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Audien Hearing

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Finally after constant pressure I received my credit after months of contact.


My experience is so like all the others. Never received them. Then received notice I would receive the $149,00 pair for free due to the long delay. My credit card was charged 180.65 on 08/21/20. Now it is 10/04/20 and Audien says they sent the credit card refund on 09/25/20 and it is the Visa's error.A complete sham and company should be held responsible. I only wish I had investigated before purchase.Please don't get taken.


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Oh! I won't buy from them.

I have sent five or six e-mails to customer service asking for a return authorization. It has been 'way over the 30 days now, due to no fault of my own. The customer service site states in answer to a sent e-mail to return the hearing aids, they will send the return authorization information. I have not heard back from them. Now, they are telling me that I am not entitled to a full refund because it is over the 30 days. I want a full refund. I have done what I was supposed to do. We realized the day they arrived they were not going to work out for my mother. On the third day after their arrival, I began sending e-mails through Customer Service. Please let me know what to do at this time. Thank you. Marie J. Sawyer ([email protected]) (912-638-8006) Order number 49021


We ordered a pair and they do not work.. 30 days? You do not want to get me started on this.. Do Not buy from this place because they make you feel safe and warm and upgrade you for no charge.. They do not work.. BBB had so many complaints and notice it is a UNIT they are only shipped through a UNIT not a office and phone calls do not work and letters came back cause it is a UNIT not a place to get mail... Jane Gibe


Ordered 2 pairs of hearing aids on 5/12/20, money was taken out of my bank right away, sent several emails about where were my aids and finally mid July I received one set and emailed them about the second pair and sent another one demanding a complete refund on the missing set. Also they are NOT practically invisible, as they actually stick out of your ear and mine kept popping out and I'd have to try to find them so I bought a different brand. Don't know if I can still get my bank to stop or get my money back. Virginia Reseutek.


We purchased the product for $151.00 never received it and now getting text that we will not be getting a refund if the product has been used. In all my years of being in business. I fail to understand this company. You have never sent us the hearing aid, yet you charged our credit card. I will be contacting my bank and the better business bureau in AZ where you are located. This is not cool! The EV3 was purchased from you 2 weeks ago. I tried calling and only to be told by a recording there is over an hour wait to get a rep on the phone to answer. I tried sending messages through your messaging system and that fails as well. I don't care if there is covid you are an online business. It is irrelevant. Do not charge customers and not have the product and then send messages requesting products back and saying in the messages that if the hearing aid was used it cannot be be refunded. WE NEVER RECEIVED IT.And as soon as I posted this they blocked me and deleted my post. Crooks and thieves should not be allowed to operate businesses.


Like many of the other complainants, I ordered the Audien Hearing Aids in July and received the same email stating that the ones I ordered were out of stock and I would receive the upgraded model at no additional charge. When I finally recieved them, charged them up and tried to wear them they were extremely uncomfortable and had little effect on my hearing. I contacted them in a chat about "Hassle Free" return which was immediately approved with a $9 postage and a $29 restocking charge. I don't consider it "Hassle Free". I immediately turned it over to my Bank and am awaiting results.


My experience is exactly the same as Maria Espinoza. What a scam. Reported to my credit card as a fraudulent transaction.


I ordered a pair of hearing aids. I was charged immediately but I've been waiting and now they are saying that they ran out of the one that I ordered and that I would be upgraded to another. When I tried to email them, my message was returned saying that there is not a such email address. Something funny is going on with my order.


I ordered audien hearing aids and never received them. Of course, I was charged immediately.. Have tried several times to contact them Pure scam Do not buy


These devices are garbage. Very uncomfortable and do not help my hearing one bit. Their guarantee is a joke - no free return (you pay postage) and THEY determine how much you get back. Save your money.


Order the lower priced and received an e-mail saying there was a delay in manufacture so they were sending me the top of the line at no extra charge. The hearing aid was in no way invisible, in fact it stood out. Sent e-mails through their website 4 times no answers. The phone is answered by a recording stating it will be over an hour wait to talk to a rep. The return address on the shipping label is the US Post Office. I refuted the charges with my bank and received a credit.


Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered audien hearing aids and never received them. Of course, I was charged immediately. I was able to cancel the order but cannot obtain a refund. Have tried several times to contact them and received a reply that a refund was credited to my bank and i should check the bank which i did. No credit was received.


Ordered online because of 30 Day Guarantee...what a joke. Opened the package to hearing aids that are so bulky they would not only be unsightly but uncomfortable to wear. Requested an RGA and sent back three days after receipt, well within the 30 days. Several e-mails back and forth and received a $48 credit of the original $93 charge. Said it was because they were used...NOT. Since they come with various sized tips, even if someone put one in their ear, the only thing that has to be disposed is that tip. Used according to their definition is opening the package. Not to mention an additional $4 charge this week for the warranty. Will be filing a dispute with my credit card company.


This company’s advertisement is totally misleading. They claim to have a 30 day warranty and when one wants to return their misrepresented item, they only refund 50% if one has opened the box. How is it possible to know the quality of the item if one does tot open the box? They claim that their hearing aids are smaller than a dime and they are definitely not! They also claim that they are “virtually invisible.” Not so. They are so big that they would stick out of the ear canal like a sore thumb. I didn’t even try them on because they were so bulky. Stay away from this company!


I bought a set after some bizarre happenings, placed the order and a cou[le of hours later was told that I was impaired to buy products from the?, got a phone a call and was told that it was a mix up gave me a 10% discount to proceed, which I did. 3 weeks later received the goods and one of them was not turning on. Blamed it on the batteries so proceed to charged the overnight. The next day tried the with the same result which obviously lead you to believe that one have a defective item. Sent several communications to the so cal "customer service" contact which they give you and finally three days later I received an answer by somebody who signed as Amber telling me that if the box was still sealed I could go ahead and return them. As of today no further answer. My advice if you have 80 dollars to burn by from them, otherwise do not be scammed. Buy from a more reliable supplier, This people are in to make a quick from us old guys. By the way my order with them was 32775.


i purchased the EV1 since website stated it was virtually invisible. But once i received my delivery and opened the box i noticed the aids were huge and definitely not invisible.
After checking emails I found an email in my spam box stating i will be getting an upgrade to EV3 which is i guess rechargeable aids. This was not authorized by me but now Erin in customer service states i can not get a refund cause box was open. She said I should have called before I opened the box. Sorry for me to be anxious to finally hear better and jumping the gun by opening. This how i was able to see without inserting in ears that this won't come close to fitting. So they offer 50% sanitation fee since its not damaged. Beware since their customer service policies are a joke and they do not respect their customers needs.


Have had hearing aids in the past and never had to wait 3 weeks for them to adjust. address for return.


So far so good. Have had them a couple of weeks. For the price they work pretty good. You DO need to adjust the volume to correct level for them to work properly. My dog ate the ones I normally get from the VA so I bought these just to get me by till I can get the really good ones from the VA. No problems so far.



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