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Award Notification Commission

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Award Notification Commission Reports & Reviews (105)

I got a letter in the mail saying I had won $1,327,940 from the Award Notification Commission in Kansas City, MO. They wanted me to send $15.99 to claim my prize. I did not send them any money.

- Rogersville, TN, USA

Award Notification Commission Kansas City, KS 66110 said I won money and all I had to do is send in $12.99. This company should not be allowed to operate. Please shut them down.

- Rogersville, TN, USA

Award Notification Commission said I won money all I had to do I send in $12.99. This company needs to be stopped.

- Dayton, OH, USA

Received a notice claiming that I needed to send in $12.99 for acquisition fee to get my winnings of $1,327,940.00.

- Conyers, GA, USA

I got an official looking letter from a place listed only as 'Award Notification Commission'... stating that I had won $2,000,000, or a one time payment of $1,327,940.

The only thing I had to do was send a check, money order, or cash, for $12.99 payable to ANC.

What do you know about this?

- Chunchula, AL, USA

Award notification commission,Kansas city stating I have won 2 million dollars. They say I need to send them a 12.99 acquisition fee and is required to claim prize, payable to A.N.C.

- Augusta, GA, USA

Said I won $1.3 million dollars. I have to send to 11.89 acquisitions fee with check or money order.

Consumer received a notification that they have won 1,230.946.00 all they would need to do is sent $11.89 acquisition fee and they would receive a beautiful Faceted Crystal necklace.

Two page letter in the mail that says I have won $1,230,946.00 as a single check with no taxes taken out of it or $2,000,000.00 paid out in annual payments of $66,667.00 for thirty years. All I have to do is send $12.99 or $15.99 for expedited service. There is no Company name. It is from the Commissioner of judging Processing Division AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION PO BOX 2905, Kansas City KS. Filing Year 2015. Authorized by Larry Hourd Executor of Awards. The reply and money must be received in 7 days. It all looks official and and has the Corporate Judges seal on it. I don't have the capability to attach a copy of the letter. Checks are to be payable to ANC (Award Notification Commission MI 520 19 23 (TD - 14/71-P)-38022-0209385. World Headquarters, Midwest

UnitedStates of America

7800154482 11942768

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Must send a payment in order win 2 million dollars.

- Gillette, WY, USA

This outfit sends out notification after notification saying there are millions of dollars waiting for you,all you have to do is send them anywhere from nine dollars to twelve dollars to sixteen dollars depending on the notice. Very official looking paperwork.

I was sent a award letter stating that I won $1,230,446.00 if I were to take the buy out (the lump sum). If not, it states I would have won $2million by receiving $66,667 a year for 30 years. They asked me to send a money order $12.99 and $9.00. I have since then received other letters including a "Final letter" stating I needed to readmit another $13.89 to receive my prize.

- American Canyon, CA, USA

I received a 1.2 million dollar check in the mail and all I had to do was send a check for 11.89 for processing.

Company name is ANC award notification commission Mi 520 19 23 (TD-14/71-p) 38022-510-370-18760209385

World headquarters, Midwest


7800154482 1194276833

- Hialeah, FL, USA

AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION This company sent us a "You Won 2 million dollars" however this is a scam. They want us to pay $12.99 fee FOR DELIVERY premium. After the pay. THIS IS CLEARLY IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. If I am I "winner" I demanded my money.

Award Notification Commission; P.O. Box2905, Kansas City, KS 66110

Received on 10/28/15 letter re $1, 230, 946.00 award; usual language: you win if you respond with $12.98 fee for "premium" offer, and if your no is picked. I am unable to send copy of letter by internet but could mail it to you. This kind of thing in particular targets elderly.

- Boise, ID, USA

I have gotten several of these, Award Notification Commission offers me millions if I pay $12.99 applied fee. 

- Barbourville, KY, USA

Received notification of winning 1,230,946.00 dollars from ANC of Kansas City, KS 66110, po box 2905. I did not enter any kind of sweepstskes. They also ask I mail this back with a pmt of $12.99 payable to ANC. I researced on line and found this scam has been ongoing for a while. I receive this today 10/05/2015. Just wanted to report this to help others, hopefully people won't fall for this. I know that if it sounds to good, it is usually a scam.

Consumer called and faxed information she received through the mail from Award Notification Commission showing she "won" a jackpot award of $1,230,946.00. She was told she needed to verify her name and address printed from the document sent to her. She had the "option" of taking a lump sum or annual payments of $66,667.00 for 30 years. In addition, she was offered a $2500.00 gift certificate for up to 75% off . They required an acquisition fee of $12.99 payable to the office of ANC.

- Alden, MI, USA

Award notification commission

Po box 2905

Kansas city, is 66110

Sends official letter saying that you could win 2 million but they want you to send 12.99 so they can summit your winning number

- Kansas City, KS, USA

I received a letter in the mail claiming that I won $1,230,046.00. On the 2nd page of the letter, they want me to sign and return it with a $12.99 acquisition fee.

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