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Cardholder Services

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Cardholder Services Reports & Reviews (101)

• May 15, 2022

Les envío la planilla que me enviaron para la averiguación del robo de mi dinero de la tarjeta RAPID

• Apr 19, 2022

Card holder service scams

Got this letter in the mail a few days ago stating that I had a prepaid card with digits on it that doesn't equal to 16 numbers asking for my name date of birth address and social security number fraud.
Card holder service scams

• Mar 10, 2022

Scammer's phone 888-853-9536
Scammer's website
Scammer's address They only provide a PO Box in Jacksonville, FL
Scammer's email No Email - They won't give you one
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Phone

Don't buy Giftcards from Kroger or you will lose your money


Bought Gift Card at Ralphs, it was compromised, I was mailed a replacement 2 weeks later. That card was flagged as Fraudulent before it even made it to my mailbox. Customer Service will only activate it if I fax Social Security Card, Government ID, and Bill with my current address and then call them back. I am out $100. Don't make the same mistake I did. I am not sending more PII to a company that sells fraudulent products and does not stand behind them.

2/2 Bought Gift Card in Southern California - underwritten by US Bank; Attempted to activate, was told it was compromised in January in Minnesota, they send a replacement to my home address, took 2 weeks.

2/16 Attempted to use replacement card to purchase on-line, card was rejected. Called Customer Care, got off-shore team who insisted there was a bar code on the back of the card that was not there and refused to help me. Called back, they told me the card was deactivated due to Fraud and that I would need to fax my Driver License, Social Security Card, and a Bill with my Mailing address to them and then call back to reactivate the card. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they said there was no one available and to call back during regular hours to reach someone from the US.

3/9 Took time off during the work day to call Customer Care, they told me the same thing that I would need to fax all of me PII to them and then call back but would not tell me why my card was being flagged except that it was the fraud software. When I asked them who they are they said they are "Cardholder Services" a third party and there was no one else to call or ask for help, they refused to send me their request for my PII in writing (remember they have my address already). They also told me the card was deactivated on 2/4 even though I had not received it yet.

• Aug 18, 2021

You mean to tell me there's no system to flag addresses that receive 10 unemployment debit cards in different names? Especially when there is an obvious pattern (as seen on the comments posted here) of the names being exotic? It seems like people who are legit and qualify legally for unemployment are getting shafted and the scammers are getting right thru with zero speed bumps along the way! No wonder everyone wants to come live here! We take good care of criminals!


This is crazy; I have been trying to get my card mailed after following all of the banks requirements and keep getting the same old song that they can't read my documents. Mailed them; faxed; electronically sent them; even enlarged the front and back of my I'd 100% and prepared them 2 shades lighter and still the same old song after nearly 3 months. This bank is I don't know but I wouldn't recommend anyone doing business with them!


Many of these are someone scamming your state for unemployment insurance. Please save your state some money and report the card on their unemployment website.


On March 25 i went to the atm and withdrew money to pay my bills once everything opened. Well i left money in my account to take care of the other bills that were on auto pay. In the afternoon started getting calls stating that my payments didnt go through. So i looked at my account, and when i went to the atm earlier that day it took out double the money i took out. Within one minute they are stating that 2 transactions happened. Impossible. Spoke with roughly 8 supervisors with each one telling me something different. They must think this is a game. On tuesday they told me 5 days for a provisional credit, today is 5th day and nothing. Friday was originally supposed to be the day this would be settled, so made arrangements with car dealership for then and didnt have money yet so repo car. So i lost my car, job, and credit report going up. Because of a double charge at the atm...i didnt do anything wrong, and ive gotta suffer. Thanks


Victim Location 80237
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Not sure what is going on here but have been receiving mail from Cardholder Services with our address but another individual's name we do not recognize. Each time the name has been different. Feels like there is a card inside the parcel, but these are not names of anyone we recognize, or our immediate neighbors, which immediately sets off red flags. Have taken photos and plan on investigating a bit more before sending back to USPS. Initial googling seems to indicate this place is connected to payroll scamming.


I, too, received a letter/card today from Cardholder Services PO Box 421849, Indianapolis, IN 46242 for an Astrid V Arizmendi who I have never heard of and has never lived at this address. We have lived here since 2006 and we know the person who lived here prior to us. I Googled Astrid and she lives in Florida. When I called the Cardholder Services number (877) 757-5424 I spoke with Ben and he said "I am happy to help. What is the 16-digit card number?" When I repeated that I have not opened the letter because it is not addressed to me he said "just throw it away and don't worry about it." When I asked if I need to report it as fraud he said "no. If the name is not you just throw it away. It's not that big of a deal. Just throw it away or break the letter." I asked what "break the letter" means and he said "just tear it and throw it away."

No help whatsoever because I still feel so uneasy about this and don't know where to turn.

--Concerned OH Resident


Same here on the reliacard unemployment debit cards. 7 separate envelopes/names with our address. The US Department of labor fraud dept suggested i return to sender, which is Cardholder services P.O. Box 421849 Indianapolis, IN.46242
It is really annoying that there doesn't seem to be any protocol in place to address these fraudulent issues.


I received a credit card and called US Bank to tell them I didn't file for unemployability benefits the letters are coming from US Cardholder Services PO Box 551617 Jacksonville, FL 32255. I have reported it to Ohio and US Bank seems to care less, I called couldn't understand one person on the phone and ask for another she hung up and said we don't care about fraud. This is crazy.


I have received 6 or 7 of these in the last few months at my home address. All with different names on them. I looked the company's address up and it looks like it is a debit card company for the state of Indiana? Are they utilizing ANY sort of security options over there. Are states scammed this easily? The lack of a security process here is really alarming. And what sense does it make to have these sent to MY address? Is it someone that lives near me and hopes it is miraculously delivered to their home by mistake? If not, how does the state of Indiana have my address for ANYTHING? Please look into these.

MJ- Ohio


I have received three mailings (over the past 3 weeks) from you to people who do not live at my address .I forwarded all of them back to you.


I received what looks like a credit card in the mail, addressed to a person who has a unique name but has never lived here since we've been here 22 years and bought from the original owner. The name is Roseby Layman who when I google him looks like he's from Arkansas and may have died in 2018. I'm unsure what to do with this and I"m concerned that someone is using my address (and maybe more) to scam a government agency (unemployment benefits as some others have listed). I have not opened the letter but the return address is listed to "Cardholder Services PO Box 421849 Indianapolis, IND. which is how I ended up here. Please advise as to what is going on. I am a US Bank member (for almost 30 years) so I"m feeling perturbed to say the least and will gladly pull all savings from US Bank if this is not resolved quickly... Joe Uveges


Yea I've been getting all kinds of charges against my account that I didn't authorize from fees for times I had to call these crooked jerks. I have a card issued to me by the state of Missouri to receive my unemployment benefits. Right off the back I've had issues with charges taken off my account. Card holders charge you 50 cents every time you call them. On top of this almost every month I've had issues withdrawing my money at ATM 's and Wal-Mart . everywhere they tell you to use at no charge you get charged. And I know I don't call them jerks 50 times in one week . However I got charges for close to that number of calls who does that. And to top it off I've gotton recurring charges against my account that was first for a free trial and even after I canceled it I kept getting these charges taken off my account . When I call them to find out why they say that charges are pending crap. Now how can a chafe be pending when the amount if taken off your card you know when your missing money our your credit amount is not the same as last week on unemployment benefits. I struggled wth this for months when they ended up telling me to contact Google play services. And the are just as phoney as card holders. Saying the same thing admit pending charges. When I insist the money has been taken off my account than they acct like they looked deeper and end up admitting some mistakes. So than you got to fill out paper firms sent in the mail on top of doing this online same questions and answered. At the same time they still allow charges against my account that I've told them about the issues I'm having . So after this they canceled my Card without telling me and without my authorization. I ended up not being able too access my money for three weeks. Because they ended up sending me two new cards due to mistakes by the agents who don't know what the he'll their doing with their jobs and info they give out. After this I'm sell yet noticing more charges of the same recurring charges debited from my account and new ones plus the 50 charges they charged me for service fees calling them. When in fact they will lock up your card and other things in order to make you call them .Everytime I do I have to Waite behind 50 + people calls all day everyday . umm Saying they are getting away when murder and doing it on purpose and yea I've been hung up in while waiting fir a supervisor and worst they do thus so when you call then back they make money . if there is any attorneys who knows about this company I would love to join in on a major law suite against them please let me know


Have you filed a lawsuit yet because I have been locked out my account for 2 weeks can't get them to transfer my money and been waiting for a card they keep changing the days it take to receive it every supervisor tells me the last supervisor was wrong that can't tell me any useful information and they cancelled my original card without telling me or my permission so yeah I'm steaming pissed and about to call a lawyer the attorney general office and governor's office the trade commission and whoever else I need to speak with on getting them shut down

These scrum are thiefs

These lives of Garbage Worthless Low life's have taken 7 weeks of not doing there job of activating my card keeping my money keeping me from paying bills it is suppose to take 5 days . I have given them proper information 2 times these scrum play games telling you they understand your frustrated . Bs they do these pieces of worthless garbage could care less don't ever use them for business they need to go to prison they ate thiefs and scrum


I'm a homeowner and about 2 weeks ago at separate times, I received cards in other people's names. I don't hold an account with this bank so my parents just returned them to the post office. Today, 11/3 I have received a total of 8 envelopes, for 8 different people with my address. I was told that these are all unemployment cards? I guess they use US Bank service for payment. Great! I get transferred no answer. Now what?


My family business address has been receiving these Reliacard Visa debt cards for many people that we don't know and have never heard of. We still get these cards in the mail every week. Some days we get 2 or 3. These have been coming to our business all summer and just received one more yesterday, Christmas Eve. I was told the cards are issued to people for their unemployment money. I hope people are not starving because US Bank, Reliacard, Cardholder Services, P O Box 421849, Indianapolis , IN 46242 can not figure out how to mail the card to the intended recipient. I have Googled many of the unique names and I believe this is some sort of scam. I am guessing some names are not real applicants, deceased or victims of identity theft.

My wife and I received two letters today here in Michigan from the PA treasury UC/SWIF Materials addressed to two people who we know never have lived at our address because we just built our home and moved in December of 2019. We searched these individuals and they have a rap sheet that are a mile long. Home invasions, possession of drugs, etc... These letters make no sense.

Victim Location 80206
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I am a homeowner and recently received 2 mailers from this company with addressee names for 2 different individuals who have no association now or in the past with my home address. Seems very fishy. Called number had on record for this PO Box address and the first rep nor the supervisor had any interest in recording or taking any action on what certainly seems like fraudulent activity. I wanted them to flag my address to not allow any other odd activity between their company and my home address but they seemed to limited to dealing with my only if I had an account with them which I don’t & didn’t care if my stated next course of action was filing a complaint. We are returning to sender but concerned.


This is interesting and concerning as I received 8, yep, 8 cards all different names to my address. I've received them in the past, and my parents just told me they were returning them to the office and didn't see a concern—today, 8. I'm waiting for someone to answer on their end now.

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