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Galaxy Line LLC

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On the 9th of July, I just saw an ads which was about counting walking steps app. I just downloaded and purchased a walking plan just for USD 1 as it seemed interesting. A week later, I woke up seeing the notification from the bank that USD 86.99 was deducted from my Visa card by the company called "Fitness Apps". I was so frightened, as I never made an agreement to purchase such expensive plan. In my country, 87$ can even change the life of an average citizen's life. On that day, I sent many mails to the application support team for getting refund, and all I got was being ignored as a poor victim like no one cared about this cyber crime which is using Visa card details as much as it likes and taking the money of honest people illegally.
We all truly believed in Apple and Google Company. Being such successful and trustworthy companies, they should not let such kind of Applications making business on Appstore and google play store.
Not only me, but also people around the world are just facing those struggles. I became a victim yesterday, and found out many people had been victims since 2021. We cannot know how many innocent people will become victims tomorrow.
This is a serious issues which should be solved by authorized people such as Apple , Google, banks and governments. They might know how that Galaxy line LLC company is making money, but it is behind the curtain. All Card holders deserve the security they should have.


An unauthorized transaction was withdrawn from my Paypal card by Galaxy Line I requested a refund but didn't get any reply.
The amount withdrawn is attached to this email.
Mehmet Celal Yahyabeyoglu

I have tried to contact the company with no response . My only option seems to be to cancel my credit card and get another one. I signed up for a one month trial and have now been paying for 3 months and can’t contact them.

Just outta no where my card gets charged something needs to be done asap I switched to the card to avoid any problems like this I don't understand it at all varo so I please need this fixed I have bills to pay and can not afford this like this happening at all
Unauthorized charge !!!!

I was charged 86.99 for an app I never used and tried twice to cancel within the trial period.
Galaxy Line would not refund my money, so I filed a dispute with my credit card. Galaxy line then told me, "Hello,

As there's a dispute associated with the charge, we can not refund it now. Looking forward to the bank's review and decision on the dispute."

Galaxy Line charged back the 86.99 to my card twice, and now will not respond to my emails.

Total scam. The 86.99 is for a 2 week subscription to an app that located nearby walking trails. I can do that on my own. They falsely advertised the service to begin with.


I was also a victim in the similar case. Galaxy line LLC , called Fitness Apps company, is just taking our money illegally. Governments have the responsibility to handle those cyber crimes. 86.99$ was also deducted from my Visa card without sending me any notifications, although I never made any purchases or agreements to spend my valuable money on that stupid 2 months walking plan. I sent many mails to the company, but they just ignored my mails. Hope they are happy with our money.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to ask your kind help in my issue with Galaxy Line LLC.
I downloaded the app Step Counter GPS Walks app on 29-08-2021 and subscribed assuming the demo version is appr. 30 days as usual, then after seven days I got 25610 Forints (82.4 $) deducted from my card. I deleted the app, never downloaded it again and two months after I got an even higher amount, 87.63 $ deducted again. Considering how the high fee of the app and the short time of the demo version weren't clear to the user before download and how the unsubscription link does not work automatically, this issue seems to be scam.

I have already contacted the company for a refund mentioning this app hasnt even been on my phone in the previous 2 months for which I got the second deduction for a refund but they referred to the no-refund policy. I would like to ask a full refund which is 25610+27206 Forints, in US dollar 170.13 $. I understand the no-refund policy yet I think considering the explained circumstances and how it went with other people who complained about it Galaxy Line does not follow a fair company policy.

I would like to ask your help in my issue. Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Tunde Zagoni-Szabo

I subscribed for one dollar for seven days on the third day, 10/23 I canceled via email and got an email back that they were sorry to see me go. Today on 10/29 they still went ahead and charged me $86.99 for a two month prescription that I've canceled. I want a full refund immediately as this was an unauthorized Transaction

I signed for trial and THEN was charged $86.99 for two mos walking plan. This was NOT the agreement! I have asked for a refund but company will not comply. Maybe YOU can help. Invoice #212884

I took the bait on this app, downloaded it for a free trial. After downloading it I realized what a horrible app it was and cancelled immediately. They still took my $86.99. I want my money back. I received no notice that they were going to do this and I feel this should be illegal.

This app didn't even say it cost money. When I clicked on it to look at it, it started to download. I stopped it, but they still charged me $89 and won't give me my money back. I say scam!


how did u get the refund?

Looks like they finally refunded my money. I hate sneaky companies & I hate that Apple took away the prices and second notification before you purchase anything. That filter protected people from these companies.

I got my money back by calling bbb! Galaxy Line App never wants to hear my name again! I promise that! I threatened to go on every social media website I could find & expose them! I threatened them with lawsuit! They refunded my money! Yahooo!


Would you please tell me how to get my money back ?

Scam! Charged me $86.99 for subscription I never agreed to!

Ditto! Apple took away the filters that let you know the price & to confirm your purchase. I thought I was looking at this app, and it charged me.

I canceled the subscription the same day I signed up for it. I realized I was not going to use the app and I didn't want to waste my money on it. I received the email that it was canceled. I received an email that they were charging me for another month after I canceled it. I sent an email again to cancel and got the same email that it was canceled.


They won't give me my money back. I didn't even let the download complete... Apple apps don't say things cost money anymore, so when I clicked on it, it charged me. Grrrrrrr!

I signed up for a trial period and cancelled the subscription before the time was up to start paying for the use of it due to having a car accident and injuring my leg which i'm laid up in a hospital bed.
I got sent a receipt of payment from them so when i contacted them to explain i had unsubscribed and followed their email message to complete the unsubscribing process and also explained why i cancelled they didn't care and all i got told was my account is still active and that is why i have been charged, again i tried to make them see that i can't use their program if i can't walk so that why i cancelled but still they wouldn't budge and i then received this email from them:

If the subscription was cancelled and the data you entered was correct, you'll receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email is only sent when a user is unsubscribed. If you received it, kindly resend it here. Please make sure to check your junk email box (if it is not to be found in your inbox).

I am unable to send this to them as i empty my junk mail and trash everyday but they didn't care when i told them this all they said was without i have no proof of unsubscribing
This company is a scam and i'm happy to tell people be weary when looking into this company/app as they will charge you even after you have unsubscribed but now when i try to log back into my account to try and unsubscribe again i get a message saying these account details don't excist


Good thing I came across this because I was just t about to start my trial with them lucky I haven't keyed in my credit card details. Thank you

I this on Facebook and thought it would be worth a $1.00 trial. It was a combination of exercise and heath eating. After looking at the entire program, I decided to cancel my subscription. They did refund the $1.00 trial but, at the same time charged me $86.99 for the first month.

I contacted them by email and received a reply, saying my subscription was cancelled and I would be receiving a credit in about 10 days.

That was 16 days ago still nothing showing on my credit card. I am working with credit card company but so far nothing has happened.


i downloaded one of galaxy lines apps for my iphone. during the free trial. I tried the app and decided it wasn’t for me. I deleted the app before the end of the trail. And notified galaxy line that I was canceling. I have now gotten three bills for $86.99, A fee that was not disclosed anywhere in the app description and a fee that was charged after I deleted the app. I’ve emailed them several times warning them that this was theft and fraud… Nobody responds. They are literally stealing from people.


I subscribed for the 7 day trial, then looked at reviews. Clearly should have done that in reverse order. I also realized the app is only for phones, not laptops and my phone wouldn't have enough storage for the app. So I wrote to galaxy line right away and asked for a cancellation of my order so there wasn't any dispute 7 days from now. They responded within 24 hours and gave me the cancellation, as well as the 7 day trial. It's possible that because I used Paypal, there is more likelihood of winning a dispute. Sorry to hear folks have had so much trouble.

I downloaded and paid $1.00 for a step counter on july 10 and didnt care for it so i uninstalled and in july 26 i was charged $86.99


Same as everyone else. Was checking this out through a Facebook ad and 7 days later I was charged $86 for something I never used and agreed to paying anything for it. 7 days! SCAM, SCAM,SCAM! I have tried getting a refund through Galaxy Line, PayPal and just filed a BBB complaint. Please, everyone file through BBB! These practices are criminal! With all the free walking apps who would pay this much!


The same happened to me! What is BBB complaint?

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