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Award Notification Commission

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Award Notification Commission Reports & Reviews (105)

- Mount Vernon, WA, USA

I received a letter from this company notifying me I won a $1,000,000 sweepstakes prize and just had to pay a small fee to receive my winnings, but I never did receive any money after paying the fee.

Official looking envelope received in the mail. "Protectively sealed mail-Official documents enclosed addressee: Open on receipt and read carefully Judging Office & Decisions Center" is on the outside of the envelope. I have attached the letter enclosed with names and address crossed/blocked. in the insert inside the envelope it the Grand Prize Sweepstakes XVII Official Rules. Begins November 21 2016 and ends April 30, 2018 (No that is not a typo for 2016) Postmarked by April 30, 2018. Chances of winning the Grand Prize are one in 300 million. 2 million dollars are guaranteed to be awarded to the Grand Prize winner as specified in the offer. If winning number is not matched, Grand Prize will not be awarded. All entry numbers are distributed randomly. It is indeterminable as to whether the actual winning number has been distributed, until after promotion end date. It is possible that there will not be a Grand Prize Winner. Bonus sweepstakes: all qualified entrants will be entered into a random drawing to be conducted on or about June 30, 2018. Odds of winning based on the number of entries received. Prized are guaranteed to be awarded as follows: First prize 2 winners will each received $1000.00 USD. Second Prize 2 winners will receive $500.00. Third prize 10 winners will each receive $100.00. Fourth prize 20 winners will each receive $50.00. Winner Notification: Winners will be notified by mail within 30 days of the Grand Prize winner determination. Unclaimed Grand Prize will not be awarded. No Purchase necessary to enter or win. purchasing does not improve your chances of winning, you have not yet won. If that is the case what is the acquisition fee used for?? if it required if electing to purchase the Premium Offer. It also does not tell me what the premium offer is??

- Oklahoma City, OK, USA

I received a letter by an ANC, Award Notification Commission, stating I was a won money, but I needed to send $12 and some information first. It has a lot of official looking forms, and a lot of numbers. But I read the fine print and it says purchase does not guarantee winnings. I am just going to toss this out, but wanted to report it in case anybody else receives this letter and actually sends money.

I was sent this letter on the 7th of February and I also received one on the day of the 5th but not the same letter but from the same state,it troubles me because I am a single mom and work my [censored] off and to get something like this can make some one actually have hope and that's what they have done is shattered my hopes for anything like this ever happening! This guy needs to be locked up for a long time and pay back all the fees people have sent in $13 isn't much but if 50 people sent that money in well then you get what I'm trying to say!

- Owens Cross Roads, AL, USA

"From the Cascadian Volcano Arc... And Enter for a Chance to Win $ 2,000,000.00 USD" With this, there is a beautiful pendant pictured, and a story about the "Red Helenite Drop Pendant." The sweepstakes flyer is printed on quality paper, and sadly looks like it may fool, many people.

- Marietta, GA, USA

received a letter askling to represent the winning number and gives an official Form of Tender. the letter states that it is corporate

- Glenmoore, PA, USA

Have received phone calls and daily mailings saying if I pay 9-$12 I will be entered to receive various prizes. They told me Publishers Clearing house sold my information to them

- Chicago, IL, USA

I received via mail, a signed and verified document that read: Ms. Muppet, Congratualtions. You have just won $1,325,000.00 or $66,66.66 yearly for 30 years - total $2,000,000.00) only IF I sent a FEE DUE FOR DELIVERY of $11.89. (See attachment)

- Ohio, IL, USA

fake check for 1,325,000.00 said i won . but need a $ 12.99 processing fee to complete

- Aiea, HI, USA

Through regular postal mail, I received a letter in the mail that was NOT certified, just a plain, regular mail, and I was a winner of a sum of $1,325,000.00!!! And the CASH FUNDS will be paid directly to me by my option of a lump sum check of $1,325,000.00 or a larger sum-amount of $2,000,000.00 to be remitted by annual payments of $66,666.66 per year for 30 years. All I needed to do was pay $11.89 for the Acquisition FEE for the Premium Offer, payable to the ANC, and I was to enclose my remittance by cash, check or money order with my final decision on which option I choose as my payable fee. I tried to call my local BBB but no one has returned my phone call and it has been a day gone by already, so I went online and did a little researching myself. I wish NOT to disclose any photographs due to the fact that my name and address will be exposed, so I will NOT be adding it on at this time. I'm sorry!!! Thank you!!!

- Pickerington, OH, USA

As Executor of Awards for the Award Notification Commission juding office I have been instructed to sent this letter to you with an extremely exciting message. Have you ever BEFORE won a lump-sum jackpot Award of $1,325.000.00? That was the opening paragraph. They then asked you to mail the response back along with a check for $11.89 payable to ANC for a valuable booklet containing coupons worth more than $2,500.00.

Received letter in the mail, unsolicited. States to win either $1,325,000 in lump sum or $2,000,000 in 30 year installments. Just send $11.89 for delivery fee. There is no phone number, email or real address. This is the second notice we have received from them. Only name on the notice is Larry Hourd executor of awards.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

I have sent $50.00 all together to this scam. I was stupid and didn't check it till now. I believed since they provided their address that it was legit. But I've been receiving this "Certified Award" letter for the last 5 years. I have sent $10.00 dollars each time for the delivery few. I was said if I had the winning number. Five years in a row with a "hopefully Mass winner". It looks really legit. Please people don't fall for it like I have for five years.


A scanned consumer.

- Honolulu, HI, USA

I've received several scam notifications in the mail. Check on the internet I've read that these are a scam and not to participate.

Isn't there anyway that the US Government & Postal Service can stop the distribution of these notices.


Recd in the mail a second letter stating I won 2 million dollars with a net amount of 1,325,000,000 all i need to pay is $11.89 which is cheaper than the first letter i Recd about a month ago. These people or person has a great scam going if you fall for it. DO NOT FaLL FOR THIS SCAM

Same as all of the others posted about this. $2 Million dollar jackpot. Mail $11.89 Add $3.00 for rush Have been playing Publisher Clearing House

- Gardner, MA, USA

I was told I won a jackpot of $1,325,000.00 but I need to send $12.99 for an acquisition fee. I believe this to be a scam as usually you don't pay a fee if you receive a prize, especially money.

Here is some more information that I noticed: Return address on the slip that goesback into the mailing address is:

Corporate Sponsor Judging and Decissions

Award Notification Commission

PO Box 2905

Kansas City, KS 66110

Here is more information: ANC (Award Notification Commission MI 520 19 23

(TD - 14/1-P) JC - 38022-0209385

World Headquartersm Midwest

United States of America

7800154482 1194276833

If someone could please let me know if this fraud, or ligiment, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and hopefully respond.


- Tucson, AZ, USA

The letter said that I won $1,325,000 lump sum or $3,000,000 in the form of an annuity. In order to receive it I had to send $11 or if I wanted to received it faster, I would need to send $15. I can also choose to receive it in the form of payments.

- Muskegon, MI, USA

I have been playing the Publishers Clearing house sweepstakes faithfully everyday for the past 6 months and entering in all of their million dollar sweepstakes. These are the ONLY sweepstakes that I have been playing or entering in for a chance to win. Im wondering if, this business ANA or Award Notification Commission PO BOX KANSAS CITY, KS 66110 is affiliated with the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes in ANYWAY, SHAPE OR FORM? And, if it's linked and part of a bigger scam??? Today when I went to check the mail 8-31-17 I noticed I had recieved a first class letter in the mail from the Commissioner of Judging and Processing Division Award Notification Commision PO BOX 2905 Kansas City, Kansas 66110 . It is the official form of tender no: 13570 Authorized by Larry Hourd. This Official Declaration of Certified Award and Provision of Payment states I have been awarded $1, 325,000.00 single check or a 30 year annuity for the total of $2,000,00.00. This award letter states I have 7 days to reply by MAIL ONLY to return documents and recieve my award. They are requesting I send in a Mandatory $12.99 fee for delivery and $3.00 to Rush Processing. I can send them payment in the form of cash, check or money order and return it in the enclosed envelope provided. This letter appears to look real and is even stamped with a seal. I immediately said "Oh my gosh to my kids, we may have just won a bunch of money ( automatically thinking in my head and linking this to the publishers clearing house entries I have recently submitted) They said "YES Mommy, now we can buy our dream house". I told them I think this could also be part of a huge scam and that I needed to have a professional help me look over the letter better. So I did and I have found out via online google searches that other people who have also recently played the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes are also recieving these same fraudulent scam letters by mail. I begging someone to please look further into this as to why all these people who are playing the Publishers Clearing House are recieving these same letters stating we have won $2 million dollars but from a different company. They are also requesting money. I am super curious as to how these companies are linked. Im also interested in taking legal action so this can be stopped.

- Kansas City, KS, USA

award notification commission po box 2905 kansas city ks ,i allways run a bbb on any thing i get through the mail are emails this is a scam they said i just won $1,325,000.00 they want u to send $12.00 payable to office of ANC award notification commission ml 520 19 23 {td.14/71.p] jc- 38022-029385 world headquarters, midwest united state of america 7800154482 1194276833

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