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Simplee Beautee

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Simplee Beautee Reports & Reviews (110)

• Jun 30, 2020

Rubbish company. They did not send what I ordered and I have sent them numerous emails with no reply ! Then they send me surveys asking for feedback on whether their service and respomse to my request was actioned but they never reply AT ALL (junk emails also checked). I would never buy from them again.

• Jun 30, 2020

Please help , I have not revived my order from your company I have wrote numerous emails , but no answer also know when I try to email you it says address is not used anymore . My order number is 47962 my name is Stephen Dalton I ordered on the 3rd of June . Please help . My email is [email protected] tel number uk o7526639747.

• Jun 26, 2020

Ordered an item back in April, now late June nothing has been received. The tracking number shows it has been but in Australia, when I am in the UK. I have contacted them and the courier several times over the months to get an understand and a refund because it hasn't been delivered as they say. One lady came back and said it hasn't been delivered but shipped so I can't get a refund. Waited but nothing - so I would like to get a refund.

• Jun 25, 2020

Ordered product almost 3 months ago. Sent several emails with the same generic response that shipping could be delayed and could take up to 4 weeks. It has been almost 12 weeks. Requesting a refund! Will never order from here again doe to the fact they are not willing to put any effort in finding my package if it has even been shipped. The tracking number they supplied is invalid.

• Jun 24, 2020

I saw this advertised on Chloe Ferry’s Instagram so made an order and after ‘shipment delays due to Covid’ and emails to support, it took over a month to receive my order. The issue is it was only half of my order. The other half said it had been shipped but am still waiting 2 months later when it says it will take 15-20 business days during Covid. I emailed support again and was told to send photos of my previous order etc so I did with tracking info I had and then received an email to give feedback and rate the support. The issue isn’t resolved!

• Jun 24, 2020

Purchased items a month ago. Once ourchased is when I recieved email stating. Shipment delays might occur due to Covid19. A month later I placed in inquiry into my order. I recieve thevsame statement "Hello, Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel your order after it has already been placed for shipment. You should receive the tracking details in a day or two.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
- The Simplee Team

• Jun 22, 2020

I placed my order with this company on April 2nd, 2020. I received a shipping update on April 20th 2020 and then another update stating that my item was in transit on April 29th. It is June 21st and I still have not received a refund nor have I received my product. I have been in contact with them via email at least 15 times and I continue to get the same response. Since your item is already in transit a refund cannot be issued oh, but they are also unable to provide me with an update and regards to when my product will be arriving They are definitely a [censored] scam!

• Jun 24, 2020

I wish I had checked reviews prior to ordering. Did you ever receive your items?

• Jun 23, 2020

Hello there, I made my order in April as well. My tracking number just told me it’s out for delivery! I thought it was a scam too and even told my bank. But I think it just takes a really long time to get your item. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

I have gone through the same thing! Ordered a product in March, emailed and Facebook messaged and get the same response and have been told that I’ll be provided a shipping update. Never received an update, my order or a refund

• Jun 22, 2020

Victim Location 14217
Total money lost $30.92
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased an ab toner from Simplee Beautee almost three months ago. I have not received the product and the tracking number provided indicates that the package never left the city of origin (Shenzen, China). Multiple emails to customer service were unanswered. When I finally received an answer, I was told that no refund would be made nor would a replacement be sent. Basically, they are "selling" products that very likely do not exist and are collecting money from people with no intent of their "customers" receiving the product they ordered.

• Jun 21, 2020

Freaking scam! I ordered a month ago and no product. They tell you to he patient because of Covid but I have ordered lots of other online products and got them sooner than a month durinf rhis time. They tell me they can't refund my money because it's shipped. It says it's been in California since May. I am only in Ohio. Will not give the product and will not refund my $41!

• Jun 17, 2020

I purchased my items on April 18th 2020 and have tried three times to reach out via the only contact method which is email. The shop app used to track purchases says nothing and I’m pretty confident the item has not been sent because the company is a scam. I’ve had no response yet of course the funds were taken out at the time of purchase. Also there is no tracking number! Total scam! DO NOT PURCHASE because you will lose money. Please forcibly close this website down!

• Jul 03, 2020

Their company is far away, I ordered from a diff company during covid & received half the shipment so far 3 months later! So it may just be in customs, your bank &/or Paypal should have their contact info. If still u don't receive items I think ALL OF YOU need to report their store to Shopify, thats the platform they are selling from, if they get complaints, Shopify will shut their store right down!

• Jun 16, 2020

Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Email

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sweet person but once you piss me off there definitely is another side to me and this "company" has done just that...
So I made a purchase with this company April 24th, hadn't received anything from them in regards to my package AT ALL except after I sent them an email! NO tracking info NO indication whatsoever that I had even purchansed anything with them, oh wait except the fact the money for the merchandise that was deducted from my account on April 27th. But I thought that funds are taken once the order has in fact been shipped, right right right guess that's what happened since they gave a bogus [censored] tracking number which I ONLY received after reaching out to them on May 6th, also got a BULL[censored] response "As I checked here, your order has already been processed for shipment but we are just waiting for our shipping team to release your tracking number/info. As soon as this is available, we will send your order right away.
Rest assured that your order has already been processed and is now in transit to your address.
Let us know if you have further questions."
Yes my questions are but definitely not limited to
Anyways, back to what I was saying. I have had multiple emails back and forth with different members of this so called company to literally be informed that once the package has shipped I will receive a confirmation email informing me of that along with my tracking number. HEY DUMMY DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME WHEN I SAID THAT THE VERY FIRST EMAIL I SENT TO YOU WAS RESPONDED TO WITH A BOGUS TRACKING NUMBER.
SO DAMN ANNOYED WITH DISHONEST [censored] PEOPLE! Sincerely, Beyond Pissed Off Customer 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
To any individual reading this and made a purchase with them as well, just for [censored]s and giggles I would like to know if your tracking number also started with
XMB and ended with 97.

• Jun 23, 2020

I prefer my item in April as well and I reported them and also told my bank. I just received a notification that my order is being delivered today and another girl I spoke to said she received her item. I guess it just takes a really long time to receive. 🤷🏻‍♀️

• Jun 16, 2020

Lol.. tracking number starts with XMB

its a scam for sure. please file a card/bank dispute so that the scammer does not get away with it. it might seem like a pain, but this merchant deserves punishment. best of luck on getting your money back

• Jun 30, 2020

Thanks mate I’ve placed a dispute against the company .
Please all make a complaint to your bank.
Hope all of us Gets a refund .
The Company are obviously a bunch of robbing TRAMPS. Good luck all .

I am sharing the same experience as well placed an order on May 2, 2020. Bogus tracking number. I usually read up on things before I order them. I have been duped. This makes me not want to purchase anything on line. Everyone blames Covid for everything.

Same story as everyone else has posted here.
I ordered mid-April and have reached out to them 4 times. They reply quickly and repeatedly blame slow shipping on COVID-19, and instruct me to track progress with a bogus shipping number that doesn't exist on any delivery carrier's site.

This is their latest reply sent from [email protected] --

"Thank you for contacting the Simplee Beautee Team! Your request (43603) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Please provide an order # for all queries. This helps us resolve your issue faster.

If you are seeking *tracking information*, please note it may take up to 5 working days for an order to ship out. Feel free to reference our Shipping & Delivery Policy.

For *Returns* to speed up the process please refer to our Returns & Refund Policy page to follow the correct guidelines.

All other inquiries will be answered as soon as possible. Please note that Simplee Beautee is run during regular business hours (9 AM - 5 PM MT, Monday - Friday).

Due to extremely high volume during Holiday's, please allow up to 3 business days for responses.

Our store provides quality beauty products to many women around the world and we want to make sure that we get to every query as efficiently and as accurately as possible. We appreciate your consideration.

This is an automated response please do not respond to this email.

Have a wonderful day!"

Just like the rest I ordered April 21st 2020. Never received my product, nor a refund. Was given a fake tracking number since the beginning of may2020, Reported to better business bureau. The phone number they have listed is fake. I'm disappointed in myself. Should have known better. Now I'm out $55, and no resolution. Horrible Horrible!

• Jun 10, 2020

Purchased a pet carrier back in March. STILL haven't received my order. Customer service is no help, they won't refund you. They do nothing. They are scammers. I'm glad I found this site to report them. Terrible!

• Jun 09, 2020

Victim Location 55364
Total money lost $53
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company used a social media ad to promote beauty products. They collected payment and has never shipped any merchandise. When I attempted to contact them to inquire about tracking and shipping information, they responded via email with a boiler plate response that deliveries could take up to 5 business days due to COVID-19.... my order had already been over 10 days so I asked again for the shipping information and got no response. Now, 60 days later, still have not received merchandise and the company is unresponsive. Their customer service line is just an answering machine with a message saying to email or go online for help (and then it just hangs up, no reps available). Their website has zero tracking information and only says there may be delays. They have a Messenger tool to instantly chat with "customer service" and they also do not respond. I will be contacting my bank to report this as a fraudulent transaction and seek a full refund of $52.50

• Jun 06, 2020

Hello I ordered my items on April 26, 2020 and I still haven't received my order in the total amount of $53.91. I tried the tracking number and it is reading tracking number not found...I have emailed them today on June 5th so I am going to dispute the transaction and turn them into police authority!

• Jun 05, 2020

This company never sent me my order you can’t contact them over the phone and they stole my money

• Jun 05, 2020

Victim Location 45150
Total money lost $67.41
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased from them in April have emailed them several times trying to find out where my item is they give a generic response saying will receive tracking soon. It is now June and still nothing I have asked several times for a refund they keep saying they can not refund because order is set to ship this has been there response for a month now..

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