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Patricia's Petals

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Patricia's Petals Reports & Reviews (77)

• Dec 13, 2021

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They represent themselves as local but they are not! I ordered a large funeral arrangement for $170. It was half the size, was missing irises, gladiolas, the lillies were buds-nothing open, and they used red carnations instead of roses. They had 2 days to deliver and after calling 8 times they delivered 15 minutes before the funeral service! And they left it outside because they said they were too busy to take it inside! Such an embarrassment. I had to text my cousin whose mother died that the flowers from her only surviving brother were outside. These people are horrible and don't care about any customer. DO NOT USE THEM! December 11, 2021

• Dec 12, 2021

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Never again with Patricia's Petals! Ordered flowers for a friends birthday. Picked from Their online arrangements. I wanted a specific vase that was with the arrangement online. I was told yes, they have it. Also ordered a Happy Birthday balloon. The arrangement looked nothing like the one I ordered, mostly greenery, no balloon, although I was charged for it. PLUS an extra $15.99 service. When I questioned the fee I was told it was for hazard pay, building, insurance etc., and it was on their website. They are c4editing me a small amount of what I paid, but not enough to make this right. Do these arrangements look even close?

• Dec 09, 2021

My wife and her sister had emergency open heart surgery on the same day a year ago. My wife ordered expensive bouquet from Patricia's Petals 3 days ago. She called this morning to make sure the flowers would be delivered today. As of 5 PM in Michigan the flowers have not been delivered. She called at 9 AM here (1200 pm) there and was told the flowers would be delivered in 15 min. Which was a feel-good lie. When the flowers still had not been delivered by 5 PM, I called and was first told that they couldn't guarantee flowers would be delivered on a particular day. I pointed out that I was looking at their website where it says “free same day delivery if ordered by 2 pm” Not to mention my wife ordered the flowers 3 days in advance and PAID for delivery. The representative would not tell me where their shop is located and told me they delivered until 8 PM. 8 PM? The day is over – and ruined. Never again. This place is a scam! If you don't want your special occasion ruined, make sure you Do not place your order here.

• Dec 08, 2021

Scammer's phone 8442922244
Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Phone/Text

Googled "local florist" and Patricia's Petals came up as a top pick with high ratings. Site looked authentic along with receipt of order sent. I then learned that two orders of flowers for a funeral were not delivered due to the driver having a "medical emergency". They shared that the flowers would not make it in time. They requested an alternate address for home delivery. I have since spoken with almost 10 different people at Patricia's Petals with no resolution or refund. Per previous reviews, the individuals speak very little english and will give you the run-around. This so called company should be shut down. Credit card company and BBB have been contacted.

• Nov 26, 2021

Ordered an expensive bouquet and my friends never received it. This looks like a scam to me. Unfortunately the website looks credible. Advise others to look into BBB before ordering flowers from this company. Realize now there were never any flowers delivered to anyone.

• Nov 21, 2021

I ordered beautiful flowers, and the website even asked me to choose the flower arrangement, to make sure, I called up the number provided. I didn't mind the price as long as it will be the exact design and they said yes. I chose the premium design which cost $79.99 plus the small teddy bear worth $12.99 and the Mylar balloons each for $6.99 and I ordered 3 pieces. The customer rep when I called even asked for a service fee of an additional $15.00. I paid a total of $137.00.

The flowers arrived, not the design I was expecting (I could have design better, they sent only one latex balloon instead of three Mylar balloons, and with a black bear.

So frustrating. I could have ordered from Safeway grocery store in that place it's far far better. The pictures provided (the first one is what I ordered, the second pic is what they delivered

• Nov 15, 2021

I ordered flowers for a friend that lost her nephew and was expecting the order to be delivered by the next day. I received a voicemail that was cut-off half way through to call them back from a women. I called back and spoke to a man that took my order number and explained to me that the order was ready to go and was unsure as to why someone left me a voicemail. 3 hours later I received a call from a women telling me that they were out of flowers today. I explained that I called and spoke to a man early and he confirmed my order!?! She said we have no flowers in our shop today and they will not go out. I was furious! I said "so you're telling me you have not 1 flower in your shop at all"? She said no, not today! I said this is ridiculous, refund me my money. This shop accepted the order to Parkcity, Utah. When I started to looke into Patricia's Petals was no where to be found. - This is a SCAM!

• Nov 12, 2021

Wow... I can't believe I fell for this scam. I Googled for a local florist for the town where my mother lives and 'Patricia's Petals' came up as an Ad (my first mistake was clicking on the ad instead of scrolling down to the actual local search results. As others have said, the website is designed to read like a 'local' florist, but they're not. They don't work with local florists at all. I suspect they just have crack-heads they get a text whenever someone orders flowers from the scam-site.. the crack head just goes to the local Walmart and buys whatever cheap clearance bouquet is available, puts it in a cheap glass vase and delivers it at a 900% markup. The flowers my poor mother received were absolute GARBAGE. Worst, most miserable excuse for a flower bouquet ever. Unless you're extremely masochistic, and enjoy being scammed, robbed and abused, then DO NOT ORDER FROM PATRICIAS PETALS. TOTAL SCAM!

• Oct 21, 2021

I placed an order from my 104-year-old grandmother yesterday called the number and asked them if they were a local floral shop in Norman Oklahoma They said yes I then told them I wanted to know if a specific flower arrangement I saw on their website was available The lady put me on hold and came back and said yes it was available so I went ahead and ordered it and she said that it would be definitely delivered today. I got a phone call this morning for them saying that they were not able to fulfill my order because of supply chain demands and they might be able to get flowers out next week but as of right now they couldn't get any flowers delivered to my grandmother. When I called them back and talk to their customer complaint line the gentleman on the line who was supposed to be the help desk to resolve problems could not help me at all... He claimed that my order had been canceled and I would be receiving a refund 3 to 5 business days from today which is absolutely unacceptable I used a MasterCard debit card which should have given me the credit instantly They were holding on to my funds for several days and earning interest off of them which is against the law especially using a MasterCard. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on hold and he came back and said no supervisor was available to talk to me because they were so busy but that the supervisor would tell me the same thing after explaining to the gentleman that what they were doing was illegal that they couldn't hold on to my MasterCard funds for multiple days and not return them if the order was canceled in my goods weren't being delivered. Then I discovered that they are not a local floral shop the woman who I talked to initially lied that they were a call center in New Jersey for a floral shop that's supposedly was down in fort Lauderdale Florida and that they dealt with local flower shops around the country. So then I asked what flower shop they were dealing with in Norman Oklahoma and he claimed he couldn't tell me once the order was canceled that in today's modern technology they don't have the ability to look up on a canceled order what flower shop they were dealing with. So I called when I discovered this a local floral shop down in Norman Oklahoma a very great floral shop named Betty Lou's and talked with her and she said they were the ones that were getting the phone calls all day yesterday trying to complete this order and they kept telling them that they don't deal with online floral shops so that's why the order was canceled not because there was no flowers available but because they had not secured a contract with the local floral shop to get the flowers delivered. This company is a fly-by-night scam and the district attorney of New Jersey needs to look into it to prosecute this company and get it shut down. They take people's money hold on to it try to get things delivered by posing as a person looking to get something sent from a local floral shop by describing what they're looking for They do not deliver what is on their website. Avoid this company at all costs this is a scam company stealing people's money and praying on people who are suffering or trying to celebrate a birthday and are desperate to try to get something sent out. New Jersey district attorney pay attention you need to look into this company

• Oct 13, 2021

I ordered flowers from Patricia's Petals (quite sure there is no "Patricia"), I ASKED repeatedly, "You can have them done and delivered tomorrow?" Yes, Yes was their reply! I got a call the next day saying they didn't get them done so there would be no flowers! Of course it's too late to order flowers from anywhere else! I could have used some of the other reviews word for word for my review! Their accents were more difficult to understand and they take the order without knowing if they have a florist who can fill the order. They are simply a clearing house is my guess and a somewhat fraudulent one at that! They promised one thing and never delivered. I think they had no idea if they could follow through or not when they took my order. DO NOT USE! I wish I had looked up review before I ordered as they would have told me the whole story! This company has HORRIBLE reviews!

• Oct 07, 2021

I ordered a floral arrangement yesterday for a funeral that was today. I had a hard time understanding these people that don't speak clear English. They assured me the flowers would make it to the funeral today before 3:00 pm at the church at Shawnee, Ok. Then today I got messages left on my answering machine that they had to substitute different kinds of flowers. I called them and they said they could get them to the church on time. Then they emailed me and said they were unable to get the flowers to the church as the truck was in an accident. I don't believe them on that story. Then they called again and said they would deliver them tomorrow after the funeral was over. So I had to give them the address of the husband of the deceased. Hopefully, he will get them tomorrow. We shall see. I will never go through this firm again to order flowers. Patsy G.

• Oct 07, 2021

I just tried to order flowers from this website and got some answering service person who was rude and kept insisting that I was on the wrong website.. I had first tried to call the 844 number on the website and got a fax machine. When I asked about a bouquet she said is was unavailable, even tho it did not say so on the website (other bouquets did). Then she proceeded to tell me the drop down prices for sizes were not right and kept saying I was on wrong site (I was not). Then she told me some outlandish number and when I asked if the 45% discount applied she said again I was on the wrong website. Finally this Asian lady said: "you are on wrong wrong site, call someone else" and hung up on me.
I would never order from this company ever. Jack Olinger Fort Mill, SC 715-212-5744

• Oct 05, 2021

Our flower order was not delivered and call was not returned as promised. Twice the call was disconnected and three times it was put on hold without a response. Lastly, I was told to call back the following day. My credit card company advised me that a charge had not been made against the account and I told them it would be and dispute.

• Sep 26, 2021

Patricia's Petals is at best operating under misleading advertising and at worse, committing interstate wire fraud. The corporate headquarters is located in Las Vegas NV and is owned by Anthony Picco. For more info regarding these slime balls, take a look at the Las Vegas BBB website and query Patricia's Petals. They have scathing reviews there as well, earning and deserving 1/5 stars. There you can find the do business as Terry's Florist in south FL and there public relations folks are in Ft. Lauderdale FL.

There online website appears at the top of the list on google as a local florist, no matter where you are located. They also claim to have decades of existence, while the BBB website states Anthony Picco as President has 0ne (1) year of existence. This is so wrong on so many levels. They prey upon people grieving a loss or people wanting the mark a special event.

Our experience with Patricia's Petals is similar to others here and elsewhere. Our flower order wasn't delivered as promised, even after we agreed to a substitution. So, we had to use a REAL LOCAL florist to fulfill our wishes to honor a COVID victim.

Please do everyone a favor and leave a note at the Las Vegas BBB website regarding your complaint and file a complaint at the FTC website (it's pretty easy to have the info you need once you access the Las Vegas BBB site). Anthony Picco should pay for his dishonest business practices and that may happen if we all take the time and effort to garner the attention of local and federal agencies.

I wish you all the best that have felt the sting of these hucksters. Peace, Henry

• Sep 20, 2021

Terrible! Do not use this company! In order flowers for my mothers birthday and the roses were dead and wilted , there were more burrs than anything that had no color and the arrangement itself was awful ! They did NOT give me a refund . This is the worst flower arrangement I have ever seen!

• Sep 12, 2021

I ordered a sympathy piece for my friends who lost a parent. The 8" comforter planter, a spathiphyllum. Advertised same day delivery if ordered before 2 pm and free. There was a $15.99 service charge instead, and it got there 8:20pm. And to boot they got a plant with no blooms at all. The whole point was to show a couple of blooms, also called a peace lily. I thought I was ordering from a local store. Turns out they have search engines to make it appear that way. Look at what I got versus what I ordered. This company hurls chunks!

• Sep 11, 2021


• Sep 06, 2021


• Aug 14, 2021

I was asked to order a bouquet on behalf of a hospice patient for his daughter's birthday. He asked specifically for roses, lilies, sunflowers and irises as a last bouquet and I wanted to make it something very special. I looked for local companies online and phoned around. Patricia's Petals were masquerading as a local company. A female representative promised all four flowers in a Deluxe Bouquet for $69.99 over the phone. As the other florists I contacted did not have lilies, I circled back to place the order with Patricia's Petals. I spoke with a different women, repeating how important it was to have these exact flowers and the circumstances. She told me that the irises would be an additional $20. I accepted the extra charge taking the total up to $90. When the flowers were finally delivered to the daughter, I saw the photo and was shocked at how poor the arrangement was. No irises, a few roses, a couple of sunflowers and a single lily stem for $90! I sent an immediate complaint to Patricia's Petals customer service email, still thinking I was dealing with a legitimate local florists in Easthampton MA. They replied with a Terms & Conditions contract. I then understood it was a scam. It was only on reading reviews that I realized this is how they operate. At least a few flowers showed up. I demanded a refund but expect nothing. I contacted AMEX to try and stop the payment, but they are limited in helping because it is not my credit card. I cannot take it further as I will not disturb a dying man with the revolting antics of these con-artists. These scammers are stealing business from legitimate florists by pretending they are locally owned and operated. I have reported them to the FTC and will share this sad story wherever I can. I hope that my review will help others who have been scammed by the operators behind Patricia's Petals. I have never ordered flowers online before, and I will be very careful in future after this experience.

• Aug 10, 2021

THE WORST. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! Ordered an arrangement for our boss and they delivered a Walmart version. Nearly every flower was replaced for a CHEAPER one and the basket was awful. Total embarrassment. When we asked them to deliver what was ordered they avoided that issue and said they would give us a measly $20 on our $100 purchase. HORRIBLE, AWFUL, TERRIBLE. the saddest part is it reinforces that people have selfish intentions and will rip you off without a thought. I guess in the end it pays to go with big established companies.

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