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IRS Scam

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IRS Scam Reports & Reviews (238)

- Fairburn, GA, USA

Someone left a message on my voice mail stating that the IRS was sewing me for money. I called the number back and spoke with someone that sound like they were from another country he stated that I own 2,000 dollars to the IRS. I only gave him my first name he did not ask for anything else but told me I own money it did not make any sense and he could not explain the law suite so he just hung up the phone. I heard about this scam on the news and I wanted to report it to the BBB.

Thanks in Advance.

- Dover Foxcroft, ME, USA

Guy claiming to be officer frank anderson badge irn7089 said there was a tax audit against me for 6 years and that the police would be arresting me if not paid within 2 months and that this was time sensitive and was extremely threatening.

Two calls from 702-747-7014 & 202-871-2329 saying that I owe money to the IRS and that I put down the wrong information. If I don't pay, they will send the police.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I received message voice message that the IRS have an arrest warrant and my property is being monitored. Please call them back. I did not call back but wanted to report to BBB.

- Columbus, OH, USA

This phone call claim to be from IRS, trying to get a hold of me. When I call the number back I get a different person (forien people). I had problems before with (illegible word) phone call. It need to stop. Maybe press charges. Thank you from last year. And it works.

- Warner Robins, GA, USA

The IRS is filing lawsuit against you to get more information about the case file call immediately on our department number 719-480-7072.

- Roslindale, MA, USA

i got a recorded message that said i was going to be arrested by the IRS if i didn't call the number listed above. i have saved the message if you need it. the number they called from is 253 465 6015 and they claimed to be monitoring my house and property

- Belvidere, IL, USA

They said I didn't pay taxes in 2011, and they have a law suit against me and there sending the law suit to my local police department, they have called me 3 times today.

Someone is posing as my mother-in-law on Facebook is saying that she received $40,000 from an IRS Federal Grant. All I need to do it contact the email ([email protected]) and apply and that I will have to pay some fees to get the grant .

- Macon, GA, USA

The irs contacted me stating that I owed them money.

Person called and said they were the IRS and that I owed them $

- Hamilton, OH, USA

I received 3 phone calls informing me to call back or my attorney call back as I was being sued by the IRS. First call was a live call and the called had a very heavy foreign accent, the other two calls were automated calls informing me of the same thing.

- Macon, GA, USA

The IRS is filing suit against me, per the message on my machine. This is a scam. Do not fall for it. Do not pay these scammers.

They called me & said that I owed $42,000 to the IRS. If I didn't pay atleast $40,000 right then, then they were going to call the state police & they will come to my home or work & arrest me. I explained that I don't have that kind of money so the guy said that I could pay $4,000 right now & then we could set up payment arrangements for the rest. I, again explained that I didn't have that kind of money. I said I would need to call my husband. They guy was so pushy. He asked if I had a credit card, I said no. Then I remembered that H & R Block did my taxes that year, so I told him that I was going to get in touch with them. The guy said that if we ended the call that the police would be notified. This conversation went on for another hour. Finally, I hung up and called my husband. I was totally freaked out and upset.

I was in bed and received a call on my cell phone it was at 3:03pm yesterday (9-20-16) and I didn't catch it in time, and I hit recent calls and called it back (484-541-0827). They answered it IRS with a foreign accent, I heard other people talking like in a call center, I said it is awful loud there, and he said we have other agents trying to reach out. I said did someone there call? And they said in order to look it up they needed my name and birthday and the last four digits of my social security number. Before I gave them anything, I asked what it was regarding and they asked if I was given a case number, and that there was probably a claim against me or something if I received a call. They had to look up it, and they asked me for my name and birthdate and I gave it to them. Then, they asked for the last four digits of my social, and at that point, I asked why and they said that's how they can look it up to see why I received a call. And I said I was uncomfortable with it, I'll give them the first four. They said they could look it up by that, and I was asking questions the whole time, it's awful loud there, and if you are the IRS you should have my social. I told them I pay my taxes, and I don't have any claims or problems. I asked them if the IRS would have had an issue, wouldn't I have received something in the mail, and they said you'll be receiving a follow up letter after this call. He said there has to be a case number or lawsuit filed against me, if I received the call, and I said I'm uncomfortable, and then a few moments later he said good news there are no lawsuits pending and click, he hung up.  I called about an hour later at 4:50pm, thinking that I was going to complain to a supervisor or I just wanted to verify that it was the IRS. And someone answered IRS and I said is this the main IRS government number and he said yes, this is the IRS. But it was even louder, I asked to talk to a supervisor, and he said pardon me, pardon me 2-3 times, it was even too loud for him to hear me. 

Received a call from this number claiming they were the IRS and that they were calling to collect info and money. They asked if I have cash available, and that if I didn't they would call the police to come out to my place in 2 hrs. When I called that number back they wanted me to tell them my name even though they gave me a reference number when I call back. They hung up on me when I said I wanted them to look me up by the reference number because I shouldn't have to give them my name as they are the ones that called me.

Received a call claiming my grand daughter owned $9500 if no payment would pursue legally.

recorded call threatens that they the IRS are filing a lawsuit and to reply immediately

automated phone call with number to call phone number 951-552-7705, a person does answer IRS

- Ironton, OH, USA

It started about a week ago, 9-29-16 around 7pm I got a phone call from one of the numbers (916-836-6961) they told me it was the IRS and I needed to give them a call back immediately. Then they stated that when I called back that they were the IRS and this was in regards to a lawsuit they were filing for tax fraud and tax evasion, and that I owed the IRS $20,000 worth of back taxes. Then I proceeded to ask the lady that I was on the phone with, and then I asked her for my personal information: your address, last four of social, date of birth, where I filed taxes last and she told me she could not disclose any of that information to me. Then I asked her if she would send me some information by the address listed that she could not disclose of what was going on and why I was being charged with tax evasion and tax fraud. And she told me that she would, and that it would be here in 3-5 days, I still have not received anything. Well, I called the same phone number back two days later, and the phone number was disconnected. The next number that called me (914-266-2444) , I couldn't return it until a few hours later, and their voicemail was the same as the one before, then when I called that number back, the guy kept telling me that he missed me and couldn't wait to see me. Then the third number (347-352-6015) was the same, it was disconnected when I tried to call it back. 

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