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- Aurora, CO, USA

I couldn't catch the name of the company. All I got was the missed phone number. It was a robo call for a vacation to Florida. The robo call asked if they could ask for information, almost as if it was just trying to record me saying yes. I hung up. I'm not sure if this is even their right number because I've blocked the same call before from a different number, not sure how they can call using multiple numbers. It's scary and aggravating.

Before the robo calls it was a woman who kept saying repeteadly I just need your information. She refused to answer what company she was with, her name, or what this was for. I would nevergive information to a stranger I don't know.

- Westminster, CO, USA

i found a car on autotrader a 2001 honda el i liked the price so i called the phone number back the lady said she had to sell the car due to her husband died and it gave her bad memorys she had me contact who i thought was ebay motors thru a phone number to finalize the sale so i did they wanted me to use ebay gift cards which i have used in the past so i set it up. then i called the next morning with questions and no one answered the phone so i got suspicious and called ebay motors who said i had been scammed they were able to recoup most of 1 gift card and none of the other so i lost 625.00 i filed the police report and of course they cant help because no money is in it for them. so ive been doing my own so beware of this scam

- Denver, CO, USA

This is one of several vm messages left on my phone saying this is the IRS and there is a law suit filed against me. Call 817-587-9302. I KNOW the IRS does NOT contact people by phone, only written notice. Someone needs to call these people and put them on notice. Suggestions please.

- Broomfield, CO, USA

Caller said I had won 3.5 million and a Mercedes. I needed to send them $450. To register in order to receive this.

- Evergreen, CO, USA

Our landscaping company cell phone has received several text messages from different phone numbers in the last few days requesting random landscaping services all over the state, and asking whether or not we accept credit cards. I've read about this scam before; they'll have you do work on a property that they claim to own, but not live in, then will use a stolen credit card to pay you. They will overpay you, and then will request a refund from you. Ultimately your business loses out on all money due to credit card being stolen or fraudulent. I replied to one of these texts last year (we had only gotten a few at that point) to try to set up a meeting with the "homeowner" in person. When they told me they would not be able to meet our project manager in person, that was a red flag. Another red flag was their refusal to call and speak with me over the phone. So I ceased communicating with them. For some reason, we have received so many of these text messages, all in the last few days.

- Denver, CO, USA

I got a call on my cell phone. She said hello, gave her name, said she was from a career services company and asked if I could hear her. I immediately hung up. There was no call back from that number. I never solicited any career services online or over the phone.

The phone call started by asking how am I? Unfortunately I answered "OK" before I realized this may be a scam to give my approval for something. They proceeded to say I was eligible for a vacation. I hung up before the call went any further.

- Denver, CO, USA

This number called and presented themselves as some sort of charity helping the families of Law Enforcement agents. They ask if you are willing to give a donation, and I believe they are just trying to get you to say "Yes" so it can be recorded and used to make fraudulent purchases using your voice. Once I said "Yes" in response to one question, they disconnected.

- Denver, CO, USA

This number called and when I answered there was a pause and then someone asked if I could hear them. As soon as I said yes the call disconnected

Received a telephone call starting with 'Can you hear me?' and carelessly answered 'Yes'

This "company" left a voice mail for me. When I returned the call they said I was listed on a report for another person and that my contact information was on file. When I asked to have it removed they said I would have to have the person whose file it was request my phone number be removed. I then asked for a physical business address and they gave me the address of a mail rental box. I Googled the address, called and confirmed it was only a rental business. This "company" is dishonest, misleading and using my private info in another person's matters. They attempted to use high-pressure tactics claiming a court date would be reported as "no-show" and there would be consequences. They called the wrong number.

- Denver, CO, USA

Unsure if it was recorded but read on other sites that they are. Female said her name was Brooke and asked if I could hear her okay. I said yes and she hung up. I was busy and didn't realize until she hung up. Now see it's most likely a scam This just happened so I don't know if they will try to charge

- Broomfield, CO, USA

Can you hear me now but gave you the option to take number of call list for mortgage

- Castle Rock, CO, USA

A woman called me and said "you just called my phone" she sounded agitated. I said "no, I did not call you." She said "well your number just showed up on my phone." I said "that's impossible because I didn't call you." She said, "is this Becky?" and I said "yes" and she hung up. I got scammed with the saying yes scam, the scam where they get you to say yes and record you saying it.

- Littleton, CO, USA

I received a call and the other person asked if I could hear them. I am afraid that they will try to use the "yes" in order to scam.

- Westminster, CO, USA

An automated voice asks if the person it is calling is there, trying to get you to say yes or no and answer other questions.

Caller to my cell phone said they were checking on my medical alert, then said "can you hear me?" After I said "yes" I realized my mistake and hung up. I later tried to call the number back several times and always the same, their agents were currently all busy and then they immediately hung up.

- Denver, CO, USA

A male wit foreign accent and when I answered he said my name in a questioning manner. I initially responded by saying yes. When the man said

My name in a questioning voice a second time, I remembered this scam and responded with "what". After my second response, the caller immediately hung up.

- Denver, CO, USA

Someone called me today saying they were from the Republican Party trying to raise money for candidates. They said they were on a recorded line and asked for "express Consent" to talk with me. I stupidly said "yes". They asked for $750.00 to donate to Republican candidates. I said I wasn't interested in donating money. Before I hung up I could tell this was a scam because the person kept fumbling his words and wasn't making any sense. I can't believe I said "yes" on the phone as I have heard of this kind of scam but was caught off guard. I tried calling the number back but kept getting a recording saying "all the representatives are busy".

- Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

I got a call from 240-330-6811 the caller ID identified the number and indicates Bethesda, MD and the lady said that they are calling because I evaded the taxes. She told me that they sent me several letters by mail and because I did not paid attention they will send the police to arrest me for tax evasion.

I told the lady: Go ahead and send the police.

She asked one more time if I really want to be arrested and I said yes. After that she hanged off the phone.

I called back and I hear several people making calls but nobody answer my call.

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