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iYogi Reports & Reviews (74)

Victim Location 95758
Type of a scam Tech Support

About three years ago, my husband paid $300 to iYogi, a company based out of India, to remotely correct an issue with our computer. About a year ago, they called me out of the blue to tell me that my computer was had a "serious virus" and I needed to log on "right away" to correct the problem. When I did not fall for this scare tactic they went away for awhile. Last month they called, and my husband answered. They tried to get him to provide our bank account information and to "refund money" they owed us. I told him to tell them to mail us a check. A few weeks later we received a suspicious, fraudulent check in the mail. Please see attached check.

Victim Location 02128
Type of a scam Tech Support

I keep getting many phone calls every day from iyogi on my cell phone, and I'd like it stopped. The scammer has threatened to add money to my debit/credit card account.

Victim Location 91021
Type of a scam Tech Support

This company attempts to get you give them access to your computer remotely, then put viruses onto computer the will then "fix". Also, access your passwords and financial info.

They then call you a year later and tell you they will charge your card for $199.99 and that you are in a three year contract with them. They do not send emails. The message left for me said I had 30 minutes to respond or they would charge my card. The number called from was not the call back number. The call back number sent me to a guy who would not stop talking, would not take verbal cancellation and required that I go to their website and fill out a cancellation. Yeah right.

I told him I would not go to their website, that I had no account and that he was to handle any cancellation over phone and that I had no email or website to boot.

He hung up on me.

Victim Location 94002
Total money lost $900
Type of a scam Tech Support

They called about 3 years ago to help with a computer issue took 300.00 out of account 3 times and got those charges dropped. now there calling back saying if i dont renew my refund i will be charged 1500.00. Do Not Answer those calls.

Victim Location 10461
Total money lost $799
Type of a scam Credit Cards

iyogi called myself, *** ***, to say they could no longer charge me for services because the credit card has expired. I then explained to them how I have never used those services and do not even have a working computer at home and I should be refunded any money that was owed to me. They said in order to refund any money I had to go purchase gift cards so they could put the money back on gift cards. I stupidly did this. Needless to say I was sent on a wild goose chase with computers and librarys in hopes to receive this money back. In the end I purchased $400 worth of google play gift cards. I gave them the card numbers and they said they would put it all on my american express card. My wife had been yelling at me the whole time but I really convinced they were trying to help. Its unfortunate, and I feel completely violated.


John Matthews or Edward Marks and *** *** *** ** *** *** *** ** ** ** ** *** We filed a police report and r*** *** *** ** *** ** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *n the end, I'm out $400 bucks plus the $399 they supposedly over charged me.

Victim Location 07676
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Tech Support

they have been calling my cell phone at least 15 times per day asking me to purchase tech support , or that I have a problem with my computer that they will fix.

I can't take it anymore send I wish this harassment would end

Victim Location 77566
Type of a scam Tech Support

This company calls several times a day. I have asked them to remove me from their list with no success. Today I was told that to remove me would be chargeable to the tune of $699.96! I told them I was reporting them to the authorities and they hung up.

Victim Location 32608
Type of a scam Tech Support

I, like many others, used iYogi for my computer tech support several years ago. However, my 2-years using their services were NOT trouble free. l wanted to cancel after the 1st year, but I couldn't figure out their on-line directions, email instructions, or ever reach them by phone to cancel. I ended up double paying but never got a refund.

Today, out-of-the-blue, I got a call purportedly from iYogi "Refund" Dept, saying they were calling to issue me a refund. Only, it's NOT for 1 yr, it's for the balance of my "5-Yr contract" "which I paid". HOWEVER, I could ONLY get the refund w/ a special code given me while I was on the phone AND on their website's on-screen Form. THIS WAS NOT happening! When I said to either give me the code now, or I would call the Attorney General, the scammer hung up. I, then, looked back through my credit card statements for the year-in-question, but couldn't find any $349.99 payment (amt. scammer) quoted on the phone. So, b/c iYogi was a NY-based company, I called the New York State Attorney's General Office to report this scam, which I now report here.

Victim Location 55355
Type of a scam Tech Support

Person called to ask if any problems w/computer. They were calling from Microsoft (computers was sending back alerts to them). My computer was really slow, not always opening e-mails. So I was asked to get in front of computer to let them “take over computer”.

I did that, but iYogi said I needed new window version. I bought version 8.1. This seemed somewhat faster, but still not always working. Then they said I needed to buy version 10. About a week later, everyone got free update. So I said w/free updates, why was I charged for version 8.1. I wanted my money back, plus ending computer contract. They were suppose to send back refund on unused time of contract. Never did.

Other day call from Michael (530-385-8662), he had refund of $399. But I had to get in front of computer to get it. I said you have my address, send it to me or I’m calling BBB.

When I first had contact w/iYogi, ScamPulse.com gave them A rating.

Victim Location 62002
Type of a scam Tech Support

The company "Iyogi" contacted me to tell me that they were going to charge my credit card $399 dollars today. If I did not want the fee then I had to let them into my computer so they could download the cancellation form. I instructed them to send the form by email. They stated it could not be done this way and threatened to charge me the money if I did not give them access to my computer. I stated clearly that they had no permission to charge my card or access to my computer. I would report the scam. They hung up on me.

Victim Location 36046
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They called on February 13, 2019, and informed me that I was going to be refunded for the virus protection that I purchased from iyogi.com a couple of years ago. They told me to log into www.refundiyogi.com and I did and they prompted me to give information and they took control of my computer. I was told to fill out a form for a certain amount and when I submitted the form - they had changed the amount to look like they overpaid me. They then tried to get me to get gift cards from wal-mart to give the codes to so they could get the “overpayment” amount. I looked at my bank account and they had transferred money from one account to another to look like they had given me 4,000.00. But actually they had moved my money from one account to another.

Victim Location 44903
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I Yogi - Stated I have a refund coming of $399.99 to me due to cancelation of a contract. However they need to get in my computer so they can setup the forms for me to fill out. I told them if I have a refund just send me the check or quit playing games with me. They hung up on me. They are calling everyday every 5 to 10 minutes Tired of them calling me.

Victim Location 64784
Type of a scam Tech Support

It's a robot call, telling me my renewal subscription has been successfully renewed and $299.99 will be deducted from my account. They tell you to call 6316010606 if you have any concerns, but no one ever answers. It's a scam!

Victim Location 13755
Type of a scam Tech Support

This company is calling my home about 10 times a day. They say they owe me money for services they couldn't provide about my computer repair. I haven't paid them any money in 3 yrs so they don't owe me money. They want to tell me what to type into my computer to get my " ID member number, so they can deposit the money for me.As I spoke with someone in person when I called the number back, told him to stop calling my house, he then rang my phone every 20 minutes! This company is not accredited and I'm sure it will never be.I believe this company is based out of India somewhere

Victim Location 91104
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

OH MY GOD!!!! I stupidly fell for this tech support scam several years ago and have been paying for it ever since. NOW they want to either "take over" my computer and "give me $500" OR GIVE THEM $2,000 to make the phone calls stop that come EVERY 2 MINUTES. If I do neither of these things, the calls will continue. It's making me insane and I don't know how to make it stop. I got Robokiller which is GREAT but the calls still come in. It's a nightmare.

Victim Location 01605
Type of a scam Tech Support

They called me in regards to my computer having a malware problem. They were able to hack into my computer but I was able to shut it off before they got any information.

Victim Location 94103
Total money lost $1,500
Type of a scam Phishing

I used IYogi remote computer repair service in India several years ago, but not anymore. Someone posing as this company is calling previous users offering a refund of unused services. They tell you in order to do so they need access to your computer to send a credit to your bank or PayPal account. Please hang up! Do not fall for this scam to steal your personal information.

Victim Location 68144
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Tech Support

A few years ago I was directed to I Yogi by what I thought was my computer protection company (McAfee, which is through Cox Cabel) and they tell me that it wasn't them so there must have been some sort of interception on the part of I Yogi.

I was having issues with my laptop and needed it for an electronic die cutting machine (Cricut). My son has always taken care of my computers but was out of town for training for his job so not available to come to my rescue. The Indian accent rep that I spoke with said that it would cost me for him to fix it but if I wanted to subscribe to a plan for a year for $149 (I think it was) that he could get it fixed for me so that is what I did. I spoke with them a couple more times - they again fixed my issue on the second call and then on the third call they could not fix the problem (the computers had been up-graded to Windows 10 and the printer would no longer scan. I was on the phone with them for well over an hour and in the process the rep up-sold me for 3 more years. When they couldn't fix the problem, I called upon my son and in a matter of 5-10 minutes he had the problem solved.

A couple years ago I tried to contact I Yogi and they were un-reachable. I did some investigating on them and found that they had been shut down in the US. My son removed their icons from my computers. Several months ago I started receiving phone calls from them on a regular basis and repeatable asked them not to call me again - that I was onto their scam and wanted nothing to do with them. Didn't hear from them for a few days and then started getting automated phone calls about cancellation and refund, so I punched the button and got connected with Alex Wilson out in California. I asked for a physical check for my $400 refund, which they couldn't do because they would be fined $1,000. I let him know that he was not getting any of my banking information. He then transferred me to his supervisor, Michael Wilson (another Indian accent Wilson???) and he assured me that they didn't need my banking information to refund me - told me that I just needed to fill out a form on-line, he connected to my computer and on the form is banking information. Again, I let them know in no uncertain terms that they were not getting access to my "on-line" banking info. I was connected to another person with the last name of Wilson and he explained that they would be fined the $1,000 and that they would take it out of my account and they had my debit card on-file. When I once again refused to give them banking info, my computer screen went blank so I turned off the computer right away. The rep started some name calling at that point. I immediately went to my bank, the banker checked my cards and there had been no activity on them that wasn't mine but just to be cautious they cards were canceled and re-issued.

They still continue to call me 3-5 times a day regarding a refund.

These people need to be stopped. They are scamming folks and then harassing us to no end. What can be done about them?

Victim Location 79407
Type of a scam Phishing

I used Iyogi three years ago as a program to monitor my computer's performance and for security. I paid a lot of money for a three year contract. After a year and a half they went out of business leaving me with a half fulfilled contract. I chalked it up to lesson learned and got Norton anti virus. About two months ago they started calling me about refunding my money. On the first call I googled them while on the phone with them and before I gave them any information and found out it was a scam. The minute I mentioned I'd googled them they hung up. Now they won't stop calling me, leaving me voice messages even though I blocked their number. Iyogi is not going to refund your money, they only want your banking information. I never give anyone asking me for my banking information unless I called them. I suggest you do the same.

Victim Location 20016
Type of a scam Tech Support

This company is repeatedly harassing me about accessing my computer to install security updates during the past two years. I have asked politely to remove me from their calling. They are using United States area codes but probably calling from India.

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