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Cardholder Services Reports & Reviews (87)

• Feb 20, 2021

I have received three mailings (over the past 3 weeks) from you to people who do not live at my address .I forwarded all of them back to you.

• Jan 04, 2021

I received what looks like a credit card in the mail, addressed to a person who has a unique name but has never lived here since we've been here 22 years and bought from the original owner. The name is Roseby Layman who when I google him looks like he's from Arkansas and may have died in 2018. I'm unsure what to do with this and I"m concerned that someone is using my address (and maybe more) to scam a government agency (unemployment benefits as some others have listed). I have not opened the letter but the return address is listed to "Cardholder Services PO Box 421849 Indianapolis, IND. which is how I ended up here. Please advise as to what is going on. I am a US Bank member (for almost 30 years) so I"m feeling perturbed to say the least and will gladly pull all savings from US Bank if this is not resolved quickly... Joe Uveges

• Dec 04, 2020

Yea I've been getting all kinds of charges against my account that I didn't authorize from fees for times I had to call these crooked jerks. I have a card issued to me by the state of Missouri to receive my unemployment benefits. Right off the back I've had issues with charges taken off my account. Card holders charge you 50 cents every time you call them. On top of this almost every month I've had issues withdrawing my money at ATM 's and Wal-Mart . everywhere they tell you to use at no charge you get charged. And I know I don't call them jerks 50 times in one week . However I got charges for close to that number of calls who does that. And to top it off I've gotton recurring charges against my account that was first for a free trial and even after I canceled it I kept getting these charges taken off my account . When I call them to find out why they say that charges are pending crap. Now how can a chafe be pending when the amount if taken off your card you know when your missing money our your credit amount is not the same as last week on unemployment benefits. I struggled wth this for months when they ended up telling me to contact Google play services. And the are just as phoney as card holders. Saying the same thing admit pending charges. When I insist the money has been taken off my account than they acct like they looked deeper and end up admitting some mistakes. So than you got to fill out paper firms sent in the mail on top of doing this online same questions and answered. At the same time they still allow charges against my account that I've told them about the issues I'm having . So after this they canceled my Card without telling me and without my authorization. I ended up not being able too access my money for three weeks. Because they ended up sending me two new cards due to mistakes by the agents who don't know what the he'll their doing with their jobs and info they give out. After this I'm sell yet noticing more charges of the same recurring charges debited from my account and new ones plus the 50 charges they charged me for service fees calling them. When in fact they will lock up your card and other things in order to make you call them .Everytime I do I have to Waite behind 50 + people calls all day everyday . umm Saying they are getting away when murder and doing it on purpose and yea I've been hung up in while waiting fir a supervisor and worst they do thus so when you call then back they make money . if there is any attorneys who knows about this company I would love to join in on a major law suite against them please let me know

• Nov 27, 2020

These scrum are thiefs

• Nov 27, 2020

These lives of Garbage Worthless Low life's have taken 7 weeks of not doing there job of activating my card keeping my money keeping me from paying bills it is suppose to take 5 days . I have given them proper information 2 times these scrum play games telling you they understand your frustrated . Bs they do these pieces of worthless garbage could care less don't ever use them for business they need to go to prison they ate thiefs and scrum

• Nov 03, 2020

I'm a homeowner and about 2 weeks ago at separate times, I received cards in other people's names. I don't hold an account with this bank so my parents just returned them to the post office. Today, 11/3 I have received a total of 8 envelopes, for 8 different people with my address. I was told that these are all unemployment cards? I guess they use US Bank service for payment. Great! I get transferred no answer. Now what?

• Dec 26, 2020

My family business address has been receiving these Reliacard Visa debt cards for many people that we don't know and have never heard of. We still get these cards in the mail every week. Some days we get 2 or 3. These have been coming to our business all summer and just received one more yesterday, Christmas Eve. I was told the cards are issued to people for their unemployment money. I hope people are not starving because US Bank, Reliacard, Cardholder Services, P O Box 421849, Indianapolis , IN 46242 can not figure out how to mail the card to the intended recipient. I have Googled many of the unique names and I believe this is some sort of scam. I am guessing some names are not real applicants, deceased or victims of identity theft.

• Sep 11, 2020

My wife and I received two letters today here in Michigan from the PA treasury UC/SWIF Materials addressed to two people who we know never have lived at our address because we just built our home and moved in December of 2019. We searched these individuals and they have a rap sheet that are a mile long. Home invasions, possession of drugs, etc... These letters make no sense.

• Sep 06, 2020

Victim Location 80206
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I am a homeowner and recently received 2 mailers from this company with addressee names for 2 different individuals who have no association now or in the past with my home address. Seems very fishy. Called number had on record for this PO Box address and the first rep nor the supervisor had any interest in recording or taking any action on what certainly seems like fraudulent activity. I wanted them to flag my address to not allow any other odd activity between their company and my home address but they seemed to limited to dealing with my only if I had an account with them which I don’t & didn’t care if my stated next course of action was filing a complaint. We are returning to sender but concerned.

• Nov 03, 2020

This is interesting and concerning as I received 8, yep, 8 cards all different names to my address. I've received them in the past, and my parents just told me they were returning them to the office and didn't see a concern—today, 8. I'm waiting for someone to answer on their end now.

• Aug 31, 2020

i also received a letter from the above address my name is deborah harris the above information is the same as the letter i received, i also do not have a card and did not make any address change

• Aug 24, 2020

I received a letter today from cardholder services saying thank you for contacting cardholder about my address changed. This dont sound right and its from Jacksonville ,Florida and i want answers now for real.

• Aug 22, 2020

I received the same letter in the mail and was able to track down that someone has used my information to file for unemployment in Pennsylvania. I recommend going to and checking through each of the states.

• Aug 22, 2020

I have recently received a letter stating that I have changed my address on a card that I didn't even make. It tells me to contact them on the back of the card, and the problem with that is I don't even possess a card. I have search them up and tried to contact them, however they say I must put in a 16 digit number, but the card id on letter is a 10 digit number, so there is no way that I can contact them. Furthermore, with me not even making a card it wouldn't even be possible to change the address, so I'm wondering as to what card they are talking about. In addition, It states my name and my address information so the only possible thing this can be is identity theft or fraud, either that or this is a scam.

Card ID stated - 3918510193

• Aug 16, 2020

I received a letter stating a recent address change on my card. If I did not change my address, I was to contact them for more information. Yet, they do not provide any contact information in the letter, very vague, I had to google the name. I think this is a little fishy and sad at these times. I found a phone number and will make a phone call, but surely, they will just call me several times throughout the days coming. :-(
Keep an eye on your accounts! I have been through identity theft and it sucks. Takes along time to recover!

• Aug 14, 2020

I just got a letter today on 8-14-20. The letter is dated 8-7-20. I don't have any card other than my unemployment card or my ATM card. I never heard of this company before now and I'm questioning what is going on? Would you please look into this? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kirsten Lambert

• Aug 21, 2020

I believe it’s a scam , somebody acting as US Bank giving out loans scammed me for over $500 i never received my “loan” and now I see this letter through my USPS portal out for delivery today ...

Received the same letter many other people here have received. It states that I contacted Cardholder Services to change my address. Obviously it is some sort of scam, but I don't quite understand what the scammers are getting out of it. Either way, I do not have a card with the number listed and I have never applied for unemployment, as many who have gotten this letter have. I'll be keeping an eye on my credit report and my future mailings.

• Jul 31, 2020

I received notification that my social security number was used to file an unemployment claim in PA. I have never lived in PA I was born in WI and continue to live there. The letter from PA Treasury UC/ SWIF mentioned that many of these claims were connected to US BANK debit cards. I no longer work and have been on full disability since 2011. I had requested a debit card and received it shorty after US Bank closed my account and All related materials I had connected to that account including the debit card were shredded. Yesterday I received a US Bank reliaCard in the mail from PA Treasury UC/SWIF Materials P.O. Box 421849 Indianapolis, IN I no longer have any dealings with US Bank nor will I in the future. I will be filing a complaint with the attorney generals office for Social security fraud in response to this latest US Bank related fraud. If PA Treasury has any further need of information from me I can be contacted thru my email at [email protected] I do not trust contact thru phone.and only answer calls from numbers in my contact list.

• Jul 28, 2020

Today, I received a letter from "PA Treasury UC/SWIF Materials P.O. 421849, Indianapolis, IN 46242" . There was a Debit card inside with my name on it, this is not mine. I live in Columbus Georgia, and have never lived in Pennsylvania. I would like for some to contact me at 706-536-3956 or [email protected] to discuss this issue. Thank you, Daniel R. Gibbs

• Jul 18, 2020

I received a letter thanking me for my change of address I don't receive any cards at this address. Only unemployment information.

• Jul 13, 2020

I didnt order a new card or change if address

• Jun 26, 2020

I receive multiple calls from this company on my cell phone. I asked to be put on the do not call list. They continue to call. Finally I asked questions. They took my name them my credit card info an the last 4 of my social security number. After giving them a list of my credit cards of which they promised to lower the interest rate on all of them they asked for a card that had no balance. He asked if I had a card with at least $1000 available credit. He then asked for my birth date and address. When he could not hear me he told me my zip code so they already have your info. They they tried to get me to give the first 5 of my social while they checked on another of my cards. He reason was to verify my identity so they can authorize looking up the info on my card. All in all, this is a fishing scam and they want to force you to purchase a $1000 worth of service (with their charge placed on a credit card) to get you out of debt. They told me they would send my plan in the mail for my signature, Never got one. Probably because i wouldn't give the rest of my social and because i didn't have $1000 available on one of my cards..

• Aug 21, 2020

I agree! They called acting as if they were giving out loans had ALL my information made me pay $500 for a closing fee I never received my loan it’s most definitely a scam... checked my USPS portal today & see I have one of these “letters” out for delivery hmmm fishy!

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