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Social Security imposter

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Social Security imposter Reports & Reviews (144)

- Paulding, OH, USA • Apr 19, 2024

Scammer claimed to have suspended my Social security number and also claimed to be with the Social Security Association.

"Dear, ***:

It is with regret that we inform you of the temporary suspension of your Social Security number, as our investigation has revealed suspicious and unlawful activities.

Please give your attention to the provided case ID. (CaseID: SSA-76475567)

When initiating contact with our Investigation team, please mention the Case ID provided for efficient resolution.

We appeal to you to actively participate and assist us in every manner possible to achieve a speedy resolution of the case.

We wish to convey our sincere appreciation for your outstanding support.




- Kamuela, HI, USA • Jan 05, 2024

I received a call from someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration, saying that there was an increase in what I would be receiving from SSA. They asked me for my birth date and my SSN. I told her no thanks and hung up. 

- Mansfield, OH, USA

I received a call from someone saying they were the Texas social security office and I was accused of money laundering. I spoke with 2 people, Mike Anderson and Jason Riley, they also gave me badge numbers. They wanted to give me a new social security number. They told me to go buy gift cards, I told them I only had $700.00 in my account and that is what they told me to send them. I hung up when they started asking for gift cards.

Pretending to be ssi

I received a phone call from a person claiming to be with Social Security. I received the call in the beginning of October on my cell phone. I do not have the phone number that called me. Caller told me I was going to get a $298 raise starting in November. They needed my information to put it into the computer. The caller asked for my full Social Security number. I gave my Social Security number. I also gave my Direct Express card numbers. it out I gave the my direct express card numbers. I went to the Social Security office and reported it, They told me there is no such thing. Social Security sent me a new card. My payment was not in my account. My money was going to Sutton Bank. Someone opened an account in my name. The money was not going to my direct Express Card. I reported this to Social Security and my Direct Express card. They will put a stop on it. I lost $756.90

I received a message on my cell phone today from Social Security Administration. They gave a case number. SSN3240243. This is to inform due to suspicious activities your Social Security number will be suspended within 48 hours. In case of any help or inquiries contact 888-656-8905. Regards Social Security Administrator. I did not call the number. Caller did not give their name.

I got a call from someone named Amy Soon, she said someone was using my SSN to access my accounts. She said it had to do with Medicare, IRS and Social Security. She told me they would put a hold on my social security. She asked for the last 4 of my SSN and she would be able to give me more information. I told her I would just go to the Social Security office to make sure everything was okay.

I rec'd a phone call on Tuesday, they asked if I was interested in getting more money from Social Security, nearly an extra $200 a month. I said of course! They set up an appointment to come to my home to talk about the paperwork and what not and I hung up. But then I thought about it a bit more and realized I wasn't sure who I had talked to, so I tried to call back. But the number they gave me is just a generic recording about knowing an extension, which no one gave me. I haven't been able to contact them to cancel them coming to my house. I have a camera on my door, so I left and I'm in the park watching the camera. SO far no one has shown up for this appointment, which feels like an even bigger red flag.

They said I had a warrant for my arrest and when I called they said they were the social security office but knew NONE of my info nor my phone number. They also solicited me for sex when I told them I was underage they continued.

I am getting calls from the above number, saying my social security number is been used.

I was at home and I got a call from the saying your social security number was used to get a cat that was carrying money and drugs in Texas I automatically hung up and then they tried to call back again I didn’t answer. So when a different number called me because I was expecting a call from a rental office they said they were police and that they were coming to arrest. Of course I asked why are you coming to arrest me I don’t even know what’s going on I tried to explain to them that I had no clue what was happening and they just kept saying we’re coming to your house to arrest you we are going to see the unit to your home we’re coming to arrest you. So I was like OK and they was telling me how I had to call the people back and you know try to fix my situation say that I didn’t mean to hang up on them apologize for what I did and everything so I did because I didn’t want to be arrested because I that’s what I thought was going to happen to me. So I called them back and they will tell me all the things that I was going to give us before they said that they my Social Security number was used to buy a car and they found a car on the side of the road with blood on it. I didn’t know what they were talking about because I do not own any car I didn’t own a house and they said I had all these homes in my name I had multiple bank accounts open and that they needed to know that I have one bank account and things like that. They didn’t ask me for the account information they only wanted me to go to the bank and withdraw all my money so when I went to my bank they did ask me questions like am I OK did your day things happening and I just told him yeah because I thought the man on the phone was someone from Social Security someone who could help me get all my money back and make sure my money was it so I told him yeah I was just gonna go buy a car and I just wanted to get yeah this than the third and she was like OK and she gave me the paper to write out all my money I got out most of my money and I left and he had me go to multiple stores and multiple places to buy gift cards so I will put all my money on them and then after I will have to give him the account information where my gift card the account information for the gift card.So because I gave him the account information on all my gift cards that is how he got me for my money then on top of that the next day he calls me back saying that three of the cards that were not working and that I had to go out and try to get the money back for them and buy new cars or try to fix the cards up and I couldn’t so now I have three cars with all a lot of money on it and I get to spend those clothes away please that’s what I thought but apparently they were able to still find a way to get the money off those cards so I went home after I try to fix the cards and see if they were activated and they were telling me that I had to I had to pay this tax refund so on top of me being identity fraud it was also a tax refund on me having back taxes and from previous notes on my life I realize I don’t remember if I had did my get my Maryland state taxes back or not because I had sent in a file to them in the state department and told him that my taxes were the third because they said I owed taxes so in my head I’m already thinking yeah they probably saw them The Maryland state refund and it did not match up with my taxes so I was confused when they told me that I had to pay 24,990 something dollars and they said oh you have to pay this this day you need to pay us 2000 right now and the rest will be fine for later and I was just so confused because I just gave them all my money I put all my money on these gift cards and they saying now I have to pay $2000 today by the end of the day 2000 and $4000 today that is how much they gave me to pay on that exact day and I was so confused I was scared I was crying they said I couldn’t talk to nobody I couldn’t talk to my family I couldn’t say anything to anyoneBecause they could’ve been the ones who took my identity and used it for these tax fraud and this identity fraud so they took all my money off the gift card ended up calling my aunt and my uncle they came over and they explain to me that this was a fraud that I was being scammed for my money and it by then it was already too late most of my money was gone all my money was gone they had took the card numbers they brought vented it and took all the money off the cards I could not get my money back.

Social security just called to tell me I have a warrant for my arrest. They need my info to remove the warrant.

I received a call stating that my ss# was compromised.

- Memphis, TN, USA

Call stating social security number has been breached please press prompt 1 to speak with an officer.

- Memphis, TN, USA

Leaving VM's stating that if I do not call back my benefits will be cancelled.

- Memphis, TN, USA

I received a robotic phone call that my Social Security was compromised and to press 1 to talk to a representative.

- Memphis, TN, USA

I am going to get arrested for fraudulent use of my social security number. This is a scam.

Automated recorded call said that I a have a warrant out for my arrest, and to hold for an operator to get it taken care of.

He did NOT answer with a business name, or state his name or employee ID #. When I asked what business he was with, he told me he was with the Social Security Admin office. I asked where, he replied, in San Antonio Cell ID showed it was a number out of Wyoming. I informed him that there was ABSPULTLY NOWAY POSSIABLE for a warrant for my arrest. He stated, that it isn't his job to try an convince me.

- Cordova, TN, USA

They left a message saying they were with the social security administration and that they were suspecting fraudulent activity.

- Marion, IA, USA

Called and said my social security had been suspended due to suspicious activity

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