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Did research on company and IYOGI has many complaints in state of New York. They sent us an email telling us they charged 575.51 to us. When I called they told me they couldn't give me (the customer) any information and that it was against the law. Immediately I knew they were scammers. I informed them I would be contacting and they told me to go ahead and to go **** ******.

Today, I received the EXACT same email as Andrew. On a lark I decided to call. It went in to voice mail and I hung up, but within seconds a call from CA came in. Yes, iYogi.

The man had an Indian accent and there was so much chatter in the background (busy, busy these scammers) I could hardly hear the man. He instructed me to type "" in to my browser. I did not do that and instead started questioning him.
He hung up.
iYogi Scam Alive and Well

You Sent $480.99 For Renewing Your Plan!

$480.99 paid on March 1, 2022
View Invoice
Invoice #476 Support
03/01/2022 +1 909 312 7321
Conway Andrew
[email protected]
Your membership has been re-activated for upcoming 5 years,
as per our auto-renewal policy and the payment has been
received from your account of $480.99 which will take
2 working days to get updated in your account.
iYogi Silver Plan $450.00
Data Storage $25.00
Subtotal $475.99
Tax $5.00
Grand Total $480.99
Wants to cancel your plan?
If you're not satisfied with your plan and wants to cancel it,
you just need to call at +1 909 491, 2993
so that our support team can guide you all the steps to proceed with your concern.
Thank you for choosing us!

Received email stating that I was being charged $348.99 for IYogi home firewall protection and Online network protection.

I received a letter from IYogi, computer support, thanking me for renewing my computer subscription for two more years, stating what I had ostensibly paid and giving me one day to cancel the subscription. About 10 years ago, I had a subscription with IYogi, but it was cancelled when I not longer wanted their service. I called the number on the letter and someone named "Kevin," asked me to go online with a team support ap that could access my computer so they could "resolve" my subscription problem.

When I explained that I absolutely did not have an account with IYogi and that I thought it was a scam, he referred me to his manager, "James," to whom I shared a similar observation (and also referred to the misspelling and incorrect English in the letter which reinforced the fact that this was a scam.) James had no more to say to me. Apparently they are sending these letters to previous customers.

Beware of this scam saying you purchased products from their business to protect your phones and computers from malicious spyware, malware and enchanted maintenance for 2 years!

I made no such purchase but i wanted to let others know about this too.

I received this today...Order Confirmation

Amount Sent
9:10 AM (52 minutes ago)
to me

Hello Snyder Janet

I hope your day is going well.

We're making some changes to our customer services so that you can freely enjoy our enhanced features

that's why we're renewing your premium membership for upcoming 5 years as you singed-up for our auto-renewal policy.

The payment has been successfully debited from your account on 21th September

2021 of $499.99 .

If you have any questions about this payment, please don't hesitate to

call us on +1 786"855.3758

Order NO. #26548712

PAYMENT DATE: 09/21/2021


iYogi premium membership (5 years)


Anti-virus cleaner




NOTE: It takes 2 business days for this payment to appear in your account statement.

If you aren't satisfied with our services and wants to discontinue your membership with us,

You just need to call us on +1 786*588* 6915

Our technician team will guide you the easiest way to cancel your membership.

Thank you so much for choosing us

I have not authorized this transaction and do not want their service. In 2015 I had used them to fix a problem, which wasn't resolved. It was for 5 years, 3 of which I wasn't able to contact them. They disappeared. I saw other people online having the same issues. Now I get this email...7 years later? These are scammers! I'll have to keep a close eye on my accounts. Please help stop these people!

- Hermann, MO, USA

We are pleased to inform you that you have been acquainted as one of those valuable customers who will be refunded back the service fee of $397.00 from the IYogi family as on June 10, 2021.

You were charged for a period of 3 years for an all round security for all of your devices, but due to the sudden insolvency of our parent company we are not able to provide you the same services any longer.

Invoice No – ******************** Amount - $397.00

To claim your funds instantly or to investigate further about the amount and the mentioned support services please reach us * ** **************.

Thank You


I never heard of this company nor paid them anything to refund.

I received an email stating that I owe 499.99 for a 5 year subscription with I Yogi...Years ago I subscribed to teck service with a company called I yogi I suspected it was a scam and tried to get my money(299.00) back..Which i could not and I told them to cancel service! I now get this email saying the subscription for 5 years is due and they are charging me 499.99 I phoned the service # 1-800 382 9349 to dispute and they said in order to cancel I had to go to my computor of which I stated no way and that I was going to report them to Fraud squad! and I hug up. I am concerned !I have not used their teck service!

- Houston, TX, USA

Sent me an email charging 441.99 for a service i have never used. I dont even know who this company us.

- Elkhart, IN, USA

Received below email for a purchase i never made and a service i have never used:

Dear Customer;

Greeting from Iyogi Support

Please be inform that we have renewed your Computer support and anti-virus security for upcoming 2 year, we have charged you $441.99, and within 24 hours, you will see a charge from Iyogi Support

We would like to inform you that this month we have served you with security and warranty subscription. Our services across globally, among one million customers and you are one of them.

I hope you are enjoying our services.

This service is auto-renewal as you have selected the auto-renewal option during sing up.

Order id: IYGS 9494

Invoice No. - 74532189 - 2145

For any further clarification or cancellation, please contact us. For REFUND, kindly connect with our executive +1 820-400-1143

Note: To cancel this subscription and to get your REFUND please contact. (Terms & condition Apply)

Cancellation should be done within 24 hours after receiving this email.

Thanks & Regards


Customer Relationship Manager

Iyogi Support

Helpline no +1 820-400-1143

Mon- Sat – 8 am – 8 pm

Sunday Closed

- Trenton, NJ, USA

I cancelled iYogi many years ago. In no way would I renew at this amount. I'm on a limited income and my husband has recently become disabled, neither of us work. I received this email which I believe is a scam.:

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021 COMPUTER SERVICE wrote:

Thank you for your order *******, we charged you $479.99 for the following service!

INVOICE #45765490



******* **** Standard Gold Plan of iYogi


****************** Remort Support (24*7)


SUPPORT: +1-904-490-0214


Amount Due




Need help regarding invoice?

You can contact us at the support center in case if you need any help in the existing plan

or this invoice, reach us at +1-800-685-8359.

Renewal Policy:

Your existing plan of Standard Gold has been renewed as the auto-renewal terms for another

5 years on 6th April,2021 as we have charged you $479.99.

It may take up to 2 business days to get updated in the account.

Thank you for choosing us again!

- Lebanon, IL, USA

Several years ago I had a service plan with IYOGI but I never renewed it. For over a year, I have received phone calls that they owe me money from the plan and the only way to get those funds returned would be to allow them to access my computer. Obviously, I did not do this nor did I believe they owed me money. Now I received a statement saying I owe nearly $490, and I did not authorize this service. I was told I could not cancel it unless I allowed them to access my computer which again I will not do,

- Houston, TX, USA

They sell fake computer service and send emails about auto renewal charges to your credit card.

- Warrior, AL, USA

I received an email on 02/01/21 stating my credit card is being automatically charged for $489.99. No personal information other than my name was included. Nothing but xxxx for the last four digits of the credit card number. It included a number to call if I wanted to cancel and executives would guide me through technical steps to cancel. Which means they would want access to my computer. I have checked all of my credit cards and there are no pending charges for IYogi LLC or $489.99.


We keep receiving calls from iYogi saying they are going to deduct $299 from our account for auto renewal. We have never signed up to use iYogi. We are on the do not call list, but they keep calling.


I received a call from IYogi stating they were charging my credit card for $299.00 for renewal of subscription if I didn't call to cancel and receive a refund. I had used and canceled IYogi services in 2015 but had canceled the service then. The man on the phone said he had to load a cancellation form onto my computer to cancel it properly. I insisted that I had canceled it years ago but he said that I had agreed to a 4 year renewal (not true) and that to be taken off the subscription I had to get to my computer. I asked him to email the form and he stated that he couldn't do that. The form had to come from their refund server directly. He directed me to a website: and then gave me a code to download the form. I immediately got out of the website and did not download the form. I googled "IYogi scam" and found many complaints about this scam.

- Grand Rapids, MI, USA

My husband I have received 2 calls each saying we will be charged $299 automatically for our subscription for computer protection. We did not have a subscription. They said to call to get a refund or to cancel the subscription. When I call and told them we did not purchase computer protection, the person on the phone automatically hung up on me without saying anything.


Getting frequent phone calls from vaious numbers again stating I will be charged $299 and that they have no record of me cancelling the service. I have not used their service in over 3 years. They insist I need to fill out some form or threaten to charge me. Thankfully I have not seen any charges come thru. Was told the charge was on hold. I asked to have them cancel the subscription in their system and remove me from their calling list.

- Yakima, WA, USA

I have received 3 separate phone calls from various area codes with a recorded message declaring that I have a balance due for computer repair and asking me to return the call or they will bill my credit card for $299. All have the same message but the first one from 769 area code identified themselves from iYogi

769-487-5284, 316-925-5154, 520-214-2181

I have no contract with them and owe them nothing.

Had dealings with them over 5years ago and paid for a one time instinct says this is a scam,,,,wonder if you have had others report similar calls

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