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Snuggle Pets Official/Snugglepaws

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Snuggle Pets Official/Snugglepaws Reports & Reviews (65)

• May 11, 2021

I also order two for one price dog beds 2/18/21 and money was taken from my account. I have also tried emailing and told someone would get back to me within 24 to 48 hrs. Three times with no other response. Now today the emails are bouncing back and website no longer exists. Hopefully my bank will refund.

• May 11, 2021

I ordered 3 beds in Feb to the tune of almost $300 and have still not received the beds. I have emailed several times and the response I get says that there are delays in shipping due to Covid19. It is now May 9th (3 months and 3 days) past the date I ordered. I will be contacting my bank tomorrow to see if there is anything they can do to refund me the money I paid. Extremely pissed and hope that this will keep others from making the same mistake.

• May 10, 2021

I ordered 4dog beds BOGO from Shopify site on March 28 2021 149.98 that took the money from my debit card. I emailed them on April 15 2021 to ask where my order was and they replied back that it takes 10-20 business days. Well it’s been over 30 and no order. I emailed them again yesterday and Try searching my order and this Shopify site is no longer valid and realize now nothing but a scam! It appears many other innocent people have been scammed as well by these filthy [censored] of the earth! 👺🤬🤬🤬😨 I’m reporting all involved to the BBB and bank that this is FRAUD! Shopify is just as fraudulent, I reported snuggle paws to them and am reporting Shopify as well! EVEN though it’s useless to do so because nothing will come of it!

• May 09, 2021

Ordered 2 beds in February and still haven’t received our beds.. have tried many times to contact customer service with no answer.. very upset

• May 08, 2021

Ordered in January, buy one get one free, and have YET to receive my order. My credit card was charged as well. I contacted customer service several times and response was due to Covid they were backlogged. I just emailed last week and the email came back as an invalid email. This is beyond ridiculous! Will find a way to press charges.

• May 08, 2021

I ordered 2 beds in February, they charged my credit card and have not seen the beds yet. I followed up in March to what was supposed to be their official website and they responded that they were having issues due to COVID 19 and would send a message as soon as the beds shipped. Today,5/8/21, I emailed again and the email addresses are no longer valid. So pissed! Will file a report with the Attorney Generals Office next.

• May 07, 2021

I ordered 2 beds, paid $109 in December, i recieved my confirmation amd was able to even check on my order details.
Nothing arrived. I waited 2 months and emailed them, they responded to my first email amd said delay in shipping. Waiting another month, they responded again. Then i decided to check order and it said page bad, then tried link the website, page error. And still no reaponse to any emails.

• May 07, 2021

I ordered 2 beds February 12th for $99 it’s now may 7th and have not received don’t waste money huge scam

• May 06, 2021

I ordered a bed 1 Feb 2021 and still haven't received it - ANGRY
Send my order or refund me!

• May 05, 2021

I ordered 2 beds according to their sizing XXL & received to M beds. My order was placed over 2 months ago(Feb 17th) & just received the items May 3. Wrong sizes. When I checked on the shipping, they were being shipped from Wo Han, China. So here's the other part of this - when going to their website - it no longer exists. To add, when tracing this out they are also - it happens to come full circle - ripped off - this is not a good feeling - RIGHT?!

• May 02, 2021

I ordered two beds on February 6th. I received confirmation and would be notified when shipped. It’s now May 2nd and no pet beds. I notified the company numerous times and always get the same reply - a representative would get back to me within 48 hours. No reply. Do NOT order from this company. P Morrison

• May 07, 2021

I contacted my bank and they refunded me the money for my 2 beds and are going after them for the money, maybe you could do that.

• Apr 30, 2021

I ordered two beds at the end of March. Received a text from 323-531-5842 confirming "my purchase from Official Snuggle Paws. We''ll notify you when it ships." The website no longer exists, and the message when I call, is "thanks for your call, enter the URL to configure this message." I've sent numerous messages, but no response.

• Apr 28, 2021

I ordered 2 pet beds on January 30th, 2021z. It is now April 28, 2021 and I have yet to receive my pet beds. I filed a claim with my bank and they sent one sheet of paper showing I ordered and paid for the beds, but no proof of delivery. They will not give me a credit. This company is a scam and I am out $90 with no pet beds.

• Apr 27, 2021

I ordered 2 pet beds Jan 27,2021
It is April 27 still no product . I've emailed several times. No confirmation when it will arrive.

• Apr 26, 2021

I've ordered 2 (3xL) beds on February 2,2021.
I have not received my order still, but they took my money. My order # is 6865. My total was $99.99. And they would ship out 2-4 weeks. I have contacted them many times and was told shipping delayed because of covid. I want my beds or a full refund. It's been almost 12 weeks.

• Apr 24, 2021

I ordered two pet beds during the buy one get one sale, on February 14, 2021. I contacted Official Snuggle Beds through their FB website/add. I started a dispute with my bank. I did not receive a receipt by email, or any any confirmation of purchase.

• Apr 24, 2021

Ordered two beds in Feb of 2021. It's now April 24, 2021. No product deliver, no communication from Snuggle, the phone number on my bank statement next to their charge is not a business number and the voicemail is full. Disputed my charge with AMEX and they have already credited my account. From what I see on scampulse, this seems to be the same for others. Thank you Scampulse for sharing this information. It's what prompted me to dispute my charge.

• Apr 19, 2021

Emailed this company on Friday due to ordering 2 beds on the buy one get one free offer in January and still not receiving. Unfortunately we have been scammed. They told me they get hundreds of these emails from all over the world. We have order from and who we contacted is the website. Apparently they don’t even take card payments. So I would suggest contacted your banks!

• Apr 18, 2021

I ordered a pet bed from this company via a link in TikTok on February 11th and never received it. The money was of course taken from my account immediately. I have emailed half a dozen times and other than the auto-reply that “someone will get back to you in 24-48 hours”, I have received no other communication. How do they get away with this scam? What options do any of us have to pursue legal action?

• Apr 16, 2021

I bought two beds Feb 2,2021 and never received come out of my account right away. I have never got any response phone calls, website! What a scam!

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