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Cardholder Services Reports & Reviews (69)

Received the same letter many other people here have received. It states that I contacted Cardholder Services to change my address. Obviously it is some sort of scam, but I don't quite understand what the scammers are getting out of it. Either way, I do not have a card with the number listed and I have never applied for unemployment, as many who have gotten this letter have. I'll be keeping an eye on my credit report and my future mailings.

• Jul 31, 2020

I received notification that my social security number was used to file an unemployment claim in PA. I have never lived in PA I was born in WI and continue to live there. The letter from PA Treasury UC/ SWIF mentioned that many of these claims were connected to US BANK debit cards. I no longer work and have been on full disability since 2011. I had requested a debit card and received it shorty after US Bank closed my account and All related materials I had connected to that account including the debit card were shredded. Yesterday I received a US Bank reliaCard in the mail from PA Treasury UC/SWIF Materials P.O. Box 421849 Indianapolis, IN I no longer have any dealings with US Bank nor will I in the future. I will be filing a complaint with the attorney generals office for Social security fraud in response to this latest US Bank related fraud. If PA Treasury has any further need of information from me I can be contacted thru my email at [email protected] I do not trust contact thru phone.and only answer calls from numbers in my contact list.

Today, I received a letter from "PA Treasury UC/SWIF Materials P.O. 421849, Indianapolis, IN 46242" . There was a Debit card inside with my name on it, this is not mine. I live in Columbus Georgia, and have never lived in Pennsylvania. I would like for some to contact me at 706-536-3956 or [email protected] to discuss this issue. Thank you, Daniel R. Gibbs

• Jul 18, 2020

I received a letter thanking me for my change of address I don't receive any cards at this address. Only unemployment information.

• Jul 13, 2020

I didnt order a new card or change if address

I receive multiple calls from this company on my cell phone. I asked to be put on the do not call list. They continue to call. Finally I asked questions. They took my name them my credit card info an the last 4 of my social security number. After giving them a list of my credit cards of which they promised to lower the interest rate on all of them they asked for a card that had no balance. He asked if I had a card with at least $1000 available credit. He then asked for my birth date and address. When he could not hear me he told me my zip code so they already have your info. They they tried to get me to give the first 5 of my social while they checked on another of my cards. He reason was to verify my identity so they can authorize looking up the info on my card. All in all, this is a fishing scam and they want to force you to purchase a $1000 worth of service (with their charge placed on a credit card) to get you out of debt. They told me they would send my plan in the mail for my signature, Never got one. Probably because i wouldn't give the rest of my social and because i didn't have $1000 available on one of my cards..

After receiving dozens of robocalls over the past 6-8 months, I today received a 'change of address' letter. There was a 10-digit "card ID" that I did not recognize. After reading the reports here I contacted Colorado UI. After much digging the last 4-digits of the number were confirmed as correct for an old UI ReliaCard, but there should have been 16-digits. USBank ReliaCard to report the card lost and have it frozen 855-282-6161. Loooong hold times.

Update - Cardholder Services is actually a subsidiary of USBank. Website USBank is handling reliacards via this subsidiary. The address format in their files has been changed and this has triggered auto-generation of the mailed notices. Literally, the system sees the format change as an address change request. The card ID# in the letter is the account number for the associated card. Card Holder Services can be contacted at 855-282-6161.
And yes, they are the same crew that has been hammering people with "interest reduction" phone calls.

• Jun 06, 2020


• Jun 06, 2020

So the letter that everyone has recvd and is receiving is definitely from unemployment. I contacted them directly. So everyone that has filed for uc benefits are receiving those letters automatically. Massive amounts of letters went out to those who filed. Hope this will stop everyone from being worried. There number is1-877-757-5424

I received a letter thanking me for contacting cardholder services about changing my address. It came via USPS. No letterhead, no contact info, just said "If you did not make this request on your account, please contact Cardholder Service at the phone number listed on the back of your card." I did not do so, suspecting a scam. Assuming it's linked to my UI card I received back in April which is invalid.

Victim location :80033
Type of scam: credit cards

Scammer's address PO Box 551617
Country United States
Type of a scam Credit Cards
Initial means of contact Postal mail

I recieved the same letter. The letter says they are confirming my change of address has been processed. I never did a change of address nor do i have any card with that number ending in 8565. I have lived in my current house for 13 years!
No contact info. Im assuming this is a scam. Not sure what to do. I think I will file a complaint with the attorney generals office or the postal service.

i got the same letter from jacksonville fl 32255, the # isnt a valid CC # but is my account number assigned for UI benefits. If it is a scam they have my UI information. I would check to see if its the same for you. If you havent applied for UI them maybe someone did in your name? I wouldnt dismiss it. 855-279-1678 is the us bank relia card # if you can get through, i couldnt.

I received the same letter from generic Cardholder services. Very suspicious. Asking me for SSN and other ID info to enroll for prepaid debit card. What? So glad I checked online to see that it was a scam.

I have the same letter, someone even left a handwritten note on my door requesting my immediate cooperation, so it's not just being sent through the mail, they gave real people going to your door. Both the letter and the handwritten note has the name Hiram A Soliz. I did have a change of address, I don't have credit cards.

I recently received a letter from cardholder services 551617
Jacksonville Florida 32255
I believe it to be a scam because it said I change a address on a card I never received and when I called the number I got online they kept asking for a 16 number card and the numbers on the letter is only ten so they said that it didn't come from them

Received a letter today about my change of address... I never changed my address and I don’t even know which card they are referring to because there is NO bank information on the paper! The card ID # is useless because it’s not even a credit card number!

Have you received the US bank card yet? Because I haven't but they sent me this letter 🤔

They are referring to the usbank reliacard. I'm in the same boat as you, someone on reddit said someone may be stealing my identity.

Just got a letter from a shareholder services in Jacksonville, Florida I don't have no card with this number SCAMMMMMMMMM and im not even at this address anymore

Hi, I have same letter

I recieved a letter, English on one side and spanish on 2nd side. The letter states that I recently changed my address. Card ending in 4761, I do not have a credit card. There is no contact info, website, letterhead, no signature on letter etc. I believe this is a scam. Not sure who to report it too?

Scammer's address Po box 551617 Jacksonville Florida. 32255
Country United States
Type of a scam Identity Theft
Initial means of contact Postal mail

Letter in the mail stating that I have changed my address on a card that I do not have. Telling me to call if I did not make the changes but it was no number to call or web site not even haveing no more then ten numbers for a card Id.

• Apr 23, 2020

Received a letter from Cardholder services advising my change of address on a card ID ending1659 I did not contact them for a change of address nor do I have a card ending in this number. A month ago I received a call and decided to answer as I wanted to speak to a real person to tell them to remove me off their calling list. A girl by the name Rachel said she was from cardholders services. I realized this was a scam and hung up and the called the number they came through from and it was a Bank of America number. I reported this to Bank of America and they put the complaint to their fraud squad. I then contacted my credit card company who froze the card and send me a new one. These people need to be taken to task IT IS A SCAM.

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