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The Keilas

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This company is one of the biggest frauds I have ever seen. I ordered something thinking it was safe because I used PayPal, but I learned PayPal is also garbage. I ordered this retractable bat hanger, but they sent a cheap plywood batman hanger that was spray painted. This thing is so small you can't even use it on a clothes rod. I told them they sent the wrong thing, and they said it isn't their fault I wasn't satisfied with their product. Okay, I wasn't satisfied with the product i didn't order, but whatever. They said they won't issue a credit unless I ship this trash they sent me to Singapore. I have to pay for shipping to boot. Shipping is expensive and long story short I still got screwed. There's a special place in hell for this company, right next to PayPal.


PayPal don't care just like the fraudulent company.. $200AU stolen. They are all the same..

I ordered in November 2019, the Baby Yoda from The Keilas (2) for $40.00 each with shipping. I did receive them in February 2020 and they are not what they advertise them as. They are not worth $40.00. I had thought the order was never coming and I tried to email the company with no response, so I was surprised to see them in the mail and disappointed when I saw them. I do not recommend ordering anything from this company, it's a scam.


I ordered 2 of the "stained glass" feathers. It took 8 Weeks to receive the items and when they arrived they were both broken in half. I received the same spiel as some of the others who have complained and was told that there was a problem with tracking, a problem at customs, etc. I followed the instructions and submitted the photo along with a request for a full refund and every email address that I could find was returned to me as undeliverable. These products were not as described and there is no customer support. I was hesitant to order from this company and I even researched to see if it was a company in the United States or possibly China. I should have known better but I took a chance and did not work out for me.


I wish I had seen your comments earlier. I ordered one of these, which just arrived today, after 3 months - what a piece of absolute crap! It is nothing but dollar store quality plastic junk. I'm about to email the company...somehow I'm not feeling very optimistic.

Bought a cute sloth in December for Christmas gift, didn’t receive until February and only after filing a dispute with PayPal. Prior to that they did not answer any of my email correspondence and the tracking number they provided showed no movement at all. Once the dispute was filed, they immediately issued a new tracking number stating there was a problem with the package in customs. Then the package showed no movement for a week and PayPal had a deadline for me to respond saying I had received the package. The package arrived the day before the deadline, and I was so disappointed to see that it looked nothing like what was advertised. I quickly changed my dispute from not received to didn’t receive what was ordered. So then it was escalated. But my only option was to return the item on my dime (to Singapore) which would cost more than the 29.90 I paid for it! Not only that, but there is no guarantee I’d even get a refund because this scam merchant would have to say they received it! I’m still waiting on PayPal to render their decision, but it looks like this company is going to get away with it! ???


DEFINITELY A SCAM! I ordered a pair of Fortune Teller gloves on December 15th. Got an email with tracking info but it did not work. Finally on January 18th a package arrived from China rather than their listed address of Connecticut. They sent me a [censored]ty pair of gloves with spider webs all over them. I immediately looked on the website as to return or exchange and they tell you to send a picture of what you received in the mail to a certain email address. The email immediately bounced back because it was bogus. I sent multiple emails to the alternate email address and after a few weeks I did get a response but they only offered a 10% discount off my next purchase rather than acknowledging my request for a return/refund. After going back and forth with a few frustrating emails, I filed a complaint with the BBB and reported them as a scam. Since I had paid through PayPal, I filed a dispute claim. PayPal told me I could get a full refund if I returned the item I received to the address the Keilas provided in SINGAPORE! I estimated the shipping through USPS and saw the minimum cost to ship would be $35 in order to get a $25 refund. I called PayPal once again and they sent a request for a shipping label to the company and they promptly refused. So the best PayPal could do for me was give a $15 refund. What a joke. This company is most definitely a scam taking advantage of people. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY!


DON'T DO IT! Do not order from this site! I ordered a baby sloth plushie the beginning of November 2019 and here we are mid February 2020 and it STILL hasn't arrived. Their answer for everything is "wait longer". It's been 4 MONTHS! Based on the photos I've seen of what others have received, I'm not at all hopeful that the product (if it ever arrives) will even remotely look like what they advertised anyway. What a sorry excuse for a company. Save yourself LOTS of frustration and spend your money elsewhere. This company should be SHUT DOWN!


I finally received mine, but only after filing a complaint with PayPal. Then they immediately shipped the sloth. It was horrible! Nothing like the picture ! Did not have plastic claws and was all smooshed and misshaped

Ordered Baby Yoda Plush on December 14, 2019. Was supplied a tracking number, but all it returns is "Shipping info received". That doesn't tell me anything. I emailed for a status in early January, got a response asking to be patient and use the tracking number (eye roll). Waited another month...asked for another status and now none of my emails go through. They are all returned with an error from the Exchange Server (Server error 550) saying the recipient either no longer exists or cannot accept any mail at this time (mailbox full).

I went to their site and gave them a 1 (out of 5) star rating calling them thieves and told the story. Since then, my rating has not made it up on their site...they still have a perfect 7 of 7 people giving 5 stars, nobody giving anything less.

So as of right now. I feel like I got scammed. I don't expect to receive anything at this point. No, I did not use Paypal...I used my Credit Card, so will have to file a dispute with my bank directly (since I'm covered up to a certain $ amount for fraud).



If you used a credit card it went through paypal, that's how they get away with this, by the time you fight it it's costing you more than the product was worth, almost makes you think PayPal is in on it. I know they're not.

I ordered a lucky ducky d20. They never shipped, supplied fake tracking numbers and kept delaying responses by over a week a time.

I ordered the baby yoda plush in December for one of my best friends. I'm pretty good with keeping track of the shipping and expected it to come around Jan (i ordered on Dec 24th & got an upd8 that the order was confirmed on 26th). They gave me the tracking number and I kept checking if it was on its way. No ACCURATE update on the shipment whatsoever, and I was getting annoyed. I went to their site to email my status on my order, gave them my tracking number and even a screenshot but their OWN EMAIL wasn't working or it didn't exist. I felt like i was scammed. Today i just got the baby yoda plush. the address? from china! which wouldn't be bad if the company said they were from [censored]ing Colorado or some [censored]. i was disappointed on being lied to and waiting so long for this. if you want cute [censored], just support small artists that hand craft their plushes and you know you can at least get a hold of them to make sure they & your product are okay.
the keilas is a disappointment and I'd recommend never buying from them ever again.

I ordered a resin rubber duck d20 on the 21st of December. While I was buying, I got a notification that due to the sheer number of orders they had, there might be a chance that my item wouldn't be shipped till February. "Whatever," I thought. I figured I could make it be a Valentine's present instead of late Christmas. I waited patiently for my order confirmation email, which took 4 days to get to me (which I thought was odd).I waited patiently for any kind of update on my order, only checking the tracking number they sent me every 2 weeks or so. Nothing. It's now almost mid-February, and I've filed a dispute with my bank for what I hope is my purchase (it's the exact amount I spent, but it's from PAYPAL*UREASHI) because nothing has updated, I can't get an email response from their website (their inbox is full), and any phone numbers I find don't work.

The Keilas is a scam company! I'm another sucker who ordered the Baby Yoda :( I ordered it in December, it is now February 12. Had to file a dispute with paypal.

Please file a claim if you've not gotten your purchase, or received products that look nothing like what you ordered. If Paypal gets enough complaints, they will not be able to use them.

Never again with this company!

Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered the baby Yoda December 17 and today received him . He doesn’t look exactly like the picture but at this point I’m happy to receive anything.

Ordered a necklace. Took forever to get and nothing like what was pictured. Quality horrible I contacted customer service and they will do nothing. Beware. So not but from them

I filed a resolution claim with Paypal after waiting for 10 weeks. I was given a tracking number 4 weeks ago and there has been no movement. So I filed.

I ordered 2 of the most beautiful stained glass suncatcher mobiles via an ad on facebook.
I ordered it on 21st December 2019... I only received it early this week... that's 7 weeks to deliver!

The website states delivery time as the following:
"Estimated delivery time to Australia: 14-20 days" my items took 49 days! more than double what was stated!

Not only did it take way too long to arrive but it was NOT what I ordered. the products quality is completely inferior to the picture of the one that they advertised on facebook and on the web shop with. The one in the picture is Stained GLASS and the one sent to me is coloured perspex plastic!... NOT as all the quality and item that i have paid for I requesting a FULL refund immediately into my PAYPAL account, including the cost of the postage that was VERY slow anyways.

I attached copies of the picture of the item ordered and then the picture of the items I received. as you can see they are very different quality.

I paid via paypal. and paid
US$48.85 in total. Over AUD$73
Have requested a full refund and an address to return the items to.

Requested a response as a matter of urgency as I have already waited over double the time stated on their website for items that are NOT what I ordered!
Very frustrated.
Their response was they sent email to say it was out of stock.
I never got an email stating the same.
Now lodging complaint with paypal. [censored] scamming us trusting buggers. Leaves a.pour taste for genuine operators oit there trying to make a go of it.
HBO i get refund.
I have pictures but not sure how to add them to


Victim Location 01970
Total money lost $25
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I ordered a product from this website and paid via ***. It took over a month to receive the package- it came from China even though the business address is in Connecticut. When I opened the package, it was not the product that I ordered and the quality was awful. I have repeatedly emailed asking for a refund. The email address they provide for returns and exchanges is bogus. I have gotten multiple email responses, but they only send a 10% discount code rather than addressing the problem. Apparently they have done the same thing for many other people. It’s a scam.


Another scam victim here...
After months and months of waiting for an overpriced product, I finally get it to discover it looks absolutely nothing like what was advertised. I'm sure these people are making a ton of money off of poor suckers like me! Avoid at all costs!

Ordered 2 jellyfish necklaces and was guaranteed to have them before Christmas. Numberous attempts of contact through email and only a brief reply but no answer to when the package is coming. PayPal needs to drop this place! I only want my money back at this point. Last time I buy anything online other Amazon.

I ordered and payed for 2 jellyfish necklaces from The Keilas and was guaranteed delivery before Christmas. After Christmas I emailed them asking if my order would be delivered soon. After a couple weeks someone replied that they're sorry for any inconvenience but never mentioned when I would get the order. It's February and still no package after trying to reach out several times.

This is what I received. Scam company.

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