedly my account has been red flagged with the recommendation to be sent to the Law Offices of Berman and Rabin. To prevent this action call 888-990-2023. It should be noted that in the text, the phone number is hyperlinked in blue.
Received a text from 87257


Sorry we might of missed your call on your TRS LIMITED LLC account. Please call us again before this derogatory account can be reported to your credit. Call us to prevent further action at 888.990.2023 Send STOP to opt out

This people sent a message which I have no idea what it is. Never heard about them and they sent the same message harassing my husband too. Why they hell no one stop these scammers? They even threatened my husband that they will put this on his credit.


I just received a text message from TRS Limited stating the following:

"Sorry we might of missed your call on your TRS LIMITED LLC account. Please call us again before this derogatory account can be reported to your credit. Call us to prevent further action at 888.990.2023. Send STOP to opt out"

WHO IS THIS COMPANY?!?!?!?! I have no idea what TRS Limited is, I've NEVER heard of this company. I've NEVER purchased anything from them. I'm filing this complaint for whatever scam this as I want to be removed from whatever list they have me on & I want them to LEAVE. ME. ALONE. Again...I've NEVER heard of this company nor have a ever purchased anything from them. I don't owe them any money of any kind for anything. The company needs correct this error ASAP & not report anything to any credit bureaus. A complaint has been filed with the BBB.
Scam text for a scam product by a scam company that IVE NEVER HEARD OF until I got a scam text


I do not know who these people are. I did not order anything from anyone that does could be. They’re just texting me and I don’t know why and it’s harassing as I’ve had two strokes and I don’t need to deal with this fake stuff. Thank you Dorothy Carter


I was called by a collection agency saying I owe $119.90 for a CBD cream that I never received. This is crazy! This is nothing I remember receiving or ordering. I would not have done this, as I was working for a company that makes legitimate cream with CBD in it!


I have been called by this company dozens of times throughout the past 2 years. They never stop. When I explained to the company that I didn’t owe them money for anything the woman yelled at me and told me they would get their money and my credit will be ruined when they get done. I need this to stop it has been extremely upsetting.
Years of harassment


Como le pasó a muchos aquí, recibí un mensaje de texto para hacer una encuesta, supuestamente de mi telefónica ofeciendo un regalo. Amablemente accedí hacer la encuesta y al final me salió de regalo 1 botella de CBD, con la cuál solo debía pagar envío de 6,99$. Efectivamente llegó la botella, de la cual sólo probé unas gotas, no sentí ningún efecto, pensé que me ayudaría aliviar los nervios. En fin, no lo usé más, unas semanas más tarde mi banco me envío un alerta porque quisieron cargar repetidamente 119,97$ de esta compañía, lo cuál me sorprendió mucho porque no hice tal compra, sólo accedí al regalo con pago de envío. Hoy, después de año y medio aproximadamente, recibí un texto de TRS LIMITED LLC solicitando ponerme en contacto con ellos para evitar ser reportada, así que procedí a investigar en google sobre ellos y me encuentro con todos estos comentarios. Espero y se tome acción contra ellos, sea cual se la entidad que deba hacerlo y dejen de estafar a la gente!


This company is harassing us for money. There is no information anywhere about the companies and collection agencies texted to us. We have never purchased anything from these people or their clients.


We’ve never purchased anything from these people.




I ordered and received a bottle of product.I tried product ie: 4 pills. It made no difference. When I tried to return the rest of pills, I couldn't get a mailing address from the representative I spoke to. I still have the bottle of pills. I formally dispute the collection agency's claim of $119.97 . Account 1570111. Collection account 1605742.
Robyne Snyder
[email protected]

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